Exhibit to feature work of photography club – The Koncept Photography Group

N.C. Wesleyan College’s Mims Art Gallery will welcome the Koncept Photography Club with a group exhibition of photographs by club members.

Always free to the public, the exhibition opens Thursday with a 5-7 p.m. reception party in the gallery with live music by the “Mac” McLaughlin Jazz Trio. The exhibition runs until Dec. 8

The Koncept Photography Club has 21 members from Edgecombe, Halifax, Nash Northampton and Warren counties. Each member has their specialty and some members have broader interests in taking photographs. Twelve members are exhibiting their work in this exhibition.

Some club members specialize in portraits, formal and informal. Candids are popular, where unplanned, the photographer captures someone doing something interesting or just looking good; Events bring people together like car shows, ceremonies or events like the Haliwa-Saponi Powwow, which provide lots to photograph. Wild life and nature are tricky, sneaking up on a bird and waiting for a sunrise are all a part of this interest. City and country environs are subject matter, and architecture new and old and in different states and conditions, modern, historic and falling down — all such concerns and fascination interest club photographers.

Subjects in a photograph are important, but equally important are the seasoned photographer’s skill and artistic instincts for composition, color and atmosphere qualities, capturing action and movement, also clarity and sharp contrast — all aspects featured in the Koncept Photography Club exhibition.

Today, the camera has changed and changes all the time. Digital photography by camera and iPhone dominate the photographers equipment — no more spool film and darkroom technology. But the Koncept Photography Club’s Mission Statement says it best: “The camera may change, but the concept stays the same.” (See Original Post)

Rocky Mount NC – Cooper Blackwell Got It Right And These Social Media Pages Trying To Justify They Ain’t Racist

I totally agree with what he said, “Blackwell went on to state he believes this faction of organized white opposition in Rocky Mount leads public attacks against key organizations and people advocating for community, economic and social justice.”

Downtown redevelopment and anti-gentrification has been under siege and some have been trying to block and stop progress on the Edgecombe County side and especially downtown.

I agree the Telegram dating back to December 2018 there has been articles almost daily about the Rocky Mount City Council because it is a 4-3 Black majority. There has been articles almost daily about the Black City Manager, Police and Fire Chief.

The Special Cs have a formed and used Facebook as a campaign to promote a WSBS Movement.

WHIG-TV Sandra Smith President has been known for their racist shows for many years. They talk about Black leaders and then do not allow Black folk to call in but they are about unity and about what is right. GTHOH!

I found the following to be too ignant: WHIG President Sandra Smith told the Telegram on Tuesday that, “I will say we don’t generally respond to untrue comments of this nature.” She is correct because when folk try to call in to the show. The Morning Show and the John Check show are racist as hell.

Now the following is just too ignant: “The administrator of the Fighting Crime News Facebook page told the Telegram in an email on Tuesday that, “It’s unfortunate that there are a handful of people that would consider a journey such as mine, which is to fight crime, help law enforcement and keep the citizens informed, a group to divide people.” Kat has some from within law enforcement agencies who report stuff to her and she post about it before the actual entity such as the Sheriff Office report on it and/or do a Press Release. She always try to post it be the 1st and then get mess wrong and the main thing is post without knowing if all the family members of a victim has been notified. I have called her on some things and she has had to retract her post and repost them with the correct information and even with the correct law enforcement agency.

So how is Katherine Kat fighting crime? The page do not just talk about Crime but also post negative mess about Rocky Mount Black City Council and Black Community Leaders.

Kat said, “The administrator said, “We are all in this together.” In what together?

The administrator stated a belief that, “What matters is making Rocky Mount a safe place to live, work and visit. I want to encourage others not to bring race into the issues in Rocky Mount. All that does is create more issues. We all have the same goal, to have a safe and prosperous community. It’s important to work together to achieve that goal.”

But Kat is always posting about Politics even telling folk who to vote for. She have even created polls asking folk to vote for candidates on her page and try to use that to sway folk to vote for her candidate. What does that have to do with Fighting Crime?

But Kat allow folk to say mess that is not true and do not remove it but when someone challenge the lie they are blocked and/or kept from being able to comment.

Fighting Crime allow certain folk to post but she posts about folk and when folk challenge her she blocks them from posting. This page creates division among Black Folk and try to justify she is not racist because she has mixed children.

LoveRockyMount  founder Warren Daughtridge told the Telegram in an email on Tuesday that, considering the mission of his Facebook group is to bridge divides, build connections, listen, learn and understand one another for the betterment of the community, “I am sure you can understand why I was shocked to hear Cooper Blackwell call us out as white supremacists.

Now all of that is just b.s. Warren said he founded the page when he began attending the Rocky Mount City Council meeting and listening to Samuel Battle come and make Public Comments every month attacking Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell. Sam would always say he just got out of jail. Sam would always make comments during the meetings and Andre and Reuben will check him with their response to his comments when the present the facts to his lies. Warren had said the group was not political but finally spoke up at Council meeting and confirmed it was political.

