Cop Who Arrested Freddie Gray Had Guns Confiscated Over Mental Health – TPM

The Political Agitator response: So they want to bring up Gray’s record, so let’s talk about this cop’s record.

BALTIMORE (AP) — The highest-ranking Baltimore police officer in the arrest that led to Freddie Gray’s death was hospitalized in April 2012 over mental health concerns for an unknown duration and had his guns confiscated by local sheriff’s deputies, according to records from the sheriff’s office and court obtained by The Associated Press.

Lt. Brian Rice, who initially pursued Gray on a Baltimore street when Gray fled after Rice made eye contact April 12, declared three years ago that he “could not continue to go on like this” and threatened to commit an act that was censored in the public version of a report obtained by the AP from the Carroll County, Maryland, Sheriff’s Office. Rice lived in the county, about 35 miles northwest of Baltimore. At the time, deputies were responding to a request to check on his welfare by a fellow Baltimore police officer who is the mother of Rice’s son. (Source: Read more)

Feds discuss arrests of NC law enforcement officers – WRAL

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Federal authorities discuss an undercover investigation that has led to the arrests of current and former law enforcement officers and corrections officers.
Photographer: Chad Flowers
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An update: Lies, Videos and Police malfeasance in Baltimore

The Political Agitator response: Yesterday I posted the following: Baltimore Maryland: When We Get To The Root Cause Then The Reaction Can And Will Be Understandable! Like I said,  When they announce what really happened to Freddie Gray hell I think that the reactions from the angry could be far worse than what we have seen up until now.

Are we to believe that “police rough rides” alone can break bones and crush voice boxes?

A definition of Malfeasance: The commission of an act that is unequivocally illegal or completely wrongful.

Update: According to a Washington Post article, an “anonymous prisoner” is quoted by an “anonymous police investigator” stating, “Freddie Gray was intentionally trying to injure himself in van”. Really…we’re all supposed to believe that Freddie Gray broke his own neck and almost severed his own spine while trashing around in the van semi-conscious, …in light of the fact that he couldn’t even enter the van under his own power?

http://Prisoner in van thought Gray was ‘trying to injure himself’

But wait a minute evidently the anonymous “police-leaker” didn’t know that the “anonymous prisoner” can be seen on video stating that he “only heard a little banging in the van and that the ride was “smooth”. So exactly who is mysterious “police-leaker who leaked these “tall tales” to the Washington Post? (Source: Read more)

Baltimore police complete investigation into Freddie Gray death – Eyewitness News ABC

Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person… – Occupy Wall Street

Years ago, some feminist on the internet told me I was “Privileged.”

I came from the kind of Poor that people don’t want to believe still exists in this country. Have you ever spent a frigid northern Illinois winter without heat or running water? I have. At twelve years old, were you making ramen noodles in a coffee maker with water you fetched from a public bathroom? I was. Have you ever lived in a camper year round and used a random relative’s apartment as your mailing address? We did. Did you attend so many different elementary schools that you can only remember a quarter of their names?

So when that feminist told me I had “white privilege,” I told her that my white skin didn’t do shit to prevent me from experiencing poverty. Then, like any good, educated feminist would, she directed me to Peggy McIntosh’s 1988 now-famous piece, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.” (Source: Read more)

From Ferguson to Baltimore: The Fruits of Government-Sponsored Segregation – The Economic Policy Blog

The Political Agitator response: This put what is going on in Baltimore in perspective. When we talk about the root cause we can understand the reaction. But they don’t want to talk about that because it reveals what is really going on. Just keep on listening to what those who don’t want the truth to be made known and not researching to get the whole truth.

In Baltimore in 1910, a black Yale law school graduate purchased a home in a previously all-white neighborhood. The Baltimore city government reacted by
adopting a residential segregation ordinance, restricting African Americans to designated blocks. Explaining the policy, Baltimore’s mayor proclaimed, “Blacks should be quarantined in isolated slums in order to reduce the incidence of civil disturbance, to prevent the spread of communicable disease into the nearby White neighborhoods, and to protect property values among the White majority.”

Thus began a century of federal, state, and local policies to quarantine Baltimore’s black population in isolated slums—policies that continue to the present day, as federal housing subsidy policies still disproportionately direct low-income black families to segregated neighborhoods and away from middle class suburbs. (Source: Read more)