Pinetops NC – Senior Citizen Dinner Featuring Dr. Leonzo Lynch & Luther Barnes & The Sunset Jubilees

Pastor Malcom E. Lewis & wife Lois Lewis of Anderson Chapel Church  are sponsoring a Senior Citizen Dinner on Saturday October 1, 2016 4:00 PM at Pines Chapel MBC Pinetops NC.

Dr. Leonzo Lynch son of Rev. Lorenzo Lynch who is a product of Oak City NC. Dr. Leonzo is also the brother of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Luther Barnes and The Sunset Jubilarees will be in concert.

Pre-ticket sales for the meal are available by contacting Pastor Malcom E. Lewis at (919) 233-3737. Doors will open at 3:00 PM and program begins 4:00 PM. Space will be available if you choose not to purchase a meal ticket.

Homegoing Celebration For Ruffin (Bo) Harris Sr. Tarboro NC

My condolences goes out to my sister Carolyn Elaine Horne Clark and the entire family of the late Ruffin Harris, Sr. Tarboro, NC. 

I have been knowing “Bo” nearly all of my life. He was always kind to me.

Family know that I am just a phone call away.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: Your Grace & Mercy – Mississippi Mass Choir

Viewing: Funeral home on Friday, September 30, 2016 from 2:00-8:00 PM.

Funeral Service: 1:00 PM on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at St. James Temple Baptist Church with Reverend Cornell Joyner officiating.

Body Entrusted to: Hemby-Willoughby Mortuary, Inc. Tarboro NC

Tarboro woman struggles with coverage gap


Photo: When I was in the presence of my friend in March at Glorious Tabernacle. This is when I learned of her health issues. I had not heard from her in several years, we used to talk from time to time but I felt like something was going on since I had not heard from her.

Trapped in a health insurance coverage gap, a Tarboro woman decides between groceries and live-saving medicines every month.

Dr. Nancy Coltrain has two PhDs, one in theology and the other in counseling. She worked in the medical field caring for other people as a licensed nurse for decades and ran her own business for a time. A widow since 1993, she raised five children on her own.

She spoke about her situation while sitting at a large desk in her living room/counseling office. She wore a colorful dress and large sunglasses.

“I’m a member of society,” Coltrain said. “I contributed. If I could be out there working right now, I would. But they say I can’t work like this.” (Rocky Mount Telegram)

“When Did Black Lives Ever Truly Matter? Milton Bullock / Freelance Writer Legendary Activist for Human Righteousness

Here we go again;…same old empty rhetoric, perpetrating fallacious news intentionally to attract corporate ad spots while vying for ratings. When it’s all said and done at the end of the day; for the continual acts of tolerating the ‘double standards.’ America has a traditional unique way of returning, ‘back to business as usual.’ While the news pundits and major media networks continue to repeat the same old rhetorical jargon, ‘of how can we resolve this racial, human madness?’ This wretched evilness has been within the human ranks since time evolved and shall remain within our midst; until the ‘end of time’ as we profess to know it. But, let’s not evade the question of the day; and the most logical answer for those able to comprehend the complexities developed by and design by Human beings themselves!

FYI. “Black Lives have never ever mattered since their Creation” and as long as they’re under a tyrannical regime who has had no useful purpose nor respect unless it was for person or cultural gain-the value of Black Lives shall remain null and void and useless occasionally”. Black Lives never ever really mattered to even themselves when one really gets down to the origin of it all! And the remnants we have inherited or coerced by the ruling powers that dominates and writes policy over the insubordinates, are forever bound systemically under such tyranny. So the answer to this ever prevailing question, is HELL NO! Black lives doesn’t matter to Blacks, and it’s for sure as there is a hell, Black Lives does not matter to any ‘non color-non pigmented species of the human race; and until Blacks realizes it, things shall forever remain the same! This is the MOUNTAIN we face, culturally! And who knows; it may be the fulfillment of ‘Providential Prophesy’ of the Highest Order of Creation, to show that when we’ve exhausted and failed to display an overpowering show of human LOVE towards each other. It’s time for Him to bring this earthly journey to a close as we never ever were to perceive it. God has ordered all His Believers to be upon the Earth and NOT apart of it, as it would be ruled and governed by the Ruler of Darkness, and that’s where we currently are; according to His time Frame.

