Senate votes to override Cooper on abortion bill – WRAL

The Political Agitator’s response: Saturday the 1st Congressional District Convention was held and I was expecting to hear about what was going on on the State Level. I thought I was going to find out what was going on on the National Level but Congressman G.K. Butterfield could not attend. The speaker ended up being the Sheriff of Pitt County and I had an issue with that because the Edgecombe County Sheriff has not addressed the convention so how do you bring in another Sheriff. This was not following protocol in my opinion and I texted Sen. Davis when I heard on the radio while in route to the convention that Congressman G.K. Butterfield was not going to be the speaker but the Sheriff of Pitt County. Also over the weekend I received a call from a friend from another county and while we were talking he brought up Sen. Davis name saying someone said we need to be checking Sen. Davis voting record because it appears he has voting with the Republicans. Well I believe this confirms such.

RALEIGH, N.C. — The Senate voted to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of an abortion bill Tuesday evening.

The Republican-controlled chamber managed the three-fifths threshold required by a single vote – with the help of one Democrat.


Don Davis

, D-Pitt, one of just two Senate Democrats to vote for the bill the first time out, stuck to his vote Tuesday and went against the governor. He left the chamber after adjournment without comment.


Ben Clark

, D-Hoke, also voted for the bill when it was before the chamber earlier this year, but he backed the governor and voted against the override.

The bill now heads back to the House on Thursday, and Republicans face tougher math there if they’re to fully overturn Cooper’s veto and make the bill law.

Senate Bill 359 would make it a felony for doctors to fail to perform life-saving measures on a baby born alive after a botched abortion, and it creates a new duty for nurses and other staff to report these doctors. Bills like this cropped up in a number of states this year after a similar measure failed to pass the U.S. Senate. (Read more)

Unity Is More Than Just Holding Hands, Crossing Color Lines And Being Friends

Copied from Cooper Blackwell Facebook Page

We can’t work together to solve issues if you can’t understand the barriers of our work! #UnityInTheCommunity is about more than just holding hands, crossing color lines and being friends with each other. It’s about shared prosperity and equitable development. It’s about realizing that systemic racism exists and fighting alongside us to fix the impossible. Colorblindness is harmful for our community and color consciousness is essential. It’s not about bringing together white people and black people, it’s about creating a culture of health and social mobility for all, but especially for those most in need. You can’t fight for equity and not acknowledge why the gaps fundamentally exists. We have to agree about the problem to fix it, not just point it out, sweep it under the rug and hope no one sees it.

Me: Ab so damn lute ly!

A Female Friend Received Her Newspaper Rocky Mount Telegram And This Is What She Found


Tech Company Asked For ‘Preferably Caucasian’ Candidate On LinkedIn Job Posting – HuffPost

The Political Agitator’s response: When I talked about Special Cs folk said I was making up something because I didn’t say what the C stood for.

Cynet Systems later apologized and said it had fired the people involved in the racist job listing.

IT staffing and recruiting company Cynet Systems has finally apologized for its racist job listing that Twitter users spotted last week.

The otherwise fairly standard posting appeared on various sites, including LinkedIn, and began by stipulating that the job candidate be “Preferably Caucasian.” 

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Heritage Middle School students disciplined after posting video with cruel, offensive language – WRAL

The Political Agitator’s response: I had a flashback to the incident with the Cone Heads at Nash Central a couple of years ago.

WAKE FOREST, N.C. — Some Wake Forest middle school students are in big trouble for posting videos with crude and racially offensive language on social media.

The video shared on Snapchat is laced with an expletive and a racial epithet.  One girl is wearing a shirt that says “I (love) the KKK.”

“It’s really an illusion, this idea of disappearing content,” said Laura Tierney, the founder and CEO of the Social Institute, based in Durham

Videos shared with other Snapchat users are supposed to disappear after they are viewed, but that is not always the case.

Tierney schools students on what to do, and what not to do, in digital universe.

Chris McCabe, the principal of Heritage Middle School, says the students involved are being disciplined.

McCabe says, in this case, a recipient of the girls’ video posted the clips on social media. Many viewers were clearly upset. (Read more)

This Is How The Newspaper Was Delivered, What Was Cut Out?


NCCU Removes Name Of Segregationist From Building – WUNC

North Carolina Central University officially unveiled the new name of its administration building Wednesday. The name of former North Carolina governor, Clyde Hoey, a known segregationist, is no longer on the building at the historically black institution.

University administrators, staff, alumni and students cheered as the new name was displayed. It’s not a big surprise North Carolina Central renamed the building after its founder, James E. Shepard. For years, there have been grumblings from students and alumni about having Governor Clyde Hoey’s name on the school’s main building.

Carolyn Green Boone is Shepard’s great, granddaughter. She says the renaming fills her with pride and joy. Boone says it was clear how Hoey’s named ended up on the administration building.

“Most people didn’t understand he was a staunch segregationist. And that one of the reasons he gave us money was to keep us over here so we wouldn’t try to come over there, to UNC,” said Boone, after the ceremony. (Read more)

WHIG-TV Are The Ones Creating Mess By Promoting Half-Trues

Looking at the Don Bullock Morning Show with hosts Wayne Holloman and John Cheek this morning and these guys are dangerous.

