School district halts superintendent search – Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

The Edgecombe County Board of Education temporarily has halted its search for a new superintendent.

Officials from the seven-member school board said they do not plan to meet anytime soon regarding the replacement of exiting Superintendent Craig Witherspoon. (Read more @ The Rocky Mount Telegram)

Note: So why would there be a search if Dr. Witherspoon has not turned in a letter of resignation? C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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In response to Edgecombe County Commissioner Viola Harris, ECC lastest Safe Negro response to Dr. Witherspoon Superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools being chosen to take over Birmingham School System

Edgecombe County Public Schools

This is what I said back in May 2008 and the same stands today

Soul 92.1 FM Radio Station featuring Gospel and R&B is now live on Ustream

Visit Soul 92 Jams WRSV FM 92.1 and see them live.

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Playing politics Search should key on issues: Source – The Rocky Mount Telegram

There’s a world of difference between Birmingham, Ala., — a city with a population of almost a quarter of a million people, largest in the state — and Edgecombe County, one of the poorest areas in North Carolina, with a population that decreased between 1990 and 2000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. (Read more @ The Rocky Mount Telegram)

Note: The Telegram is right on target. Thanks!!

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In response to Edgecombe County Commissioner Viola Harris, ECC lastest Safe Negro response to Dr. Witherspoon Superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools being chosen to take over Birmingham School System

Edgecombe County Public Schools

This is what I said back in May 2008 and the same stands today

beGlobal Dinner for Children of Murdered and Missing Women Golden Corral Rocky Mount NC

Miss beGlobal sponsored a Christmas Dinner for the children of the murdered and missing women at Golden Corral Rocky Mount NC. All of the children present received a meal and Christmas gifts.

Simply beautiful occasion.

Click on picture for more pictures.



Miss beGlobal click on picture for video.

NC State Board of Elections helps military vote

Military bases to help troops register and vote, thanks to Sen Coryn & Schumer, DEMOS, OVF and NC State Board of Elections

Finally, the Dept of Defense will act as a Voter Registration Agency. Thanks go to US Senators Schumer and Coryn who pushed hard, also thanks to DEMOS and Overseas Vote Foundation who worked in the background. Thanks also to Gary Bartlett and the North Carolina State Board of Elections for writing a letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. 3 other states also sent similar letters to the DOD: Ohio, Kansas, and Missouri.

Schumer, Cornyn secure voter registration at military bases
Dec 18, 2009. The designation means that military bases will offer the same kind of voter registration services provided at motor vehicle departments and state agencies all around the country under the so-called “motor voter” law of 1993.

On Oct 8, 2009 the NC State Board of Elections sent a letter to Robert Gates, Secretary of DOD enlisting their cooperation. See Letter to DOD, help us help troops vote says North Carolina State Board of Elections Gary Bartlett also explained that costs would be minimal and the NCSBE would assist in training and materials.
An excerpt of the letter sent by Gary Bartlett, Director of the NC State Board of Elections:

"I request that the Department of Defense, in its operation of military pay/personnel offices in North Carolina, agree to be designated as a voter registration agency. This designation would allow military citizens helped by your agency to be offered the same voter registration services given by state and county public services agencies to the persons they serve. "

"Designating the Department of Defense as a Voter Registration Agency will alleviate many of the problems military voters have in voting. Troops have to be registered to vote before they can vote. Problems of troops not getting the right ballot or the ballot being sent to the wrong place will be reduced as personnel will have help keeping their voter registration updated and get help in obtaining a ballot and getting that ballot returned. Thanks to the MOVE act, troops will be able to download blank ballots and then return the ballots via free expedited mail service. We applaud the North Carolina State Board of Elections for their part in bringing the franchise to our troops. " ~ Joyce McCloy, Director, NC Coalition for Verified Voting.

"Make Every Vote Count, Count Every Vote."
Contact Joyce McCloy, ncverifiablevoting @
Coordinator, NC Coalition for Verified Voting
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106
336-794-1240 website:

Ex-town manager violates probation Arrest warrant issued for Knight: Resource The Rocky Mount Telegram

Authorities are searching for a former Princeville town manager.

