Tarboro NC – Breaking News: News conference on Edgecombe slayings planned

Authorities investigating the unsolved slayings of at least five Rocky Mount women and the disappearances of three others have planned a news conference for Tuesday. (WRAL)

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Murdered/Missing Women in Rocky Mount NC


Tarboro NC – Edgecombe to commemorate progress since Floyd

For many Edgecombe County residents, September 1999 is full of painful reminders of Hurricane Floyd’s fury and lingering presence.

Fast forward 10 years later, and Edgecombe County officials are giving residents a reason to reflect on the life-changing event with a commemoration, which also will denote the county’s rebuilding and advancement efforts. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Drug War – It’s Time to Legalize Drugs

Undercover Baltimore police officer Dante Arthur was doing what he does well, arresting drug dealers, when he approached a group in January. What he didn’t know was that one of suspects knew from a previous arrest that Arthur was police. Arthur was shot twice in the face. In the gunfight that ensued, Arthur’s partner returned fire and shot one of the suspects, three of whom were later arrested. (Washington Post)

Drug War – Study Backs Heroin to Treat Addiction

New York Times

August 20, 2009

Study Backs Heroin to Treat Addiction


The safest and most effective treatment for hard-core heroin addicts who fail to control their habit using methadone or other treatments may be their drug of choice, in prescription form, researchers are reporting after the first rigorous test of the approach performed in North America.

For years, European countries like Switzerland and the Netherlands have allowed doctors to provide some addicts with prescription heroin as an alternative to buying drugs on the street. The treatment is safe and keeps addicts out of trouble, studies have found, but it is controversial not only because the drug is illegal but also because policy makers worry that treating with heroin may exacerbate the habit.

The study, appearing in the current issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, may put some of those concerns to rest.

It showed that heroin works better than methadone in this population of users, and patients will be more willing to take it, said Dr. Joshua Boverman, a psychiatrist at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland.

Perhaps the biggest weakness of methadone treatment, Dr. Boverman said, is that many patients dont want to take it; they just dont like it.

In the study, researchers in Canada enrolled 226 addicts with longstanding habits who had failed to improve using other methods, including methadone maintenance therapy. Doctors consider methadone, a chemical cousin to heroin that prevents withdrawal but does not induce the same high, to be the best treatment for narcotic addiction. A newer drug, buprenorphine, is also effective.

The Canadian researchers randomly assigned about half of the addicts to receive methadone and the other half to receive daily injections of diacetylmorphine, the active ingredient in heroin. After a year, 88 percent of those receiving the heroin compound were still in the study, and two-thirds of them had significantly curtailed their illicit activities, including the use of street drugs. In the methadone group, 54 percent were still in the study and 48 percent had curbed illicit activities.

The main finding is that, for this group that is generally written off, both methadone and prescription heroin can provide real benefits, said the senior author, Martin T. Schechter, a professor in the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia.

Those taking the heroin injections did suffer more side effects; there were 10 overdoses and six seizures. But Dr. Schechter said there was no evidence of abuse. The average dosage the subjects took was 450 milligrams, well below the 1,000-milligram maximum level.

About 663,000 Americans are regular users of heroin, according to government estimates. The researchers said 15 percent to 25 percent of them were heavy users and could benefit from prescription heroin. That is, if they ever were to get the chance. Heroin is an illegal, Schedule 1 substance, meaning it has a high potential for abuse and serves no legitimate medical purpose. That designation is unlikely to change soon, researchers suspect.

In an editorial with the article, Virginia Berridge of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine concluded, The rise and fall of methods of treatment in this controversial area owe their rationale to evidence, but they also often owe more to the politics of the situation.

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Better Life Society – A New View of the War on Drugs!

R. James Taylor has sent you a message on Better Life Society

` Just in case you missed it, 2009 marks the 40th anniversary of America’s modern “war on drugs.” In the prosecution of this so-called war, we, as a nation, have spent well over a trillion dollars, imprisoned hundreds of thousands of people and wrecked millions of lives. Yet, to paraphrase a recent Nicholas Kristof column in the New York Times, America fought a war against drugs and drugs won.