To make my point valid and concrete for the intellectuals regardless of your ethnicity; you’re effected by the outcome wherever you may comfortable reside. But to resolve the continuous deplorable incidents of racial, radical acts of discord. We need to boldly and emphatically educate and inform all Blacks of their ‘pre-disposition’ as an unwanted entity in this land of unwanted immigrants who also don’t really belong. And while in doing so they must become intellectually aware of all the dangers they’re going to be subjected to confront and deal with. Their mindsets and devalued styles of living, attitudes towards respect and self respect that has not been adequately nurtured since slavery. They had not been prepped, introduced nor embraced into this system to be a productive proponent. Perhaps it (the New Country) being invaded and over-whelmed by ex-cons and criminals brought to The Americas tagged as ‘The Original Pilgrims’ deported from the over flowering jail/prison dungeons of England. Arriving upon the Mayflower’ on the shores of Plymouth, Rock RI. in false pretense they were seeking their own land of which they could freely worship according to their Christian beliefs, deceiving the Native Indians in a Thanksgiving ceremony wrapped in a blanket of deceit.

The White man can never ever imagine nor pretend to understand what he rightly couldn’t if his life depended upon it. They could never embrace a culture different from what he had been exposed to and taught compared to what? That is what we must attempt to teach each and every young non-white human being that there’s definitely a difference and there will always be doubled-standards during this earthly passage. Unfortunately these policy makers make the laws for the ultimate protection and security of ‘posterial group’ in essence; (the elite white folks) that enjoys the perks of being the ultimate supreme inhabitants of this country. So when they speak of ‘taking their country back and making it great again’ you can rest assure they’re definitely NOT being inclusive in the least. Is it right or is it wrong; it really depends upon who’s in charge of things and the condition their moral, spiritual consciousness. For there has always been a certain degree of selfishness mankind would always possess. That is why the word; [“Posterity”] is so crucially important to the policy makers and authors of the United States Constitution (first paragraph.)

“The Message to All Genuine/Concerned Blacks/Whites”

For centuries this apparently has been the ultimate curse of ;‘why Blacks and Whites’ can’t, shall not and will not get along with each other. They both are just as opposite in nature as they are in the pigmentation they were created with. Even though racism is a taught and learned behavior, by nature the two being possessed by the devil himself are his primary tools of keeping chaos and confusion activated according to his overall demonic scheme of things. These are the things we must take the time to TEACH all Black/White Children-regardless of what it going to take. Instead of leaving them to be totally consumed by the new social digital world. But then, we must ask ‘where shall we find these teachers’ when the psychological trails has an ever unending trail of oppressed, mental and psychological anguish beyond repair in both principle players.

Believe me when I say; (quotation from the Bible): [that there would come a time when man (God’s Creations) would not listen to sound doctrine]. And I’d dare say; we have come not too far from that particular place and time in our earthly journey. For instance; with all the technology and the ingenuous scholars; senselessly trying to contribute reasoning solutions to the questions of this plaguing social and cultural menace. We have failed miserably in teaching our children (young Black males). That their overall life style; the swaggering pants, the loudness, the vulgarity, the deplorable profanity, their lack of self respect as well as the lack of respect for others. All of the above contributes to non-blacks proliferating their subconscious opinions of generalizing us all as stereotypical denigrates. And the devalue of Black males; and we must strive to educate and inform Black males that their really don’t mean a damn thing, to themselves or any other human being. And if no attempts are made to enlighten and empower the young Blacks with dignity; built upon strong morals and values of integrity. Then nothing ever will change–with a steady flow of exploitative images of (violence, and buffoonery in TV movies and music) which perpetuates a disrespect for life. So until something of this nature happens in some form; we can only expect nothing else; but more of the same. And it is nobody’s responsibility than ours,…The Black People!

Milton Bullock-Freelance Writer & Contributing Journalist
Princeville North Carolina

In Response To A Facebook Post, Yes I Support Police Officers But I Am For Justice No Matter Who It Is For Or Against!

