Video Shows Daniel Shaver Pleading for His Life Before Being Shot by Officer


By Vivian Wang

Dec. 9, 2017

Newly released body camera footage shows a police officer shooting an unarmed man in an Arizona hotel after the man sobbed and pleaded with officers not to shoot him.

The graphic video, which was released after a jury on Thursday acquitted the officer of murder and manslaughter charges, stoked outrage on social media and renewed calls for reforms in law enforcement. (Read more)

VA church hangs mannequin from a tree for Easter –

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – A Henrico church’s Easter-inspired display raised a few eyebrows on Friday.

imageThe Watch Dog response: When no one in the group think about this can’t happen then something is seriously wrong.

The make-shift mannequin is hanging from a tree outside Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church on Woodman Road.

A member of the church said the mannequin is there for Easter and is meant to represent the betrayal and ultimate suicide of Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus.

The Catholic Diocese of Richmond issued a statement on Friday:

Earlier today, a community Passion play took place on the grounds of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Henrico, Va. Part of that play featured an image of Judas’ betrayal and suicide which showed a figure hanging in a tree.

Although the Passion play is meant to be a devotional event during Holy Week intended to reflect the events surrounding the Passion, death and Resurrection of Christ, the image of a mannequin hanging from a tree – is insensitive. We regret any . . . (Read more)

Pinetops NC – Earl Jackson Has Expired Funeral Arrangements Will Be Announced Later By Carlisle Funeral Home

My condolences goes out to Christy Farmer and the entire family of the late Earl Jackson. I have been knowing Earl for many years and he was a friendly guy.


Obituaries: Robert Rhodes, Sr. of Rocky Mount, North Carolina Formerly of Pinetops NC, Bobbie Jones Wilson North Carolina

Robert Rhodes Sr. Pinetops NC
My condolences goes out to my cousin Karen Wiggins Rhodes and the entire family of the late Robert Rhodes Sr.
Family are receiving donations toward the burial expense and they can be delivered to the funeral home or they can bring them to the house address is 1037 Tarboro Street Rocky Mount NC
Services Entrusted To Willoughby Funeral Homes Inc. Tarboro NC

Bobbie Jones Wilson North Carolina
My condolences goes out to Frank Jones and the entire family of the late Bobbie Jones.
I have been knowing the Jones for over 25 years when I met them through the NAACP. Good people sums it up.
Services Entrusted to William Toney Funeral Home Inc. Spring Hope NC


ECC to offer job training for tire plant – Rocky Mount Telegram

New industry announcements made at the end of last year will produce more than 900 jobs in the Twin Counties.

Chinese tire manufacturer Triangle Tire will create 800 jobs and invest nearly $580 million in building its first manufacturing facility outside of China at the Kingsboro megasite in Edgecombe County. The average salary of the new jobs will be $56,450, almost double the county’s average of $32,642.

The importance of having a trained workforce is paramount as Triangle Tire will break ground soon and hopes to have the first phase operational in 2019. The local community colleges are considered economic catalysts that train the local workforce.

Edgecombe Community College President Deborah Lamm, who will be retiring in May, said ECC currently has different advanced manufacturing programs such as manufacturing technology, industrial system technology, electrical system technology, facility maintenance, welding and supply chain management that anyone looking to be an employee of Triangle Tire could benefit from. (Read more)

The Following Is Why The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Need To Be Legit – Fitch named as Bryant’s replacement in 4th district

The Watch Dog response: You see this is why we need a functioning Edgecombe County Democratic Party because if our Senate District 3 representative and other reps in Edgecombe County was to vacate their seat then we have 2 reps that would sit on the committee. If something was to occur in Edgecombe County at the moment we would not be legit because the party has hit rock bottom under the leadership of Lawrence K. Taylor Chair, 1st Vice Chair Martha Johnson Knight and Dr. Glenda L. Knight 2nd Vice Chair. Jim Marrow 3rd Vice Chair has been missing in action after attending a meeting and the chair said to no offense Mr. Marrow but folk said they ain’t coming to a Nigger meeting. Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown secretary has been kept in the dark, have not received any documents from previous officers when she was elected for her 1st term last year. Now they want to use her. Stephanie Hunter Treasurer has been doing a good job until Taylor was elected for his 1st term last year. I say the party is not legit because the precinct packages that were mailed to the party has been marked return to sender because the party has no official post office box for receiving mail. Damn shame and embarrassing to me. I refuse to be silent.

