Is there a word from Kojo? To: Kojo Nantambu, President, Charlotte-Mecklenburg NAACP

To: Kojo Nantambu,
President, Charlotte-Mecklenburg NAACP

Dear Mr. Nantambu,

Let me start by acknowledging that I owe an eternal debt to the NAACP and your generation of civil rights warriors. Had it not been for the sacrifices you made, I would not have been able to accomplish all the things I’ve accomplished in my life. The barriers of discrimination were not lowered by magic or goodness; they were razed by the determined efforts of people like you. (Read more)

Note: Glenn H. Burkins, I understand where you are coming from however I believe that the NAACP stands on it’s on merit however others have an opinion of what they want to see the NAACP do. I just posted the mission on my blog a couple of days ago because a local white Racist Rep. in the NC General Assembly called the NAACP "thugs!"

Yes the NAACP can speak to other issues and they should but others can not forget the Mission Statement which is the purpose.

To say, "Problem is, the NAACP of today seems to have only one primary tactic – shouting racism!," show that you are ignorant to what the NAACP stands for.

The mission statement: "The Mission of the NAACP is to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial-hatred and racial discrimination."

I always say if one wants to pick a fight they ought to get their facts straight.

When I want to see something changed I fight for change. However to change the mission of the NAACP would be ignant as hell in my opinion and I would no longer need to be a member if we are not going to fight against RACIAL HATRED.

By the way I don’t know Kojo Nantambu and I don’t need to know him. However I am a proud card carrying Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP. Curmilus Dancy II – Life Fully Paid Member NAACP

“I have no permanent enemies, no permanent friends only permanent interest!”

*When I am member of any organization and hold an office, I am about strictly business and following the mission, rules, by-laws, constitution and etc. I don’t play when I am in meetings and attend meetings to do business in a timely fashion.

Do I agree with others all the time, hell no but when I want to see change, I fight hard and when I see I can’t accomplish it I examine to see if I want to stay an officer or if it is time to move on.

MLK’s Daughter (Bernice King) Exits Eddie Long’s Church – Source: eurweb

*Folks are wondering if everyone is really happy for Bishop Eddie Long after one of the stand out members and servants decided to “turn her keys in.”

Bernice King, the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., has left her position as an elder of Bishop Eddie Long’s church just days after a settlement had been reached in the sexual misconduct case against the pastor. (Read more)

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Proximity was key in Wake’s school plans – Source: News & Observer

RALEIGH — Wake County school officials are willing to go only so far to keep individual schools from having too many struggling students – especially when steps in that direction might conflict with providing families schools closer to where they live. (Read more)

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Happy Memorial Day To All Veterans And Their Families As I Celebrate The Life And Legacy Of PFC Arthur Lee Dancy

Today I celebrate the life and legacy of my uncle PFC Arthur Lee Dancy.

I remember the day the military came to the house to tell my grandma.

I would like to also salute all men and women who have served and continue to serve in the military.

For the men and women whom have returned and/or the families of those whom didn’t return, I dedicate this song to you: He Has His Hands On You – Marvin Sapp

Note: How fitting it is I will be traveling with my son’s 7th grade class on Friday to visit the Memorial in Washington DC.

Little-Known Black History Fact: George Junius Stinney Jr. 14, became the youngest person executed for a crime in the United States in the 20th century

In 1944, George Junius Stinney Jr., 14, became the youngest person executed for a crime in the United States in the 20th century. The 5’1, 95-lb. African-American boy was sent to the electric chair for allegedly killing two young white girls . . . (Read more)

Rocky Mount holds the line on taxes, fees – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

The Rocky Mount City Council received a welcome bit of news this week when city staff presented the budget for next fiscal year. (Paid Content)

Judges approve donating counterfeit items to aid tornado victims – Source: The Daily Southerner

Counterfeit shoes and clothing seized in Rocky Mount recently were sent to help tornado victims near the coast. (Paid Content)

For Our Tarboro Neighbors – Neighbors Oversight for Open Government: See Conversation About The Hiring Of The New Tarboro Town Manager

While we certainly understand your valid concerns about your council’s recent hiring decision regarding a new city manager, please understand it is not, nor has it ever been our intention to pursue and/or defame anyone. Our involvement with the issues in Tarboro began with a flood of inquiries regarding our past experience with the new hire over this past weekend. (Read more)

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Tarboro Daily Southerner – See more comments as it relates to hiring Thornton

Tarboro NC Resident Speaks Out On Hiring Of New Town Manager

Dear Editor Smith,

Well, back to the drawing board. Mr. Thornton said he knows Sam personally. That was enough for me.