It is time to declare defeat; legalize most currently illegal drugs; and begin to treat drug addiction primarily as a medical problem and not as a crime.

First, the war on drugs was launched and is perpetuated primarily for racist reasons. Then President Richard Nixon began the war in 1969. That year is significant because it marks the end of the turbulent decade of the 1960s when Blacks were doing everything from marching and protesting to rioting for justice.

Instead of acknowledging and addressing the racial inequalities and injustices which lay at the root of African American unrest, conservative thinkers like Nixon blamed communism and drugs. Thus, the drug war was launched primarily (though not exclusively) to curb urban unrest by putting as many Blacks in jail as possible.

Second, the war has been an abysmal failure. Drugs are just as plentiful as they always have been; prices remain low making them accessible to anyone with a few dollars; and the quality is more pure making them more dangerous to the body.

As recently as 1980, there were just 41,000 Americans in prison on drug charges. Today that number stands at over 500,000.

blogtalkradio – Schools are Prisons and other hopeful glimmerings from John Taylor Gatto.

AUGUST 30, 2009 THIS SUNDAY 9:00 PM ET 2 hrs

this week we have John Taylor Gatto, the multiple winner of Teacher of the Year accolades and author of such books as "Dumbing Us Down" and "Weapons of Mass Instruction" whose intent is to showcase how schools are used by the state as a breeding ground for stupid, dependent consumers. This is a great show and not to be missed. (blogtalkradio)


THE PRESIDENT:  Your Eminence, Vicki, Kara, Edward, Patrick, Curran, Caroline, members of the Kennedy family, distinguished guests, and fellow citizens:

     Today we say goodbye to the youngest child of Rose and Joseph Kennedy.  The world will long remember their son Edward as the heir to a weighty legacy; a champion for those who had none; the soul of the Democratic Party; and the lion of the United States Senate — a man who graces nearly 1,000 laws, and who penned more than 300 laws himself. (The White House) 

Washington DC – Social Security Payments to Shrink For Millions

Millions of older people face shrinking Social Security checks next year, the first time in a generation that payments would not rise. The trustees who oversee Social Security are projecting there won’t be a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for the next two years. That hasn’t happened since automatic increases were adopted in 1975. (TIME)

Raleigh NC – Rev. Barber speech at health reform rally Aug. 29



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Dr. William J. Barber II Amina J. Turner President Executive Director

For immediate release August 29, 2009

Full text of Rev. Dr. William J. Barber’s Speech at Health Reform Rally at State Capitol

“We Need a Healing”.

If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves, pray and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and heal the land. (2d Chronicles 7:14)

We are here today because we need a healing in the land. We need those who want to perpetuate a sick health care system that is not for everybody and does not cover everybody to turn from their wicked ways. We are here today because we need a healing in the land.

It is ironic that 74 years ago in this same month of August, President Franklin Roosevelt was fighting to secure and sign the Social Security Act. Even then, the precursors of today’s forces of greed, selfishness, fear, and division were fighting him, and fighting reform and progressivism in America. They called it “socialism.” That’s what they said about Social Security. They said it would break America. They said that everybody should not be included.

In fact, these attacks weakened the first Social Security Act. The forces of greed, selfishness, fear, and division fought so hard, and bought so many souls, they forced coverage for the mostly Black, Hispanic and poor domestic and farm workers to be taken out of the Act before it was passed. It took 19 long years for these Americans to finally be covered when they turned 65 –if they made it to 65.

The forces of greed, selfishness, fear, and division have a long history of promoting a divided America. They are good at it. They are loud at it. And they are consistent at it.