In response to a Facebook post on Support Police Officers #AmericaGoingBlue #BlueLivesMatter #BackTheBlue
source: Ashley Young public FB post

It’s not the police who need to be retrained, it’s the public. We have grown into a mouthy, cell phone wielding, vulgar, uncivil society with no personal responsibility and the attitude of ‘it’s the other person’s fault’, ‘you owe me’. A society where children grow up with no boundaries or knowledge or concern for civil society and personal responsibility.

imageOh hell no Police need to be retrained all the time, to say that Police do not need to be retrained is just as ignant as the public being ignant! It is funny as hell to me when folk point out what black folk do when I was first turned on to vulgar music blasting in a car beside me at a stoplight and in the car was a WHITE BOY! Tell me how you can incorporate “you owe me” into the any of the shootings that black, brown, white and other folk are uniting around saying enough is enough.  These folk and I are not out to make it seem as it folk shouldn’t be responsible, we are just seeking justice.

When an officer says “Put your hands up,” then put your hands up! Don’t reach for something in your pocket, your lap, your seat. There’s plenty of reason for a police officer to feel threatened, there have been multiple assaults and ambushes on police officers lately. Comply with requests from the officer, have your day in court. Don’t mouth off, or fight, or refuse to comply… that escalates the situation.

I totally agree with all of that however some of this has happened with other folk that were not black and they are still living. We just want to all lives to be treated the same.

Police officers are our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. They’re black, white, brown, all colors, all ethnicities, all faiths, male and female, they are us. They see the worst side of humanity… the raped children, the bloody mangled bodies of traffic victims, the bruised and battered victims of domestic violence, homicide victims, body parts… day after day.

Now this is a bunch of b.s. because we are all connected to Police officers but they don’t see anymore than what we see. We see the same damn folk that they see. So are you saying they can’t handle seeing these things and if that be the damn case then they need to get out of policing.

They work holidays while we have festive meals with our families. They miss school events with their kids, birthdays, anniversaries, all those special occasions that we take for granted. They work in all types of weather, under dangerous conditions, for relatively low pay.

Who take these situations for granted? Hell they ain’t the only ones that work those kinds of hours. All folk that work a 1st shift job, it is difficult for many to be involved in their children school during the day and those who work nights are not home to help raise and/or be able to participate in their children activities.

They have extensive training, but they are human. When there are numerous attacks on them, they become hyper vigilant for a reason, they have become targets. When a police officer encounters any person… any person, whether at a traffic stop, a street confrontation, an arrest, whatever… that situation has the potential to become life threatening. You, Mr & Mrs/Miss Civilian, also have the responsibility of keeping the situation from getting out of control.

And they need to continue to participate in training. Ok they are human but that goes for folk too. Hell just like you feel they have become targets, some folk feel they have become targets as well. I agree everyone need to try to keep the situation from getting out of control.

Many law enforcement officers are Veterans. They’ve been in service to this nation most of their lives, whether on the battlefield or protecting us here at home. They are the only thing that stands between us and anarchy in the streets.

Okay so are we looking at whether they are a Veteran in these times and does it really matter?

If you want to protect your child, teach them respect.

I agree we need to teach children respect. But here is some more b.s. because these situations are not limited to children? How many of these cases were children so therefore you are just talking to be talking. We have a real serious issue here and we need to talk about it but what we don’t need is ignant conversation from folk who are trying to protect the police and/or folk. What the main thang need to be is to deal with what is fact and not what is perceived. We need to be demanding all of the facts be laid out such as all of the video cameras coverage especially that of the Police officers. Once the facts are laid out then folk can either accept it or be in denial. This is well peaceful protesters and folk of good will wants, “JUSTICE NO MATTER WHO IT IS FOR OR AGAINST!”

What folk need to understand is that there are Black Police officers so that they were Black before they turned Blue. What we ain’t talking about right now is the discrimination and mess that is going on inside the Police Departments across the nation.

Also what folk need to understand is some folk want to put all of the emphasis on situations where it appears Black folk are out of control but that problem I have with that is when you talk to me and folk like me who are not about that life, when we are talking about issues that are happening that are not negatively carried out, they want to put us in that category. For instance there are some situations where Black men are profiled and singled out and they have not done a damn thing but then they get caught up in mess because they stand up for their rights.

imageWhat I have been advocating for is during these times like now when folk are going down to Charlotte to PEACEFULLY PROTEST, that is fine. But for me I want to see some emergency meetings take place called by churches, organizations and other to talk about what is going on in Charlotte and across the nation to educate folk about the situation. Meetings need to take place to discuss these live situations to ask folk what they see in all of this from the community to Police Departments views.

It is Charlotte this week but it could be Edgecombe/Nash County next week and there has been no local discussion. But as soon as something happens the damn protests will began.

