Why Is It Edgecombe County Do Not Have A Black Political Organization Such As The Durham Committee On The Affairs Of Black People?

On election night when the numbers come in from Edgecombe County the statewide candidates can normally declare victory. Edgecombe County is a power house when it comes to statewide elections.

We don’t have a black political organization because a certain few political pimps have been allowed to pimp Edgecombe County over the years. The political pimps have been allowed to be the political machine over the years while good people have set back and just let them do whatever the hell they want to do. However these good people have talked about the political pimps but they have continued to let Edgecombe County be pimped by the political pimps year after hear.

It is sad that Edgecombe County do not have a legit, respected black political organization that would use a democratic process to invite candidates to be interviewed and to be voted on and then endorsed by the group. The Durham Committee On The Affairs of Black People just recently took 4 days to interview candidates before they endorsed them. But in Edgecombe County 2 – 3 political pimps have been allowed to endorse candidates and to pass out ballots at the polls telling people to vote for their candidates.

Edgecombe County is around 52% black and 42% white plus other so if we would come together and do things democratically we could make some things happen. I recognize and understand that when black folks make things happen all folks benefit.

Right now I would like to see some things happen but we are too divided as black folks and have no political machine in place so therefore as long as we continue to do what we do we will continue to get what we get.

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Edgecombe County Politics, Upcoming Candidates Forum

I was reading a local newspaper and I have to respond to editor’s opinion in his letter: 2012: It’s the year of the Sambo – Princeville, the primary and black political postering. Thanks to Dr. Florence Armstrong for making us aware of the letter on your facebook page. I went out today to pick up a paper to see what was in it and I too find the letter very interesting.

Princeville NC: Well the Princeville 3 ie: Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Commissioners Calvin Sherrod and Isabelle Purvis-Andrews are doing whatever the hell they want to do running the town and black folks allow them to. However Maggie Boyd a former commissioner and Daisy Staton an employee of the town could be added to the list to make it the Princeville 5 because they are helping the Princeville 3 carry out their mission. So until the people in Princeville says enough is enough nothing will change.

Commissioners Ann Howell and Gwendolyn Knight have been fighting the Princeville 3 for years. They are treated as if they are not commissioners because they are left out of the decision making from the start to finish. 

The latest mess in Princeville is not sending in the audit on time and the Local Government Commission had to send a letter telling them they have a deadline of April 30th for the audit to be in their office.

Black political postering: I found it funny as hell the editor talked about a pseudo-Civil Rights leading preacher who has stood before the masses and touted the accolades of “Mr. Charlie” but did not call the preacher’s name. But why? Well because I know all of the political players in Edgecombe County I would bet the preacher is Rev. Roosevelt Higgs a precinct chair that should not be. He has pushed some whites agenda and some blacks agenda to keep us right where we are. But Mr. Editor I don’t fault Higgs for what he does but fault those around him for allowing him to do what he does.

Back in the 90’s black folks fought to become the majority on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee but since we have it what in the hell are we doing with it? Many whites stop coming and now you would think it was a black Edgecombe County Democratic Party because of the lack of whites attending. I am talking about white elected officials themselves. They don’t come because they know it is going to be a bunch of ignorance going on at every meeting because Rev. Roosevelt Higgs always keep mess going on. Hell I don’t blame them for not coming. I go so I can speak up and to record the ignance on video that is allowed by the chair Allen Mitchell and others in the room whom allow the mess to go on. Hell everyone in the room knows that Higgs do not live in Speed because there is no living housing on the property that he claims as his residence. The powers that be elected officials and political leaders know this but they allow him to do what he does so until they decide they want to shut him down we will continue to have to deal with his mess. I am so glad this is Mitchell’s last term as the county chair so maybe the next chair will bring about change within the county party because there is much lack of education and the drive to push the Democratic Party forward. We have survived by the grace of God and that is a good thing because he looks out for fools as well.

Sambo: I am not going to get into the Sambo thingy with the Republican Rep. Allen West from Florida. I am more concerned about the Democrats who play both sides in Edgecombe County. I ain’t the only one that knows who they are but I am the only one that talks about it publicly. So what does that make those whom I know, know who continues to say nothing? Again I can go back to Rev. Roosevelt Higgs whom is very much guilty of that when the county chair said he had pictures of Higgs putting up a Republican signs at Edgecombe Community College in Rocky Mount. He shared this with me when I told him I had received calls from Pitt County that Higgs was down there pulling a trailer behind a truck with this same Republican sign in it. So again as long as we allow mess to do on we will continue to get what we get.