But today we gather to say they have had their say. Now it is time for us who believe in a United America, a caring America, a compassionate America to speak up.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I was born 2 days after the March on Washington, 46 years ago on yesterday. That was a triumphant day. That was a day when a prophet named Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. laid out a challenge to these same forces in the nation’s capital. He challenged the forces who were saying the call for justice and jobs and equality would cost too much for America. Dr. King said on that triumphant day, as we must say now, we refuse to believe that the great vaults of this nation are bankrupt. And today I say, we refuse to believe that we cannot pay for a just health care system.
The forces of greed, selfishness, fear and division can not have it both ways. When they demand more tax cuts for the wealthy that don’t need it, somehow they always find the money.

When they want to bail out Wall Street’s bankers and pay the extravagant CEO’s billion dollar bonuses with taxpayer’s dollars, they can always find the money.

When they want to follow in lock step the leadership of a President who led us into an immoral and unnecessary war, they found trillions of dollars in our money.

But when it comes to caring for our own, for the 50 million Americans who can’t pay for good health insurance, the voices of greed, selfishness, division and fear want to tell us the funds are not sufficient. You can’t break and rob the bank and then say there is no money in the bank. You can’t say, it cost too much today knowing that it will cost even more tomorrow if you don’t fix it now. You can’t with integrity be a Senator or Representative with the best retirement and health care in the nation fight plans to help everyday Americans to need good health care. You can’t with integrity accept Social Security and Medicare which, in case you haven’t heard, are U.S. Government programs, and then go on television and say the Government ought not help others get health insurance. Something is terribly wrong with these positions.

Yes, in a democracy we ought to have a debate. But the debate ought to be logical. And it surely out not to based in lies and distortion. So we are here today to say we will not, cannot, and must not believe the distortions.

Health Care for Every American, Now.

That’s what we believe.

That’s what we want.

That’s what we are fighting for.

Too many Americans today are straining under the burden of two related trends: shrinking health care coverage and rising health care costs. Over the last decade, millions of Americans have found themselves uninsured, and millions more have become underinsured as the value of their coverage has declined. In the years 2008 – 2010 it is estimated that almost 6,000 people a day, or almost 7 million Americans total, will lose their health insurance. We must help our fellow Americans.

Dr. Martin Luther King also said 40 years ago: “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”

So, health care reform is not some kind of calculated socialism. It is common sense public policy. Tim Wise, a white social commentator, has said, “By allowing the right to throw around terms like ‘socialist’ to describe the President and ‘socialism’ to describe his….health care reform proposals without challenges is to ensure that the right will succeed in their demonization campaign…. Wise said, and I agree, this noise is about race. It is about "othering" a President.” This is what animates the every move of some of the poor and working people who get sucked in by the Palins and the Limbaugh fear mongering. Unless our Movement begins pushing back, and starts insisting that yes, the old days are gone, white hegemony is dead, and deserved its demise, and that all of us, Black, Brown AND white, will be better off for it, the chorus of white backlash will only grow louder. So too will it grow more effective at dividing and conquering the working people who would benefit — all of them — from a new direction.”

If caring for all the people is ‘socialist’ then Amos the prophet in the bible was a socialist when he said ‘Let justice roll down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream.’ Isaiah was a socialist when he said ‘Lose the bands of wickedness and care for the poor among us.’ Jesus Christ, the non-profit prophet and healer, he was a socialist when he said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor, give sight to the blind, and healing to the broken hearted.” If insuring health care is socialist then Ralph Waldo Emerson was a socialist when he said, “You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”

If working for a the just society that provides health care for all Americans is socialist, then the founding fathers were socialist; when they enumerated in the founding documents of this nation that the purpose of government was to work for the common good, not private prosperity alone.

Health care reform is not socialism. It is social justice and we must make this clear. We cannot allow the B.O.L. to dictate this debate. We cannot allow the three screamers—Mr. Beck, Mr. O’Rielly and Mr. Limbaugh—to set the terms of this important discussion. The BOL shout loud to try to drown out our voices of truth and compassion. That is why we gather and lift our voices to speak. And to Act. Health care for every American now.

