Sheriff Appointment Process The General Stature, The Plan of Organization & Outline For The Election Process For The Appointment

Read the following on another page about the upcoming appointment process for the Sheriff Office.

From another page: I just heard Democratic chair planning appointment meeting March 23 in Rocky Mount with an open vote, no secret ballots. I haven’t gotten a call.

My response: He can’t do that that would have to be voted on by the entire executive committee. Why do folk let this ass think he can get away with mess?

The chair does things like this when he know folk do not or have not read the NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization.

Plus why is he even talking about the process when he announced he was a candidate seeking the appointment but he will do like he have done in the past and right before the vote take place he will remove himself as a candidate.

It is sad the outgoing Sheriff James Knight brought together all races and now the Chair of The Edgecombe County Democratic Party is playing games creating confusion and division around the appointment.

I am requesting the NC Democratic Party 1st Congressional District Chair Senator Don Davis and the NC Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin to send me the entire process per The NC General Statue, The Plan of Organization and what the process will be on the day when the meeting is called for the executive committee to vote.

Sheriff Appointment Process:

The General Statue
The Plan of Organization
Outline for the election process for the appointment

Hell Yeah I Got An Attitude! I Don’t Stir Up Mess, I Make Sure Mess Is Right So Don’t Get Mad With Me Because I Ain’t Scared

Folk may say I got an attitude! Hell yeah I got one because I have stressed over the years my role in Edgecombe County Politics. I have paid the price working hard on behalf of Edgecombe County and I will not be silent when it comes to folk like that Higgs guy who was in the party when I got there to play games. I have been challenging the Higgs over the years and I will not stop now. I damn sure will not allow the newcomers who have no damn clue to come on board and act like they done figured something out. No what they need to do is to learn how they can be effective and not listening to ignant ass folk who have used the party procedures against folk that knew no better. You see I have always studied the plan and also been on the plan committee for the state. And when I need some clarity I make phone calls to folk who can give me the answers.

So hell yeah I gots an attitude because you ain’t fitting ready to mislead folk without me telling the folk the trues. Now I don’t have any control over how folk receive the trues coming from me but one thing about it you can’t say you didn’t know when you realize the truth was made known.

I know everyone don’t want to hear what I got to say and I have no problem with that, but the fact of the matter is those who have a problem with me reap the benefits of those who have given me the go ahead to be a voice for them. But trust me I am going to represent me, my family and others whether they like it or not.

Judge Wayne Boyette the last couple of times I have been in his presence he has made the comment that I was stirring up stuff. Vance Holland former reporter for the Daily Southerner, The Edgecombe Tribune and now says he is the owner of The Tar River Times call me a racist everytime I call him out on his ignant comments about the Democratic Party where he is not a member, Princeville Town Hall politics, Tarboro Town Council and now the Sheriff Appointment. Everytime I am contacted about ignant mess on the Tarboro 27886 Facebook page when I go over there and post the trues counteracting their ignant mess, I am called all kinds of stuff but you see that don’t bother me. They end up trying to discredit me when I post the trues and I keep telling them they are wasting their time trying to discredit me because I work too hard and a professional at what I do.

Folk I refuse to allow folk to promote untrues when I know what the hell I am talking about. Allowing others to promote false trues make one just as ignant and dangerous as those who does it. I ain’t the one.

So for anyone who say I am stirring up mess and call me a racist because I challenge folk black, brown, white and other, don’t get mad with me because I ain’t scared.

You heard it from me, hell yeah I gots an attitude! Get that! But I work my attitude by using the time to deal with ignant mess as an educational moment.

I Spoke With Democratic Senator Don Davis/1st Congressional District Chair On Friday February 24, 2017 About The Sheriff Appointment

I spoke with Senator Don Davis/1st Congressional District Chair on yesterday because I had 2 questions for him. I had also contacted him early in January about calling a meeting for the appointment of Sheriff when I read the official press release from Sheriff James Knight. He gave me the answer that I needed.

Yesterday as I was on my way to Sheriff Knight reception held by the county and Sen. Davis returned my call. I had 2 questions for him.