A spokesperson with the Edgecombe County Superior Clerk of Court’s Office said an arrest warrant was issued Tuesday for Sam Knight, 61, for violation of his probation. It was reported that Knight only paid $100 toward his $25,292 restitution to Princeville. (Read more @ The Rocky Mount Telegram)

Present Dr. Witherspoon With A Counter-Offer

19 December 2009

Dr. Craig Witherspoon has actually done his best work between job searches. My fear is some Hot-Shot coming in after him and dismantling and destroying all the good work he has done. Our group has been working closely with Dr. Witherspoon and we see vast improvement in our school system. This young man has a doctorate in his field. He is at the top of his game in Edgecombe County. It would be sad to see Dr. Witherspoon go. He has some really good programs in the works. His PBS program needs strong TOP leadership. He is providing that. Now we will find out what type of school board we have. We want Edgecombe County to move forward so we have to act accordingly. We must present Dr. Witherspoon with a counter-offer and stop sticking our heads in the sand every time we are in a crisis. All superintendent appointments SHOULD come from outside the system for obvious reasons.

When I was young I changed jobs so many times I lost count. The reasoning was simple,—- more money. I understood that and so did my prospective employers. My last employer was so big I could change jobs within the company. I hope any young person who is really good at what he or she does will not be happy with the first job offer. ALWAYS be a job seeker until you find what you really like to do. Make sure you have a job when you go seeking.

It would be sad to see Dr. Witherspoon go. There will not be another Dr. Witherspoon to come along any time soon. So, get busy Board of Education, with that counter-offer. Counter-offers do work sometimes, if lucky. If not, then Birmingham is the big winner. Those students will be getting the best. I think it is a win-win situation, really.

Richard Parker Columnist
Voice of Many

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Speaking Truth To Power: GLOBAL WARMING AND US by William Reed Columnist

Hot air abounds across the world.  When Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez spoke at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen he heated up the proceedings suggesting President Obama is “a devil”.  He told Barack and his European counterparts “Go to Hell Gringos”.

If Obama has been declared among “the White Devils”, it raises a question for Black Americans to ponder: “What image do the world’s non-white societies have of us?”  Chavez’s comments will cause many American Blacks to recoil; but resonated among Brown and Black conference delegates and accentuated collective rants against leaders of rich countries.  The rancor in Copenhagen was between large non-white blocs and a clique of rich and White leaders of what to do about global warming.

The average temperature of the Earth’s surface is increasing and industrial societies are demonstrably, responsible for most of the warming and depleting natural resources.  The main activities contributing to global warming are burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) and the clearing of lands.  The overwhelming amount of burning that occurs in automobiles, factories, and electric power plants happens in the so-called 1st World Countries.  Development and consumption patterns among these societies date back to the Industrial Revolution.  The 1st World’s disruptive legacy is obvious in degradation that is not only environmental, but social and economic as well.

Chavez was hardly alone with searing rhetoric against the actions of Western societies.  In Copenhagen the President of Brazil Luiz Lula da Silva charged industrialized countries with historical responsibility for climate change.  He too, was up-in-arms about methods of controlling global warming, saying such actions are “fundamental” to saving the Earth.  Lula is president of the largest country in South America; and hardly one to be ignored as is Chavez among Western leaders.  Lula recently accused “blue-eyed bankers” for the global economic recession; in Copenhagen he said: “It is beyond doubt that both the benefits of economic development as well as the costs of environmental degradation have been unevenly distributed both among and within countries.  While some profited, and continue to, from the irrational exploitation of natural resources and unsustainable levels of consumption, the vast majority of the world’s population has little to show for it…We must deal with this matter in a timely manner if we are to avert environmental disasters and reverse the gap between rich and poor”.

Through no fault of their own, the poor, non-white people of the world are clearly ecological victims of 1st World Countries’ sins.  The Industrial Revolution of the 18th to the 19th century marked a major turning point in human history; from which almost every aspect of daily life was eventually influenced in some way.  Production pollution activity since the Industrial Revolution has increased the atmosphere’s greenhouse gases.

