Nash weighs leaving gateway partnership – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Nash County Board of Commissioners is considering pulling out of the Carolinas Gateway Partnership.

Commissioners are set to discuss the matter Monday morning at their regularly-scheduled monthly meeting.

An agenda item for the meeting is titled “Commissioners to Discuss the Future Relationship between Nash County and the Carolinas Gateway Partnership.”

Supplimental information includes a statement from County Manager Zee Lamb on an agenda information sheet.

“Commissioners will decide whether to continue to be a partner in the Partnership or to discontinue being a partner and take on economic development as a county department,” Lamb said. (Read more)

New event center manager hired – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Rocky Mount Event Center has found its new general manager.

Art Thomason has taken the reins of the event center, which is managed by Sports Facilities Management.

Thomason brings to Rocky Mount more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment, event services and sports management industry. Most recently, Thomason served as the event service manager for the Columbus Civic Center and Ice Rink in Columbus, Ga., said Ashley Pittman, marketing manager for the event center.

In this leadership role, Thomason provided daily facility management, events operations team oversight and led corporate culture through team building, training and development, said Sports Facilities Management CEO Jason Clement. (Read more)

This Is One Ignant Super Special C Right Here Janice Thompson Tender Mercies Pet Organization

Ms. Ignant got it so I can not comment on her page. I will respond to this motion later so stay tuned. She is just sick.




Lance Strange

Lance Strange I love my dogs but I dont see why animals that are put down shouldn’t be sold if the can be if that money is going towards helping fund Animal control. There are cost for housing these “stray” or feral animals, there are also cost to put them down and so on and I dont see why some of that cost shouldn’t be recuperated from selling a dead animal that would otherwise add additional cost to dispose of its corpse


1d · Edited

Tender Mercies Pet Organization

Tender Mercies Pet Organization Lance Strange There is no cost to dispose of them. Also the money does not go to Animal Control.



Lance Strange

Lance Strange There is a cost to dispose of the corpse. Even if they just throw them in a dumpster tax payers pay to have the dumpster emptied. Regardless there is still the cost to put the animal down both a labor cost and a chemical cost plus the cost to house/feed them in time before death. where does the money go?



Tender Mercies Pet Organization

Tender Mercies Pet Organization Lance Strange There is no cost to take them to the landfill just like they do the dogs. Making money off of killed cats will be an incentive to kill more.


Theresa Rooks Peaden

Theresa Rooks Peaden Lance Strange please don’t overlook the fact that the euthanasia drug given to the cats is showing up in dog food that is making dogs sick.



Carolyn Knox

Carolyn Knox Lance Strange so true. Sold dead animals are sold for research purposes. I worked in Animsl Control .



Carolyn Knox

Carolyn Knox Who said dog food is made from dead cats.


Paula Andrews Robinson

Paula Andrews Robinson Carolyn Knox in Edgecombe county they are sold NOT for research!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clearly Janice said in the original post that donated for research then she would understand, but not in this county.

5h · Edited

Paula Andrews Robinson

Paula Andrews Robinson Carolyn Knox no one said that, they stated there has been the drug used to euthanize them found in Dog food. How is it getting there?



Lance Strange

Lance Strange Michael Floyd Nope and you cant be put down because nobody likes you either.


Lance Strange

Lance Strange Tender Mercies Pet Organizationunfortunately your right MAKING Money off selling dead cats does incentivise killing more cats, So they (Who are they?) are being paid more than it cost to Catch, House, Feed and Then Euthanize the cat? That’s the only way to MAKE a Profit.
But that wasnt even the stance you were stating here anyway. Is your issue that the cats are being turned into dog food or that animal control is going overboard killing cats and selling the product of their bloodthrist?
By the way dumpster pickup isn’t free and even if they physically drive them to the landfill gas, vehicle maintenance, and labor are not free there are always cost. Where is the money going? You say it is not going back into animal control, where is it going, who are the checks made out to?

27m · Edited

Sandra Lee McGinnis

Sandra Lee McGinnis Question: who are they selling dead cats to?



Tender Mercies Pet Organization

Tender Mercies Pet Organization Is the county in such a desparate need of money that they have to stoop so low as to making a profit off of innocent cats that they kill?



Clint Williams

Clint Williams That’s Dancy for you!