Question #1: Someone asked could that guy Higgs still serve as the county Democratic Party Chair and seek the appointment of Sheriff since there are more than one Democrat seeking the appointment. I knew that during Election Time he would have to step down from the office while the election was going on but didn’t have to completely give up the office because once the election was over he could resume as the chair.

Question #2: I wanted to make sure that the time frame for sending out notices was 5 days for the meeting to be called for the county executive committee to meet to vote on the appointment. Sen. Davis confirmed that it is 5 days and not 10.

I had ran into District Attorney Wayne Boyette on Thursday and he was saying that Higgs couldn’t set up a meeting because he didn’t know who the chairs/vice chairs were going to be after the precincts met. I said it was nothing in the precinct packages that mention about Sheriff James Knight retiring. I said that it should have been and something should have been stated about a meeting being called in the package. Boyette said Higgs couldn’t do that because he had to send each chair a written notice in 10 days. I said it didn’t make any difference who the chairs/vice chairs were when he sent the packages out because if the chairs/vice chairs stayed the same then they had it but if it changed then they would have been right there so they would have been aware of an upcoming meeting. There needed to have been a meeting called on March 9 so all precincts could turn their packages in and not put them in the mail so we can meet the deadline per the statue. I told Boyette to keep on listening to Higgs. He said he was not listening to Higgs and I said okay. So I wonder where he got the 10 day notice from.

At the end of Senator Davis and I conversation he said he would be coming to Edgecombe County on the March 9th at the request of Higgs. After I hung up it came to me that this was for the Human Relations Forum. Boy they working that thing trying to justify having it instead of working trying to hold a meeting that matters the one that the party should have so an appointment can be done expeditiously. But we have the chair of the party, the secretary of the party and 3rd vice chair of the party more focused on the Human Relations Commission having a forum than carrying out their roles within the party.

It is sad the staff at the Sheriff Office is waiting impatiently for someone to be appointed so they can feel safe about their job til the end 2018 when the person appointed will have to run for the office.

Democrats in Edgecombe County you better wake up and get involved so you can know who are representing you making choices about your livelihood. 




Democrats Read The Plan Of Organization For Yourself Appointment For Sheriff Process

First read the duties of the county 6 officers which consist of the chair, 1st, 2nd, 3rd vice chairs, secretary and treasurer. You will find out who suppose to do what. The duties can be found in the Plan Of Organization @ and begin on page 7 Section 2.01 Composition of County Executive Committee.

Go to The Plan Of Organization page 18 Section 2 3.11 County Elected Officials talks about filling a vacancy in your local offices such as Sheriff.

The General Statue for the Appointment of Sheriff that includes Edgecombe County @

My point has been that nothing was mentioned in the precinct package that there will be a vacancy in the Sheriff Office and that all precincts need to be aware there will be a special meeting called in March for the executive committee to meet and vote. It does not matter who the chair and vice chair will be a vote will still take place.

I keep hearing folk say what if a precinct is not organized. Okay packages went out to all organized precincts so therefore I am quite sure those same precincts will be organized. So if a precinct was not organized that means that the unorganized precinct received no package. But what a good chair would do is to look up voters in the unorganized precinct and try to get someone to organize.

I love it when folk who have no clue, don’t ever attend a Democratic Party meeting has all the answers. I can’t wait to see when the meeting will be called for the appointment. The deadline for precincts to meet is March 8. So when will the county party receive the packages from the 21 precincts so that the party can send them notices about the meeting for the appointment. As I stated earlier there should have been a meeting called on March 9th so all the precincts could have attended so the party would have all of their packages vs waiting on them to be mailed. In the past they turned them in at the county convention and so they were able to participate at the county convention. So since the party must meet and present a name to the commissioners within 30 days if some do not turn their packages in immediately how will Rev. Roosevelt Higgs know who the letters need to be sent to? How will the 1st vice chair be able to notify the entire executive committee about how many votes they will have? Again my point is no matter who the chair and vice chair is the precinct if organized will have x amount of votes. This is the numbers that all the candidates want to know and has not been able to get. Hell but anyone executive committee member should be able to get it. Actually ought to be in the secretary possession no matter who the secretary of the precinct is. If a new secretary takes over then the information is passed on.

