Friends Really?

My definition of a friend is one that will be willing to tell me when they agree and/or support me when they know I am doing something that I request their support. I do not need a friend who will agree with me just because we are friends and not being able to tell me that I don’t think what you are doing is a good thing.

I will tell my friends just how I feel and if they have a problem with that then so be it. I would rather have them to be mad with me because I tried to tell them instead of not letting them know how I feel. When we don’t let our friends know how we feel sometimes they may make some bad choices. If we say nothing, then we are somewhat responsible for the choice they made.

So do you have friends according to my definition and are you one that is willing to tell your friend that you can’t agree and/or support them on that issue?

Edgecombe County Who Am I? I Tell My Story And Don’t Wait For Others

In the black community folk have had this thing that if you talk about the things you do you are boasting, bragging or what the hell ever. Well if you don’t tell your story, your story may go untold or someone may just tell it when you are laid out during remarks time. Well they may tell it then but they gonna know it before then.

I have earned my rights when it comes to politics. I have done my homework and most of all educated myself by going places and getting to know the players. I know all the players locally, numerous statewide and many on the national. I am well known across the state and somewhat worldwide but that ain’t important. What I have to offer is what is important. What do you have to offer?

I know what I have done over the years and much of it has been in the background. I have done things and folk never even knew what role I have played. I don’t think no one in Edgecombe County is as passionate about our politics than I from a public standpoint. There may be some who are just as passionate but they do not show it publicly so that can be questionable and debatable. There is nothing to question or to debate when it comes to where I stand.

I am proud to be able to say I have supported some good folk as it relates to electing folk to make decisions for the folk of Edgecombe County. I have and strongly support black, brown, white and other who represent my folk of Edgecombe County but not limited to. You see it does not bother me because some folk  don’t like me, I love them anyway because I am going to fight for them anyway.

My point is folk you can like me or not, I don’t give a damn! I am going to do what I was put here to do and that is to be a voice for the voiceless. To support my brothers and sisters who want to be elected to help make Edgecombe County a better place to live. But they know that I will hold them accountable for their actions because you will not hurt my folk without me coming after you. So do right and I will do right about you.

I am who I am! I don’t play when it comes to folk making decisions that affect other folk lives. I am for truth no matter who it is for or against. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest! I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.

I tell folk all the time if you want to represent me and my folk in Edgecombe County you better talk to me because I will voice my opinion. I will do my homework on you and I will share it.

Just a couple of days ago we the Democratic Party Executive Committee appointed Clee Atkinson as Sheriff of Edgecombe County to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff James Knight that ends 2018. I was there when we appointed Knight and I have been there for many others. So if you don’t think I am passionate and dedicated, you better do your homework.

I am pleased with the outcome of the Sheriff appointment and most of all my heart is heavy because talking to the white community throughout the Sheriff Appointment Process, I am pleased to know that the white community supported Clee. I remember when I first joined the Democratic Party Executive Committee back in the early 90’s there was a power struggle and much race relation issues. But today I am proud to say we have come a long ways. I look forward to us moving forward getting better and better. Sheriff Knight can be given much credit for bringing us together as a race and I say thank you. I see Sheriff Clee doing the same.

I have been misunderstood many times but I strongly feel that is because folk don’t know how to take me. I am not a scared black man. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I say publicly what others say behind closed doors. I say things because they need to be said and I have seen great results after doing so. I may take some heat but I can stand the fire.

What tickles me the most is that I have been called a militant by black folks and a racist by white folk. Militant because I say what they are scared to say and because they think what I say is going to cause a disturbance but I have seen the results and they have been great. Because of what I say it creates dialogue and that is what is needed.

Called a racist. Wow! But if you look at my track record, look at the newspaper and especially my blog/social media sites, you will see that I hold my black folk accountable for their actions. I have spent my time over the years calling out more black folk who I had issues with than I have white folk. So when they call me a racist I just laugh because I know what I do and what I do will benefit all folk.

Keep on listening to those folk who speak negative of me and you may just miss your blessing.

Edgecombe County black, brown, white and other I love all of you and it ain’t nothing you can do about it.

I am Curmilus Dancy II (Butch) The Watch Dog of the East, The Political Agitator and trust me I am a professional because I know how to agitate so I can bring out the best in folk.

Homegoing Celebration For Mrs. Minnie Delois Wooten Baker Macclesfield NC

My condolences goes out to Pastor Albert Baker and the entire family of the late Mrs. Minnie Delois Wooten Baker Macclesfield NC.I was saddened when I learned about the expiring of my friend but God . . .Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”Song: Your Grace & Mercy – Mississippi Mass ChoirViewing: A Visitation for Lady Baker will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., on Saturday, March 25, 2017, at Mt. Gideon Ministries, 6324 Joyner Road, in Elm City, NC. Funeral Service: 2:30 pm on Sunday, March 26, 2017 at Morning Star Church of Christ, 225 S. Glendale Avenue in Rocky Mount, NC. Body Entrusted to: H.D. Pope Funeral Homes Inc. Rocky Mount NC

Homegoing For Margaret Ruth Pitt Barnes Richmond Virginia Formerly Of Pinetops NC

My condolences goes out to my best friend Otis Cornel Barnes, Dorothy Barnes and the entire family of the late Margaret Ruth Pitt Barnes formerly of Pinetops NC.