We must take on every distortion and every the lie. When they try to say there is a death panel in the current proposal. No, we must say. There is not a death panel in the current proposal but there is a death panel in the current system.

The Death Panel is the discriminatory system now in place. The panel of insurance claims adjusters who deny claims. Those who denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions. Those who set the cost of insurance that forces people to choose between food, paying the rent, or health insurance. This Death Panel keeps one out of four Americans at the mercy of every illness or accident and every lost job. We must challenge those who are funded by insurance companies and the health care industries. Democracy NC gathered research from the Center of Responsive Politics and Federal Elections Commission, and listed the donations given to every member of Congress. Senator Richard Burr, for instance, leads the list receiving over 1 million, 600 thousand dollars from health care and insurance corporations. And we must say to him and every other elected official. No matter who gives you money, your job is to care for all the people. Help make a better life for all the people.

We must challenge Democratic Party candidates who run on a progressive agenda. Who say in the heat of campaign that they stand for health care reform. That say they stand with the late Lion of the Senate, the honorable Edward M. Kennedy who championed full health care reform and said, “Every American should have the opportunity to receive a quality education, a job that respects their dignity and protects their safety and health care that does not condemn those whose health is impaired to life of poverty and lost opportunity.”

We must challenge those who rode the coattails of President Obama, calling for health care reform, but somehow once they get elected try to move from being Lions that will fight for real change to being Blue Dogs, who sniff around for the easy compromise.

Why should we have to compomise on the moral rightness of health on every American? Senator Burr, Senator Hagan no matter whose money contributed or what color the dog, the donkey or the elephant is. Conservative or liberal we want health care for every American; this must be our cry We must be lions.

Before this debate ever began this year, we in the HKonJ Coalition said four years ago, Health Care for All. NC ought to provide its people with health insurance and prescription drugs, while funding public health programs to treat social diseases that plague Black and poor communities including HIV/AIDS, diseases caused by environmental pollution and warming, drugs, domestic violence, mental illness, diabetes, and obesity.

The NAACP has called for health reform for years. Our current system discriminates on the basis of race and class.

We know what works in America and bless all the people:

(1) Full health care coverage that is affordable to every individual, family and business which also provides coverage for pre-existing conditions; (2) Standard, comprehensive health care benefits that meet everyone’s needs from preventive to chronic care; (3) The choice of a private or public health care plan, which includes a new public health care “public option” that will provide a guaranteed backup which will always be there to ensure quality, affordable health care coverage no matter what; and (4) Equity in health care access, treatment, research, and resources to people and communities of color and stronger health services in low-income communities.

"Health Care, just like Education, is a fundamental human right in the 21st century in America."

Systemic denial of health care to the poor, to working people and people out of work, to the 50-100 million Americans who need health care the most, to people with pre-existing diseases is a sin. It’s evil. It’s wrong. It’s un-just. It’s not American. It’s perpetuating a separate and unequal society. It’s cementing a Jim Crow Health system in place for another century.

This is the United States of America. The richest country in the world, we want an American Health Care System–not a system that works for the rich, and is dysfunctional for everyone else. We want an American Health Care System–not a system that discriminates and excludes that picks and chooses who lives and who dies by the size of their bank account. The exclusive health system works fine for those with good jobs and big bank accounts.

The exclusive health care system belongs to them. But this is the United States of America. We need a United States of America Health Care System, the USA Health Care Plan. If you don’t understand that, then you don’t understand what America is. America is ours. America is all of us.

If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves, pray and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and heal the land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

We need a healing.

We need to turn from fear.

We need to turn from greed.

We need to turn from lies.

We need to turn from selfishness.

We need to turn from wicked ways.

We need a healing in the land.

Too many children are dying.

We need a healing in the land.

To many families are struggling.

Too many are scared to get sick, and can’t go to the doctor.

We need a healing in the land!

We don’t believe in social Darwinism, survival of the fitness.