The Editor of The Daily Southerner said, in a meeting I attended, “If you don`t want it printed, then don`t say it.” When the editor quoted Thornton`s remarks on accepting the town manager position, I knew we were in trouble! Thornton`s diction was terrible! He had never served a town near the size of Tarboro, so he is, in effect, unprepared to serve Tarboro`s needs. Town Council has left it up to Thornton to hire our next Planning Director. God help us. We will be in even worse shape than we were “under” Sam ! Council`s vote for Thornton should not have been unanimous. A unanimous vote almost always indicates cronyism. Especially in cases like this! Was there nobody in our government curious enough about Thornton to roam the internet for a background check? It sounds like old Sam played a big hand in this after all. Especially with Vivian Washington playing such a big role, according to the mayor. That`s old Sam. Now we see why Town Council wanted Sam to hang around. It appears they wanted him to pick his own successor and then “train” him. He has two months now. Town Council`s “search” was a sham and a scam . They could very well have trashed all 39 applications and started over! It also appears that no one on our council talked to anyone on Southport`s council about Thornton`s performance. Or at least, made the attempt! OR, his kind may just have been what they were looking for.

One consolation, citizens of Tarboro; those in our government who have the most to gain also heaped the most praise upon Thornton. A key word here is “Electricities!”

The town council of Southport voted for Thornton`s dismissal. That alone, should be grounds for terminating his contract.

Citizens of Tarboro, unite. And vote.

Richard H. Parker Jr. 
Tarboro NC

Received May 25, 2011

Note: I don’t think this letter has been printed in the Tarboro Daily Southerner as of Friday. However I could be wrong. Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Tribute To Black Women And Black Women Of Color Fallen Soldiers

I don’t believe I have ever seen anything on honoring our Black Women who died while actively serving in the military. This is so touching and I had to share with others. (Click here to see who these women are)

Please call and write your County Commissioners. Make them aware of the problems we are encountering with elections and election integrity in North Carolina

Please call and write your County Commissioners. Make them aware of the
problems we are encountering with elections and election integrity in
North Carolina. And make sure that you tell them to contact their
legislative delegation – Senators and House members – and tell them:

* VoterID is just one more unfunded mandate on the State and County
Boards of Elections it’s not worth spending millions of taxpayer
dollars on an average 1/10th of a vote per precinct when there are
cheaper ways to ensure election integrity by making sure that
machines aren’t losing track of dozens of votes per precinct.
Let’s spend the money where it will do the most good!

* Both the House and Senate budgets for the SBOE must be restored to
enable the SBOE to tap unspent HAVA funding to handle current and
future obligations

* House and especially Senate plans to restructure and merge the
SBOE with Ethics and Lobbying is an ill-conceived plan that has
not been adequately studied and the potential uncertainty and
negative impact doing this right before a Presidential election year.

* Make sure to let the Republicans know they were kept in the
minority under the older system BEFORE 2005, and won majorities
under the NEWER system funded by HAVA – which was passed by a
Republican Congress in 2002. Going back to the old days might
just turn them out of office!

