I record funerals only by request. I put the videos/photos on separate DVDs so they can be watched on a DVD player. I also put the photos on a CD just in case someone would like to develop the photos. I do not print photos.

Some people do not understand that recording a homegoing service is capturing history. Many people do not attend their family reunions however the majority of the time people will take time out to attend a family member’s homegoing.

I try to capture every single person that is at the homegoing service. I record the family and others who enters the church/facility as the service is called to order. At the end of the service I try to capture everyone coming out of the service. I normally record the burial at the graveyard. I then go to the repass if there is one and I record the blessing of the food and the food being served.

Most of the time I produce the video/photos at the repass so I can give it to the family before the repass is over. If not I will go home and produce the video/photos so I can give the video/photos to the family on the same day. Sometimes I may go to the family member’s home and produce the video/photos from my car. There may be some times when I will not be able to produce the video/photos on the same day however I try to produce the video/photos within 2 – 3 days.

I do not put the video/photos online unless the family give me permission. A homegoing celebration is a personal thing and I dare to share the video/photos with anyone unless I am given permission to do so.

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