Americans produce more than our share of “hot air”.  Five percent of the world’s population, we consume 25 percent of the planet’s resources.  Blacks take pride in their “American lifestyles” and are full partners in this nation’s orgy of consumption.  Is there any reason people in Africa, Brazil, and elsewhere shouldn’t paint African Americans with the same demonic brush they do traditional imperialists?  Black, and White, Americans believe that global warming is real, but most view it merely a moderate and distant risk.  Americans want to sustain their levels of consumption and care less if it’s at the expense of the lives and living of most of the people in the world.  Half the world survives on less than $2.50 a day, yet Americans enable inequalities of resource use.

At Copenhagen, poor countries filled the air with allegations of rich countries’ “climate colonialism” and patterns of emitting twice as much carbon per head than they do.  Americans have a devil-may-care attitude about footprints we are making pushing consumption close to exceeding the planet’s natural resources.  Current consumption patterns put the planet in peril.  In 2005, the average biologically productive area per person worldwide was approximately 2.1 global hectares (gha) per capita. The U.S. footprint per capita was 9.4 gha; Switzerland was 5.0 gha per person and China 2.1.

 (William Reed –

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William Reed


Edgecombe County Commissioner Viola Harris Continues To Speak Out

Commissioner Viola Harris you have been agitated by The Political Agitator. LMBAO


Commissioner Harris picture from video of a candidates forum in October recorded by The DCN

Why should you feel sorry because this is not the first time we have bumped heads? Oh hell no do not go there about you have not done anything to me personally because you hired me over the phone to video your husband’s initial sermon and the day of you spoke to me and didn’t say a thing. You called me a couple of days later about the video and I said it was someone else there videoing so I thought you had hired them.

When I stopped by your former employer the Rocky Mount Telegram you put the money in an envelope and when I got down the road I found out you had shortchanged me. We had a heated discussion about that. But over the years I have talked to you and it has not come up again. But you Mrs. Holier than thou shortchanged me and then had a damn attitude when I questioned you. I let it go because first of all I should have gotten my money as soon as I got to the church but I have always tried to give my people the benefit of the doubt that they would do just what they said they would do and pay me. LMBAO

I am glad you are proud that you were raised here. Hell I was raised here too but I be damn if that gives me the right to tell folks if they don’t like living here whether they were born here or moved here to get on a train and leave. Again how ignant.

Dr. Barber along countless others are on my mailing list and you know for yourself that when I post something on my blog it goes to my FACEBOOK page. I was so damn glad, but yet shocked when you asked to be a friend on FACEBOOK a couple of weeks ago. I had told folks that I was glad you asked for the invite because I would not have asked you. However I would have dug out your card to get your email address to make sure you got my message in response to you.

I don’t know how in the hell you came up with me being Dr. Barber’s "protege." I looked up the word "protege" in webster and this is what I found, "One who is protected or trained or whose career is furthered by a person of experience, prominence, or influence." Sorry but not so. I trained myself because attending meetings with many Safe Negroes over the years within the local NAACP, Democratic Party, community organizations and other who claimed they wanted to make a difference in the area but I found out they really didn’t. Mr. William Hobbs and his wife Mrs. Gardenia Hobbs would be the persons whom would be the one. Mr. Hobbs and I was on the N.E.E.D. Inc. Nash Edgecombe Economic Development Inc. board where he served as the treasurer and I was the vice president. Also when I was the interim Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair he was the Nash County chair and his wife was his secretary. Because of his guidance I was able to chair the Democratic Party smoothly because Mr. Hobbs and his wife educated me about politics. Although I have much respect for Dr. Barber, I have always leaned on elderly folks with some sense and willingness to work with young folks for my guidance. You see Dr. Barber and I are almost the same age 47 however the Hobbs are in the 70’s. So Commissioner Harris don’t try to speak for me because I have never printed nor spoke that I was Dr. Barber’s "protege."

You say wouldn’t Dr. Barber be proud of his "protege?" Well I have never considered myself as his "protege" and as good as I know him from working with him closely for 2 years when I served as the NC NAACP State Conference of Branches Press and Publicity Chair that I don’t think that no such thing has ever crossed his mind. First of all I am an agitator and he is not to a certain degree. I say things that others are afraid to say publicly but will say behind closed doors. He is limited to what he can say and do and a couple of folks within the NAACP had a problem with me because I said what the hell I wanted to say because I was unbought and unbossed then as well as today. I have no limits unlike Dr. Barber. So my friend you have me confused with someone else.