The following is a lie coming from Warren because he does respond on social media but this is what he had to say to the Telegram, “I would normally ignore such an ignorant statement, but his charge is so far off base and so wrong I must stand up to it,” Daughtridge said. “It is so contrary to our mission. I challenge him or anyone else to find one thing this group has done to deserve that title. We will be a name associated not with bigotry, racism or supremacy of any type, but with love for one another in the most basic way just like we did when we were children.” B.S.!

Barry Rehm, who is a co-administrator of the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Facebook page, told the Telegram in an email on Tuesday that the group has more than 4,300 diverse members represented by different ethnicities.

Wow just because the group has 4k friends hell he don’t know them and these folk ain’t saying they support the group, many like myself before getting blocked was only there to hold their racist asses in check. Hell I have almost 5k members on my page and I don’t know them all and hell not all of them don’t agree with me.

Rehm said the focus for years has been concerns about how the City Council has acted in direct conflict with a majority of citizens. What in the hell kind of statement is that? That has not facts to support his claims only opinions.

Rehm said that recently, with the elections, the page has been busy with the back and forth in connection with all of the contested municipal races. What in the hell does that mean?

He said that, regrettably, there have been a few commentators from both extremes who made racially insensitive remarks. Hell yeah he is correct because he is one who says racial mess. He allow racial mess and do not remove the lies but remove the comments and block those who challenges their racist asses.

He said the page’s administrators both have quite busy lives, meaning comments cannot be monitored 24/7. If they can’t manage the page then they don’t need a page. What a damn lie. I manage my page daily by myself and I work a real job so he is lying. They are on the page every day. And what tickles me is hell he and the other administrator gets notifications when folk post on the page.

He said that because the page is public, the administrators have elected to let members post without prior approval, but that posts will be deleted when complaints are found to have merit.

So how in the hell do you not have time to manage the page but then come back and say, “but that posts will be deleted when complaints are found to have merit.” You can go on that page at anytime and see how racist mess is allowed.

“It is a public forum,” he said, “and the admins stand behind the service to the community and roundly refute Cooper Blackwell’s obvious bias toward citizens’ concerns.”

Well I be damn Barry’s statement right here is so damn hypocritical because what he accuses Cooper of is what the page was designed to do. This page is the designated official page for the WSBS Movement. 

Cooper Blackwell yep Councilman’s Reuben Blackwell son is just saying what I and others who have visited the page have been saying long before Cooper came on the scene. A little research by visiting these pages and to look at others pages to see what they are saying about the pages that Cooper called out. He is RIGHT ON!

I have been calling out these racist pages over the years and I have been attacked because I talk to Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell, Bronson Williams, Black Leadership, because I am 2nd Vice President of the Rocky Mount NAACP, because I am The Political Agitator and more.

Thank you Cooper Blackwell for calling out these groups who are promoting the WSBS Movement.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/riDiDClQEQU?t=853

Gwen Wilkins Letter To Editor Calling Out Acn Insignificant Blogger Makes No Sense

Read Gwen Wilkins “Letter to the Editor: Social media rumors distort facts behind decision response to me The Insignificant Blogger and see did she come up with all of that mess. We talked when she was working the appointment of Bobbie Richardson asking me about who to contact in Edgecombe County. We talked when Richard Joyner was up for and during the appointment last year. We used to be Facebook friends until she blocked me. We have talked about much politics over the years. But a letter to the editor though! Really!

I know more about Gwen than she thinks I know.

I don’t know what she is talking about because I am talking about what happened in 2014 when she was the State Democratic Party 1st Vice Chair. She knew what I was talking about because she asked me to write a letter to the editor about what happened in Greensboro in 2014.

The Special C Want a Be said I didn’t know her. What a lie been knowing her for years. I have her contact numbers. I would have some text messages but I got a new phone.

It is really sad that this Special C Want a Be has come to this.

I am The Insignificant Blogger and I stand behind this message.

Letter to the Editor: Social media rumors distort facts behind decision – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: This crazy woman is talking out of her mind because I was have no clue of what she is talking about. I was not talking about being voted off the State Executive Committee recently and was talking about several years ago when we were up in Greensboro when she was the 1st Vice Chair and the Chair had resigned his post. I videoed the meeting and when we came back to Rocky Mount she wanted me to write a letter to the editor on her behalf. I have no clue of what this crazy ass woman is talking about her endorsing Sandy Claus Roberson after her ignant ass lost against Richard Joyner. Hell we already knew she had endorsed Sandy Claus but she did it publicly after she lost. It is obvious he has some of these damn Safe Black Folk out of their minds. It is sad she is mad and a confused want a be Special C has made a damn fool of herself over this election. Since she has been bought I wonder what is she selling? What Sandy Claus need to understand that the Safe Black Folk like Gwen Wilkins is INSIGNIFANCT when it comes to the Black Community. Now Run & Tell That The Political Agitator Said That!

Gwen you know what the hell I was talking about and I could have posted the following but I didn’t. Now this is what I am referring to since you have a serious case of CRMS! This was 2014 Rocky Mount NC: Open Letter to Gwen Wilkins Former 1st Vice Chair NC State Democratic Party

On Oct. 23, I made the decision to endorse and support Sandy Roberson for mayor of Rocky Mount. This decision was a no-brainer. I could not think of any reason not to.

