Can’t Fathom Slavery – A Good Read!

Forwarded this from my brother’s page, this is damn good.
Robert Bynum

I can’t even fathom slavery I can’t imagine my ancestors being whipped, sold like animals, raped and hanged, made to work from sun up to sun down fingers bleeding in your killing fields simply because of the color of their skin. Being called a nigger or boy or a nigger boy. My mind just can’t conceive such savagery. No HUMAN being could have done such vile and vicious things to other people, and yet it happened. Do you realize how sick and depraved an individual had to be to heap such evil upon mankind. Had history not recorded it so vividly I’d think it was the biggest lie ever told. Now I’m supposed to be free. Except if you wave a flag or recite a pledge that was sewn and written respectively long before you ever gave a damn about me as a human or a black man, and I don’t comply with your ritualistic demand to stand you’ve got the audacity to pretend like you don’t understand, like I insulted you. You call me a son of a bitch and demand I be fired. I would submit to you that the more things change the more they stay the same. I suppose I owe this country some degree of loyalty you did allow me to stay here after my people finished building it. And you’ve even done all you could to show remorse and repentance for the inhumane way your forefathers treated mine, right? I should be grateful. STOP! THINK! I honestly believe I might never heal, the wounds in my soul are gaping. You persecuted my people for more than 400 years, even if humanity and humility don’t exist in you, long suffering has to. At least now we suffer together by God’s grace.There in lies my Audacity of Hope.# Humbly submitted.

Lindell Kay Rocky Mount Telegram Wants Me To Give Him Some Attention, Really? Just Do The Damn Thing!

Making sure you recieved questions and whether you are able to respond by noon Thursday.

7:44 PM

Lindell Kay

Ok. So after complaining that I didn’t contact you about a story years ago, you have chosen to ignore me now when a story really is about you. Share this message like the rest so folk can see that Dancy chose not to comment when they read the story about your illegal appointment in Saturday’s newspaper.

Seen by Lindell Kay at 7:44 PM

9:41 PM

Nope didn’t complaint just stated a fact. It ain’t been years ago only, most recent just last year. Hell yeah I ignored you because I can. I have no problem with sharing the message but damn ignant you will incorporate it in the story. I can’t wait to read it. Just do the damn thing!


Seen by Lindell Kay at 9:47 PM

I’m a jackleg who should be fired, remember? I take a little longer to do things…


Hell yeah I remember. I documented it, do you remember? I stand behind it then and I stand behind it now jackleg. Now CDII that part!


I admit I had to look up jackleg to male sure it meant what I thought it did. Nice use of words.

I feel bad for you that you see enemies where they don’t exist like a modern day Don Quixote. But it is what it is. I’m a professional jackleg and you’re an amateur agitator. Ain’t we both content. Good night. God bless you.


Don’t feel bad for me because I am just fine.

Copy and paste where I have said I seen you and any of the Special C’s as my enemies. “I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!” I have stated that over and over and over and over again.

I stand by you are a jackleg so you can add to and take away whatever. I have no control over how you see yourself and got sense enough not to attempt to do such.

Also I have no control over how you see me so that does not matter. You see unlike you and your Special C friends, ya’ll just don’t get it because I recognize and understand that I have no control over what ya’ll think about me. But just because ya’ll say it don’t make it fact.

You say, “Ain’t we both content?” How ignant because I can’t answer for you. However I am content and loving every minute of you trolling my inbox trying to get me to respond to you. I repeat just do the damn thing!



I like that sad face.

Previous messages leading up to the above.

I have been waiting to see the Lindell Kay story about me in the Telegram. I posted a recently I am waiting for the next story and this is the story I was talking about. I had heard about he and the crew doing a story about me so interesting he is trying to reach out to me via email. Really!

Tonight makes the 2nd time he has sent me a message and the Good ole boys have sent him after me.

Funny how when I asked him did he want to sit down and talk about all those I named since he said me saying certain things was racist, he said nope.

Read the following and see what is coming soon in the paper.

I am quite sure Lindell is still listening to Rev. Roosevelt Higgs. LMBAO!

You and Lindell aren’t connected on Facebook

8/14/17, 11:01 PM

Lindell added you on Messenger.