We believe we are our brother’s keeper.

We believe we ought to do unto other as we would have them do unto us.

We believe that a great nation care for of its people.

We believe when we lift up the poor and lift up the hurting the whole nation gets elevated.

We believe that we reap what we sow.

If we sow compassion;

If we sow caring;

Then God will shed his grace on us,

And so this is no time for us to stand on the side line.

No time for us to be quiet.

We need a healing in the nation.

Let every politician hear our voice, health care for every American Now,

Go tell your friends; go tell your neighbor it’s time to stand, fight,

We need a healing in America.

Health care, every American now.

Nothing will turn us back.

This the moral issue of our day.

Will love our foes, but we cannot follow their path.

We need a healing in the nation and we need it now!

Raleigh NC – BRAC Budget Reform Commission Meets, Launches New Webpage From Gov. Perdue


California – Message from Jean Ford-Lawrence re: Southern CA Wildfires

—– Original Message —–

From: Henry Ford

To: cdancyii@embarqmail.com

Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 8:35 PM

Subject: Message from Jean Ford-Lawrence re: Southern CA Wildfires

Emmanuel and I are fine, thank God!

As you may know from news reports, southern California is under siege as the dangerous combination of record heat, low humidity, drought and perhaps an element of human insanity (arson) have brought about numerous, uncontrolled wildfires.  As of this morning, Los Angeles County (where we live) is in a state of emergency.  Miraculously and thankfully, though thousands of acres have burned in the Angeles National Forest, there has been no loss of life or property damage.  We are urged to stay indoors because air quality is extremely poor and breathing difficult.  It’s very smoky, even inside.  Outside, everything in sight is covered with ash.

As I write this message, all I have heard from outside for the last several hours are emergency vehicles and the welcome sound of water-dropping helicopters all around.  The terrain is rugged, making it dangerous and all but impossible for our brave firefighters to deal with this crisis from the ground.  At our location (Altadena) in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains, we are between two fires–one in Azusa to the east and the other in La Canada Flintridge, just to the west, where some voluntary evacuations are underway.

Please keep us and all southern Californians–and especially our battle-weary firefighters–in your thoughts and prayers.  Should our situation change, we will, of course, remain in touch with Henry and Dianne and update Facebook as well.

Our love,


Topeka, Kansas – Stop the Violence Memorial Tree Dedication Committee & Bias Busters of Kansas

August 28, 2009

Press Release

Stop the Violence Memorial Tree Dedication Committee

& Bias Busters of Kansas

Memorial Service and Candlelight Vigil for

Leaha Schmuck and Walia Tindall 

To: All Media Outlets
Subject: Stop the Violence: Memorial Service

From: Bias Busters of Kansas/Black Star Project, Stop the Violence Memorial Tree Dedication Committee

Topeka, Kansas……………… Tuesday September 1, 2009, 8:00 p.m. at Oakwood Hill Park, 4201SE Adams.  A candlelight vigil and tree dedication ceremony will take place in memory of the late Leaha Schmuck and Walia Tindall who were murdered at their home on Aughst 20, 2009.

Guest speakers include:  Juanita Scroggins of Kansas City, Missouri, any friends of the victims, employees of Alorica and

others who participate by prayer, word, deed, testimony or song.  This Memorial Service is Co-sponsored by 

Alorica Co-workers as an expression meant to stop the violence in our community. Pastors Ronald and Sandra Lassiter of Faith Temple Church of God in Christ will dedicate two trees for the victims.

For more information, write to biasbustersofkansas@yahoo.com, or call Sonny Scroggins(785) 232-3761, 845-6148 and/or Big B at (785) 274-7125.

I Challenge my Generation to Inspire Future Generations.

Pinetops NC – In Memory of Private First Class Arthur Lee Dancy

Let us not forget Private First Class Arthur Lee Dancy, casualty of the Vietnam War. As a member of the Army, PFC Dancy served our country until January 23rd, 1967 in Binh Duong, South Vietnam. He was 19 years old and was not married. Arthur died from suffocation. His body was recovered. Arthur was born on April 9th, 1947 in Pinetops, North Carolina.

