My Take On The Edgecombe County Democratic Party In 2017 After The Election Of Officers Was And Is

My take on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party in 2017 shortly after the election of officers was to try to save the party before it got too far out of control. Well after I seen where the Chair Lawrence K. Taylor, 1st Vice Chair Martha Knight Johnson and 2nd Vice Glenda L. Knight were headed I knew we were going down.

When I think about the Edgecombe County Democratic Party I think about how I didn’t vote for Trump but I wanted him to win so that the nation would hit rock bottom and Democrats would wake the hell up.

I didn’t vote for Lawrence but was willing to work with him but after seeing that he was not going to do what was right, I quickly seen that I was not going to be able to work with him. So therefore I said I will just sit back and watch the Edgecombe County Democratic Party hit rock bottom. Well I be damn if we ain’t hit below the bottom.

I am trying to figure out why it is so hard for some folk who say they are concerned about the status of the party but will not file the petition to get the show on the road.

I have come to the conclusion that until a meeting is called to 1st organize the party because it is not in compliance then nothing else matter. Anyone that is willing to answer to the chair about donating money is just crazy as hell because the party is not in compliance because only 5 precinct packages have not been received by the secretary and she still have them. So where are the other 16 packages? Oh some say they were sent in but the came back returned to sender because the P.O. Box for mailing to the party was closed. But the chair has told some folk he has put information in Vote Builder. So what information did he put in? Maybe he has a couple of precinct packages from the Rocky Mount Precincts but he don’t have them if the secretary has them.

It is a sad damn day in Edgecombe County when good Democrats have allowed the County Party to go to nothing.

So if ya’ll like it, I love it! Ya’ll voted for him so ya’ll created this mess and then on top of it you didn’t question his mess during the meetings such as the minutes and the treasurer’s report. When you did that folk say he saying he has the support of the party and it is just a couple of folk myself and 1 or 2 others who are troublemakers. Damn I know this criminal ain’t calling me a troublemaker, I will accept Agitator because I am a Professional.

I understand the chair is trying to make it about me because I am posting about him on social media. I will continue to post about him until he do the right thing. I be damn if he is going to go around the county trying to make it about me when I have not spent a dime of the party meeting, was not responsible for the closing of the P.O. Box, not providing information about the minutes, treasurer’s report and not advertising meetings.

I have been doing what I do posting about Edgecombe County politics since long before this ignant ass chair was elected and I am not going to change the way I do things.

I understand this chair talking about bringing some kind of code of conduct to the meeting that I heard is coming soon but I don’t get any information from the party and have to hear about it from others. I will be ready and I will attend and do the same damn thing I been doing.

The next meeting I have several questions and I will ask them. I will address the chair as I have done in the past. Don’t get it twisted just because I talk loud and speak with authority because I know what the hell I am talking about.

So Ms. Chair bring on whatever from wherever because I will be ready to ask questions.

Now Run & Tell That!

Safe Black Negro, Scared Negro

If you are a Safe Negro just don’t show up at places where the conversation take place!

If you are a scared Negro stay home!

But don’t play it safe around me when I am speaking Truth to Power because I ain’t scared.

Don’t make me have to call you out. You claim to be about what is good for all folk but you want to appease certain folk while hoping things change. Well change don’t take place without sacrifice. If you ain’t willing to stand then stay home.

But the sad part Safe Negroes benefit from what other folk does. You claim to be about what is good for all folk but you want to appease certain folk while hoping things change but you ain’t apart of making the change.

Special Report: First And Only All Black Ranger Company Of The Korean War Featuring My Cousin’s Husband Wheeler

I had the honor to be in the room with this hero over the weekend at my family reunion the Barnes/Battle in Rocky Mount NC. Trooper Wheeler Small Jr; 2nd Airborne Ranger Company, Korean War (1st and only All Black Airborne Rangers) and wife Dr. Ernestine Barnes-Small.
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Trooper Wheeler Small Jr; 2nd Airborne Ranger Company, Korean War (1st and only All Black Airborne Rangers)