Back to the precinct packages that went out. There was no mention of the county reception to be held for the Democratic Party Sheriff James Knight on tomorrow that is free and open to the public at the Edgecombe County Administration Bldg. Auditorium Friday February 24, 2017 from 4 PM – 7 PM. It is a damn shame that the party has not had anything nor didn’t mention anything in the package because by the time the meeting is called he will no longer be in office. But hell since they have not had anything they could atleast announce the reception on Friday February 24. The county party should be educating the local Democrats about everything that is going on pertaining to Democrats be it the local, state and national level.





Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Has Played Games In Both The Appointment When Sheriff Phil Ellis Retired & Now During Sheriff James Knight Retirement

Detective/Dare Officer James L Knight had one obstacle in his way for a few minutes when he announced he was seeking the appointment when Sheriff Phil Ellis announced his retirement over the weekend and left office in 1996.

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee member called a community meeting in Rocky Mount with a room full of black folk and a few whites. He said he was there to talk about getting Phil Ellis Chief Deputy Donnie Taylor appointed. I will never forget the 1st time I met Mrs. Dorothy Joyner from Rocky Mount when she stood up and said she was there to get a black person appointed and if that was not the case she didn’t need to be at the meeting. Joyner got the support of the folk in the room and while doing so Higgs no longer had anything to do with the meeting and the next series of meetings because Roy Gray was made chair of the meeting and I was made secretary.

Since Ellis had gone Chief Donnie Taylor was in command until Knight appointment went into effect.

Now in 2017 Rev. Roosevelt Higgs just happen to be the county Chair so he gets to play with the appointment of Sheriff again by supporting Knight’s next in command Chief Deputy Allen Moseley. When Moseley asked to meet with me I reminded Moseley of what happened during the appointment however since he was working with the Sheriff Office he knows some of the story. Well he knows that Chief Deputy Taylor didn’t get the appointment just because he was next in command and that the system decided the appointment whether one like the system or not, that is what happens.

During this appointment Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is playing games because he is the leader of the Democratic Party and have some weak officers his vice chairs, secretary and treasurer that has been one of the most ineffective county executive officers make up that we have had since the late 80’s. I have been serving on the as a precinct chair/vice chair, county chair/vice since the late 80’s so therefore I have been on the county executive committee all of these years so I have been a voting member all of these years. I know the process, I know the people and I stand by what I say and if I should error I have no problem with making necessary corrections.

It was Sheriff James Knight desire to announce his retirement in a timely fashion so that the Democratic Party could call a meeting a few days after his retirement was official so that by the next Edgecombe County Commissioners meeting the party would have submitted a name and the appointment would have been all said and done. Okay Sheriff Knight’s retirement will be official Tuesday February 28, 2017 and a good party chair would have had a meeting scheduled for Wednesday March 1 so that we the executive committee would meet and vote on a candidate to be appointed. The name would be submitted to the County Commissioners and at their meeting on March 6 the appointment could have been done.

But this year since the annual precinct meetings window to have the meetings are February 22, 2017 til March 8 so again Rev. Higgs could have called a meeting on March 9 and then the county commissioners could have a called a special meeting to just do the appointment.

When I a precinct chair received my precinct package around 2 weeks ago there was no mention about Sheriff James Knight Retirement, nothing about an upcoming meeting absolutely nothing about the appointment.

So as it stands at the moment since no letters have gone out, say for instance Higgs send out a letter on or after March 8 look at the time frame for the letters to go out to the executive committee and when they will receive them. The office of Sheriff will be vacant as of March 1. A meeting would need to be called so we can meet to vote. If the Edgecombe County Commissioners do not receive a name from the Democratic Party within 30 days then the commissioners can appoint who they want to.