HALIFAX — The state Senate District 4 Democratic executive committee has selected Milton “Toby” Fitch Jr. to replace state Sen. Angela Bryant, who resigned her position on Monday.

Fitch, the only Democrat who filed for election to the District 4 Senate seat, was nominated Friday at the Halifax County Ag Center by executive committee members Gwen Wilkins (Nash County) and Zette McArn (Wilson County). The committee unanimously supported his nomination. (Read more)

Wiggins tapped for Superior Court bench – Rocky Mount Telegram

Lifelong Rocky Mount resident Lamont Wiggins is trading in a city council seat for a judge’s bench.

Wiggins was appointed Friday to serve as an N.C. Superior Court judge by Gov. Roy Cooper.

As a private-practice lawyer, Wiggins brings years of courtroom experience to his appointment, Cooper said.

Wiggins said he’s honored by the appointment and thanked Cooper.

“This is a lifelong career desire for me,” Wiggins said. “I’ve been a lawyer for 24 years and an elected official for 20 years. This is a different level of service. My mantra has always been ‘service above self.’”

Wiggins said he will likely announce his retirement from the city council by mid-week and wind down his practice as soon as possible. (Read more)

Video/Photos: Edgecombe County Democratic Party Convention Lawrence K. Taylor Chair In Action Some Been Asking For The Video Coverage I Have

This party should not have any further meetings without publicizing them so that all Democrats in the county can attend.


Remember the names who makes motions and 2nd them.

On Saturday March 24, 2018 10:00 AM Edgecombe County Democratic Convention was held but was it really? I had to leave early to go video my cousin’s funeral.

While the chair was so busy spending money on a banner he ought to have been making 2 signs that said Delegates section here and Non Delegates section here.

See these 2 criminals in action the former chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and Elder Lawrence K. Taylor. Damn fools said give them some money, suspend spending of money for 60 days until the monies in question are discussed. I wish I would give them some money.

On January 30, 2018 Lawrence K. Taylor had a meeting in Rocky Mount and that meeting a quorum was not present. However we received our precinct packages to have our annual precinct meetings. We are to mail our packages to the party but the packages were returned to sender because the Post Office Box was closed due to Taylor spending all the money.

The Convention did not have a quorum either because this meeting was about delegates and since the chair didn’t receive the precinct packages how do he know who the delegates were? He called out the precincts and we responded but that didn’t make it a quorum. I turned my package in on Saturday morning before the meeting and understand the secretary had only 4 more packages for a total of 5 out of 21 precincts.

See earlier post about the meetings,Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Lawrence K. Taylor Has Done It Again Another Meeting Null & Void Because Quorum Not Confirmed

Click On Photo To Watch Video
Sheriff Clee Atkinson spoke
Judge Michael Morgan spoke

Click On Photo To Watch Video

Click On Photo For More Photos

Pitt Co Teen Found Followup – WNCT TV

Click On Photo To Watch Video


BETHEL, N.C. (WNCT) – A desperate search ends with a daughter’s return and a mother’s prayers answered.

Alaycia Williams is home safe and reunited with her family after weeks apart.

Earlier this week, the teen was found in a Chicago Airport.

Ke-Ke Williams described the past few weeks as an emotional rollercoaster.

“I’m doing a whole lot better than I was when this first happened,” said Williams. “I’m not 100 percent back to my normal self, but I’m at peace knowing that Lacy is back and she’s safe with me in my arms.”

Edgecombe County Democrats …… Did You Know?


Because Senator Don Davis has Democratic opposition in the Primary Election he had to step down as the 1st Congressional District Chair until the election is over and then he can take his seat back.

Kim Mack is the 1st Congressional District Chair until further notice.

I wonder why our chair Lawrence K. Taylor didn’t report that. Oh he don’t make any reports he has nothing to say.