I never have and never will look to anyone as being their "protoge." I have worked to hard doing my homework and I don’t have to rely on anyone as it relates to politics. I know all of them and I know what they are capable of and that is why I will challenge any of them. I will never forget being in a meeting with Angela Bryant and several politicians and community leaders back years ago when she said that politicians needed a Curmilus Dancy to challenge them. She was responding to Ms. Helen Gay who had made a comment that she had a problem with me.

Commissioner Harris you and everyone who knows me know that I have always spoke my mind since I joined the Democratic Party, the NAACP and other organizations that we both have served in offices together. You know I was speaking out long before Dr. Barber became President of the NC NAACP State Conference of Branches President. I love his passion for civil rights and speaking truth to power however again you and everyone who knows me know that I have always expressed my opinion and have challenged many boards and commissions in Edgecombe County all by myself and the minutes at the meetings that is public record speak to that.

You say, "It seems that Mr. Dancy has a problem with anyone who doesn’t think exactly the way he does." Oh hell no my friend, I am different from you and countless others because I will tell you and others face to face how I feel about issues and people. I know who think like me however they do not say it publicly and I am speaking what they are saying and what I said in the original post, hell some others said the same but they are not going to tell you and I will. LMBAO

I am glad you say you think for yourself however you know me and you know when I address you and the Edgecombe County Commissioners you can not say that at anytime I had a group of folks with me. If you don’t remember I can play the video back because that is why I video for folks like you who may get amnesia. LOL Futhermore you have seen me in action in the Democratic Party, NAACP, School Board and countless other meetings in action speaking truth to power.

Yes you are a Safe Negro and you will wear that title until I see you in make a change. You have been on that list for quite sometime my friend.

You say you didn’t bash Dr. Witherspoon and you have nothing against him personally. Damn the more you speak your opinion you show me just how ignant you are. I don’t have to repeat myself from my original post. You voiced your opinion and so did I when I responded to your letter.

I have no problem with whom you support however I am voicing my opinion about the person that you support. I will not repeat what I have said about her in my previous post and during the time the board sought input from the community about hiring a superintendent 3 years ago.

Commissioner Harris you say, "You were just as proud as anyone else to have Dr. Witherspoon serve us but not if he really doesn’t want to be here where he still has a lot of work to do." Again that is Dr. Witherspoon has some control of how long he wants to stay here so you nor I have a damn say in his personal decision. How damn ignant. You say he still have a lot of work to do, well hell as long as he stays here be it 3 more years or until he decided to retire, he would still have a lot of work to do. The work will always being continous because time changes and people change.

You say, "As far as Mr. Higgs goes, I did not vote to leave him on the Human Relations Commission. Wrong answer. Did you speak out about your fellow commissioners voting to keep him on the commission?

Commissioner Harris you, “I have not voiced an opinion about Mr. Knight’s situation because it was private business within the county but I did not agree that the county should have to pay for the dispute between Higgs and Knight or the controversy between yourself and Higgs." Wrong answer again because there is nothing private about none of this. This was done in the Edgecombe County Board of Elections meetings that are public. Futhermore although Rev. Higgs was the one whom initiated the mess, it was the 2 white women the Elections Board chair and member that carried out the mess. The black male on the board voted against Higgs mess. So don’t try to make it an all Higgs thingy. Why in the hell do you say the county should not have to pay when the 2 women on the board were lead to believe they were doing the right thing by the county attorney. And then came the Edgecombe County Judge whom voted along with the 2 board members and the attorney to carry out Higgs mess. But then the NC Court of Appeals ruled in Knight’s favor. Now going back to it being private, hell it was all over the 2 local newspapers The Daily Southerner and The Rocky Mount Telegram along with WHIG TV. Some TV stations such as WRAL also did some reporting on the issue. So again you continue to show your ignance.