Tender Mercies Pet Organization

Tender Mercies Pet Organization Clint Williams Dancy says dogs should be treated like dogs. Smh



Jenelle Williams

Jenelle Williams Tender Mercies Pet Organization he should know…..he’s the biggest dog of all… his 2 cents worth in EVERYTHING!



Sandra Hardy

Sandra Hardy Tender Mercies Pet Organization that’s awful!’n



Kim Bletsas

Kim Bletsas Tender Mercies Pet Organization really? And how is that? My dog is treated better than most humans. What the heck is wrong with people. Evil



Ronald Roy

Ronald Roy I have the same question….. who are they selling the deceased cats to? If not for research, then who? The Golden dragon oriental restaurant? I do t think so. And it’s absurd to say that selling deceased animals for research will lead to more animals being put down. Please, before you start accusing anyone, please do your research first. From what I know, any deceased cat that is not either incinerated or carried to a landfill after its death is used for research or vital training for veterinary students the same as human cadavers are used for medical research.


Donna May

Donna May So sad




Rex Adcock

Rex Adcock Oh yea let’s stop putting fluoride in the city water. Worry about what the living are force fed


Christina Frecker

Christina Frecker Paul Wilson



Wilma Anthony

Wilma Anthony Sad



Daniels Brigitte

Daniels Brigitte Please share this over and over!



Margarete Rodriguez

Margarete Rodriguez that is sad shared



RobertandLiz Webb

RobertandLiz Webb So sad



Velma Schmider

Velma Schmider Why??????



Tender Mercies Pet Organization

Tender Mercies Pet Organization Velma Schmider The other members were handpicked to go along with whatever Eugene and Kathy want. I am fighting a losing battle.



Gail C. Hendricks

Gail C. Hendricks Shared



Lance Strange

Lance Strange Why does it even matter who they are sold to? If money can be generated from the lifeless bodies that would otherwise be dumped into a landfill, why shouldn’t it be? I dont think it’s an ethical issue or a respect for the dead animal issue. The carcasses are headed to a frigging trash pile if they aren’t sold. I dont think it is truely a issue with being concerned they are being turned into feed because of statements like “killed animals should never be sold period” and “profit should never be made off a killed animal” and “the love of money is the root of all evil” Those statements represent an issue with killing the animal and selling them period why is that an issue? There isn’t a “profit” unless more money is RECIEVED than the cost to round up house and then kill the animal. I dont know but highly doubt anyone is paying that much for a dead cat or any animal killed by animal control (unless maybe a lion or some other exotic species are running around) but feral house cats cannot be worth alot. So again I’ll ask what is the real issue here? And also again I’ll ask where is the money going?

Anita Eason Neicy Has Transitioned

As I think about my friend, my sister in law Anita Eason Neicy I think about when the carnival came to Pinetops years ago and set up by Piggly Wiggly she left with them.

I will never forget she called me and I went to Warrenton where the carnival was set up to pick her up. She was glad to see Pinetops.

Neicy would call me from time to time and leave a message on my house phone if my wife didn’t get the call. I would say Neicy call my cell phone you know I ain’t never home.

Neicy would always ask me how my wife was doing and the children and had I heard from my daughter her niece.

Neicy would call me to see how I was doing but most of all she would say she either talked to my dad or she had called and couldn’t get him. She was always checking on my daddy especially after he had his surgeries.

Neicy told me that I would always be her brother in law and we got along well.

When I heard Monday she was in the hospital I was going to see her on Tuesday but then I heard about her condition so I chose not to.

Neicy was a caring and loving person. She loved herself some Bigum and Moms. She loved her some T.T. I remember she called me when T.T. was getting married. I told her that T.T. had called me about videoing his wedding and I went to meet with him but he didn’t show up. I was going to video and take photos for him and charge him because of my friendship with his mom. You see her friendship, calling checking on my dad and me meant a lot. Everybody don’t do that and especially someone who are struggling with their own life situations. This is why I videoed some of their family events for free because of Neicy showing her love.

She loved other family members as well because she would talk to me about them as well.

In spite of all that Neicy was going through over years, I never heard her say anything about her condition. I never heard her complain. What a little bitty strong woman she was.

Neicy will truly be missed but never forgotten.

When Somebody Transition All Hell Breaks Lose Sometimes

We have got to do better.

When someone transitions this is when you find out how close a family and sometime friends are. Let a member of the family transition and all hell will break lose sometime.