North Carolina Electoral Reform Committee


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Alamance Commissioner Eddie Boswell (336) 222-8070
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Alamance Commissioner Timothy Sutton (336) 227-8356
Alexander Chair Larry Yoder (828) 632-7257
Alexander Vice-Chair Ryan Mayberry (828) 632-9332
Alexander Commissioner James Jennings (828) 632-5533
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Cleveland Commissioner Mary Accor (704) 476-8181
Cleveland Commissioner Jason Falls (704) 730-0700 not listed
Cleveland Commissioner Eddie Holbrook (704) 484-5338
Columbus Chair Giles E. (Buddy) Byrd (910) 840-6693
Columbus Vice-Chair Amon McKenzie (910) 738-6281
Columbus Commissioner Ricky Bullard (910) 654-4833
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Cumberland Commissioner Ed Melvin (910) 678-7700
Currituck Chair Vance Aydlett (252) 232-2075
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Dare Chair Warren Judge (252) 261-8003
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Dare Commissioner Max Dutton (252) 261-6011
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Davie Chair Mark S. Jones (336) 751-0669
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Forsyth Board of Commissioners (336) 703-2020
Forsyth Chair Richard Linville (336) 703-2003
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Forsyth Commissioner Walter Marshall (336) 529-0094
Forsyth Commissioner David Plyler (336) 703-2006
Forsyth Commissioner Gloria Whisenhunt (336) 703-2020
Forsyth Commissioner Bill Whiteheart (336) 703-2001
Forsyth Commissioner Everette Witherspoon (336) 703-2020 not listed
Franklin Chair Sidney E. Dunston (919) 496-7855
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Franklin Commissioner David Bunn (919) 404-1895
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Gaston Commissioner Mickey Price (704) 825-8280
Gates Chair Graham L. Twine (252) 221-8378
Gates Vice-Chair Kenneth Jernigan (252) 357-1007
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Guilford Commissioner Carolyn Coleman (336) 641-7670
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Guilford Commissioner Paul Gibson (336) 210-1049
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Halifax Commissioner Carolyn Johnson (252) 586-3942
Halifax Commissioner Marcelle Smith (252) 826-4257
Harnett Chair Timothy McNeill (919) 499-2301
Harnett Vice-Chair Beatrice Hill (910) 893-4777
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Harnett Commissioner Gary House (910) 893-3541
Haywood Chair Mark S. Swanger (828) 627-6109
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Henderson Commissioner Bill O’Connor (828) 694-5022
Henderson Commissioner Larry Young (828) 697-4808
Hertford Chair Johnnie R. Farmer (252) 345-0990
Hertford Vice-Chair Curtis Freeman (252) 332-4096
Hertford Commissioner Ronald Gatling (252) 358-1761
Hertford Commissioner Howard Hunter, III (252) 332-3130
Hertford Commissioner William Mitchell (252) 358-7805
Hoke Chair Tony Hunt (910) 875-7199
Hoke Vice-Chair James Leach (910) 875-8925
Hoke Commissioner Ellen McNeill (910) 875-3237
Hoke Commissioner Jean Powell (910) 875-7438
Hoke Commissioner Robert Wright (910) 875-2047
Hyde Chair Sharon Spencer (252) 925-6871
Hyde Vice-Chair Anson Byrd (252) 926-1147
Hyde Commissioner Darlene Styron (252) 926-4178
Hyde Commissioner Barry Swindell (252) 926-3263
Hyde Commissioner Dick Tunnell (252) 926-4178 not listed
Iredell Chair Steve Johnson (704) 872-2485
Iredell Vice-Chair Marvin Norman not listed
Iredell Commissioner Renee Griffith (704) 873-4443
Iredell Commissioner Frank Mitchell (704) 878-3056
Iredell Commissioner Ken Robertson, Jr. (704) 862-5117
Jackson Chair Walter J. Debnam "Jack" (828) 586-3442
