Detroit – GM CEO Wagoner forced out as part of gov’t plan

DETROIT – Time and time again, General Motors Corp.’s board of directors reaffirmed its support for Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner, even as the company piled up billions of dollars in losses and begged for government loans to stay alive. (News & Observer)

Chicago Ill. – Blogging While Brown

The purpose of Blogging While Brown is to give Bloggers of Color an opportunity to meet each other for the first time, discuss current issues affecting Bloggers of Color, and learn about the latest technology that will assist them with publishing their work. Bloggers of Color are excited about a conference, for, by and about them and look forward to moving beyond the single panel or discussion focusing on diversity that are typically featured at some of the larger blogging conferences.

More event information is available here.

Raleigh NC – Lawyers Spent Gas-Tax Funds on Beer and Candy

This is just damn crazy. The article says it all. C. Dancy II -DCN Publisher

RALEIGH — Washington lawyers assisting Attorney General Roy Cooper in his suit against the Tennessee Valley Authority used North Carolina gas-tax revenue to purchase alcohol, candy, airline flight upgrades, and valet parking, an investigation by Carolina Journal reveals. (Carolina Journal)

From The Publisher – (Rocky Mount NC) Why You Folks Feel That Andre Knight And Some Others Should Stop What They Are Doing To Fight Your Personal Issues?

It never seems to amaze me how some folks feel that Rocky Mount Councilman and President of the Rocky Mount Branch Rev. Andre Knight and the other council members should stop what he/they is/are doing and work on your issues without doing their homework. If it is strictly a city council related item, I say that is their duty however if not then it is a personal thing.

Where in the hell are you folks when Knight and the other council members are being attacked by folks when you know the attackers are misleading folks? It is a damn shame that you folks seek these folks out to stand with you when you have not stood with them.

Well some of you folks would say that it is Knight and the others job to fight your issues. Oh hell no it is not if they do not feel it is within their duties and especially without doing their homework on your issues.

I can relate because I experience the same damn thing and I will pick and choose my battles because I know who have stood and who will stand with me when I am going through.

Andre Knight has been catching hell every since he has been on the council and where in the hell where you. I was there and have most of the meetings on video.

Folks how many times have you picked up your damn phones and called Knight and the other council members and asked them about issues that they are being scrutinized about? How many times have you been to the council meetings to speak up to support them? How many times have you corrected others (family, friends, co-workers and etc.) when they make negative untruthful comments about Knight and the other council members?

Folks it is time to get involved with what is going on around you before it hit home. This is why I am always speaking out against what is going on with other folks so that when these very folks come after me, they will already know where I am coming from.


I remember last year when Dr. Claude Anderson talked about doing this. What a great idea coming from the black community. C. Dancy II – Publisher


Saturday, April 25, 2009 from 12 AM – 3 PM

WaterLand Fisheries has just completed the SECOND BUILDING of our seafood factory operation. This building adds 3 5,000 square feet of production space to our operation and increases our production capacity to more than one million pounds of live Tilapia annually. Our administrative offices will relocate to this second building. WaterLand’s cutting edge technology puts us in the forefront of a new and emerging aquaculture industry. This expansion makes us the largest seafood producer in Maryland and a major producer in the nation.

We will host an Open House, with refreshments, to celebrate these milestones on April 25, 2009 from 12:00 AM to 3:00 PM. SAVE THE DATE and watch your mail. You will soon receive directions and more information. (If you think we may not have your most recent address, send it to us in a reply to this email.)

The factory is located at 299 Nealson Street in Hurlock Maryland, on the Eastern Shore about 1 ½ hours from the Washington D.C. area. Hope to see you there.

Dr. Claud Anderson,
President & CEO

Rocky Mount NC – Do You Know The Board Members During The Time Rocky Mount Joined ElectriCities?

Sources say Rocky Mount City Council Board Members during the time they joined ElectriCities were:

Fred Turnage WM – Former Mayor for 30 plus years.

Rev. Gerald Neice WM

W. C. Strye, Jr. WM

Rev. George W. Dudley BM

L. Ernest Bridgers Jr. WM

Walter T. Mears WM

William E. Broughton WM

Jimmie Armstrong WM

*White Male/Black Male

Sources say that they believe all of the members are alive except Dudley, Mears, and Armstrong.

If anyone find the above not to be accurate please feel free to contact me with your information.