Someone Asked Me What The Donkey Stood For And I Said Democrats But The Chair Lawrence K. Taylor Is An Ass

This is the banner the chair Lawrence K. Taylor had made but what is wrong with this picture?

When I posted the front of the agenda on Saturday someone asked me what was the Donkey and I said Democrats and but the chair is an ass.



Still creating bills in the name of the party but the party has no money.

Children have changed America before, braving fire hoses and police dogs for civil rights – The Washington Post

The school gates were locked. But that didn’t keep hundreds of students from crawling up and over the fences, defying their parents, teachers and school principals to march against segregation.

It was May 1963 in Alabama, and Birmingham’s brutal public safety commissioner, Eugene “Bull” Connor, was waiting. His police moved in, herding the children into squad cars, paddy wagons and school buses for the trip to jail.

When the students kept coming, Connor turned fire hoses on them, knocking the children to the ground and spinning them down the street. To fight the high-powered blasts, some children joined hands trying to keep their balance in a human chain. But the torrents were too fierce; hit by the rocket-bursts of water the kids whirled one way, then the other, dragging down their comrades. (Read more)

I Love It When Folk Play Upon My Intelligence This White Guy Had The Audacity To Inbox Me The Following Question

This is a white person that has come after me and tried to make me look ignant but he like several others white and black who don’t care for me but will come to me when they want to know something. Well I remember names. This is something I tell folk they better do. The following is in reference to Breaking News – 4 arrested in connection to crash that killed Edgecombe County deputy – 11 abc.


Curious if you may know with the Melanies Bar thing if Melanie was there when it occured??? That details seems to be omitted everytime I see it covered or addressed…


If I knew one way or the other why would I tell you?


I would hope so


Why? I don’t share certain things with certa in folk who question my integrity when it is and has been above part. Good bye!


Last time I checked I have publicly defended you multiple times in the past but ok
Have a blessed day


Ok don’t know what you are talking about now.

Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Lawrence K. Taylor Has Done It Again Another Meeting Null & Void Because Quorum Not Confirmed


For all of you punk asses that say I need to go to Lawrence I first called him and posted a post willing to support him. He has since then been an embarrassment to the me. I have asked him to resign several times and he has chose not to because the ignant ass Democratic Party Executive Committee support his mess which make him feel he is validated in his mess. Any of you who talking about I need to go to him, don’t be talking to other folk about what I should do and why don’t your punk ass come to me? Better yet why don’t you talk to his punk ass? I ain’t got time for punks. I am a grown ass 55 year old man. Just because ya’ll are scared don’t blame me! I ain’t scared! Now Run & Tell That!

I have put in too much time, energy and resources trying to help make Edgecombe County a better place to live, work and play and I refuse to be silent when it comes to ignant ass Democrats who want to hold us just where we are. We have come a long way by the grace of God not so much as to the work of the party over the past several years under the leadership of the past 2 former chairs and the current one because the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee has been victorious simply because we had local Sheriff James Knight Retired, Clerk of Superior Court Carol Allen White, Congressman G.K. Butterfield, Judge Mike Morgan and some other candidates were able to get folk interested in voting for them. Because the voters came out for those I name, the party can’t receive the credit. The Democratic Women of Edgecombe County has been in the lead as to educating and having events to get out the vote and the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee has done little to nothing.

I will always remember coming into the party and fighting to get at the table as black folk because we were becoming the majority Democrats and the offices didn’t reflect racial makeup. Since we are at the table the party, being lead by the former chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and now the current chair Elder Lawrence K. Taylor they have ran the party alright, in the damn ground. The only thing we do is meet and and don’t have any events, don’t educate the voters while having a Facebook page with nothing of substance on it while all the mess Trump is doing and all the mess that our NC General Assembly is doing, the chair and the county party do not even discuss such. Damn ignant ass chair never have a President’s report, but understandable when you don’t know what the hell is going on.

Again the ignant ass Democratic Executive Committee have allowed the punk ass criminal Lawrence K. Taylor to carry out another meeting that was null and void. Since the party did not receive precinct packages in the mail from precinct meetings that were held across the county because the mailbox was closed due to the bill not being paid. The packages not being accepted and checked out on the day of the convention, I declare the 2018 Edgecombe County Democratic Party Convention Null and Void.