Critics slam Confederate monument – Rocky Mount Telegram

Rocky Mount residents and members of the City Council said it’s time to topple a Confederate monument on Falls Road in the wake of tragic events in Virginia involving white supremacists clashing with anti-protesters.

8/15/17, 12:45 AM

You can now call each other and see information like Active Status and when you’ve read messages.


8/17/17, 10:39 AM

I’m writing about monument in Tarboro for the weekly. Would you talk to me about wanting it coming down?

I would but what you don’t know about me is I don’t like to start the conversation because I recognize and understand that the conversation becomes about me. I appreciate the offer though.

I do appreciate and thank you for reporting what is going on in the now.

Cool. Know anyone in Edge outside of RM that want to talk?

Let me check.

8/30/17, 4:14 AM

TV shows to feature new Telegram series – Rocky Mount Telegram

Staff writer Lindell Kay will appear on two local news programs to discuss the first article about Denise Williams, a Rocky Mount woman who disappeared and was later found dead in 2003.

8/30/17, 6:25 AM

Great! Will look at WHIG -TV when it comes on that night and will look at WNCR live.

10/19/17, 10:38 PM

In your recent rant about WHIG, you come across as pretty racist. You might want to check yourself. I don’t know why you define it as a “white show.” And why is everyone you disagree with an “ignant ass.” Can’t we all just get along, Curmilus?

Recent rant I been calling their ignant asses out over the years so didn’t just begin now. You check your damn self because it is you who did articles on me without contacting me but typical of certain journalist. Always have been a white show if you say so because I don’t recall calling it that especially when I am calling out 2 ignant ass black folk that call in with accusations without any proof. I will not allow ignant ass white folk and ignant ass black folk to attempt to discredit black folk and/or white folk when I know they are making accusations about them and has no proof but just throwing out mess and WHIG-TV and I named the Telegram and The Community Council. I stand behind what I say. I get along with anyone that are about truth.


Do you want to sit down and talk about my issues with all that I have named sir?

10/20/17, 2:01 AM


I knew that would be your response that is why I asked. However why did you see the need to contact me about WHIG-TV since I didn’t mention you?

Just an observation. Nothing to do with WHIG. Been following you on Facebook for a while now and see that EVERYTHING is about race to you. Just pointing that out.

10/20/17, 5:31 AM

That is a lie because the last time I checked I call out black folk as well as white. But the problem is some folk have a problem when black folk ain’t afraid to talk about issues and call it as is.

10/20/17, 12:06 PM

I’m happy to talk about the issues. And I greatly respect you for what you do. I truly believe you help our community by exposing things and agitating the political process. But saying things like “white show” is racist. What if I called Bronson’s show a “black show” in the same derogatory manner? You’d be all over that.

If you are correct let the trues fall where they lie. I used to be on that station Wednesday nights 9 – 11 PM. I used to have a radio talk Show on WCPS in Tarboro on Wednesday from 4 – 5 PM. Bronson em do not allow folk to call in with accusations against white folk or anyone.

Had my own talk Show over there where Bronson is and my show was a hell of a lot better.

I’m sure it was. In not defending WHIG at all. I don’t line up politically with them at all.

No problem but like I said I know the history. But we can get together whenever.

Today February 25, 2019

9:43 PM

Mr. Dancy, I missed you at the meeting today. I had questions for you related to the city’s Human Relations Commission. If you provide an email address I will send them to you tomorrow.

What kind of questions?

Pertaining to what?

I presented questions to the city today about you serving on the commission while not being a resident of RM, which is required by city code. I also asked whether certain online statements made by you are in line with the commission’s purpose of respect and harmony. Happy to send you everything, but I need an email address.

Gene Metrick has my email how do you think I have been sending letters to editor? Plus you follow my blog and all of my contact information is there. But since that was too hard my email address is

Thanks. I wanted from you as an acknowledgement I would be sending it. While I have mentioned you in previous stories I’ve never written about you. Since this story will be about you I wanted to make sure you have a chance to respond. Thanks.

Hell if you mentioned me in the others they were about me may not been totally but you were trying to get a point across as it relates to me and my boldness. Oh so now you want to say you acknowledged me but do you not remember this is not the 1st time you have messaged me? Well I am going to help you remember. Ya’ll always trying to silence black folk who ain’t afraid to speak truth to power.