Higgs is a member of the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission who have announced a 2nd Sheriff Forum to be held. Higgs, the secretary and one of the vice chairs of the Democratic Party all 3 are members of the Human Relations Commission need to be focused on setting a time and date so the Democratic Party can have the real meeting and anyone can attend to sit in hear the candidates before we vote.

We need to bring this appointment to closure as soon as possible. Because of Higgs and the other 5 county officers of the Democratic Party lack of leadership and communication on this appointment there has been lots of misinformation being spewed out on pages like Tarboro 27886, The Tar River Times and the Edgecombe Tribune along with the daily communication I am having via social media and/or in person/phone calls.

Sheriff James Knight has taken the Edgecombe County Sheriff Office to a whole new level by bringing all parties and races together around the office over the years. Knight set the bar for an individual elected official to attempt to obtain as it relate to politics. Knight has set an example for other Sheriff Offices across the state also.

It is a damn shame that the Democrats of Edgecombe County have allowed one person to hold us right where we are. Oh yeah we have made some progress but it has been by the Grace of God. I have challenged the Democratic Party over the years because I don’t play when it comes to folk coming together making decisions that affect my life, my family and other folk lives.

It is time for the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to get it together.

An Open Letter To The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee Which Consist Of All Precincts & Elected Officials

I am requesting that the Edgecombe County Democratic Party County Officers which consist of the Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs, 1st Vice Chair Gladys Shelton, 2nd Vice Chair Robert Byrd, 3rd Vice Chair Martha Johnson Knight, Secretary Dr. Glenda L. Knight and Treasurer Stephanie Hunter to all call a meeting and set the date for the entire Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee to meet on March 9, 2017 so the party can vote on a candidate to be submitted to the Edgecombe County Commissioners so that they can appointment a candidate to fill the office of Sheriff that will become vacant as of March 1, 2017. The county 6 officers can meet anytime the entire executive meeting is not in session and the only meetings that would consist of if I am correct is the county convention and/or any special called meetings. There is no need to prolong the appointment. If the county chair Higgs do not want to call the meeting the majority of the 5 officers left can call a meeting.

Since the annual precinct meetings are scheduled to be held today February 22 – March 8, 2017 timeframe, then there is no reason why the party can’t meet on March 9 and that way the precincts can bring their information from their precinct meetings to the meeting on March 9 and a vote can take place. Once that is done I would then ask that the county commissioners hold a special meeting just to do the appointment. However I don’t think I would have to ask because they would go ahead and call a special meeting anyway once they received a name from the party and not wait until the April 4 meeting.

All Edgecombe County Executive Committee members I asked you to join me and petition your county 6 officers to not prolong the appointment and that the office of Sheriff vacancy will not be drawn out. It was the desire of the outgoing Sheriff that the office would only be vacated a couple of days before an appointment would be made.

The office of Sheriff is the highest office in the county and has been an office that has been well respected by all races and parties. The staff of the Sheriff Office need to be able to move forward knowing who their boss will be so they can begin to concentrate on serving the citizens until the election roll around in 2018.

Note: The annual precinct meetings would have been held during this time frame and the precincts would either send their package in to verify they were organized or they could just wait until the county convention. However since there will be a vacancy in the Sheriff Office on March 1, whenever the party call the meeting to vote the precincts can bring their packages that verify they met to that meeting on the same day and vote. So therefore it appears there is a hidden agenda here.

It is sad that the party is being divided from within because of the lack of leadership. Is this what we need at a time when the other party is in control on the state and national level? Makes no sense.

Curmilus Dancy II
Precinct Chair 11-1

Question For Me: Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment Lack Of Communication By Design Because Of Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Mess

These are the kinds of conversations that I am having almost daily by folk who are trying to figure out what is going on. This should not be.

Them: tell me who gets to vote for the sheriff, i was told all democratic elected officials do, is that true

My response: The precinct chair/vice chair of all precincts and all Democratic Elected Officials.

Them: does that that mean i would go to the executive meeting and vote

My response: Are you a registered Democrat?

Them: Yes

My response: So you should get a letter from the county party about the meeting whenever the ignant chair Higgs call the meeting.

