Princeville board nixes plans for letter – Daily Southerner

PRINCEVILLE — PRINCEVILLE — During an emergency called meeting on Thursday, the Princeville Board of Commissioners unanimously voted against allowing town attorney Charles Watts to send a letter to the state auditor concerning a legal matter. The notice for the meeting was posted Wednesday evening and went out to all the board members. (More)

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Princeville NC

Princeville board flirts with rescinding police department SOP – Daily Southerner

PRINCEVILLE — PRINCEVILLE —Tarboro Police Chief Damon Williams may have saved the Town of Princeville from grief Monday when he spoke up about a resolution that could have caused the town to face "major" liabilities.

Commissioners Ann Howell, Gwen Knight and Calvin Sherrod voted to rescind the police department’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), while commissioner Isabelle Purvis-Andrews voted against it. (More)

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North Carolina takes down Confederate Civil War battle flag after protest – The Raw Story

William Faulkner once noted that in regards to the American South’s awareness of its troubled history, “the past is never dead. It’s not even past”.

That sentiment – coming from one of the great chroniclers of life below the Mason-Dixon line – seems to apply doubly to the regular and ongoing controversies that break out about the use, or misuse, of the Confederate flag, the latest of which has just the hit the state of North Carolina. (More)

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North Carolina taking down confederate flag from old capitol buliding

Black Unemployment Driven By White America’s Favors For Friends – HuffPost

Response: Great article and I believe every bit of it because I have been working on a public job since I turned 18 the next week after I finished high school. I have been a community and political activist so I can relate to the above. Even some who know the above to be true they act as if somebody just makes information like this up. But that is because they have no sympathy for those who can not help themselves no matter how hard they try to be productive citizens.

There’s a comforting-to-white-people fiction about racism and racial inequality in the United States today: They’re caused by a small, recalcitrant group who cling to their egregiously inaccurate beliefs in the moral, intellectual and economic superiority of white people. (More)

The Democratic Party 101: A Teacher Gives Republicans A Lesson In Facts

Response: Now this is an educational moment. This should be ran in every newspaper and read on every TV station and radio station across the nation. Powerful!

This was a response that I wrote to a family friend who took issue with what she perceived to be the Democratic platform. It ended up being far longer than I expected, but every word was necessary. I hope you will read this in its entirety.

Dear Friend,

You said that conservatives believe that rights are endowed by our Creator while liberals believe that rights are provided by the government. I take issue with that notion; liberals believe that the government has a responsibility to protect and defend our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not define them or interpret their limitations for us. As a Democrat, I take that to believe that each individual is entitled to live a free and happy life in any way they choose as long as they do not hurt another person or interfere with another person’s liberties. (More)

Ignant Column: Greenville NC – At Least One Pitt County Democrat Says He Thinks The Republican Led General Assembly Is Doing A Pretty Good Job So Far

Response: Damn what is Jeff drinking? I totally agree with Rev. Ozzie Hall Jr. response: Cuts in unemployment disproportionately hurt the Black community, cuts in education disproportionately hurt the Black community, massive numbers of Black 3rd graders will be retained this year due to their education policies. They imposed higher standards and cut funds to help meet the higher standards. White students already fell outside of the threshold and will not be significantly impacted. Our community is under siege, and Jeff thinks they are doing a "pretty good job so far…"
Jeff Savage I think the Republican led General Assembly is doing a pretty good job so far, Curmilus. Some people have voiced opposition to what their priorities are, but, those voices are outnumbered by those wanting substantive changes made in state government.

As an aside, when the SCOTUS rejected the Medicaid part, that really should have scrapped the entire healthcare plan. After all, the whole idea behind the plan that prompted everyone to support it as a good idea was so that the poorest of the poor would have healthcare coverage. However, after the Court’s ruling, no one said anythiig about the poorest of the poor was left out of the new healthcare "law."

Four Things About King Mixture Of True And False Information

I did a Google Search on was Dr. Martin King Jr. a Republican and the following is one of the links I chose. The internet is a powerful tool. Four Things You Didn’t Know About Martin Luther King

http://www.snopes.comHomeHistoryUnited States

1) To this day, questions remain over the names of both Martin Luther King, Jr. and …. to the revocation of Dr. King’s doctoral degree from Boston University" and the a 1952 address to the Republican National Convention, and King’s speech,