My point of view: What tickles the hell out of me is black folks allow so much mess to go on in our communities but do not speak out publicly. Yep they will say it behind closed doors but not where it needs to be said. You see I have received a lot of credit over the years for saying what needs to be said via letters to editor to the local and some statewide newspapers, on local and statewide radio stations, on local tv stations and of course in meetings locally and statewide. Hell I have repeated what others dare to say publicly so therefore I feel good about saying what I say because I know it is right.

I have been actively engaged in politics since the early 90’s and I have seen black folks in action. When I got involved white folks held the majority of the offices in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee. I became the 3rd vice chair of the party not because black folks wanted me so much nor white folks but I was the youngest person to attend the meetings so they had to give me the position by default. I held that position for years but moved up the ladder also again by default.

Today I speak up when foolishness goes on in the meetings and I am not running for anything and don’t have any intentions of running for anything. However my name has come up in the meetings as a nominee for a position on the county executive committee but to get voted down by Safe Negroes because I am my own man and live by my motto: “I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.” I don’t give a damn if you are black, brown, white or other if you ain’t right I ain’t with you. But what tickles the hell out of me these same folks who vote against me want my support and then they think I am crazy when I don’t support them. Oh hell no! If you don’t support me now especially when it comes to making a donation to The DCN News Blog/Online TV why in the hell should I feel that will change when you move up the ladder. But these are the same folks who talk about white elected officials don’t do nothing for the black community. But when I ask them what have they asked them to do and they say nothing. Well I be damn.

I am so glad I know who all the players are and can make an informed decision. And when I don’t know something I have some good friends I can call on to get their opinion and trust in them. So when it comes to voting I will tell folks who I am voting for but you can decide for themselves.

Well can’t wait to attend the Edgecombe County Human Relations Forum on Wednesday May 2 at the Edgecombe County Administration Bldg. Auditorium at 6:00 PM. See you there!

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Bojangles Groundbreaking Ceremony Crossing at 64 Rocky Mount Edgecombe Community Development Corporation Rocky Mount NC Thursday April 26, 2012

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Senator Clark Jenkins District 3? For Those Who Say He Has Not Done Anything For Black Folks Who Am I To Believe? So How Do You Respond?

I will repeat myself again and again ever how many times I need to. When the District 3 was first created I supported Patricia Ferguson a black female out of Bertie County and I knew that she would probably be drawn out of the district within the following 2 years. I supported her because I felt if a black person was elected it may would be easy for another black person to replace her. Some of these same folks today not only in Edgecombe County but across the district are still playing games but they did not support Ferguson then but now they say Senator Clark Jenkins ain’t doing anything for black folks. He has been in the seat how long?

After trying to unseat Senator Jenkins several years ago when I supported Shelly Willingham and he didn’t do what we asked him to do during his campaign, that was it for me. Hell I didn’t even care that much for Willingham but was willing to try to get a black person in the seat and if Willingham had won and didn’t live up to his expectations, then I would have supported someone else after his 2 years in office. Now I will not support a black person who do not have a political machine because it will take a political machine to unseat Senator Jenkins.

But after all of these years one must use some common sense. Once you learn what is really going on then one should do differently. I have come to the conclusion that Senator Jenkins will be my Senator until he decides he will not run again.

I get tickled as hell when folks who say Senator Jenkins has not done anything for black folks. I ask them what do they mean and they can’t answer me. I ask them what have they asked him to do for them. They say nothing. I say oh well.

Now what I hear from folks and an editor of a black newspaper recently printed is that some white elected officials don’t come to a black sponsored forum. Well damn what these folks don’t understand is why do they have to come when the sponsors are supporting them anyway. Why do they want them to show up to their banquets, hell banquets are about fundraisers so if they send the money that is all that matters. Hell many black elected officials don’t show up and don’t send any money either.

Okay so now who am I to believe when they say that Senator Clark Jenkins has not done anything for black folks? Senator Jenkins has scored an “A” on the NAACP’s Legislative Report Card 2009 and 2011. Every household in his district receives a mailing stating this fact and in the mailing Representative Alma Adams Chairperson of the NC Black Legislative Caucus Foundation is quoted how he consistently fight to protect the State’s most underprivileged citizens.

So for those who say Senator Jenkins have not done anything for black folks show me your report card that you have done on him?

I am a life fully paid member of the NAACP, I live in the district and most of all I am actively engaged so I know for myself what is really going on.

Oh well like Senator Jenkins or not the report says he is doing something for black folks because I know they are underprivileged citizens.

The same could be said about Joe Pat Tolson House District 23. Tolson also received an “A” on the NAACP Report Card.

I ain’t telling you who to vote for, I am telling you who I am voting for and why.