Jackson Commissioner Doug Cody (828) 586-7574
Jackson Commissioner Joe Cowan (828) 586-3718
Jackson Commissioner Charles Elders (828) 586-7574 not listed
Jackson Commissioner Mark Jones (828) 743-9553
Johnston Clerk to the Board Paula Woodard (919) 989-5100
Johnston Chair Allen Mims, Jr. (919) 553-3435
Johnston Vice-Chair Jeffrey Carver (919) 989-3233
Johnston Commissioner DeVan Barbour (919) 938-2050
Johnston Commissioner Tony Braswell (919) 965-9857
Johnston Commissioner Cookie Pope (919) 934-6187
Johnston Commissioner Wade Stewart (919) 965-7500
Johnston Commissioner Ray Woodall (919) 965-3635
Jones Chair Joe Wiggins (910) 324-4726
Jones Vice-Chair Sondra Ipock-Riggs (252) 448-7571
Jones Commissioner Frank Emory (910) 324-5585
Jones Commissioner Mike Haddock (252) 448-1766
Company Title Contact Phone E-Mail
Jones Commissioner Zack Koonce (252) 448-6581 not listed
Lee Chair Linda A. Shook (919) 775-5557
Lee Vice-Chair Larry "Doc" Oldham (919) 776-6615
Lee Commissioner Richard Hayes (919) 774-7658
Lee Commissioner Charlie Parks (919) 258-3244
Lee Commissioner Nathan Paschal (919) 776-3257
Lee Commissioner Robert Reives not listed
Lee Commissioner James Womack (919) 776-2255
Lenoir Chair George W. Graham, Jr (252) 527-6865
Lenoir Vice-Chair Reuben Davis (252) 523-1053
Lenoir Commissioner Jackie Brown (252) 523-7468
Lenoir Commissioner J. Mac Daughety (252) 527-5900
Lenoir Commissioner Tommy Pharo (252) 559-6450
Lenoir Commissioner Eric Rouse (252) 523-3558
Lenoir Commissioner Linda Rouse Sutton (252) 522-0511
Lincoln Chair Alex E. Patton (704) 735-6324
Lincoln Vice-Chair George Arena (704) 483-3015
Lincoln Commissioner James Klein (704) 806-0158
Lincoln Commissioner Carroll Mitchem (704) 276-1153
Lincoln Commissioner Carl Robinson (704) 483-2540
Macon Chair Brian McClellan (828) 787-2131
Macon Vice-Chair Bobby Kuppers (828) 524-1954
Macon Commissioner Ronnie Beale (828) 369-5044
Macon Commissioner Kevin Cobin (828) 349-2000
Macon Commissioner Ron Haven (828) 369-8086 not listed
Madison Chair Debbie Ponder (828) 622-9842
Madison Vice-Chair Billy Roberts (828) 649-2854
Madison Commissioner William Briggs (828) 649-2854 not listed
Madison Commissioner Roger Haynie (828) 649-2854
Madison Commissioner Sue Vilcinskas (828) 649-2854
Martin Chair Elmo "Butch" Lilley (252) 792-5173
Martin Vice-Chair Tommy Bowen (252) 792-7605
Martin Commissioner Robert Hyman (252) 798-7901
Martin Commissioner Derek Price (252) 799-7253
Martin Commissioner Ronnie Smith (252) 217-3701
McDowell Chair David. N Walker (828) 659-6869
McDowell Vice-Chair Barry McPeters (828) 652-4366
McDowell Commissioner Josh Dobson (828) 659-7810
McDowell Commissioner Michael Lavender (828) 652-0681
McDowell Commissioner Andrew Webb (828) 724-9040
Mecklenburg Chair Jennifer Roberts (704) 336-2574
Mecklenburg Vice-Chair James Pendergraph (704) 336-3672
Mecklenburg Commissioner Karen Bentley (704) 609-6826
Company Title Contact Phone E-Mail
Mecklenburg Commissioner Dumont Clarke (704) 331-1051
Mecklenburg Commissioner Harold Cogdell, Jr. (704) 376-4464
Mecklenburg Commissioner Neil Cooksey (704) 336-5400
Mecklenburg Commissioner George Dunlap (704) 336-4419
Mecklenburg Commissioner Bill James (704) 336-2573
Mecklenburg Commissioner Vilma Leake (704) 336-2472
Mitchell Chair Marvin Miller (828) 688-3370
Mitchell Vice-Chair Lee Roy Ledford (828) 688-3456
Mitchell Commissioner Ken Hollifield (828) 765-4557
Mitchell Commissioner Bill Slagle, Jr. (828) 765-6259 not listed
Mitchell Commissioner Joe Street not listed not listed
Montgomery Chair Jackie Morris (910) 576-6171
Montgomery Vice-Chair Dolon Corbett (910) 572-5589
Montgomery Commissioner Anthony Copeland (910) 576-4221
Montgomery Commissioner Jim Matheny (910) 576-4221
Montgomery Commissioner Edgar Morris (910) 576-4221
