Rocky Mount NC – It Is A Damn Shame That The Haters Are Reporting Half-Trues Because They Have An Issue With Location Of The Event Center

Damn shame these ignant racists continue to attempt to discredit The Event Center even while it is almost half way through its completion. They are reporting half-trues because they act as if the Imperial Center, The Library, The Prime Smokehouse and other businesses are not within walking distance. Why these ignants have not shown us where crime has been connected to all the other businesses in the area? I can’t think of one but maybe I missed that part.

It is a damn shame that the racists have been alive and well trying to discredit whatever the black majority city council does however they act as if the whites (except one) on the council have been voting along with them also.

Damn since it is a fact that The Event Center is coming what is these ignant motives? Damn sure ain’t going to stop the work on the Event Center. So are they trying to discourage folk from attending the Event Center when it is completed?

Funny as hell these ignants talk about how the council spend money but they up here trying to get donations to report against whatever the city does. Damn when will good folk who read these ignants mess stop being silent on issues that matter? Why do you read this stuff and don’t say anything? Anyone who allow these ignants to go unchallenged are just as bad as them. Will you allow these ignants to go into 2018 promoting ignant mess that affect the Twin Counties? If you do and I know you are allowing them to promote half-trues I am going to call you out along with them. It is time for folk to stand up to the lies they tell.

Folk Silence Is Betrayal! I refuse to be SILENT!

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Obituary: Homegoing For Arthur L. Jackson Jr. Rocky Mount NC

My condolences goes out Shirley Jackson and the entire family of the late Arthur L. Jackson Jr. during their time of bereavement. I have been knowing Mr. Jackson nearly all of my life and the family was close friends to my family because my moma worked in the school system.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: The Storm Is Over Now – Kirk Franklin

The Obituary: Arthur L. Jackson Jr.

New facilities to boost local economy – Rocky Mount Telegram

The local economy in 2017 was bolstered by two major economic development announcements coming in a two-week span that will bring more than 900 jobs to the area.

The biggest news in the Twin Counties was the announcement by Triangle Tire Co., one of the largest Chinese tiremakers, making the largest ever manufacturing investment in rural North Carolina with a nearly $580 million in investment and the creation of 800 jobs coming to Edgecombe County by 2023 at the 1,449-acre Kingsboro megasite.

State economists said 70 percent of the jobs created in the state in 2017 went to the major metropolitan areas like the Triangle, the Triad and Charlotte. Gov. Roy Cooper said any jobs going to a rural area is significant. The Edgecombe County operation is expected to pay an average wage of $56,450, which is almost double the average wage of $32,642 in Edgecombe County. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Edgecombe focuses on recovery – Rocky Mount Telegram

For Edgecombe County, 2017 was about recovery.

The county continued to pick up the pieces left by Hurricane Matthew while trying to climb out of the years-long economic slump that had hit everyone, especially Eastern North Carolina, hard.

The year kicked off with an announcement from James Knight that he soon would retire as sheriff. Knight was a longtime sheriff and the first black sheriff of Edgecombe County. Local Democrats got to choose his successor, leading to some in-fighting among party leadership.

Clee Atkinson, a retired trooper with the N.C. State Highway Patrol, was selected over two longtime deputies and a retired Rocky Mount police officer. Atkinson already has announced plans to run for the office when his appointed term expires. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Long effort pays off for megasite – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: Been a long time coming.

The recent milestone announcement of Chinese tire manufacturer Triangle Tire Co. bringing 800 jobs and nearly $580 million in investment to the Kingsboro megasite was the accomplishment of years of development and recruitment efforts by local officials and economic developers to finally land a major firm at the 1,449-acre site that was created to lure a large manufacturer to Edgecombe County.

“It’s great to believe in something for so long and be committed to it,” Edgecombe County Manager Eric Evans said. “I’m very happy for our (Edgecombe County) board of commissioners and a number of them have been on the board for a long time. This was a 20-or-more year process that started from someone having an idea of saying here is some land right here that’s well drained by the U.S. 64 bypass and has great access.” (Rocky Mount Telegram)

My 55th Birthday December 25, 2017

Thank you God for waking me up this morning to see another birthday the big 55.

On December 23rd I was videoed my cousin Felton & Shelia Dickens birthday dinner and surprised renewing of the vows. I got to enjoy the evening of some good food, fun and fellowship.

On December 24th I attended the Carolina Panthers Football game for the 2nd year in a row on Christmas Eve. I was able to get my hands on 4 tickets last year and was going to take my wife, son and his girlfriend but my son and his girlfriend had other plans so my since I had 4 tickets my best friend Otis Barnes and one of his church brothers came from Richmond Virginia and my cousin Gregory Horne rode with me. Them Panthers lost.

This year I was able to get 6 tickets so my wife, son and his girlfriend, my daughter and her boyfriend all went with me this year. It was really all about them having the opportunity to go to the game because I would have been ok. What a way to spend my birthday weekend with the family. And the main thing them Panthers won!

I want to thank those who make it possible for me to get the tickets this year for my birthday. My family and I will never forget December 24, 2017 however they may forget today December 25, 2017 my birthday! But that’s alright whatever makes them happy.

Well since I volunteer my time and resources throughout the year, I am going to rest up today and go back to work tomorrow. I could have just stayed home and got paid this week but I am going in and make that triple time so I can pay that $1000.00 car insurance because I carry my dad, wife and children. Ain’t God good he continues to make a way out of no way.