I turned in my package when I arrived at the meeting and the secretary Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown who is new and do not know how the process really work because she has not been allowed to do her job. She asked me did I want it back? I said no because every precinct are supposed to turn them in. Enclosed in the package confirms that precincts met and that the party are to confirm who the delegates are that were turned in. This was not done so therefore the meeting is null and void. The Chair Taylor, 1st Vice Martha Knight Johnson and 2nd Vice Chair Dr. Glenda Knight has been doing the whatever. The 3rd Vice Chair Attorney Jim Marrow a white male has not been to a meeting since he attended early last year after the chair said in the meeting at the Edgecombe County Library that, Mr. Marrow to no offense but folk said they were not coming to a NIGGER meeting. In this meeting were Chair Lawrence K. Taylor, 1st Vice Martha Knight Johnson, 2nd Vice Dr. Glenda Knight all black, Attorney Jim Marrow white male. I learned of the meeting at the Edgecombe County Board of Elections meeting when board member Dr. Florence A. Armstrong black female said she was asked to come to the Democratic Party County Officers meeting to give an update about the status of the Board of Elections. So what good was that when they didn’t share it with the Democratic Party Executive Committee?

Attorney Jim Marrow has not been to any meetings since the meeting at the library so therefore it appears to me that party has a vacancy and need to replace Marrow. But just my ignant damn opinion.

This makes the 2nd meeting the other one being January 30, 2018 that was also null and void because a quorum was not confirmed.

During the convention the chair had the secretary to read the minutes from the county convention last year but he presented a damn treasurer report from January 30, 2018 meeting and not from the county convention last year. So therefore the treasurer’s report was null and void.

I asked the chair to resign his post again but he has refused to step down. The ignant punk ass criminal chair feel he does not need to step down since the other ignant ass Democrats who say they were delegates to the convention continue to sign off on his mess but again because it was not confirmed the voting that took place was null and void.

To add fuel to the fire the current criminal ass chair had the previous criminal ass chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to help him carry out the meeting when he has 1st vice chair Martha Knight Johnson who didn’t show up for the meeting, Dr. Glenda L. Knight 2nd vice who was on the podium was quietly sitting there so what do why do she need to be a county officer? Higgs is an illegal precinct chair and should not even been able to address the convention.

I had to leave the convention early but former Attorney Charles Chambers and Edgecombe County Commissioner Viola Harris were the only ones who addressed the chair about the ongoing issue with the ignant ass chair and his actions leading the party.

It is a damn shame that we have these ignant ass Democrats who are retired school teachers, principals, ministers, pastors, other folk who suppose to be of good standing who are allowing the illegal meetings to take place. If I don’t be able to get enough folk to sign off on a petition to get the chair and some of these other ignant ass officers removed, I guess I will have to hire a lawyer to just shut the down county party down.

The Democratic Women of Edgecombe County are well organized although they are learning and moving forward conducting business. I ask that all women black and white who are interested in making sure we get good women and men elected to join them by paying $20.00 yearly dues. Men can be associate member at the rate of $16.00 yearly dues.

Anyone in their right minds would not be giving any monies to the Edgecombe County Democratic Party until the chair Lawrence K. Taylor step down or removed. However recently when I asked him to resign his post this was his reply:

Lawrence Taylor Curmilus Butch Dancy II I will gladly resign the day you kill your self and J. T Willoughby reports your death !!!! You got a proud will me then pull up!!!! And stop using social media and as grounds to attack me !!! Be a man come see me !!!!
LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 3m
Curmilus Butch Dancy II
Curmilus Butch Dancy II I will continue to use Social Media as long as it is a Social Media.
Come see you? What for?
You damn sure ain’t a man Punk Ass!
Don’t resign there is a process to get rid of your Ignant Punk Ass!

Remember I have posted several times on Facebook recently about you better remember names.

Delegates should have been separated by seating from the Non-Delegates. Democrats were confused to whether they were delegates or non delegates but the precinct packages shows if their name was checked off as a delegate just that simple.