Moore Chair Nick Picerno (910) 947-1874
Moore Vice-Chair Jimmy Melton (910) 947-6403
Moore Commissioner Larry Caddell (910) 947-6403
Moore Commissioner Craig Kennedy (910) 464-8859
Moore Commissioner Robert Lea (910) 295-2965
Nash Vice-Chair Billy Morgan (252) 977-3335
Nash Vice-Chair Fred Belfield, Jr. (252) 443-6786
Nash Commissioner Robbie Davis (252) 977-6680
Nash Commissioner Wayne Outlaw (252) 443-9350
Nash Commissioner Lou Richardson (252) 459-2784
Nash Commissioner Danny Tyson (252) 478-4744
Nash Commissioner Mary Wells (252) 977-1610
New Hanover Chair Jonathan Barfield, Jr. (910) 798-7149
New Hanover Vice-Chair Jason Thompson (910) 798-7149
New Hanover Commissioner Brian Berger (910) 798-7147
New Hanover Commissioner Rick Catlin (910) 452-5861
New Hanover Commissioner Ted Davis, Jr. (910) 763-6249
Northampton Vice-Chair Rev. James Hester (252) 585-1893
Northampton Chair Fannie Greene (252) 536-3325
Northampton Commissioner Robert Carter (252) 585-1437
Northampton Commissioner Chester Deloatch, Sr. (252) 539-2147
Northampton Commissioner Virginia Spruill (252) 539-4026
Onslow Clerk to the Board Julie S. Wand (910) 347-4717 not listed
Onslow Commissioner W.C. Jarman (910) 324-4387
Onslow Vice-Chair Paul Buchanan (910) 238-4499
Onslow Commissioner Barbara Ikner (910) 347-4717
Onslow Commissioner William Keller, III (910) 327-0710
Company Title Contact Phone E-Mail
Onslow Commissioner Lionell Midgett (910) 347-9320
Orange Chair Bernadette Pelissier (919) 245-2130
Orange Vice-Chair Steve Yuhasz (919) 732-6262
Orange Commissioner Valerie Foushee (919) 942-2661
Orange Commissioner Alice Gordon (919) 933-0550
Orange Commissioner Pam Hemminger (919) 245-2130
Orange Commissioner Barry Jacobs (919) 732-4941
Orange Commissioner Earl McKee (919) 732-7906
Pamlico Clerk to the Board Kathy P. Cayton (252) 745-3133
Pamlico Chair Ann Holton (252) 633-3797
Pamlico Vice-Chair Paul Delamar, III (252) 745-3222
Pamlico Commissioner Roy Brinson, Sr. (252) 745-4368
Pamlico Commissioner Kenny Heath (252) 670-9854
Pamlico Commissioner Christine Mele (252) 249-2344
Pamlico Commissioner Carl Ollison (252) 745-5670
Pamlico Commissioner Jimmy Spain (252) 745-3456
Pasquotank County Manager Randy Keaton (252) 335-0865
Pasquotank chair Lloyd Griffin, III (252) 333-6105
Pasquotank Vice-Chair Jeff Dixon (252) 330-5539
Pasquotank Commissioner Cecil Perry (252) 335-4694
Pasquotank Commissioner William Sterritt (252) 334-9625
Pasquotank Commissioner Bill Trueblood (252) 330-2662
Pasquotank Commissioner Gary White (252) 333-0750
Pasquotank Commissioner Joseph Winslow, Jr. (252) 335-1619
Pender Commissioner George Brown (910) 675-5241
Pender chair Jimmy Tate (910) 285-6687
Pender Commissioner F.D. Rivenbark (910) 540-7161
Pender Commissioner Chester Ward (910) 329-1732
Pender Commissioner James Williams, Jr. (910) 270-7757
Perquimans Chair Benjamin Hobbs (252) 426-1593
Perquimans Vice-Chair Janice McKenzie Cole (252) 426-1300
Perquimans Commissioner Tammy Miller-White (252) 339-4316
Perquimans Commissioner Edward Muzzulin (252) 340-9860 not listed
Perquimans Commissioner Mack Nixon (252) 338-5211
Perquimans Commissioner Sue Weimar (252) 426-4766
Person Chair Jimmy B. Clayton (336) 364-8520
Person Vice-Chair Kyle Puryear (336) 592-1721
Person Commissioner Frances Blalock (336) 599-3136
Person Commissioner Ray Jeffers (919) 724-5160
Person Commissioner Samuel Kennington (336) 597-1720
Pitt Chair Mark Owens, Jr. (252) 758-4276
Pitt Vice-Chair Beth Ward not listed
Pitt Commissioner Jimmy Garris (252) 756-2748
Company Title Contact Phone E-Mail
Pitt Commissioner David Hammond (252) 756-9639
Pitt Commissioner Eugene James (252) 752-6336
Pitt Commissioner Tom Johnson not listed
Pitt Commissioner Melvin McLawhorn (252) 355-7290
Pitt Commissioner Ephraigm Smith (252) 746-4620