These guys show that every damn thing they accuse the Rocky Mount City Council, the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools Board and the Nash County Commissioners of doing when addressing the folk who make public comments and comments/questions from fellow board members.

The Rocky Mount City Council, Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools and Nash County Commissioners got the POWER! They control how their meetings go and anyone who don’t like that so be it. You may not agree with what they do but remember they got the POWER!

WHIG-TV talk about how the entities I mentioned above respond to folk who make public comments. They get mad when they say the entities disrespect those making public comments but some of the damn folk making public comments are disrespectful to them and WHIG-TV think the entities should accept it. Oh hell no! Every damn body is grown and folk can act as they please but there are consequences. When folk making public comments disrespect the entities they should expect to be disrespected but now they want to play victim.

WHIG-TV got the POWER! They control what they say which is half-trues daily. They monitor the phone calls and don’t pick up when certain folk call in. They say you only have 3 minutes but unlike the entities WHIG-TV do not use a timer to time the calls so therefore that is not being consistent. On today Wayne said he was allowing a caller to go past the 3 minutes because she attended the school board meeting last night. Really? Rocky Mount City Council Andre Knight attend the council meetings but they cut him off. That ignant ass John Cheek talking about we cut folk off that change topic. Really? Dude got a comeback for every damn thing to justify his racist attitude simply because he has the POWER of the MICROPHONE!

Folk I am a professional and I watch the body language and listen very carefully so that I can call folk out on their b.s.

It is a damn shame that WHIG-TV is the biggest damn bully in Rocky Mount and it is evident daily from 7 AM –  9 AM and on the John Cheek Show on whatever night or nights he come on along with any others who carry out the mission of WHIG-TV. This is POWER!

Enough is Enough!

WHIG-TV John Cheek Is A Damn Racist At It’s Best

I called in and told him and Wayne Hollomon they were doing a disservice when they get on the TV and talk about what is going on when they have no clue because they don’t attend meetings.

John said I accused the of doing something that I do that I make comments in my editorials and other that are not true. I tried to call back to get him to give me one example but you know they would not pick up the phone.

You see this is what power does. Wayne and John control the mic and can have the last say and that is what they get on TV and talk about how the Rocky Mount City Council respond to folk and on today what happened at the school board meeting last night because a new board member was told to learn about what is going on before trying to address the board. If that board member had questions he should have asked the questions among the board members before the meeting. But you see doing it the way the board member did makes it appear that the board member was trying to show somebody he was speaking for them. Well that could be done if done correctly and it do not have to be done publicly 1st. But that is what happens when you have a new member that need to learn the process.

I love watching them look at the phone when I tried to call back. I called and hung up but they let a woman call in and then I tried again and they wouldn’t pick up.

Oh now taking another call from Andre. Andre and the lady got John on his mess about throwing daggers when he ran against James Gaillard.

This Special C Right Here Is Suffering From Conscientious Stupidity

These folk send me a Friend Request to follow me so they can see what is going on and then get ignant. I ain’t the one. 

You’re friends on Facebooke

Owner at Mommabear’s Book Blog

Studied at Suffolk County Community College

Lives in Rocky Mount, North Carolina

MAR 10, 2019, 5:04 PM

Why you want to be my friend?

I just saw that you’re local and seem to be active in the community. I moved from NY almost 3 years ago and hardly know anyone

When you say active, as in what?

I see you taking pictures at events. if you don’t want to be my friend, that’s fine. Just trying to meet more local people

I look at folk Profile, their About and Friend List and if I don’t see enough info I ask why.

oh, I’m just a straight up lady. I’m disabled and don’t get out much so I like to be able to make friends online

No problem. Thanks for the request. Anything I can do for you, please ask and if I have 6he resources I will try to make it happen.

April 30, 2010, 9:20 PM

I am unfriending and blocking you from this moment. I feel that this could get out of hand, and I’m feeling very uncomfortable. Please do not message me or use my name ever again or I will be forced to call the police. Thank you

So the last inbox to me was in reference to Lauren Terry Mackesy responding on my page on the following post, “The Talk About What Happened At The Rocky Mount City Council Meeting On Monday April 22 Lige Daughtridge and Councilman Andre Knight” 


See what happens when I respond Publicly to some white folk. They come for me all up in my Inbox.

Damn they post their b.s and then when I respond they play Victim and try to discredit and paint a negative picture of the Black Man as if I am a threat.

But the sad part is when you have black folk especially black women that post mess about the black man and the Special Cs think that validate their mess.

Didn’t I tell her to Unfriend me several hours ago?

I have not messaged her and do not respond to her until she come on my page with her b.s.

Lauren Terry Mackesy

I am unfriending and blocking you from this moment. I feel that this could get out of hand, and I’m feeling very uncomfortable. Please do not message me or use my name ever again or I will be forced to call the police. Thank you



Folk Tickles The Hell Out Of Me, I Got Black Friends

Folk tickles the hell out of me, I got black friends.

