Let’s Talk About That Part!

Damn the what ifs?

What if some White Folk had not stole every damn good thing the Black Folk done and the offices they held back when, just maybe the subject of the day would be about black folk in high places such as the Supreme Court, CEOs and etc.?

Let’s talk about that part!

If you scared say it!

A Time And Season For All Things

When folk say they don’t understand why folk hold back and not tell they have been sexually assaulted or etc. I can relate. Hell there are things that I would love to talk about on many levels but some folk will take it and use it against me no matter how much it would help someone. There are some things I could say but the timing ain’t right because family, friends, place of employment and other may not accept them trues.

Hell there are countless folk in this world who are walking around holding some mess in due to retaliation of some sort.

I know what to say and when to say it because must be smart about it.

There is a time and season for all things.

FBI, Findings, Ignore Or Accept

FBI will investigate and give their findings and then they can ignore or accept them.

The lawyer and the D.A. in a courtroom do not have the final say. They present their findings and then the Judge decide.

So why folk so stuck on, “An FBI investigation will not prove anything. They do not come to conclusions or recommendations in these matters”

FBI will investigate and if I am correct they will talk to the folk named to be a part of the investigation. I do stand to be corrected.

When asked to just say he would be willing to call for an FBI Investigation he would not come out and say so. I am just saying.

Now I am just following the facts as presented and this is my ignant opinion.

Comparing Them Boys Raping Black Women & Bill Cosby Issue Ain’t The Same, Let’s Stay Focused

I understand your call but I think this is how we don’t get things accomplish because we don’t need to connect the 2. I say let them fight their white fight and we as black folk need to fight our fight from a black fight perspective. For me the 2 ain’t the same.

I feel sometimes when we connect some things we don’t accomplish our goal.

Many of times when they raped black women they had children by them so therefore the evidence was there.

I don’t want to talk about Bill Cosby in the same sentence with these folk.

Just my ignant opinion.

My Opinions Based On Facts As Presented

I base my opinions on the facts as presented.

My opinion is if I was accused of doing something out of character years ago, I would be trying to get folk to speak for my character back then.

People change so should my character of today be the deciding factor of my character years ago pertaining to something I am accused of doing?

I Am For Justice No Matter Who It Is For Or Against!

I am for Justice No Matter Who It Is For Or Against!

I have always heard that things will come to the light so whatever you do better be right! If you made errors along the way then just remember that time may catch up with you before you die but if not you will have to deal with the consequences on this side.

Unfortunate Bill got caught up so the rest is history. Like it or not.

In due season. There is a time and season for all things.

This too will pass!

Pinetops NC – Homegoing Celebration For Mr. Eugene Dancy


Mr. Eugene Dancy 74 of Pinetops, North Carolina died Saturday September 22, 2018 at his home. Funeral services will be 1:00 P.M. Friday, September 28, 2018 at Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Association Center, Pinetops, N.C. with Rev. Robert Staton officiating. A viewing will be held one hour prior to the funeral service.

Eugene Dancy was born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina on November 17, 1943. The 4th son of the late Samuel Dancy, Sr. and William Ann Dickens Dancy departed this life on Saturday September 22, 2018 in Pinetops, North Carolina.

Eugene graduated from G.W. Carver in 1963 and moved to Norwalk Connecticut in 1965. He was employed by Meyers Manufacturing as a pattern designer and sample maker of ladies pocket books.

After relocating from Connecticut back to North Carolina Eugene resided in the family home and assisted in the care of his mother prior to her death. He also had a passion for gardening and barbecuing.

Four siblings preceded Eugene in death: Vivian Diane, Arthur Lee, Annie Mae, Samuel Jr. and Leroy.

Left with cherished memories of his life are (2) sons Terrence Dancy Danbury Ct., Kareem L. Dancy and (1) daughter Katrina L. Dancy both of Bridgeport Ct.; (5) grandchildren; (3) great-grandchildren (5) sisters: Juanita D. Oates Charlotte, NC, Oleathia D. Hayes (Henry) Warrenton, NC, Wilburay D. McNeil Pinetops, NC, Gwendolyn D. Burns (Ameche) Robersonville, NC, and Christine D. Sharpe (James) Chester, VA; (6) brothers: Curmilus Dancy Sr. Pinetops, NC, William Henry Dancy (Gwendolyn) Stafford, VA, Curtis Dancy Tarboro, NC, Leonard Dancy (Mamie) Norwalk, CT, Bernard Dancy (Annette) Tarboro, NC and Winfred Dancy (Donna) Castalia, NC; and a host of nieces, nephews other relatives and friends.