Pitt Commissioner Glen Webb (252) 347-1082
Polk Chair Cindy Walker (828) 894-3301
Polk chair Ray Gasperson (828) 894-3301
Polk Vice-Chair Renee McDermott (828) 894-3301
Polk Commissioner Ted Owens (828) 894-3301
Polk Commissioner Tom Pack (828) 894-3301
Randolph Clerk to the Board Cheryl Ivey (336) 318-6301
Randolph chair Harold Holmes (336) 824-8121
Randolph Vice-Chair Darrell Frye (336) 882-6811
Randolph Commissioner Stan Haywood (336) 625-4311
Randolph Commissioner Phil Kemp (336) 629-3277
Randolph Commissioner Arnold Lanier (336) 629-1116
Richmond Clerk to the Board Marian Savage (910) 997-8213
Richmond chair Kenneth Robinette (910) 582-6602
Richmond Vice-Chair John Garner (910) 582-2724
Richmond Commissioner Don Bryant (910) 997-5952
Richmond Commissioner Peggy Covington (910) 997-8200
Richmond Commissioner Jimmy Maske (910) 895-2695
Richmond Commissioner Ben Moss, Jr. (910) 334-0234
Richmond Commissioner Thad Ussery (910) 895-5855
Robeson Chair Noah Woods (910) 521-9006
Robeson Vice-Chair Tom Taylor (910) 739-7516
Robeson Commissioner Raymond Cummings (910) 739-4743
Robeson Commissioner David Edge (910) 738-8003
Robeson Commissioner Lance Herndon (910) 858-0214
Robeson Commissioner Roger Oxendine (910) 628-8667
Robeson Commissioner Hubert Sealey (910) 628-5923
Robeson Commissioner Jerry Stephens, Sr. (910) 671-0431
Rockingham Chair James Kallam (336) 342-8102
Rockingham Vice-Chair William Mabe (336) 342-8100
Rockingham Commissioner Harold Bass, Sr. (336) 342-8102
Rockingham Commissioner William Thomas Flint (336) 342-8102
Rockingham Commissioner Timothy Travis (336) 342-8100
Rowan Chair Chad Mitchell (704) 216-8180
Rowan Vice-Chair Carl Ford (704) 216-8180
Rowan Commissioner Jon Barber (704) 216-8180
Rowan Commissioner Raymond Coltrain (704) 216-8180
Rowan Commissioner Jim Sides (704) 633-3681
Company Title Contact Phone E-Mail
Rutherford Chair Bill Eckler (828) 287-6060
Rutherford Vice-Chair Julius Owens (828) 287-6060
Rutherford Commissioner Susan Crowe (828) 287-6060
Rutherford Commissioner Eddie Holland (828) 287-6060
Rutherford Commissioner Roger Richard (828) 287-6060 not listed
Sampson County Manager Edwin Causey (910) 592-6308
Sampson chair Jefferson Strickland (910) 525-4514
Sampson Vice-Chair Billy Lockamy (910) 592-4700
Sampson Commissioner John Blanton (910) 590-4916
Sampson Commissioner Albert Kirby (910) 592-6308 not listed
Sampson Commissioner Jarvis McLamb (910) 567-6724
Scotland Chair Bob Davis (910) 277-2406
Scotland Vice-Chair Joyce McDow (910) 276-7041
Scotland Commissioner John Alford not listed
Scotland Commissioner John Cooley (910) 277-2406 jcooley@scotlandcounty.ortg
Scotland Commissioner Carol McCall (910) 277-2406
Scotland Commissioner Guy McCook (910) 276-8680
Scotland Commissioner Clarence McPhatter (910) 266-8846
Stanly Chair Josh Morton (704) 982-2146
Stanly Vice-Chair Jann Lowder (704) 986-3600
Stanly Commissioner Tony Dennis (704) 474-7571
Stanly Commissioner Lindsey Dunevant (704) 986-3600
Stanly Commissioner Gene McIntyre (704) 463-5931
Stokes Clerk to the Board Darlene Bullins (336) 593-2448
Stokes chair Ernest Lankford (336) 593-8785
Stokes Vice-Chair Leon Inman (336) 399-2325
Stokes Commissioner James Booth (336) 593-2077 not listed
Stokes Commissioner Ronda Jones (336) 593-8661
Stokes Commissioner Jimmy Walker (336) 985-5535
Surry Chair Paul M. Johnson (336) 351-5526
Surry Vice-Chair Buck Golding (336) 401-8201
Surry Commissioner Eddie Harris (336) 401-8201
Surry Commissioner James Miller (336) 786-6829
Surry Commissioner Garry Scearce (336) 401-8201
Swain Chair Phil Carson (828) 488-9273
Swain Vice-Chair Robert White (828) 488-9273
Swain Commissioner Donnie Dixon (828) 488-9273
Swain Commissioner David Montieth (828) 488-4122
Swain Commissioner Steve Moon (828) 488-2005