Commissioner Harris you call holding Higgs accountable for his actions while he did all of this while serving as an Edgecombe County Democratic Party Precinct Vice Chair and also 1st Vice Chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee a personal vendetta. How damn ignant. You signed off on the county paying for Higgs dispute because you said nothing because you didn’t speak out as you are doing now with Dr. Witherspoon. You have been going to the Princeville Town Meetings speaking out and you do not live in Princeville. But you can pick and choose your battles especially when you are playing it safe. You see you are afraid of Higgs and that dates back to when he used to harass you and other women black and white while (we) served on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee. I was the only man who stood up to him dating back to the 90’s when he disrespected you and the others. So was that a personal vendetta then when I was challenging Higgs for disrespecting you and the other women while the other men said nothing. LMBAO

You say, "You thought my blog was to promote peace, encouragement among others, but you see it’s a way for me to voice my opinion and isn’t it wonderful that we all live in America where you can actually have YOUR OWN OPINION."

So obviously you have some serious issues because at no time have I stated nor printed anywhere that my blog was created for which you thought. If you had clicked on "About" on my blog you would have known what my blog is about. Also if you had clicked on "Disclaimer" you would have known what my blog is about. I am going to simplify it more in depth for you since you don’t get it. My blog is is to agitate and I do a damn good job of it. This paragraph shows the difference between you and I and that is you don’t get your facts straight before running off at the mouth because damn I make it clear what my blog is all about. LMBAO

Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Note: The above is in response to Commissioner Viola Harris response.

I am very sorry that Mr. Dancy feels such "disgust" for me but that doesn’t mean a thing to me because I know I haven’t done anything to him personally or professionally. What I do for this county is because I’m proud to have been raised here. I would really like to Dr. Barber to read this blog. Wouldn’t he be "proud" of his protege. It seems that Mr. Dancy has a problem with anyone who doesn’t think exactly the way he does. But I’m glad to say that I think for myself. If he calls thinking for one’s self and doing what one can for others as a "SAFE NEGRO" then let me remain safe. I didn’t bash Dr. Witherspoon and have nothing against him personally. I just voiced my opinion. Yes, I support VanderLinden because I believe in people staying with their profession hoping for an opportunity to move up. I was just as proud as anyone else to have Dr. Witherspoon serve us but not if he really doesn’t want to be here where he still has a lot of work to do. As far as Mr. Higgs goes, I did not vote to leave him on the Human Relations Commission. I have not voiced an opinion about Mr. Knight’s situation because it was private business within the county but I did not agree that the county should have to pay for the dispute between Higgs and Knight or the controversy between yourself and Higgs. Personal vendettas are not my forte. I thought you blog was to promote peace, encouragement among others, but I see it’s a way for you to voice your opinion and isn’t it wonderful that we all live in America where you can actually have YOUR OWN OPINION.

Viola Harris

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In response to Edgecombe County Commissioner Viola Harris, ECC lastest Safe Negro response to Dr. Witherspoon Superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools being chosen to take over Birmingham School System

Edgecombe County Public Schools

This is what I said back in May 2008 and the same stands today

Not everyone happy with Witherspoon: Resource The Daily Southerner

The next step is a thorough background check and a visit to the school system so Edgecombe County Public Schools superintendent Dr. Craig Witherspoon can be officially selected as superintendent for Birmingham City Schools. (Read more @ The Daily Southerner)

Note: It does not amazes me that board member Ann Kent has so much to say since she didn’t vote for Dr. Witherspoon anyway.

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Edgecombe County Public Schools

This is what I said back in May 2008 and the same stands today


Press Release: P.R.O.M.M. Parents & Relatives Of the Missing & Murdered Organization Formed

Parents & Relatives Of the Missing & Murdered

P. O. Box 2978

Rocky Mount, NC 27802

For Immediate Release Contact: Ms. Jackie Wiggins

(252) 210-3100 or (252) 266-8777

Family Members of Missing & Murdered Women Announce Formation of Organization for Support & Closure

Rocky Mount – The family members of women who lost their lives on the streets of Rocky Mount and Edgecombe County and who have been reported missing have come together to bring structure, support and closure for them and their families. At a meeting held at OIC on Friday, December 18, over half of the parents, children and friends formed P.R.O.M.M. to serve as an effort to support the needs and concerns of close relatives and outreach to people whose lives are still at risk because of drug addictions and prostitution.