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Seeking Donations

Okay here I go again seeking donations.

I do not like asking for donations however it takes money to do what I do. I have equipment video camera and a portable dvd burner that I can make copies on the site. It is about time for a new one been had this one for several years. I have a digital photo camera and I buy 8 GB SD Cards and I do not delete pictures when they are full. Although I put them in my Kodak Gallery online I still like keeping the originals. It take gas and sometimes I may stay over night but I always try to stay at home. All of this comes out of my pocket. I sometimes have to take vacation time to be able to attend day events.

I try to capture historical moments across the state especially as it relates to politics. I try to educate folks on what is going on around them so they can be aware and informed whenever they may have to make decisions such as voting and etc. You can enjoy the videos on The DCN TV and photos from the convenience of your home.

I am so thankful for the couple of donations I have received this year. One person whom I have not heard from in years sent me a $200.00 donation just a regular citizen not a politician or other titled person. One person gave me a $100.00 donation but I presented them with a video and photos of an event I did featuring them. A candidate gave me a $25.00 donation.

Thanking you in advance.


Motivated 16-year-old enters NCCU law school – News & Observer

Response: What tickles the hell out of me is it does not matter how good you are some folks are going to speak negatively about that person. I hope this young man go on to be very, very successful and report back on his career path. These nay sayers act as if this young man will not read their comments.

One look at Ty Hobson-Powell and you may think that he is an average teenager.

He likes to play basketball and video games; he even occasionally wastes time on Facebook and Twitter.

But Ty isn’t the average 16-year-old. (More)

State board reverses Moore ruling – Reflector

Response: Don Davis former Senator is challenging Moore for the District 5 seat. Interesting. Good job Calvin Henderson.

The State Board of Elections on Friday reversed a decision that Tony Moore was qualified to run in the state Senate District 5 race.

The state board said the evidence did not support the ruling of a five-member panel that first heard the challenge, said Gary Bartlett, executive director of the state elections office. (More)

Zimmerman’s Lawsuit Against Al Sharpton, NBC, and the Martin Family Attorneys

In a twist not even the best fiction writers could have seen coming, the Trayvon Martin case, instigated by a couple of sheister attorneys looking to make money from a tragedy, will reportedly end with George Zimmerman recovering legal damages from Al Sharpton, NBC, and the Trayvon Martin family attorneys, Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump. (More)

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Princeville NC: Damn Here We Go Again, Another Warrant Taken Out On Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight Because She Attended The Town’s Regular Monthly Meeting

Sources say Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight was served with a warrant for violating the no contact order between her and Maggie Boyd because she Knight attended the regular monthly meeting on Monday April 23. I understand the court date is May 7.

I was not at the meeting so I don’t know the details. But I thought that Knight could attend the meetings as long as she do not address Boyd.

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Petition targets Wilson electric bills – Wilson Times

Jackie Mullis has started circulating a petition and is asking voters for their signature in opposition to the city of Wilson’s ties with ElectriCities.

Mullis has been at the Wilson County Board of Elections Tuesday and Wednesday asking people to sign the petition after they’ve finished voting. She’s also walked through her neighborhood asking for support. So far, she has about 70 signatures. (More)

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — For hour after grueling hour, Andrew Young sat on the witness stand in a small federal courtroom here last week and stared straight ahead, never once facing the man he had once looked upon as a father.

John Edwards, the former Democratic senator who is facing 30 years in prison, leaned forward and watched. Much of his defense rests on proving that Mr. Young, the man who had held his deepest secret, is a liar. (More)

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District 7 race candidate eyes disabled rights – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: Rep. Angela Bryant must stay in the legislature because she will fight for what is right for all people.

Voters in the 7th district have two Democratic candidates for the N.C. House to choose from in the upcoming primary election: incumbent Angela Bryant and newcomer William Duke Hancock II. (More)

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Groups argue over marriage amendment’s impact – Rocky Mount Telegram

Supporters of a proposed state constitutional amendment say it’s needed to protect the definition of marriage from potential judicial meddling, while opponents argue the measure is unnecessary and could create a slew of negative consequences. (More)

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Confronting Rep. Jim Crawford on Amendment One

Published on Apr 25, 2012 by ProgressNCAction

Rep. Jim Crawford (Person, Granville Counties) is confronted by a constituent about his co-sponsorship of an amendment to the NC Constitution that would limit recognition of legal partnerships in NC solely to "a marriage between a man and woman." (More)

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WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives advanced a bill Friday that funds cheaper student loans by cutting a preventive health care program — sparking a heated battle in which House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) accused Democrats of manufacturing a war on women. (More)


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