Press Release: Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office & Tarboro Police Department Arrest Khalil Wilkins After Observing Suspicious Behavior From A Person In East Tarboro


On 11/22/17, during a joint operation between the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office and Tarboro Police Department, Lieutenants Muse (ECSO) and Mann (TPD) observed suspicious behavior from a person in East Tarboro. The person sped away in a vehicle blowing through stop signs and eventually ending up on US 64 Bypass. Edgecombe County deputies got the person stopped at the US 64 Alternate exit in Rocky Mount.

When deputies approached the vehicle, they could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car. Deputy Dozier removed the driver, Khalil Wilkins from the vehicle. A pistol was immediately observed in Wilkins’ seat. A check of the firearm showed that it was entered as stolen by the Duke University Campus Police. Wilkins was found to be a convicted felon. Wilkins has a pending charge of Possession of Firearm by Felon from Tarboro Police Department. Further search of the vehicle turned up a “brick” or 50 bags of heroin. Another 40 bags of heroin was found inside Wilkins’ pants at the magistrate’s office.

Detective Johnson charged Wilkins with Possession of Firearm by Felon, Possession of Stolen Gun, Trafficking Heroin, PWISD Heroin, Maintaining a Vehicle for Sale/Storage of Controlled Substance, and aggressive driving. He was placed in the Edgecombe County Detention Center under a $900,000 secured bond.

Sheriff Atkinson notes that combined efforts with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are critical in fighting crime. Our office will continue to foster these partnerships to combat criminal elements in our jurisdiction. Sheriff Atkinson wants to thank Chief Webb and staff for their part in planning and implementing the operation that netted this arrest.

Who Will Be Next But By The Next Time This Post Hits The Next May Not Be The Next

Wow! Who will be next?

Will the list soon include CEOs of Corporate America?

Will the list include Ministers and Pastors?

Oh well I will just wait!

Condolences Goes Out To Rocky Mount Councilman/President Rocky Mount NAACP Pastor Andre Knight On The Passing Of His Father

imageThe father of Andre Knight/siblings and the husband of Virginia Knight Benjamin Knight imagehas expired. Pastor Benjamin Knight has been suffering with a long term illness for quite sometime and Andre has been committed to serving while also helping to take care of his dad.

Stay tuned for the arrangements coming soon possibly early next week.

Just Because They Got Caught Up In Sexual Harassment Don’t Blame Me!


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Some folk when they hang out with the good ole boys that do that kind of stuff they think they can do it too! They think they can do the things they do when it comes to money, sex and drugs and they can but when time catch up with their asses then they have to pay the price. So if they think they can do what they do just because, well I have no sympathy for them.

I have always said that politics don’t have to be dirty so play the game pay the price.

I have always said when I leave home a red flag goes up and I refuse to get involved in the game because that is what “they” want to see happen. I don’t hold any office but I consider myself a community activist and very outspoken.

Don’t blame me because one black man get caught up in their game. I ain’t in the game so until I get caught up don’t blame me.

Sexual harassment what is it? Well Black Women Caught Hell Back In The Day So Too Bad They Ain’t Alive To Tell Their Story

Is it these guys kept women from getting hired or promotions?

Is it these guys wanted these women for their side chick?

When does sexual harassment becomes sexual harassment?

Why do you wait so many years and since it has been a long time why now?

Wow can you imagine Black Women having to deal with not being able to be true to their husbands, separated from their families and more all because of SEX?

Wow! Just having an ignant moment!