Never said we haven’t messaged. I have all the messages, same as you. Who is “y’all?” I’m not trying to silence you. We allow you comment – even insult me – on the Telegram website. And we run your letters to the editor. What are you talking about? You are free to say and do as you please. I’m questioning the city for allowing you to serve while 1) it’s an illegal appointment and 2) your racial slurs and divisive language isn’t in line with the city’s human relations commission purpose of harmony. No go tell that.

Hey, thanks for posting our private conversation on your public page. I had forgotten all the racist statements you had made. In that last post I left out the w in now when I meant to say NOW GO TELL THAT!


Open Season On Black Folk

It is open season on Black folk and the sad part is Black folk are silent.

Rocky Mount is proof of open season on Black folk just look at the Rocky Mount Telegram Newspaper, WHIG-TV via TV and Facebook page, Community Council Facebook page, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Facebook page, Keith Harris Rocky Mount Retired Fire Chief and some other individuals pages.

Some folk don’t want to admit they benefit from white privilege which may be by default. White folk can be vocal speaking out on issues without fear of retaliation. Black are scared to speak out due to retaliation on the job, retaliation against their children in the school system and in the community.

I have never been afraid to speak out and refuse to be silent. I joined Black Workers For Justice in the late 80’s where I worked with black, white and other folk. I joined the Democratic Party in the early 80’s. I joined the NAACP in 1992 so I could be a voice for the people. Of course the NAACP is a makeup of black, white and others as well.

It is sad that it is open season on Black folk and Black folk are just allowing it to happen and not saying anything. I look at the Black church, Black Fraternities, Black Sororities and Black folk who are retired and they are silent to what is going on. They say they are about the youth but the youth don’t see them standing for anything so what kind of hope are they giving them.

It is a damn shame that a few Black folk speak out so they feel that they can do and say anything to and about Black folk and it is okay. It is like the silent Black folk is validating what they are saying because they keep saying and doing mess since the majority of Black folk isn’t saying anything.

I am trying to figure out how in the hell is speaking out against racists makes me a racist and the one creating the divide? Well if that be the case, count me as guilty because I am going to speak up and speak out and ignore the ignant Black folk who team up with the racists and talk about Black folk who are fighting them daily.

Well may be open season on some Black folk today but could be you tomorrow.

Warren Daughtridge Mentioned Me At The Rocky Mount City Council Meeting, But Sent Me A Friend Request After The Meeting Two Weeks Ago

The Gate Keeper’s response: These Special C’s never seem to amaze me. I was told that Warren Daughtridge mentioned me during his public comments at the meeting on Monday when he spoke to the C’s as one individual calls us. Damn really?

I found it interesting that Warren sent me a Friend Request on Facebook after he spoke at the Rocky Mount City Council Meeting 2 weeks ago. I didn’t speak but the Special C’s got to see who I was up close because I was videoing over where the majority of them were sitting. I normally video from the other side of the room. I accepted his request because I have no problem with dude. Now dude has tickled the hell out of me as he spoke about who he was during the meeting 2 weeks ago and then after reading about him on his Facebook page that he has not expressed his concerns to me about what Special C stands for. So damn how do he says it is divisive when he don’t know what it stands for. Now that is too ignant.

I visited Warren’s Facebook page to see if he had posted the following on his page but I didn’t see it. Wow! He took the time to post it on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page knowing that I was blocked from that page because I responded to the Ignant Special C’s over there that post about myself and other black folk and then when I respond I am the racist. Ain’t that something.

I don’t have to be on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page because they follow me. So when I talk about them, they will see it even those who have not sent me a Friend Request. But some follow my blog as well because it is a Public Page and all they have to do is follow me so they can get what I post.

I love punk ass men who ain’t man enough to get their messages to me directly or indirectly. When I don’t have a contact for a person I do an Open Letter on my blog and that way if they don’t see it, somebody will send it to them.

I am transparent and don’t hide behind code names and code words. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

Now Run & Tell That!



Racist On The Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Page Posted Black Jesus

Them Ignant Racist Special C’s posted this about Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Page and then when black folk respond to them, they call us racist.

Black folk and white folk ought to be outraged.