Them: haha ok so would all our commissioners get a vote if they are registered democrats

My response: Yes all Elected Democrats. Precinct chairs like myself and my vice chair got 1 vote each for a total of 2 votes. Some precincts have up to 26 votes.

Them: so then we will get a letter from the democratic party to come to the meeting to vote

My response: Yes suppose to all voting members must be notified.




Edgecombe County: Don’t Want To Hear Anything About Trump If You Ain’t Gonna Talk About Higgs

Don’t want to hear anything about Republican President Donald Trump from folk in Edgecombe County if you ain’t gonna talk about Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Chair of Edgecombe County Democratic Party.

Edgecombe County Precinct Chairs And The County Officers Begin After Precinct 13 -1

Someone forwarded me the following list said it came from 2014. Now if all of the names are not correct then I bet atleast 1 name in the precinct is still a chair. Most of the time the list do not change unless someone no longer reside in the precinct for whatever reason. What is needed here is how many votes each precinct has and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs has the numbers. Those numbers do not change just because the chair’s name change. The secretary should have the same files that the chair has. However all of the county officers ought to have the same information because if something was to happen to the chair the vice chairs down to the treasurer can preside over the meetings.




Viola is no longer the county party secretary resigned and now Dr. Glenda Knight is the secretary.

Precinct 11-1 Democratic Party Edgecombe County Annual Meeting Tuesday February 28, 2017

11-1 Annual Precinct Meeting

All registered Democrats that reside in Precinct 11-1 are invited to attend and to participate in the meeting.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 · 6:00 PM Prompt

Lewis Fire Department
6585 Mckendree Church Road
Tarboro NC 27886

For more info.
Curmilus Dancy II Precinct Chair
C. 252.314.5484 E.

Edgecombe County Democratic Party Annual Precincts Meetings Don’t Let Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Party Chair Try To Intimidate You About When To Have Your Meeting

This is the information that was sent out by the county party however I am reading the copy that was handed to me by the party secretary Dr. Glenda L. Knight during the Sheriff Forum on last Thursday. I was going to make the announcement however the outgoing chair of the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County made the announcement during her closing out of the forum.


All Edgecombe County Democratic Party Annual Meetings are scheduled for Wednesday February 22, 2017. Make up dates are any dates between February 23 and March 8, 2017.

Meetings are free and open to any registered Democrat residing in the precinct.

For more information, please contact your Democratic Party Chair or the Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Higgs, County Chair at 252-907-8311.

Higgs left me a voicemail trying to intimidate me to have my meeting on February 22 so anyone listening to that clown who yes is a Rev. but not a Dr. if you need more information you need to contact me the chair of the precinct 11-1 at (252) 314-5484.

Precinct 11-1 Precinct Meeting will be held on Tuesday February 28 6:00 PM Lewis Fire Department the day that our fine Sheriff James Knight official retirement.

The candidates who are seeking the appointment of Sheriff has not been able to get the official voting strength per the precincts because some precincts have more votes than others. So at the moment the party chair and the county 6 officers ought to be able to provide that information especially the secretary.

Higgs is playing upon folk intelligence as if the party could not meet between March 1 – 6 to be able to give a name to the Edgecombe County Commissioners so we could have an appointed Sheriff just days after Sheriff Knight retirement becomes effective. But nope Higgs want to keep confusion by holding off.

There is no such thing as we have to wait until after all the precincts have met by March 8. The last time I checked March 6  do not come after March 8 so if any precinct is not organized they could get organized before or by March 6 so they could vote. No precinct that is organized will be considered unorganized unless they do not meet before March 8.

It never seems to amaze me how Democrats allow Higgs to play them. I challenge his ass every meeting and make statements so that those in the room can see just what is going on. But he got them fooled.

The county 6 officers which consist of Higgs, 1st, 2nd, 3rd vice chairs, secretary and treasurer can meet and act whenever the entire county executive committee is not in session. But the 6 county officers are just that. If they were about what is good for the county they would not allow Higgs to call the shots. The last time I checked 5 is more than 1 but I know who we are working with.