“We appreciate all the efforts of those who have advocated on our behalf,” Jackie Wiggins, President of PROMM and mother of victim Jackie ‘Nikki’ Thorpe stated, “but it is time that we stood up for our family and for ourselves. It is our daughters and close relatives who were brutalized and murdered or abducted. It is up to us to communicate to the world our pain, our loss and our anger. It’s also up to us to help rescue other women and men who are still living the same lifestyles that our daughters and their friends did.”

Juray Tucker, mother of missing Yolanda Lancaster added, “no one lives with the pain and memories of their family like we do. We don’t expect others to care like we do if they are not found or their murderers haven’t been identified. We are standing together as family and friends because we just can’t move on like nothing has happened.”

And other survivors of the murdered and missing agree. “We find strength just sitting and sharing the good and the bad times that we had with our daughters,” Patsy Hargrove, mother of victim Jarneice Hargrove said. “We know what we would do if we just had another day, a second chance to talk with our daughters or just see them. Maybe we can help other mothers and family members of the young ladies who are still on the streets. Maybe we can help find the ones who took our babies’ lives.”

“PROMM is working to provide counseling, encouragement and accessibility to a safe haven that offers rest, nourishment and referrals for women who are selling themselves right now to fulfill something that money won’t buy,” Deborah Lucky, friend of victim Elizabeth Smallwood explained. “We want to make sure that people know that someone cares about them and that they don’t have to trade themselves for security and acceptance. We also want to make sure that the family members left behind are nurtured and assisted.”

The group plans to meet regularly to offer emotional and financial support to family members of the missing and murdered. “We are also reaching out to other organizations like ours across the country,” Jackie Wiggins reiterated, “We aren’t trying to reinvent anything. We just want to make sure that people who want to help us know that we are doing something for ourselves. They can work with us directly.”

Contributions to survivors of the murdered or missing can be made payable to PROMM in c/o OIC, Inc. “All funds will be strictly accounted for and applied to the needs of the children and family of the missing or murdered women,” Andre’ Knight, President of the Rocky Mount branch of the NAACP stated. “These mothers and family are speaking for themselves and their concerns. We support them and want them to know that we are working for them.”


P.R.O.M.M….Hope on One Accord!

Health Bill Passes Key Test in the Senate: Resource New York Times

WASHINGTON — After a long day of acid, partisan debate, Senate Democrats held ranks early Monday in a dead-of-night procedural vote that proved they had locked in the decisive margin needed to pass a far-reaching overhaul of the nation’s health care system. (Read more @ The New York Times)

The John Hope Franklin File: FBI Looked At Esteemed Historian For Communist Ties: Resource Talking Points Memo

The celebrated historian John Hope Franklin was scrutinized by the FBI in the 1960s for supposed links to communists, particularly his opposition to the House Committee on Un-American Activities and his vocal support for W.E.B. Du Bois. (Read more @ TPM)

Employment: VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT- Office of Cong. G. K. Butterfield – District 1

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT- Office of Cong. G. K. Butterfield – District 1


District Director/Director of External Affairs


The District Director/Director of External Affairs (“District Director”) oversees all district office operations, and serves as the local liaison with elected and appointed officials, and community leaders throughout the First Congressional District.  This position develops and proactively implements policy objectives, strategies and operating plans for the Member’s district office(s) and directs all Member activities and staff.  Additionally, the District Director is responsible for arranging and attending meetings on behalf of the Congressman.  The position reports directly to the Chief of Staff.


Representing the Member

  • Represents the Member and/or assigns appropriate staff as needed, which may include work on nights and weekends
  • Monitors the House and Member’s schedule (daily and monthly) and provides advice and recommendations for attendance by the Congressman
  • Speaks to local groups when the Member is unavailable
  • Responds to constituent calls and mail, as directed by the Member and the Chief of Staff
  • Identifies district priorities to be added to the member’s schedule; directs appropriate staff to attend events when the member is unavailable
  • Facilitates and responds to meeting requests with constituents, elected officials, and others as directed by the member and the Chief of Staff 