Hell I got White Family!

What about that part!

Do you hear me now!

Color blindness A Good Read

Copied this from Lauren Terry Mackesy Facebook page found this to be on point. Damn this is goood!

Erin Nickels said: I used to feel the same way, but then I realized that with a person’s complexion comes a story, and that story is a part of who they are. If we choose colorblindness, we’re choosing not to understand or empathize. Not everyone treats people of every color equally, and recognizing that another person’s experience in their skin is a part of who they are adds to your understanding of the person as a whole. We’re white girls from Long Island. Our skin color never necessarily made our lives any harder than they already were. That’s white privilege. Honestly I used to think “nobody ever GAVE me anything because I’m white, wtf?” But nobody ever treated me poorly JUST because I’m white either. I’m a big fan of colorblindness in terms of social niceties and mannerisms, but unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way. By seeing color, we recognize the full package. For instance, I shower, brush my hair, it dries. I’m good. Black women have to spend a lot of time and money on their hair to be taken seriously in a society that views their natural hair texture as something undesirable (which I strongly disagree with, but I’m one person). If it rains and my hair gets wet, it might look a little icky, but it will dry, I can toss it in a ponytail and move on with my day. If a black woman spent a few hours straightening her hair that same day, or spent money and time at the salon for a professional to do it, that little bit of rain is a much bigger deal for her than it is for me. Sorry for the chapter book here, I’ve just been putting a lot of thought into stuff like this lately and thought I would share what I’ve learned Check out Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, You Can’t Touch My Hair and Other Things I Still Have To Explain by Phoebe Robinson (SO FRIGGIN FUNNY!!), Passing by Nella Larson, and binge watch Blackish on Hulu and watch Nappily Ever After on Netflix. They’re all excellent resources for white people who want to have a better understanding of what it means to be black and why color needs to be seen and understood I haven’t delved as deeply into many other colors and cultures, but I think this is a solid start

The Talk About What Happened At The Rocky Mount City Council Meeting On Monday April 22 Lige Daughtridge and Councilman Andre Knight

Mayor David Combs said that it was the right of the citizens to come down and address the council. Well hell yeah they should be able to come and address the council but to come and tell lies on a council person is a bit much. Watch how these Special Cs and atleast one black female Gwen Wilkins showed their asses. Gwen hollered out point of order as if she was a council member. Look at this mess for yourself. But then these Special Cs go to their social media sites such as Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens who block black folk when they speak out against their lies. They post on Lige Daughtridge’s page Community Council, Fighting Crime, WHIG-TV social media page and on their TV morning and now night shows along with some individual sites like Keith Harris former fire chief. It is a damn shame these Special Cs have been on lynch mode since the council have been a black majority. They are just big mad. Anyone who watch this video and allow the Special Cs to sway your opinion of the council when they come and attack them and then play victim when the council respond to them, you got a serious problem just like the attackers. They come meeting after meeting talking about the same old b.s. so to keep talking about some things will make it true? Yep it will make it appear so if no one is saying anything but the attackers. I am for justice no matter who it is for or against but I don’t if I am for bullying and I don’t give a damn if you are white, black, brown or other.

Click On Photo To Watch Lige Daughtridge

Click On Photo To Watch Andre Knight’s Response

Teacher gets deal in assault – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: These Special Cs tickles the hell out of me. Look at the comments.

A former Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools teacher has entered into an agreement to avoid prosecution in a case in which she’s accused of assaulting a middle-school student.

Jamie Dunn, 35, of Spring Hope, has been placed on unsupervised probation for six months and her case will be dismissed if she completes the following steps: 24 hours of community service, 90 days of supervised probation, an anger management course, and she is to stay away from the student and her family, according to court documents.

Dunn’s accused of using a closed fist to hit a 15-year-old female student on the arm April 30 at Rocky Mount Middle School, according to Dunn’s arrest warrant. The incident occurred in Dunn’s classroom. (Read more)

Superintendent’s vehicle use raises questions – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: These Special Cs tickles the hell out of me. Look at the comments. They take an article and run with it. But when it is about white folk they are almost silent. And when black folk respond to their ignance, they play victim.

Superintendent Shelton Jefferies traveled more than 29,000 miles in a fleet vehicle belonging to Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools in the 2017-18 fiscal year, according to information obtained by the Rocky Mount Telegram.

That is in comparison to 1,607 miles traveled in a fleet vehicle shared by the entire cabinet staff and 2,671 miles traveled in a fleet vehicle shared by the entire technology staff for the same year.

“Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools has a fleet of district vehicles, including approximately 35 vehicles in the maintenance Department, nine vehicles in the transportation department and one vehicle assigned for the superintendent’s use,” Nash-Rocky Mount Chief of Staff Brian Miller said in an email in answer to a request for public information.

The fleet vehicle used exclusively by Jefferies is on track to travel about the same number of miles this school year. Jefferies already has driven the vehicle 22,826 miles as of April 1, with three months left in the fiscal year (Read more)

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