I Am A Life Fully Paid Member Of The NAACP And I Am Glad About It

I hear so many folks talk negative about the NAACP. The NAACP is just like any group, the church, family, friends and whatever because you will find some bad damn apples in almost every bunch.

I joined the NAACP in 1993 and I did so not because I had a personal issue but only because I want to be a voice for the voiceless.

I will never forget what I endured when I joined the branch. Because I was the youngest member I caught hell but I also got some special privileges because I was the youngest member and active. Some of these guys were just nasty as hell. They had no respect for me because first of all I came in and educated myself on the Constitution and By-laws of the NAACP.

These guys talked about where I worked, how I dressed, the car I drove (a damn 1980 Cadillac Fleetwood) that I purchased for $1500. It only had 50,000 mile on it but had a diesel engine. I put a gas engine in it. It was a pretty car with all the bells and whistles including a built in CB radio. Hell they had new cars.

I was appointed to the office of 1st Vice President because they wanted the branch to look good by having a young man in office. Well I accepted the position but I told them I wanted the record to show that I accepted the position but I have a problem that the branch did not have a real election. I held them folks accountable for their actions and I made them start having elections.

The first year we had the elections I ran for president because there was a group of folks whom were trying to remove Loraine Harris the best secretary the branch has had since I have been a member of the Rocky Mount Branch since 1993. She ran the NAACP, was the contact person when someone had a problem and she worked hard as hell to raise money for the branch. The NAACP State Headquarters sent a state vice president and another person to sit in on our election. My wife and a couple of others found there was ballots already in the ballot box before the polls were open. The state vice president did not secure those ballots so we could deal with the issue but that was because they were trying to keep the current president in office. Well I knew I wouldn’t win with the crew that was active because they didn’t do the mailings and advertise the election like they suppose to. I didn’t want the president position, I did it so I could have access to the entire list of the members because those running for President could get the list unlike all others. I didn’t win and they removed Loraine Harris as secretary.

Over the years I was able to recruit some folks and we were able to remove the crew that was using the organization as a social group to go to conventions, banquets and etc. at the expense of the branch. Well I went to those events and I was there set up and videoing and they didn’t even know I was there, unless it was a convention and I was a delegate, then they knew I was going. I always drove never carpooled with them.

Not only did I attend my branch meetings but I attended the Edgecombe County branch when I worked with our District Director to help get the Tarboro branch charter back. I moved my membership over to help them out and I served as vice president while Bobbie Jones the new mayor of Princeville served as President. He chose not to run for another term and I could have probably got elected to be president but I didn’t want that. Matter of a fact I stepped all the way out of being an officer and only chose to be on the Executive Board. I wanted to see some younger folks hold office so they could attempt to bring in some more young folks. Yolanda Thigpen was elected as President. I stayed in for a short while but then moved my membership back to my branch in Rocky Mount.

I attended my branch monthly meetings on Sunday, I attended the Edgecombe County monthly meetings and Wilson County monthly meetings because the president over there was on the N.E.E.D Inc. board where I was the vice chair in the early 90’s. I also attended some of the Pitt County meetings some months.

I have served on the state executive committee.

I could go on but I just wanted to share some information about where I stand with the NAACP. Again I am a proud Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP because I know the mission of the NAACP inspite of those who down the NAACP do not even take the time to read the mission online. I know what the NAACP has done over the years and continue to do. I will not allow a few bad apples to sway me from standing on the side of justice and fighting the good fight with the NAACP.

I am Curmilus Dancy II a life fully paid member of the Rocky Mount NAACP and I a proud to be a card carrying member of the NAACP along with my LIFE MEMBERSHIP PLAQUE.

ESPN Host Completely Nails The Part Of The Sterling Controversy Everyone Has Ignored – HuffPost Black Voices

The Political Agitator response: Like I said on a local TV station last night, I connect the issue with Donald Sterling to the issues we face on the local level. Rocky Mount city council because they are 4-3 black majority is catching hell from some white folks who have a problem with the black majority council and with putting economic development on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount. And the sad part ignant ass black folks are agreeing with these few white folks who want to keep the Edgecombe County side right where they are. SMDH! Councilman Reuben Blackwell speech on Monday evening during the city council meeting is similar to the economics captured in this post. I don’t want to talk about Sterling, I want to talk about the racist ass white folks in Nash/Edgecombe County. But if you ask them. they will be quick to say they are not racist so that is why I do not ask them.