The following are the only precinct packages that the secretary has so where are the others? If the chair had more why didn’t he give them to the secretary? I turned mines in yesterday. So a quorum was met? I need more proof. There are 23 Precincts. 5 of 23 constitutes a quorum?

Precinct Packs:
Mary Hinton
Roy Gray
Curmilus Dancy
George Barnes
Virginia Cherry Williams

Democrats that signed in as Voting Delegates that were not confirmed are:

Ella’s Hopkins
Stephanie Hunter
Otis Jordan
Rev. Roosevelt Higgs
Charles Chambers?
Viola Harris
Margaret Sowerwine
Evelyn Shaw Wilson
Sarah Peveler
Janice D. Bulluck
Paul Davis
Dorothy Davis
Ida W. Williams
Ernest Taylor Jr
Lucy L. Taylor
Curmilus Dancy II
Raymond L. Privott
Rev. J. O. Williams Sr.
Barbara Campbell Davis
Deborah Jordan
Donacine Vandellio
Melanie Goff Bradley
Roy Gray
Donna R. Johnson
Linda Tharrington Goins
Shelly Willingham
Phyllis Hardy
Willie Hardy

Democrats that signed in as Non Voting Delegates are but some of them should have been on the Voting Delegate list:

Ethel V. Ruffin Collier
Shirley Charles
Jeanette T. Cobb
Mattie Mooring
Felicia Hinton
Glenda Lawrence Knight
Samuel Branch
Sadie Pierce Harris
Percy Norfleet
Florence Armstrong
Clee Atkinson
Bettie Southerland
Doris Stith

During the County Convention names of Democrats that were delegates to the County Convention are chosen to be delegates to the 1st Congressional District Convention in Durham May 5, 2018. These following names were added to the list however the amount of delegates to the convention is a total of 53.

Delegates for District Convention
Florence Armstrong – signed in as a non delegate to the county convention so is this legit?
Charles Chambers
Rev Gray
J O Williams
Linda Goins
Otis Jordan
Roosevelt Higgs
Lawrence Taylor
Glenda Knight
Donnacine Vanderbilt
Judy Moss
Raymond Privott
Vicky Bolibar
Yvette Brown
Sarah Peeler
Thomas L. Walker
Charlotte Privott
Paul Davis
Ida W. Williams
Lucy Taylor

Video of what I recorded coming soon.

I have more to add to this story was going to wait before I publish it but because punk asses are out talking about what I need to do I am going to give you some more to talk about.

Someone told me at a funeral on last week to look up Lawrence K. Taylor criminal background because he has been to prison. I didn’t look it up but someone looked it up for me and shared it with me. I was really shocked at the findings. I believe in giving folk a 2nd chance but when the crime they have committed begin to reflect their actions of today then that is a problem for me. Former chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs was a criminal so I guess that is what the Edgecombe County Executive Committee like. I came to the conclusion that the executive committee like to have these folk in place and that way they will not have to do anything because when the time comes that someone challenge them other than me, they can use that as an excuse.

They ain’t even focused on the county party because if they were they would know that the 3rd Vice Chair seat should be considered vacant.

Now Run & Tell That!

Remember The Names

I posted last week on atleast 2 Social Media pages that ya’ll better remember the names. Well when you see the names coming soon you better remember them.

I am done thinking I am working with some folk who say they are about what is right. Don’t call me because I know your ass ain’t right.

You see folk like you are dangerous as hell and I got to know that we are on the same page. I know who are about what is right.

I have been called a racist by white folk when I tell them I call out all folk. But the sad part I call out more black folk than I do white folk so if I could be a racist which ain’t possible, that is just a lie.

I am going to piss some black folk even more after I finish working on these videos and photos.

Stay tuned!

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of ignant ass black folk mess. But the sad part they got good education, good religion so they say but damn they just about promoting mess. Hell yeah you are about promoting mess and it is documented.

I know I can’t move forward doing what I do because I have done so up until now. So when you get mad, hell I won’t be lost a damn thing damn sure ain’t no friends of mines.

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