Transylvania Chair Mike Hawkins (828) 884-3100
Transylvania Vice-Chair Kelvin Phillips (828) 883-9218
Transylvania Commissioner Larry Chapman (828) 884-3100
Transylvania Commissioner Jason Chappell (828) 862-6679
Company Title Contact Phone E-Mail
Transylvania Commissioner Daryle Hogsed (828) 884-3100
Tyrrell Clerk to the Board Penny Jones (252) 796-1371
Tyrrell chair Tony Sawyer (252) 796-0578
Tyrrell Vice-Chair Gordon Deaver, Jr. (252) 796-6981
Tyrrell Commissioner Larry Hill (252) 796-7510
Tyrrell Commissioner Thomas Spruill (252) 796-1211
Tyrrell Commissioner Fred Swain (252) 796-1188
Union Clerk to the Board Lynn West, CMC (704) 283-3810
Union chair Jerry Simpson (704) 302-2940 not listed
Union Vice-Chair Todd Johnson (704) 283-3500
Union Commissioner Tracy Kuehler (704) 283-3810
Union Commissioner Kim Rogers (704) 283-3810
Union Commissioner Jonathan Thomas (704) 283-3500
Vance Chair Eddie L. Wright (252) 430-7961
Vance Vice-Chair Terry Garrison (252) 438-6363
Vance Commissioner Deborah Brown (252) 492-8087
Vance Commissioner Dan Brummitt (252) 432-4774
Vance Commissioner Thomas Hester, Jr. (252) 738-9771
Vance Commissioner Timothy Pegram (252) 438-7904
Vance Commissioner Gordon Wilder (252) 492-3562
Wake Chair Paul Coble (919) 510-9185
Wake Vice-Chair Phil Mattews (919) 856-6160
Wake Commissioner Joe Bryan (919) 841-5341
Wake Commissioner Tony Gurley (919) 215-0240
Wake Commissioner Stan Norwalk (919) 363-4685
Wake Commissioner Betty Lou Ward (919) 856-5566
Wake Commissioner James West not listed
Warren Chair Barry Richardson (252) 257-5383
Warren Vice-Chair Ulysses Ross (252) 586-3424
Warren Commissioner Bertadean Baker (252) 430-8357 not listed
Warren Commissioner Ruby Downey (252) 456-4338
Warren Commissioner Jennifer Jordan (252) 257-3115
Washington Chair Tracey A. Johnson (252) 940-6272
Washington Vice-Chair Carlos "Buster" Manning (252) 935-5307
Washington Commissioner Jean Alexander (252) 797-4760
Washington Commissioner Woody Collins (252) 793-5823
Washington Commissioner Raymond McCray not listed
Watauga Chair Nathan Miller (828) 265-8000
Watauga Vice-Chair David Blust (828) 963-6440
Watauga Commissioner Jim Deal (828) 264-4734
Watauga Commissioner Tim Futrelle (828) 773-9455
Watauga Commissioner Vince Gable (828) 265-8000
Wayne Chair J. D. Evans (919) 735-5684
Company Title Contact Phone E-Mail
Wayne Vice-Chair John Bell (919) 735-0253
Wayne Commissioner Andy Anderson (919) 731-1435
Wayne Commissioner Jack Best (919) 920-9988
Wayne Commissioner Bud Gray (919) 778-2641
Wayne Commissioner Steve Keen (919) 920-7023
Wayne Commissioner Sandra McCullen (919) 734-3274
Wilkes County Manager John Yates (336) 651-7345
Wilkes chair Keith Elmore (336) 696-5683
Wilkes Vice-Chair Gary D. Blevins (336) 902-7545
Wilkes Commissioner Gary L. Blevins (336) 651-7300
Wilkes Commissioner David Gambill, Jr. (336) 651-7300
Wilkes Commissioner Charles Sink (336) 838-7337
Wilson Chair Sid Boyette (252) 205-4172
Wilson Vice-Chair Thomas Lucas (252) 291-9302 not listed
Wilson Commissioner Leslie Atkinson (252) 236-9913 not listed
Wilson Commissioner Bobbie Jones (252) 291-4899
Wilson Commissioner Roger Lucas (252) 237-6340
Wilson Commissioner Tad Piner (252) 246-0066 not listed
Wilson Commissioner Timothy Williford (252) 281-1068
Yadkin Chair Kevin Austin (336) 468-2851
Yadkin Vice-Chair Frank Zachary (336) 849-4076
Yadkin Commissioner Gilbert Hemric (336) 679-4200
Yadkin Commissioner David Moxley (336) 679-4200
Yadkin Commissioner Marion Welborn (336) 961-2851 not listed
Yancey Chair Johnny Riddle (828) 682-3971
Yancey Vice-Chair Jill Austin (828) 682-3971
Yancey Commissioner Dale England (828) 682-3971
Yancey Commissioner Marvin Holland (828) 682-3971
Yancey Commissioner Michele Presnell (828) 682-3971