The Good Democrats of Edgecombe County along with Democrats that represent the citizens of Edgecombe County on the State and National levels should all be requesting that Rev. Roosevelt Higgs resign his post as the Democratic Party Chair effective immediately.

The following are messages that Higgs left on my voicemail. Sad! But he knows he don’t intimidate me.

Rev. Ignant Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Message #1

Audio Ignant Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Democratic Party Chair Bet He Voted For Trump #2

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Know He Can’t Intimidate Me How Ignant Voicemail #3

Ignant Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Know He Can’t Intimidate Me How Ignant Voicemail #4

Tarboro 27886 Moderator Jason Clark Owner Tarboro Movie Theatre

It is funny how my posts keep getting removed but you allow your white friends to post untrues and ignant information on the forum.

Sir you can not silence me from making sure folk are educated on issues in Edgecombe County.

Folk ya’ll better wake up and see how folk you patronage want to keep you ignant to what is going on around you.

I have posted several posts that meet the guidelines but have been removed but look at how he allows certain folk to attempt to mislead and manipulate the process of the Sheriff Office Appointment.  There have been several post about the Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment that Republicans have posted about the process when they don’t have a damn thing to do with what the Democratic Party process for appointing a Sheriff.

And don’t even mention how he allows them ignants to come after me trying to discredit me but you see I can handle them. And when I get the best of them they remove their posts. I love it!

Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment The DCN News Blog Online TV Endorses Clee Atkinson


Click on the photo to hear this powerful message coming from Clee Atkinson during Law Enforcement Appreciation Day at Salem Chapel MBC Leggett NC.

The DCN News Blog Online TV proudly endorses State Trooper Clee Atkinson to be appointed to Sheriff of Edgecombe County.

I first learned of Clee Atkinson NC State Patrol Officer several years ago when I seen him on the news and in the Rocky Mount Telegram as he and a couple of other black males from the Rocky Mount Police Department were helping coach at Rocky Mount Senior High trying to be involved with developing young males in school. A white coach made some derogatory comments to some black males playing sports and Clee and the other coaches stood up and called him out.

The first time I met Atkinson was I seen him refereeing football games years ago. I watched this guy on the football field how professionally he carried himself. I watched how he interacted with the young men on the field.

Several years ago I seen Clee at Abrams in Pinetops where he and other law enforcement officers frequently stops to eat because Mrs. Barber the manager there has been a great friend to the law enforcement.

Clee has been following me on social media and seeing me in meetings for years he said and he has always told me when he seen me that he appreciated what I was doing especially being an advocate for children. He has invited me to some meetings that he have at his church on Saturday mornings monthly however my schedule has not allowed me to attend over the years. I know some brothers who have attended and I have not heard anything but how successful the meetings have been.

I have also had the opportunity to hear Clee speak publicly several times. I have videoed him speaking and his speech can be found on my Youtube page.

Over a year ago Clee contacted me and said that he was interested in seeking the office of Sheriff if and whenever Sheriff James Knight would retire. He said but no way would he run against him. He said just think about it and if and when the time come I will get back with you. You see this brother is smart because as I stated he said he has been following me on social media and seeing me at meetings speaking out. He know I have asked that anyone who want to represent me and the people of Edgecombe County that they need to contact me because I will be holding them accountable for their actions.

Clee has worked for the past several years for former Governor Pat McCrory (Republican) and now he is working with now Governor Roy Cooper (Democrat). This speaks volume. This means that Clee will do the right thing by representing all the people. Clee is a Democrat but I bet McCrory will say he was very professional as it related to his job duties and making him feel safe while holding the office of Governor. In the short time that Cooper has been in office I bet he feel safe and will say that Clee is professional as well.

I am not going to go into Clee’s bio however I ask that you do your own homework and/or if you want to see his bio you can go to my blog and/or you may contact me. However invite him to your communities to see and hear him for yourself.

Clee brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to the table as it relates to law enforcement and POLITICS. He has a great relationship with neighboring county Sheriffs and some highly respected businessmen in the county along with many citizens in the county.