These services have been entrusted to Dickens Funeral Service, Inc. of Tarboro, North Carolina.

In Response To “School board worries about ailing member”

First of all this article was brought to my attention and after reading it I found it quite hilarious. I can’t believe the school board members had this type of conversation in open session. The comments lead me to believe that none of the board members have spoken to Olga Dickens but I could be wrong.

I know someone very close to the family and I have been keeping up with her through that person. I have heard several rumors about Dickens condition and some had me very worried. My sources did tell me and continue to tell me that Dickens has been very, very sick.

I find the following comments to be quite interesting, “Do we have any idea if this seat will become vacant or if our fellow school board member will return to us? Scott asked. Scott said that two people have approached her with concerns about the lack of representation of their district on the board. Other school board members said they have received calls as well.”

“My heart goes out to Mrs. Dickens and I hope she improves,” said Ann Kent, vice chairman of the school board. “However, I am more concerned that her district is not being monitored and represented the way it should be.”

“From the comments I have heard, people feel that we are allowing this situation to continue and we don’t care about them, said the Rev. Raymond Privott, board member for District 6.”

Kent who has worked at Edgecombe Community College for decades, Scott being a Social Worker and Rev. Privott being a former School Administrator and now a Pastor all ought to know how to reach out to someone.

When things are going on in one’s life time really flies and I am quite sure that can be said about someone going through such a sickening time as Dickens has experienced for months now.

But to say that someone has complained about not having any representation I think that is too broad of a statement. To say they are not being represented without any details can be quite interesting. What is it that any board member is doing that Dickens has missed out on? Someone in District 2 that has any concerns should be able to contact any board member and “they” should be able to address any school related issue.

If the issue is someone is complaining that Dickens is continuing to receive a check and not attending the meetings, then I could understand that better. However board members are elected so therefore it is up to them to resign from the board before their term is up. This is no different than if a person was to get sick on a job, do they just quit before they find out they can no longer return?

I am glad the school attorney and the UNC School of Government spoke to the issue so that whomever the board members are speaking for can understand what is going on.

As a community activist and long time follower of the Edgecombe County Board of Education I find the article to be quite interesting and could be misleading. Since the school board members meet only one time a month, I am curious to know why those who are complaining feel they are not being represented. I would love to know if the board members have reached out to Dickens to address others and their concerns.

Curmilus Dancy II
Citizen School Board District 6

Read original article in the Rocky Mount Telegram: School board worries about ailing member

Panthers owner David Tepper: ‘Dead wrong’ to call NFL players’ protests unpatriotic – MSN



Jul 26, 2018; Spartanburg, SC, USA; Carolina Panthers new owner David Tepper walks to the field during training camp held at Wofford College.© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Jul 26, 2018; Spartanburg, SC, USA; Carolina Panthers new owner David Tepper walks to the field during training camp held at Wofford College.New Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper could not disagree more with the assertion that NFL players who protest during the pregame playing of the national anthem are unpatriotic.

More on NFL

Visiting Carnegie Mellon University on Thursday, Tepper told CNBC’s Scott Wapner on “Halftime Report” that it’s “dead wrong” to characterize players who have protested to promote racial equality, better policing and criminal justice reform as anti-military or anti-American. He added that those who’ve protested “are some of the most patriotic people and best people.”

“That was the biggest pile of bull-dingy ever,” he said. “These are some of the most patriotic people and best people. These are great young men. It just makes me so aggravated and angry. OK? It’s just wrong. It’s just dead wrong.”

Tepper backed his opinions by highlighting how much certain NFL players contribute to their communities, noting that many who’ve stood up — or knelt — for social justice have also done things to promote change.

His comments come a day after Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills, who continues to demonstrate during the anthem, received an award, not to mention praise from Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, for his “contributions to social justice.” (Read more)