PFC Dancy is on panel 14E, line 071 of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. He served our country for less than a year.

Note: PFC Dancy is my uncle my dad Curmilus Dancy Sr.’s brother. He is the son of now deceased parents Samuel Dancy Sr. and William Ann Dickens Dancy.

His siblings are:

Wilbur Wraye Dancy McNeil – Pinetops NC
Gwendolyn Dancy Burns – Robersonville NC
Juanita Dancy Oates – Charlotte NC
Oleathia Dancy Hayes – Warrenton NC
Christine Dancy Sharpe – Richmond, Va
Annie Mae Dancy Pitt – Deceased

Curmilus Dancy Sr. – Pinetops NC
Eugene Dancy – Pinetops NC
Winfred Dancy
– Castalia NC
Bernard Dancy – Tarboro NC
Curtis Dancy – Tarboro NC
LeRoy Dancy – Deceased
William Henry Dancy – Stafford Va
Leonard Dancy – Norwalk Conn
Samuel Dancy Jr. – Deceased

PFC Dancy RIP on the family farm that is located in Pinetops, NC where his mother, father, sister, brother and other relatives are resting in peace.

I do not remember Uncle Arthur however I do remember the day that the service people came to tell my grandmother about his death.

Note: Thank you Aunt Chris for sharing the link to the information about Uncle Arthur. I decided to add more information.

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Private First Class Arthur Lee Dancy

Raleigh NC – Audit: Mary Easley highly overpaid

Hell this is nothing new. There are many others who have been overpaid over the years. There are some who continues to be overpaid. This is what happens when some folks are in charge and they allow politics to become an evil. I always thought it was suppose to be about helping others who are in need and not the greedy. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Audit: Mary Easley highly overpaid

The $170,000 salary that N.C. State University paid former state first lady Mary Easley until it fired her this summer was $91,000 too high, according to a never-completed — and much speculated-upon — state audit. (The News & Observer)


From the Publisher – The Time Has Come That I Must Do What I Have To Do Without Any Regrets

The time has come that I must do what I have to do and that is to cut back. At a time when big and small corporations are cutting back, I find that I must do the same. I have been giving back to the community faithfully since the early 90’s using my personal finances trying to be an effective grassroots activist. It takes financial resources to be a true activist.

I have spent countless hours researching and gathering data and also attending meetings across the county and state capturing history trying to educate my people. I have captured much data on video and have 1000’s of photos.

I have promoted others in the political arena as I have served in the county Democratic Party, the local and state NAACP among other organizations.

Some folks have asked me when I was going to run an office but my problem have been that I am not in a financial position to run for an office so therefore I have chosen to help others whom I felt would represent me and others well. However I have been hoping that the day would come when I could attempt to run for an office however the timing has not been right.

I have been married for the past 12 years and I have been the bread winner for a family of 5 until my child support stopped for my oldest child around 5 years ago. I have worked a lot of overtime up until about 3 years ago so I was able to keeping  my head bearly above water. Now I am at the point where I am not bringing in as much as I am spending which is only including the necessities such rent, light bill, phone bills, food, clothing, school lunch, gas, medical, medicine, insurances which include life, home and auto. My auto double when my daughter got her license a little over a year ago. My daughter just began her freshman year in college and my son just began the 6th grade.

I am announcing without any regrets that I am going to limit my work for the next two months as it relates to Dancy Communications Network while I concentrate on my personal finances. However I will continue to support certain people when called upon whereby The DCN can be an asset to educating the people about certain issues such as health care and etc.

I will continue to publish articles by my columnist as well William Reed and Richard H. Parker Jr. Please know that I am not going completely away.

I want to thank all of my true supporters over the years and know that I will be back to full speed as I look forward to continuing my mission.


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