Let a family die and do not have a will and see how family members go after each other. However sometimes even with a will won’t make a difference because somebody going to still be mad.

If there is a will sometimes family will get mad because the deceased didn’t leave them what they thought they should get. Well damn that ain’t for you to decide, that was the decision the deceased made.

When there is no will family will get mad with each other as if they created the mess. The one to be mad with is the deceased if you want to be mad with anyone.

I have experienced some things dealing with folk when a family member transitions and it just make no sense how family get mad and quit speaking. You were living before this situation occurred so you will continue to live on.

Black folk including myself, it is time we get it together. We have got to do better.

It is sad that we all can’t just get along. If we can’t get along with family who we got. Yes we have friends but family.

But family!

We have got to do better.

I Can’t Take It When Folk Say To Me, I Am Sorry For The Loss Of Your Love One

We have got to learn that we didn’t come here to stay and we will be leaving one day.

We must understand that the same goes for our love ones. Cherish the times we have together and then cherish the memories.

Do good, live a good life and then when the time come it will be all good.

Treat your love ones right and if they leave this old world before you then you will be at peace. But if you miss the golden opportunity, then you will have a hard time dealing with the transition. That’s it right there, that is a good word to sum it up Transition.

If I don’t wake up in the morning, It will be well with my soul. I will not question the time I have on this earth because I had no say when I entered.

Note: I know what Webster says but I just don’t like to use that term. Just speaking for me.

Allowing Wrongs To Go Unchallenged

Image may contain: 1 person, text

And that is what has been going on in Rocky Mount, just because the majority are speaking out telling lies, other folk believe it because folk are silent. Just because these Special Cs and some Ignant Safe Black Folk are loud don’t make it true.

If they were right I would be on their team but right now I am #TeamDancy. I refuse to be silent allowing them to lie, lie, lie.

Come wit ya facts and stop the fuss.

But time! It takes care of all thangs.

Who mad? The loud majority.

I ain’t mad wit nobody!


Thank You Ben Braddock Downtown Rocky Mount NC

Ben Braddock In our Central Business District there are no residents to displace. The few businesses that remain on Main Street welcome redevelopment. They are pleading for it. Gentrification as it’s thought of in Harlem, Seattle or Brooklyn is not a concern in our downtown Rocky Mount. Our downtown is a vacuum, an empty canvas. Let’s do something with it! Don’t wait for counsel or city management do do something. If you want to see downtown be more than it is currently go get a cup of coffee or ice cream cone at TRAX Coffee Bar, meet a friend for a glass of wine at Bin & Barrel and enjoy the courtyard, go browse the vinyl selection at Station Square Records, move your office downtown, buy a building, Do Something! You can make Rocky Mount want You want it to be!
The future of downtown is ultimately up to the Citizens of Rocky Mount.

Why Is Steve Stevenson On The State Human Relations Commission?

I heard Steve Stevenson was up there and was not reappointed by the current Governor but when I go on the State Human Relations Commission Website it shows him as a member with no term and do not mention who appointed him. I know some folk across the state and I heard they say he is something else on the commission and wanted to know why they send him from Rocky Mount.

Human Relations Commission Members

The Commission advocates, enforces and promotes equality of opportunity in the areas of housing, fair employment practices, public accommodations, education, justice and governmental services.

The current Commissioners are:

Visit the Website to see more and who the other members are.

NC State Human Relations Commission

Human Relations Commission Listens To Latinos Concerns But Steve Stevenson Comments Though

The meeting was called to order by Linwood Williams. He entertained a motion to approve the minutes of the February meeting, it was moved and second but there was no vote.

Williams turned meeting over to Archie Jones the HRC Director to introduce our guest. Just before the guest was allowed to address the HRC I asked did we get a 2nd on the vote on approving the minutes and Williams said yes. I said did we vote and he said no. He said that was a point of order so we need to take a vote. Vote taken and moved forward.

Archie asked that we go around the room and we introduce ourselves.

The guest began sharing some of their concerns.

The guest shared that some of the females have experienced taking their children to school and getting stopped by the police. The females and their children may sit beside the road for hours and the vehicle my get towed because they do not have the proper documentation. They stressed that sometimes it is the lack of not knowing what they need to do and that they need to be educated on such. They want to connect with different folk such as law enforcement and other to be educated.