Dress code sparks fed complaint. Investigators visit Wilson County twice; no determination yet made

Carl Smith’s grandson attends Darden Middle School. His grandfather said he is small for his age and gets picked on at school by other children. More concerning for Smith is he claims his grandson also is picked on by the Wilson County School system. (Paid Content)

Chicken plant opponents highlight deal – Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

Nash County officials are defending a proposal that called for a company fronting funds to an engineering firm to design a water main for a chicken plant in Southern Nash County. (Read more)

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Sanderson Farms

Living through a financial collapse

Where’s the economy headed?

No one can predict the future, but only
one of three things can happen in any

1. They will stay the same
2. They will get better
3. They will get worse

I think anyone paying attention has got
to realize that Option #3 is at least possible,
if not likely.

The only question is the severity of the worsening.

Many people who have no ax to grind (they’re not
politicians, financial news reporters, bankers or
other well groomed prostitutes) believe future
problems could be severe indeed.

So what do you do? How do you prepare?

Some clear thinking on the matter from someone
who called all these problems long ago.


– Brasscheck

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videos with friends and colleagues.

That’s how we grow. Thanks.

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San Francisco, CA 94115

Note: You decide. Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Hearing ordered on cuts to schools – Source: News & Observer

In a move that could complicate the already tense state budget negotiations in Raleigh, a judge has ordered a court hearing about whether proposed school cuts would compromise children’s constitutional right to a quality education.

Wake County Superior Court Judge Howard E. Manning Jr. issued an order for a hearing June 22 at the Wake County Courthouse. (Read more)

Note: So what is the damn difference in what the NAACP is fighting for as it relates to Education in North Carolina? So similar but it is just that different folks is saying it so it ain’t a problem. So since that being the case then it all boils down to RACISM when black folks question the system. Again this means black folks ain’t suppose to question white folks and they are to shut the hell up, sit down and speak when they are spoken to.

Well folks this is a prime example of why our children are suffering because folks make it about the persons who are loud, noisey and etc. but how in the hell can you get something accomplished being quiet? if you keep your damn mouth closed and don’t ask for anything do you think the oppressors (Republicans) are going to change their attitude in the middle of their ignance. Oh hell no.

I commend all persons, groups and etc. who are taking a stand for the future of all children and remember I didn’t say black, brown, white and other because they will all benefit. However don’t get it twisted because if and when I do say black and brown children because I am black and let it be known when I speak up for what is best for them. I can speak strongly when I use black as a talking point since I am black and I am not ashamed of my who I am. Although I say black I recognize and understand that all children will benefit.

When people stop allowing ignance to get in the way things change. Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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