Cornel and Dorothy know that we are just a phone call away.

On yesterday I received a text from my friend to let me know his moma had just expired.

I want to commend Cornel and Sonya Barnes and Dorothy for coming home and getting their mother taking her to Richmond to care for her. After leaving NC going to the hospital in Richmond Ruth was then moved to Dorothy’s home where she Cornel and his wife took care of her. You guys have done a fabuloustastic job.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: Your Grace & Mercy – Mississippi Mass Choir

Viewing: Tentative Date: Friday March 31

Funeral Service: Tentative Date: Saturday April 1

Body Entrusted to: Hemby Willoughby Funeral Home Inc.

Photos/Video: State Trooper Clee Atkinson Appointed Sheriff Of Edgecombe County

imageEdgecombe County has a new Sheriff in town. Clee Atkinson will serve out the unexpired term of Sheriff James Knight until the election in 2018. The Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners will make the appointment official on Monday April 3 during their regular monthly meeting at 7:00 PM. However I wish the commissioners would call a special meeting just to do the appointment because time is crucial.

 The DCN News Blog Online TV congratulate Sheriff Clee Atkinson and his wife Kim as they enter into the political arena. The Sheriff position is about law enforcement but it is also political so Clee don’t get it twisted. You may not want to be a politician but it comes with the territory so continue to roll up your sleeves and get the getting. Actually you got it right anyway when you campaigned on economics and other because it is all politics and goes hand in hand. I am excited about the experience and the wealth of knowledge and resources you will bring to Edgecombe County. As you have stated on your campaign journey, “Help is on the way!” Well Larry Woodley got it right last night during his speech as a candidate after following your speech when he said, “Help is already here!”

Trooper Clee Atkinson 127
Retired Detective Larry Woodley 33
Edgecombe Sheriff Capt. Richard Allen 19
Sheriff Captain Major Allen Moseley 14

Watch the video: Clee Atkinson Appointed Sheriff Of Edgecombe County Thursday March 23, 2017

View the photos: Clee Atkinson Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointee

Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment Today

Today is the day that we come together as the Edgecombe County Executive Committee to vote on a candidate to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff James Knight. However we need to come together as a party.

What I hope folk learn from this situation is that this is why we need a strong Democratic Party Chair and working county officers so that the party can function effectively. The county Democrats need to be aware of what is going on locally, statewide and nationally weekly. There must be an effective means of communication via emails and regular meetings. We need a Democratic Party Headquarters. We need some dedicated workers.

Because we don’t have a Democratic Party that is effective, we had no communication about what was and is going on locally, statewide and nationally with all that is going on with the Republicans being in control. We need our local Democratic Party to be at its very best so we can move forward. This is an election year also for new county officers so keep that in mind during the election at our upcoming County Convention.


































When Sheriff James Knight announced his retirement if there had been an effective Democratic Party Chair he/she would have talked to him and told him that the timing of his retirement becoming effective was going to be during a bad time since this was the year to elect precinct officers. If I had been the chair I would have asked the Sheriff to wait until the middle of March or the end of March to make his retirement official.


Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment Packages Voting Members Check Your Mail

Some have received the packages pertaining to the appointment of a Sheriff via email and you should have received a package via USPS (United States Postal Service). In the package you will see information on the candidates and voting ballots. There are 2 ballots in the package however that does not mean you have 3 votes for example myself I have 2 votes. The 3 ballots are just in case a candidate does not get 50 percent + 1 of the votes using ballot #1 then a candidate will be removed from the process and that is when we will go to ballot #2 and if need to another candidate will be removed and we will go to ballot #3.

Please know that if you are a voting member for instance I am a voting member so I can not be a proxy for my vice chair nor any voting member. You can not be a voting member and be able to vote for someone else as well.

If you can not attend the meeting and will be sending a proxy, fill out ballot #1 for your 1st choice and then your next choice on ballot #2 and #3.

Dear Edgecombe County Democrats:

On March 23, 2017, the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee will convene for the purpose of filling the vacancy of Sheriff James Knight.  The meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will be held at Edgecombe Community College (Tarboro campus).  A copy of the official meeting notice is attached.  The meeting notice will be placed in the U.S. mail tomorrow pursuant to Section 11.02 of the North Carolina Democratic Party Plan of Organization.  The meeting is open to all Democrats. 


Don Davis, Chair


Note: If anyone should have any questions please feel free to contact Don Davis (252) 341-5548 Don Davis or email, Rev. Roosevelt Higgs (252) 907-8311 and myself (252-314-5484 email .