Steve Stevenson HRC member (an attorney), he stated that the reason why y’all may be stopped and your cars towed is because you are illegal. Steve said you are driving illegal and the cars may not be in your name and other. Cars may have fictions tags. Wow!

Last month when Archie brought it to the HRC attention that the Latino community wanted to come talk to us, Steve was getting into legalities about them being illegal and other. I stressed then that we will not get into the legal stuff because that ain’t what we are about. We just need to listen to their concerns.

The guest want a relation with other nationalities because they feel left out. They want a contact person that they can reach out to when problems arise such a direct contact with someone in law enforcement and elsewhere. They say they just want to talk but most important need to know who a contact person could be.

The guest shared some real good concerns.

I told them they need to invite the Rocky Mount Police and the Nash and Edgecombe County Sheriff Offices to come to them where they feel confortable like at a church or somewhere. I said I know the Edgecombe County Sheriff meet with the Latino community at a church where they feel comfortable. One of the guest said some others couldn’t be attend at 4 PM meeting because they were working. I said again that is why y’all should host the meeting and have it when it is good time for some others.

Archie introduced the guest to a Lt. of the Rocky Mount Police Department. The Lt. agreed with me that they should invite the police to come to them in their community. He gave them some numbers to call and his direct cell number.

One of the guest talked about how social media mess up things because of the way it is used. She say they hear things such as ICE but then when they call law enforcement to ask if anything is going on and the police said they have not heard anything but they see it on Social Media and it do not be correct information. When this false news get out the Latino community get uneasy. She stressed the need to have face to face communication with the police department.

The guest talked about how they just want to be accepted. They said they want to spend their money in the area but they drive to Raleigh now because that is where they feel comfortable.

I feel we had a great meeting. We talked about some suggestions in helping them to move forward.

Curmilus Dancy II



Pinetops – Janitor Charged With A Weapon On School Ground


Sheriff Cleveland “Clee” Atkinson Jr.


imageOn 03/18/19, Corporal R. Dozier II was working as the School Resource Officer at Southwest Edgecombe High School. School staff brought to Corporal Dozier’s attention that Jerome Faison Jr, a custodian at the school, had made threats to other staff and possibly had a gun. Corporal Dozier was able to get consent and to search Faison’s vehicle where he located a loaded handgun.

Faison was charged with Weapon on Educational Property and Carry Concealed Weapon. He was transported to the magistrate’s office where he was given a $5,000 unsecured bond and released.

Sheriff Atkinson applauds school staff and Corporal Dozier for taking quick action and resolving this incident safely.

Note: Don’t get it twisted the Sheriff Office has a job to do and they did their part. It is the school system job to inform the parents about situations that take place at school where their children are during the day.

How Do You Do An Employer Disclaimer But Then Turn Around And Do A Post On What You Have Written As A Reporter For The Rocky Mount Telegram Or Adams Publishing Group?

(Employer required disclaimer: This post is my personal opinion and not reflective of the Rocky Mount Telegram or Adams Publishing Group. Furthermore, I composed this statement at home, off the clock and using my personal cellphone.)

This is a statement, not an invitation to an ongoing argument. Back in my preaching days, one of my favorite verses was about not casting pearls before swine, or in other words, not wasting good time and effort on people who won’t appreciate it. In this scenario the words of wisdom I’m providing are the pearls. The swine is, of course, is you.

I have two main points to make: You’re the two things you accuse everyone else of being. You’re a proven liar. And you’re a bigot.

First, you love to call a Special C a liar real quick. One of your favorite taglines is “lies, lies, lies.” But more often than not, what you call a lie is just an opinion or a fact you don’t agree with or like.

This is interesting and I wonder would a black reporter be able to get away with this with the climate this person has created in Rocky Mount? Lindell John Kay told me that  his boss said he let me get to him. But he told someone else that his boss said that was his 1st and final warning that he better not do it again.

Click on the following link to see the conversation from this reporter. I bet that if this had been a black reporter the white community would have been after him like they began a modern day lynching for the Rocky Mount City Manager and staff, Rocky Mount City Council and myself.

I strongly feel the Rocky Mount City Council should direct the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission to host a series of meetings pertaining to the local media and social media issues as it relates to the climate of Rocky Mount.

In Response To Lindell Kay Rocky Mount Telegram Or Adams Publishing Group Reporter Open Letter To Me On The Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Page My Guy, I Just Love This Guy!