As I rest and celebrate my birthday today I want to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and enjoy your day!

Edgecombe to build training center– Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: This is fa bu lous ta stic! This reminds me of when I began my job at Honeywell Aerospace formerly Bendix in Rocky Mount 30 years ago I attended training at the training center across from Cummins Diesel formerly Consolidated Diesel Corporation in Whitakers.

As part of the agreement with Chinese manufacturer Triangle Tire Co. coming to the 1,449-acre Kingsboro megasite, Edgecombe County will be building a state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing training center at Kingsboro for the purpose of helping provide a strong workforce for the company.

The Golden LEAF Foundation’s board of directors recently announced it has given a $10 million grant to construct and equip the training center that will be owned and operated by Edgecombe Community College. ECC President Dr. Deborah Lamm said the college looks forward to being the education and training partner for Triangle Tire Co.

“The new advanced manufacturing center will enable college personnel to provide innovative pre-employment training for prospective employees and cutting-edge retooling and training for current employees to guarantee they meet the skill sets required by Triangle Tire,” Lamm said. “This modern, state-of-the-art facility will ensure the long-term success of Triangle Tire and its workforce.” (Rocky Mount Telegram)

2017 TELEGRAM ALL-AREA GIRLS’ TENNIS: Tarboro’s Brenna Bryant the community and state champion – Rocky Mount Telegram

Cracked and uneven with grass sprouting from the worn out concrete, the Panola Street tennis courts in Tarboro, a quick walk from Brenna Bryant’s childhood house, oftentimes were passed by rather than played on, with Bryant and her parents electing for some of the other newer or smoother courts in town.

Other times, the convenience won out and Bryant, 17, would play on Panola Street despite its flaws.

In 2015, she made a pitch to the parks and recreation department: Why not revitalize the courts?

This past October, right around the same time the Tarboro High senior was competing for, and eventually winning, the NCHSAA 1-A singles tennis championship, construction workers came to her neighborhood and fixed the fence, the cracks and the sprouts, unveiling a brand new playing surface. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Frank Bruni: Democrats are the new Republicans – Rocky Mount Telegram

Family values. How long have we been subjected to that subjective phrase, championed by Republicans who equated it with heterosexuality, fecundity and Christian piety – and who appointed themselves the custodians of those?

Well, they lost any remaining claim to that mantle by embracing Donald Trump and then Roy Moore. Neither won the support of all Republicans, but both won the backing or complicity of enough of them to confirm just how hollow and hypocritical the party’s attachment to conservative morality always was. Quote the Bible. Denounce abortion. Congratulations: You’re upholding family values! No questions asked about the number of your marriages, the extent of your infidelities or the scope of your sexual predation. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Edgecombe County Holiday Classic High School Basketball North Edgecombe High School Leggett NC

Edgecombe County Holiday Classic

Thursday Dec 28:
SouthWest Girls vs Tarboro @ 3:00
SouthWest Boys vs Tarboro @ 4:30

North Edgecombe Girls vs Kipp Pride @ 6:00
North Edgecombe Boys vs Kipp Pride @ 7:30

Friday Dec. 29
Losers of Girls Game @ 3:00
Losers of Boys Game @ 4:30

Winners of Girls Game @ 6:00
Winners of Boys Game @ 7:30

Tournament @ North Edgecombe

Chinese tiremaker picks North Carolina site for major plant – MSN

RALEIGH, N.C. — A Chinese tiremaker is moving more aggressively into the U.S. market, announcing plans Tuesday for a North Carolina factory that is to eventually employ 800 and produce six million tires a year.

A state committee that administers large corporate tax breaks approved plans to coax Triangle Tire to rural Edgecombe County, about 65 miles (100 kilometers) east of the state capital of Raleigh. The $580 million plant is the first in the United States for the Weihai, a China-based maker of tires for passenger vehicles, trucks and buses and heavy equipment.

“We expect that this will provide a huge boost in brand awareness and interest in our products as we continue to expand our presence in the U.S.,” Manny Cicero, CEO of the company’s Triangle Tire USA subsidiary, said in a statement.

Triangle Tire could get up to $152 million in state and local tax breaks, worker training and other incentives if it meets hiring targets. The jobs are projected to pay an average wage of $56,450 a year, well above a county average of $32,642. (MSN)

In Response To Stephen High Email To Me, Downright Ignant Really!

The Watch Dog response: I know how to spell ignant ass. I got the word from the Steve Harvey Show and I loved it because I knew it would agitate folk like you.

When I googled ignant when I 1st heard it on The Steve Harvey Show up until today I have not seen the definition you have here. However even if it was the definition I can choose how I spell words and say words because I am a grown ass man. Now get that!

Stephen High




IGNORANT means: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

IGNANT is an old term not used anymore. It was used during the early 1800 with the Afro-American Community during the time of slavery. Why do black Americans seem they are the only people to have been slaves? There is Black slaves today in 2017 owned by black owners in Africa. There are black slaves today in 2017 in parts of the Arab world. God bless the women in these countries, they are treated as second class citizens. Excuse me, but I know you were never a slave nor your children. Quit playing a race game that you will never win.  The Jewish people were the longest people to live as slaves, more than any other race. 6 million Jews murdered by Hitler. In Bible times they were slaves to the Babylonians, Syrians, and more.

I did not know Barbara Jordan was still alive.