I love supporting folk younger than I. I am 54 years old and I think Clee is in his early 40’s. He is at a seasoned age and time in his professional. For me Clee brings a and also most importantly in the grey and black. So although he has not worked with the Sheriff Office directly he has indirectly because he has worked with Sheriff Knight and know the man

As I listened to Clee during the Sheriff Forum on last Thursday he furthered assured me he is the one.

I feel strongly that Edgecombe County need a young seasoned person who can relate to the young and the older folk.

So knowing what I know and after the forum on Thursday, The DCN News Blog Online TV endorses Cleveland (Clee) Atkinson.

Note: Click on the following links

Sheriff Forum Hosted By Edgecombe County Democratic Women Part 1

Sheriff Forum Hosted By Edgecombe County Democratic Women Part 2

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest.”

Curmilus Dancy II Founder & Owner
The DCN News Blog Online TV

Van Holland Owner Of The Tar River Times Black Folk Don’t Be Fooled By This Guy’s Reporting

I have been in too many meetings and held too many conversations with this guy to know that he keeps mess stirred up and folk pay to read his paper? Really? I wish I would promote someone by spending my money on a product that works against me.

Van can be found on Tarboro 27886 Facebook page posting a bunch of untrues. When I call him out he gets mad as hell but if you follow him he will end up responding showing that I was correct because he goes back and try to change his wording. I will not allow the Vans of Edgecombe County to promote untrues and to mislead the folk.

When Van was working at former newspaper that I didn’t subscribe to either, his articles were very bias. And the sad part is the owners were black but since they couldn’t get anyone to work for them, they had no choice but to let Van be their man. But then finally the bond ended and so Van says he is the owner of the Tar River Times.

At the last Princeville meeting Van made a comment in my presence about the Sheriff Appointment. He said that guy Clee Atkinson need to watch who he hangs out with. I said who is that? He said Steve Wadsworth. I said really? Steve is a white male and a very successful businessman and one who has done much for the community. I said why is that an issue? He really couldn’t say much more.

How can an owner of a newspaper show bias when he should expect the whole community to support him? Why would Atkinson and others whom I know of Van has worked against should feel comfortable seeking an ad in the paper and/or just during an interview with him.

Why would the community want to support a paper that is not going to be fair in reporting and also out in public bad mouthing folk? I refuse to subscribe to the paper and never will.

Ok so you don’t get it twisted there is a difference in what Van does and what I do. I am the founder and owner of The DCN News Blog Online TV. I operate out of pocket. I report the whole news because I video the meetings and put my spin on what happened. But the best part is I post the video so I can be challenged and can be called me out if you disagree with my spin. Folk may not agree with me but one damn thing about it, I operate on the facts. I do my homework. However I stand to be corrected and have no problem with retracting, apologizing or just getting something right if need to.

Because I have challenged Van as it relates to the Tarboro Town Council meetings, the Sheriff Appointment and other he has called me a racist. Well Van one damn thing about it you can’t call me sleep and not afraid to challenge you. I know a hell of lot more than you think I do!

Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment The DCN News Blog Online TV Can Not Support Captain Richard Allen

I had heard Captain Richard Allen name floating around that he was interested in seeking the Sheriff Appointment. I rarely see Allen but I seen him at the Dr. Martin L. King Banquet in January but there was no communication.

Recently I received a message from a couple of folk talking about the Sheriff appointment and they said they didn’t want Allen because they felt he was too close to retiring. They also had nothing else to say about him.

Recently on my cousin’s facebook page he posted a photo of Allen during the Dr. King March saying that he should be our next Sheriff. I got into a heated conversation with a couple of folk on that post that think Allen should be appointed. I have not received a response to why those who responded on his page why he should be appointed but only to say because he has been at the Sheriff office for a long time. And?

As I listened to Allen during the Sheriff Forum on last Thursday he did not impress me at all.

I feel strongly that Edgecombe County need a young seasoned person who can relate to the young and the older folk.

So knowing what I know and after the forum on Thursday, The DCN News Blog Online TV endorses Cleveland (Clee) Atkinson.

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