Photos/Video: HKonJ NAACP NC & Partners United For A Moral March On Raleigh

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HKonJ: Thousands march in downtown Raleigh – Thomasi McDonald was a former reporter with the Tarboro Daily Southerner. My friend always have done a great job of reporting the news.

Rocky Mount NC: Blackwell touts regional approach to business growth – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: Interesting the banquet was held on Tuesday and it was not mentioned in the previous article about Blackwell was named the new chairman of the Chamber. Blackwell was recruited to Rocky Mount with the Chamber back in the 80’s. However he was removed from the Chamber. Now he has been named the chairman. So was this suppose to be kept a secret? I couldn’t help but notice the photo and that it was a special to the Telegram. So the Telegram didn’t even take a picture of him receiving the gavel?

Blackwell touts regional approach to business growth

As the new chairman of the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce, Reuben Blackwell said he wants Rocky Mount to become part of a regional business alliance.

“What I’d like to see is really a strong effort at ensuring that we are thinking and acting like a region, and that we are really pursing local economic opportunities for our businesses that are here who make things here and who provide services,” said Blackwell, who kicked off his term at the Chamber’s annual meeting Tuesday. (Source: Read more)

Rocky Mount NC: Locals voice concerns about potential event center funding – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: Interesting The Community Council held a meeting at the Library on Wednesday. Skip Carney secretary of the group was on FM 99.3 Thursday morning and he said the media was not invited. I called in and said although the media was not invited they could have attended. However anyone, don’t have to be media, can record meetings held in a public facility and they are backed by The Open Meetings Law Statue.

I find it quite interesting this paper and WHIG-TV has not reported on the Wednesday’s meeting. So what is going on? Is the group receiving special privilege? I know they can get it from WHIG-TV, but is it the case with this paper?

Locals voice concerns about potential event center funding

Since The Community Council said they wanted to educate the citizens, why did they not invite the media? Well my ignant opinion is they didn’t want to expose who attended the meeting and didn’t want to share what they talked about. SMDH!

Residents questioning the wisdom of building an event center in Rocky Mount are raising concerns that city officials will have to raise property taxes to cover its costs.

They said they are worried that possible other funding sources identified by a consulting firm would not generate anywhere near enough dollars to cover the annual debt and operating costs of the center.

And they said some of the potential funding options outlined in a report to the city by AECOM Technical Services out of Chicago aren’t feasible, or would require approvals from elected officials that aren’t likely. (Source: Read more)