Church Folks Gays In The Church Tell Me?

So why is it some folks talk about same sex marriage and their biblical beliefs but my question is don’t you allow gays to be active in your church by way of membership, musicians and other and especially when it comes to taking their money? Oh it is alright to accept all the above as long as they do not get married.

Video: Raleigh NC Local Government Commission Assumes Full Control Of Princeville NC Financial Affairs Monday July 30, 2012


Click on picture to watch video 1 hr. 2 mins.

Yesterday The DCN reported the following: Breaking News: Princeville NC LGC Voted Unanimous To Impound The Books & Records & Assume Full Control Of All Of Their Financial Affairs 

I have done my spill for now, more to come but as I always say see it for yourself and you can make form your own opinion.

Please comment here or at the bottom of the video. Send the Princeville 3 a message that enough is enough.

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Breaking News: Princeville Meeting Has Been Cancelled For Tonight

Telephone calls went out not long ago notifying others that the meeting has been cancelled for tonight. You see they should have had the meeting last week like they suppose to had but nope they moved the meeting thinking they could outsmart LGC.

I reported Breaking News: Princeville NC LGC Voted Unanimous To Impound The Books & Records & Assume Full Control Of All Of Their Financial Affairs a couple of hours ago so this is why there is no meeting tonight.

Well like I said earlier they were going to learn the day.

Tune in to FM 92.1 Express Yourself to weigh in on the discussion coming up shortly about Princeville NC. The show is in progress and will be on until 7:00 PM.

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Breaking News: Princeville NC LGC Voted Unanimously To Impound The Books & Records & Assume Full Control Of All Of Their Financial Affairs


Click on the Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews to view 175 pictures to be uploaded over a period of time.

I told you it was a done deal that the Local Government Commission (LGC) Raleigh NC would impound the books and records and assume full control of all of their financial affairs. Yep The DCN News Blog/Online TV was on the scene. Folks I just can’t make all of this stuff up but what I can do is be the 1st to bring the news to you at my expense.

The LGC meeting began at approximately 12 noon and ended around 12:50 in the LGC meeting room Raleigh NC. It would have been over long before that but Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis Andrews gave one last plea that lasted for 15 plus minutes. They followed T. Vance Holloman’s report. You talking about an ignant presentation you have to see it for yourself because I don’t have time to tel it.

But guess what even after Commissioner Calvin Sherrod stepped in at the end when the floor was opened to other commissioners present it still didn’t help. Damn he just confirmed the Mayor and the Mayor Pro-tem ignance as he too tried to blame it on everybody but themselves. Hell they don’t understand that it was the 3 of them who voted on every issue that was passed.

Chuck Watts Princeville’s attorney was not present and sent a 5 page document apologizing for not being able to attend the meeting because of his schedule and the LGC Commission could not have matched. He said he could not attend due to a trip planned months ago. The Mayor spoke to his documents and stated that he had asked the LGC to change the meeting date. Damn how ignant? Just who do the Mayor, Mayor Pro-tem, Commissioner Sherrod and the ignant lawyer think they are? Well they learned the day.

Well as I stated in another post earlier today, Mayor, Mayor Pro-tem and Commissioner Sherrod were gonna learn the day. But damn they still didn’t want to get it and continued to try to present mess to a board member after the meeting. The board member asked the Mayor why was she still trying to present information and appearing to be threatening her. Damn Mayor you are just too ignant.

See pictures that are uploading on my facebook page as they post and the video will be up in a couple of hours.

Also tune in to FM 92.1 Express Yourself Talk Show at 6:00 PM as I will give a report on what happened today. However I hope the video will be up before that time.

I made the video on the highway to McDonalds in Knightdale and now I am here working to make this meeting available to you. One computer uploading the video and the other computer uploading the pictures.

Well can’t wait to see what is presented at the Princeville Regular Monthly Town Hall Meeting that was moved from last week to this week. I know what will not be presented and that is a budget and other financial affairs because they lies in the hands of LGC.

Well there you have it.

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Princeville NC – So Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates And Mayor Pro-Tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews Ya’ll Gonna Learn The Day!

Yep Mayor and Mayor Pro-tem it was you who are responsible for what will happen today when the Local Government Commission (LGC) take over your finances. I know I suppose to be talking about the Princeville 3 but you see I don’t hold Commissioner Calvin Sherrod totally responsible for his actions because ya’ll 2 women are totally responsible for his behavior. I strongly believe the brother wanted to do what was right but I feel ya’ll put him between a rock and a hard place.

Oh I can’t forget that ignant attorney Chuck Watts who should have been guiding ya’ll in the right direction but participated in ya’ll ignance. Damn what he to ya’ll because if he cared about ya’ll he would have attempted to lead ya’ll in the right direction.

Well I hope ya’ll have written another press release/letter to the editor but this time blaming yourselves and asking the citizens to forgive you because it was ya’ll who are responsible for what happens today in Raleigh NC at 12:00 NOON. You see all of those folks ya’ll named in the last press release/letter to the editor blaming them for your failures, they had no voting power? Get that? Damn! Well if you didn’t, ya’ll gonna learn the day!

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So Do You Think LGC (Local Government Commission) Will Take Over Princeville On Monday? I Say Count It A Done Deal Made Official Monday In Raleigh NC. 

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A reminder: "I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!"

Just got remind folks just in case so they will not get it twisted.

But remember I love all of you Racist White Folks, Safe Negroes and other but don’t start nothing because my weapons are my video camera, my photo camera and my laptop/phone internet where I can access my blog/facebook/twitter. These are all lethal weapons!

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