HuffPost Black Voices

Jones went on to bring up the death of a good friend of his, 32-year-old Leonore Draper, an anti-violence activist who was fatally shot outside her Chicago home on Friday, the same night she attended a charity event she helped organize. And he explained why Sterling’s previous displays of racism mattered even more than the shocking words on audiotape.

"We hear all this stuff that goes on in Chicago and all these people who die, who lose their lives," he said. "All that stuff that’s happening in Chicago is a byproduct of housing discrimination. … Housing discrimination is the biggest reason that we can point to historically for why we’ve got all these dead kids in Chicago fighting for turf, fighting for real estate with poor accommodations and facilities and everything that you’re supposed to have in a city, poor education, all of this because the tax dollars and everything else decided to move away."

Jones continued:

"When we start looking at all these people in these lists who are dying as an economic byproduct of the people like Donald Sterling and you now have a problem because, oh my God, he said something that intimated that he doesn’t respect his players? I’m calling you out as a fraud." (Source: Read more)

Video/Photos: See What The Interim Town Manager Had To Say About The Condition Of The Princeville Town Hall

What would set the town off now is if they could get Pharrell Williams to come in and sing “Happy.”

Click on photo for more photos

In this photo Mayor Bobbie Jones Princeville NC


Click on photo to watch video

In the photo S. Hal Mason Interim Town Manager Princeville NC


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Council weighs proposed downtown event center – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: Councilman Reuben Blackwell was on point. Perhaps the vocal and vehement naysayers to progress in Downtown and in inner city communities in Rocky Mount have forgotten that our City dollars belong to ALL of our City. That includes ALL residents of Nash and Edgecombe counties who live in the City limits of Rocky Mount. Maybe they have forgotten that those of us who still live and work in the Boddie version of "Dead End" have paid and continue to pay our taxes, our utility bills, shopped in their stores, ate in their restaurants and worked together with them to build and strengthen our entire City on both sides of the track. And like Bill Jones said, we know all the five ways to cross the railroad tracks Downtown because we do business on both sides of the track.” The council can request things go on the agenda at any given time and this is what happened. Blackwell requested that the council move forward on the next phrase of the Event Center and anyone, I repeat anyone that still want to have input can go to the next city council meeting and voice their opinion. Also contact Blackwell about his message at the Monday’s meeting instead of responding in the comments section only.

The Telegram

Rocky Mount Councilman Reuben Blackwell’s reading of a prepared statement in support of a downtown event center Monday afternoon prompted a response from all the other council members despite the topic not being on the meeting agenda ahead of time.

He noted that many of the comments made during the April 21 public meeting on the event center were by those who had come to the council previously asking for city support of projects in the western part of Rocky Mount, which helped to “secure their financial futures and advance their personal growth.” (Source: Read more)


Tea party weighs in with statement – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator response: What a damn lie. Makes no damn sense to post a video and now saying they were not in support of or opposition to either party. Too damn ignant! This was all about trying to help unseat the current Sheriff which had nothing to do with the alleged incident.

Wilson NC Tea Party weighs in with statement

On April 21, two members of the Wilson NC Tea Party posted a video on the Tea Party YouTube channel containing an interview with the parents of the 5-year-old girl who was injured during the recent incident with a sheriff’s detective. As the video’s description stated, “This video is not a statement by the WilsonNCTeaParty in support of or opposition to either party in the incident mentioned in this video. It is merely an attempt to allow the parents to be heard by their community.” This was the one and only statement by the Tea Party members who posted the video; they meant no ill-will toward the sheriff’s department yet failed to consider the repercussions of their actions. (Source: Read more)

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Bibbs files second complaint against city – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator response: As I have stated earlier maybe Bibbs is on to something but if he is not, then is it really worth all of this? Time will tell.

State candidate Mark Bibbs’ legal fight against the city of Wilson took another turn Monday as Bibbs was granted a temporary restraining order and filed a complaint in Wilson County Superior Court.

Bibbs, a candidate for House District 24 and Democratic challenger in the May 6 primary, filed his second complaint in court and has been granted a hearing on May 7 at 9:30 a.m. in Wilson County.

Earlier in the day Monday, Bibbs also filed a notice of dismissal in U.S. District Court that is tied to his first suit against the city that alleges he was treated unfairly during a recently failed fire and building inspection of his office and residence at 105 Douglas St.

Bibbs filed suit against the city on April 7 and city attorneys moved the case to federal court after issues related to the U.S. Constitution were raised in Bibbs’ complaint. The suit filed Monday has no references to the U.S. Constitution. (Source: Read more)