Economist touts federal initiative at Chamber meeting – Rocky Mount Telegram

Rocky Mount’s inclusion in a federal initiative to help economically distressed cities will bring resources to help the city rebound, a top-ranking economist for the U.S. Department of Commerce said Tuesday.

Speaking before a full house at the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce’ annual meeting at the Gateway Convention Center, senior economist David S. Langdon outlined initiatives that the Commerce Department is taking to improve the economy.

And he said that Rocky Mount’s inclusion in the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative will bring resources and personnel to this area to work on improving the local economy. Rocky Mount is among seven cities chosen for the expansion of a national initiative designed to help communities recover from the economic recession. (Source: Read more)

Nash Democratic Women elect new officers – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Nash County Democratic Women elected Rosita Wiggins as the group’s new president for 2014.

In purely political terms, the new team of officers elected by the Nash County Democratic Women bring advocacy experience at all levels of government and industry. Following two years of exceptional leadership as president, Laura O’Neal was elected vice president. The new officers also include Secretary Mary Ward and Treasurer Molly Winstead.

Highly respected for her leadership and her ability to collaborate across the political spectrum, Laura’s support of Rosita will be invaluable for the duration of her term. Like O’Neal and Wiggins, Ward and Winstead have a wealth of experience in political organizing and are deeply committed to the enduring values of democracy. (Source: Read more)

Mother’s concern changes Wake schools curriculum on slavery – WRAL

Knightdale, N.C. — The Wake County Public School System has removed an assignment from its middle-school history curriculum after a Knightdale mother complained that it was racially insensitive.

Amaya Melvin’s eighth-grade class at East Wake Middle School is studying the Civil War, and the students were given an essay assignment entitled "I am a slave."

"For her to have to put herself in the shoes of a slave, for her to complete the assignment, she had to be a slave at the moment. I didn’t think that was appropriate," said Amaya’s mother, Ariel Melvin-Hall, who is black. "It’s harsh. It cuts deep." (Source: Read more)

Rocky Mount NC – Spotlight On The Community Dave Perkins Said He May Have To Do Andre Knighter (Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight)

On Tuesday February 4, 2014 around 6:40 am on Dave Perkins morning radio talk show Spotlight on the Community he said that Rep. Buck Newton was going to call in and talk about the Duke Energy possibly buying out the NC Eastern Municipal Power Agency. He said he didn’t know what time he was going to call but he was going to have to try to figure out how to work him in if he called during the time another person was scheduled to call in. He said Buck just goes on and on long winded sometimes. He said he may have to do a Andre Knighter on Buck by saying he couldn’t talk anymore after 3 minutes. Perkins said that he would do like Knight, say what he wanted to say but would tell Buck he couldn’t talk anymore. He referenced a city council meeting when Lige Daughtridge spoke to the council during the public comments and then when Knight responded to him later after others had given their public comments, Knight’s response has been a racial issue. Knight told Lige that he felt that he was against the Event Center because the city council was a black majority and the city manager is black. Damn Knight is black and Lige is white so that was Knight’s black opinion and he was not speaking for the entire board.

I tried to call in to the show at 6:47 am, 6:48 am no answer. I blocked my number and called again at 6:50 am and got through but was told that they were going to play 2 songs did I want to call back. I said yes. I called back again at 6:53 am and I was told they were not on yet could I call back in 5 minutes and I said okay. By this time I was in the parking lot at work.

I called back during my break time at work and I asked Dave had Rep. Buck called in and he said yes. I told him I was calling because I was insulted by his comments earlier about Knight. I said I know you meant it as a joke but I said you need to make sure your jokes are truth when it comes to Knight because he already catches enough hell about what he said or didn’t say. I told him it Knight is the Mayor Pro-tem and he was not in control of the city council meeting he made reference too that he be in control of meetings when Mayor Combs is not at the meetings. I said it was Mayor Combs who shut Lige down at the city council meeting. I said so don’t tell a lie on Knight because some folks would believe it but that lie has already been used by WHIG-TV, Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount, The Observers and some others. I said I am not defending Knight because he can defend himself. I said this could have been me that you lied on.

Dave said he was not going to apologize because he was joking about Rep. Newton being long winded is true. Well that part maybe so, but the part about what happened to at the city council meeting with the campaign to remove Knight is not a joke.

Dave you need to leave Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight out of your jokes if you are not going to tell the truth about what really happened.

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Rocky Mount NC – Don’t Be Fooled By Them Ignant Ass Racist At WHIG-TV

WHIG-TV Tuesday Morning Show February 4, 2014

Since I work a real job during the day I have to look at the show at 11:30 at night.

Sandra and Andrew ignant asses were on their TV station today February 4, 2014 saying that Rev. Andre Knight and Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II get paid for being the Presidents of the NAACP. That is a damn lie because only the Executive Director receive pay and if the E.D. has a staff person or 2 that helps them they can be paid.

It is a damn shame that WHIG-TV tell a bunch of lies on their show but the sad part is they is the outlet for other racist to call in and say what they want to say but when someone who do not think like them, they say let me talk or I am going to hang up on you. They hang up on folks all the time without giving the the time to finish venting or should I say wearing their asses out. They don’t want to hear it so they hang up.

But damn ain’t that what they accused Rocky Mount Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight when Lige Daughtridge addressed the city council a couple of weeks ago. It was not Knight who shut Lige down it was Mayor David Combs.

Folks need to wake the hell up and see who is on the damn TV every day and has been since the late 90’s when Rev. Andre Knight purchased that house on Falls Road, when he got elected to the city council, when he became President of the NAACP and etc. These folks just want to silence Mayor Pro-tem Knight.

Sandra & Andrew at WHIG-TV hung up on a black man because he was talking about Rev. Gailliard and they said let them talk. But then Rev. Roosevelt Higgs called in and they let him talk and talk.

Roosevelt Higgs talked about he had a problem with the NAACP when it comes to stuff like black on black crime. He said that the NAACP don’t come out when a white person commits a crime but that is too ignant. He said if they did it would give more credibility to the NAACP. Well this goes to show you that his ignant ass don’t know the mission of the NAACP and evidently he do not watch TV because there are numerous whites that are a part of the NAACP. The Moral Monday consist of numerous white folks and Rev. Dr. Barber has traveled across the state to majority white counties to meet with white folks who have an issue that affects white folks, black folks and other such as unemployment, affordable health care and more.

And the black lady that called in and said the black man that they hung up on must had an axe to grind. Well won’t that nothing. The man was speaking how he felt but since they didn’t agree with him, they hung up on him. But didn’t Mayor David Combs tell Lige Daughtridge that he could not speak again because he had had his time at the podium.
You guys at WHIG-TV are always contradicting yourselves blamed the city council for not allowing Lige to speak again but ya’ll hang up on folks.

Damn they have Please Limit Calls to 3 Minutes but they allow folks that are saying what they want to hear to go way pass the 3 minutes.

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