Well I am so glad I have been actively engaged in community activism since the late 80’s so I don’t get excited about today’s Protest because I have been there done that. I am excited about folk getting involved be it to support the Police or Black Lives. Well I am going to continue to do what I have been doing all of these years when I used to stand by myself sometime. So I am at the point now with my time that I have put in over the years, if I don’t do anymore, I have done my part.

I am going to continue to make people aware that as a Black Man I will continue to FIGHT FOR JUSTICE speaking out on issues in all areas of life.

Black Lives Matter!



#AmericaGoingBlue #BlueLivesMatter #BackTheBlue
source: Ashley Young public FB post

Congresswoman Nina Turner Gets It “This Is Why Black Lives Matter!” Institutional Racism Is Alive And Well!

The Watch Dog Response: Hell yeah now that is what I have been saying for years. First her son is black then he became a police but he is not exempt from this mess. When he is not in uniform he can be in the same situation as if it was me.

I ain’t excited about all of these police shootings, I am excited about how folk are just getting involved. I have been actively engaged in community activism since the late 80’s.

I used to stop and observe when the young guys came into contact with police especially when I was at the car wash. Some of the young guys thought I was a snitch but I was only observing the situation.

So again I am just happen to see folk get involved seeking justice in all that is going on. I AM FOR JUSTICE NO MATTER WHO IT IS FOR OR AGAINST! So don’t get it twisted!
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Tarboro NC – Edgecombe County Board of Elections Meeting

The Edgecombe County Board of Elections monthly board meeting will be held on Tuesday September 20, 2016 5:00 PM 4th floor in the board of elections office. Please attend so you can hear the report from the actions taken by the North Carolina State Board of Elections during the hearing of the plans presented to them for the One-Stop sites for Edgecombe County.

Since the board is a Republican majority the plan that they voted on was not a majority, the Democratic member Dr. Florence A. Armstrong presented a plan and her plan was approved by the State Board of Elections. There was a teleconference meeting on yesterday to correct a type over.

The Edgecombe County Board of Elections meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:00 PM.

I will be attending and requesting that the board update the Edgecombe Board of Elections website because right now it is a hot mess and is not user friendly. For a board of this magnitude it makes no sense that the website has not been updated for several years.

“Presidential Candidate’s Mental State of Mind” by Milton Bullock Freelance Writer & Contributing Journalist

With so much at stake, riding upon the backs of the two leading candidates for the much sought-after, prestigious position of President of The United States of America! One would wonder, why aren’t the political correct policy makers (regardless of their party affiliations) requesting a recent update of each candidate’s ‘Mental Healthcare Evaluation

Records’? I would dare say that neither have a psychiatrists currently on payroll. With an almost dead-heat from the various polls; it would make for excellent common sense that not only their ‘general medical records’ be reviewed. But also their ’Mental Healthcare Records’ should be deemed critical as well. For instance, have we taken into serious consideration how deathly toxic the out-come this election could turn out to be? We already know beyond a doubt, that we have a certified narcissistic candidate in Donald Trump. And with his ‘dog whistle codes’-he has identified and aroused the mental deranged base of racist-bigoted hate mongers just waiting for the outcome of the election.

From my perspective, as a concerned Multi-Racial Mixed American; it matters not whe-ther he wins or loses the Presidency. African Americans and all people of color (non-whites); are going to catch pure hell from his blood thirsty constituents. He has ’dog whistled’ (green light codes) for an open season on all Blacks! Especially those disillusioned Blacks he’s bamboozled to ‘boldly’ stand beside him for their 20 second of fame via the various hungry media ads news networks. “Where are your Mental Health Records?” This is the question the news pundits and policy-makers (regardless of party affiliation) should be posing the candidates with! It will be too late once he’s in (if he ever gets in) and looses what little coolness most thinks he has and is quick on the trigger to push that ’Red Button’ in the middle of the night. And all hell breaks loose with another major, thin skinned mental-deranged knit-wit global leader over some nonsense.

So I ask; if you’re clear headed and can see through the thick-fog of BS, and paying close attention of the questionable-signs being displayed by both candidates ‘what are you going to do about it?’ I highly recommend all who are avid readers to pick up author-David Cay Johnston’s recent release of; “The Making of Donald Trump!” And get a thorough understanding of the historical genetics-mental and psychological DNA Donald Trump’s derives from. Then make an empowered and informed, educated decision when you’re behind the curtain, about to cast your vote! Once you have and you’re satisfied; then you’ll know with assurance; when the SHTF. That you’ve participated in ‘your rights to express’ what you felt in your heart, your soul and mind, and for whatever mental state it’s in. And may God have mercy on all of our souls, as we witness the promised-fulfillment of the providential prophesy as it’s being revealed right before our very eyes!

