Response To Antwan Pittman Being Found Guilty In The Murder Of An Edgecombe County Woman So Quickly

I am lead to believe that the defense obviously didn’t have a lot to fight with so therefore the case ended quickly. I believe that the evidence presented must have been enough that the defense could not really challenge the facts as presented nor the witnesses.

The families of the other missing/murdered women need to be patient and hope that other evidence can be linked to Antwan Pittman and that it will be strong enough to bring before the courts. It is no need to go to court with a whole lot of doubt and allow the defense to make the DA and others look like fools.

I commend the local Edgecombe, Nash and surrounding counties law enforcement whom have played a role in trying to bring some closure on the murdered and missing women saga in Edgecombe and Nash Counties.

Now the least that everyone whom are concerned about the other missing/murdered women that have not been closed can do is to pray that justice will prevail.

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Probe continues in eight other Rocky Mount deaths – Source: WRAL

Tarboro, N.C. — A day after a jury convicted an Edgecombe County man of strangling a Rocky Mount woman and leaving her body in some woods, authorities say they are still looking into several similar cases to see if they are connected.

"The investigation into all of the other murders will continue, and we are not looking for any other suspects right now," Edgecombe County Sheriff James Knight said Friday. (Read more)

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Pittman found guilty in missing Rocky Mount woman’s death – Source: WRAL

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