Raleigh NC – Randy Voller Chair NC Democratic Party Fired Executive Director Hires New One So What Are The Facts?

Folks all of these emotions without facts is just a waste of time. The personalities issue don’t mean anything just because you have issues with the chair. If he is acting within the Plan of Organization, Rules and Bylaws/Constitution or whatever the chair is using to make his decisions, at the end of the day your emotions will not mean absolutely nothing.

The fact is our chair fired the E.D. so these are the questions.

1. Can the chair fire the E.D. without the approval of the executive committee?

2. Can the chair hire a new E.D. without the approval of the executive committee?

After dealing with the issue of the chair then that determines if the hiring of the new E.D. is relevant. But to go after the new E.D. at this point is just ignant as hell to me and does nothing but add more mess to what some perceive to be a mess.

So is anyone on this page on the Executive Committee that knows the answers to the above? If so that would save a whole lot of opinions which is coming from emotions and not based on facts.

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Candidates flock to file for office – Rocky Mount Telegram

The board of elections offices for Nash and Edgecombe counties were bustling with activity at midday Monday as candidates filed to run for office during the start of the filing period for the May 6 primary.

By the end of the day, 16 candidates had filed to run for office.

A variety of positions are up for election, ranging from school board seats and county level offices to seats in the N.C. General Assembly and Congress. The filing period opened at noon Monday and continues until noon Feb. 28.

Several candidates arrived at the Nash County Board of Elections office in Nashville for the start of the filing period. They completed their paperwork as family and friends looked on and snapped photographs.

The Edgecombe County Board of Elections office in Tarboro also was busy at noon when the filing period opened. Four candidates were at the office for the start of the filing period, said Edgecombe County Board of Elections Director Jerry Spruell. (Source: Read more)