Managing District Office Staff and Activities

  • Manages district office(s) and district staff; Appraises staff performance and recommends rewards and disciplinary action
  • Plans and assigns work of staff in district offices; manages “Hot Topic” casework and works with DC staff to ensure timely and accurate responses to mass inquiries
  • Assigns staff to attend scheduled meetings and events with the Member, and ensures “coverage” if the Member is unable to attend
  • Works with district staff to develop “Action Plans” to fulfill their stated duties and responsibilities; monitors progress via monthly work reports
  • Interviews, selects and trains employees of district office(s),  in consultation with the Chief of Staff, and ensures that district office(s) staff complies with office policies, practices, and procedures
  • Conducts weekly staff meetings; Prepares and leads district agenda for other meetings
  • Coordinates selection and manages activities of interns and fellows
  • Oversees all activities assigned to district staff
  • Writes letters, prepares mass mailings, and monitors outgoing staff communications

Strategic Outreach

  • Develops and implements an outreach plan to maximize and prioritize Member’s time in the district (suggests approximately 5 – 7 events or activities per month, focusing particularly on Mondays and Fridays)
  • Monitors news and upcoming events in the 23 counties and develops a strategy for coverage at meetings and events.  Keeps official calendar of district events, and prepares a monthly report of recommended upcoming events for review to the Congressman and Chief of Staff
  • Establish and maintain relationship with counterparts in the NC Delegation
  • Travels throughout the district at regular intervals to keep abreast of local concerns
  • Meets with elected officials and representatives of local groups on behalf of the member
  • Schedules meetings with federal and district government agencies, as necessary
  • Works closely with DC staff to plan and coordinate District Work Period activities; Assigns district staff to staff events in the district
  • Plans, manages and supervises annual district events/activities, including Academy nominations, CBC Scholarship Competition, District Arts Competition, Veterans Day Events, Gospel Extravaganza, MLK Jr. Day, Memorial Day and Weldon Day.  Works with DC staff to coordinate efforts and publicize events.
  • Travels to district offices as needed
  • Works with DC staff to identify and plan at least four (major) district events each year

DC/District Liaison

  • Maintains close communication with the Washington, D.C. office via the Chief of Staff; initiates weekly calls to provide updates of district activities and events
  • Monitors state government activities (legislative, executive and judicial), and reports on issues that affect the District and the Member’s priorities.  Shares information with the Legislative Director, Communications Director and Chief of Staff, in a manner that allows for prompt response and input
  • Works with Communications Director to ensure that website content related to district activities is accurate and up-to-date.  Performs quarterly review of static information related to the District
  • Monitors status of district appropriations requests and grant applications
  • Identifies issues and concerns that may require legislative action and makes recommendations to Member, the Legislative Director, and the Chief of Staff.
  • Monitors progress of major legislative initiatives at state and federal level – makes recommendations for outreach and Member input
  • Identifies opportunities for federal legislation
  • Prepares a monthly report of activities for the Congressman and Chief of Staff

Staffing Member in the District

  • Prepares Member for district events/meetings; prepared daily or weekend briefing books for the Member while in the District
  • Works with Communications Director to ensure that the Congressman has talking points, background information, speeches, etc., when needed
  • Provides Congressman with daily updates on District activities via morning call-in, and otherwise, as necessary
  • Staffs the Member and/or assigns appropriate staff while Member is in the District; such work may nights and weekends


· Bachelor’s degree in political science or related/relevant field

· Three to seven years of management experience

· Extensive knowledge of Eastern North Carolina and demonstrable ties to the community

· Knowledge of legislative process and procedure; prior Congressional experience is a plus

· Strong oral and written communications skills

· Ability to work flexible hours which may include nights, weekends, and occasional overnight stays

· Knowledge/familiarity with local, state, and federal agencies and departments

· Thorough understanding of district and federal politics and the political process

· Experience with event planning

· Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications

· Ability to provide necessary organization, supervisory leadership and motivation to manage district office(s)


· Salary:  Commensurate with experience.

· Location:  NC01 District Main Office (Wilson, NC) – could be flexible for the right candidate

· Starting Date:  January 2010

· Closing Date:  Until filled


· Please send your resume, cover letter, and a writing sample to

· Phone calls regarding the position will not be accepted.