Milton Bullock
Freelance Writer & Contributing Journalist

Which Political Party Has Created More Jobs?

I find the Job Creation thingy quite interesting. I didn’t make this up so if it is a lie, I ain’t the one that started it.

I am so sick of these myths that folk who don’t care about doing what is right has got folk thinking. Because of myths about job creation, police issues, what President Obama has done/not done many folk are confused but I am so glad I can research for myself and don’t have to rely totally on other folk for trues.

This is why I get so tickled when ignant racist white folk and ignant safe negroes be talking about black folk need to do this and to do that. Well I ain’t the one! I am an involved black man!

Now Run and Tell That!

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Homegoing Celebration For Marvin Ray Pittman Raleigh NC Formerly of Fountain, NC

imageMy condolences goes out to Ernestine (Dancy) Pittman and the entire family of the late Marvin Ray Pittman Raleigh NC formerly of Fountain, NC.

I met Marvin some years ago through the NC Department of Instructions and found out he was the uncle of Mark Pittman and family to the other Pittmans that I knew so well.

Marvin was such a very kind person and he was the same everytime I seen him. He was the same when I seen him back in December and I am quite sure he was sickly at that time.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: Your Grace & Mercy – Mississippi Mass Choir

Public Viewing: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at Lea Funeral Home.

Viewing: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, preceding the funeral service at the church.

Funeral Service: 1:00 PM, Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at Oak City Baptist Church, 726 Method Road, Raleigh, NC

Body Entrusted to: Lea Funeral Home Inc. Raleigh, NC

Photo: At Mark Pittman 50th birthday party St. Lewis Ruritan Club

Homegoing Celebration For Reverend Robert Ricks Tarboro NC

My condolences goes out to the entire family of the late Reverend Robert Ricks Tarboro NC.

My dad Curmilus Dancy Sr. knew him and talked very good about him. I have been in Rev. Ricks presence over the years and he was always a gentlemen.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: Your Grace & Mercy – Mississippi Mass Choir

Viewing: Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 5:00- 7:00pm with a family visitation from 7:00- 8:00pm at White’s Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.

Funeral Service: 2:00PM Sunday, September 18, 2016 at Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church with Reverend Tommy King presiding and Reverend Kelly Andrew eulogist.

Body Entrusted to: Hemby-Willoughby Funeral Home Inc.

Reignited HB2 controversy looms over election – Charlotte Observer

The Watch Dog response: These guys just don’t get it. One of the ignants talking about Democrats need to compromise. Compromise what? Can’t compromise ignance and this is what has been displayed since the Republican takeover. The time is winding down that folk of good conscious from both sides are beginning to wake up but after North Carolina has shown them that the Republicans has lost their minds. But one of the ignants want to blame all of this on the Charlotte City Council. Wow! So the Republican Legislature had nothing to do with any of this? So The DCN Super Ignant Awards goes to . . . 

RALEIGH – The NCAA’s decision to pull seven championship events out of North Carolina over the state’s stand on anti-discrimination protections reignited a controversy that has divided the state with less than two months to go before the November elections.

For the governor running for re-election after signing House Bill 2 into law in March, it makes for uncertain terrain.

“I think it will hurt the Republican ticket,” said Rep. Leo Daughtry, a longtime Republican legislator from Smithfield who is not running for re-election. “That includes the governor. I think, unfortunately, it will hurt him.” (Charlotte Observer)

Who Sleep? If You Are Just Wave Your Hand!

Some folk just ain’t satisfied if they are not participating in trying to keep a certain race down, but they continue to say they want equality for all. I say that is about the most ignant out dated mess I have heard all of my life.

These folk has never wanted equality because if they did they would not question my blackness and always making rules because of my blackness.

Well I am not ignant to what went on before I was born and I damn sure ain’t ignant to what has been going on since I was born. I was born in 1962 so what happened around 6 year later?

Call me anything but sleep! I am wide awake! Matter of fact I never sleep, I just close my eyes!

Now Run & Tell That!