As we all know, this is a non-partisan election. With that in mind and the thought of having our city fall into the hands of the other candidate, let me know I was making the right decision.

Now let me set the record straight. An insignificant blogger made the untruthful statement that I was voted off the State Executive Committee, presumably because of my endorsement. Shaking my head, indeed. I was not voted off, nor was I asked to resign from the State Executive Committee, and there was nothing requiring me to do so in the Democratic Party Plan of Organization as, again, this is a non-partisan race.

However, I decided of my own volition, to resign and submitted that resignation to the county party on Oct. 22. at a county executive committee meeting. It is called “integrity.”

It is so sad when some people have to resort to lies to feel important and make others think they are “in the know.” He has posted in the past that he “knows Gwen Wilkins.” He knows nothing about Gwen Wilkins. Those who believe any and everything this blogger posts should really rethink their sources of information.

Nope. I had no reservations whatsoever when endorsing Sandy Roberson. I weighed what I thought was best for Rocky Mount as to whether or not to do what I could to not let the face of our city be that of someone, in my opinion, that fosters racial division and will not be a good representative for our city.

You see, I rode over to 1611 Hargrove St. back in May of this year when I first announced my run to represent Ward 3 on the City Council, as Hargrove Street is in Ward 3. It was obvious to me 1611 was vacant, even back in May. When I asked candidate Bronson Williams about it, he gave me the same story, “I am having work done on it.” There was no work permit posted, the windows were raised, lights not on and it was apparent it was empty, abandoned and uninhabitable.

We need a mayor that has the tenacity and insight to move our city forward and represent all of Rocky Mount. Party does not matter in this election. Race should not matter in any election. Integrity does.

Gwen Wilkins

Rocky Mount

See original articleLetter to the Editor: Social media rumors distort facts behind decision

Rocky Mount NC – Mayoral candidate’s residency challenged

The Political Agitator’s response: I will follow this and if a hearing is granted I plan to attend to.

A Nash County woman has filed two protests with the Edgecombe County Board of Elections challenging Bronson Williams’ right to run in the Rocky Mount mayoral election.

Joyce Arnette Jones, who lives in Ward 5 of Rocky Mount in Nash County, filed the two protests on Friday with the Edgecombe County Board of Elections. The documents were released to the Telegram by the Edgecombe County Board of Elections on Monday after they had been reviewed by the Edgecombe County attorney.

Jones said she felt she needed to file the protests in the interest of fairness.

“I filed the protest because I believe he filed fraudulently to run for office,” Jones said Monday in a telephone interview. “I don’t think it is fair or proper or fair to the citizens of Rocky Mount.”

Both protests are related to Williams’ residency issues. Though Williams filed to run for mayor in Edgecombe County and listed an Edgecombe County address — 1611 Hargrove St. — as his residence, there seems to be mounting evidence that . . . (Read more)

Rocky Mount NC – So Sandy Roberson Asked Tarrick Pittman For Advice And Tarrick Says Sandy Claus Is Not An Attention Seeker, Really!

The Political Agitator’s response: When I read the following articleN.C. Wesleyan celebrates anniversaryin the Rocky Mount Telegram last week I didn’t know Mrs. Pash was Black. I read, “During the ceremony, two N.C. Wesleyan residence halls formally were renamed as a result of a donation by Rocky Mount mayoral candidate Sandy Roberson.” but Tarrick said, “Kudos to you Mr Roberson. You do a lot for the community that goes unnoticed. Never an attention seeker, but someone who is always willing to help and honor those who helped you throughout your journey in life. But Tarrick my question is why didn’t Sandy Claus do it anonymous? Funny as hell it was done during an election year and not in the years before now. Tarrick it looks like you and Sandy Claus meet your hashtag message, #letsgrowtogether. But Tarrick obviously you love seeking attention like your friend because hell you have been in the paper looking ignant since you filed to run for election and even after you have lost but still in denial about losing. But you are focusing on the wrong things and need to get back to the basics. That is a place to live, work and take care of your daughter that you told me you had.
Tarrick Pittman Advocate Ward 1

16 hrs ·

I remember when NC Wesleyan approached my friend and Mayoral candidate Sandy Roberson about contributing to a new dorm. He asked me my thoughts and I told him it was a great idea. He told me he would only do it if it was named after his favorite teacher, Jackie Pash. He didn’t want his name on the building. He wanted to honor the lady that instilled confidence in his life as a young man. The stories he told me about her were heart felt. Kudos to you Mr Roberson. You do a lot for the community that goes unnoticed. Never an attention seeker, but someone who is always willing to help and honor those who helped you throughout your journey in life. #letsgrowtogether

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Albert Preston Punkass Holmes Can Post About Me But When I Respond He Becomes The Victim, Really!

Albert Preston Punkass Holmes help me to understand. So you can go on pages that I am blocked and talk about me but when I go on your page and respond, now you are the Victim. GTHOH!

You say you are a retired minister so the hell what that suppose to mean when it comes to me. Ab so damn lute ly NOTHING!

I don’t know you and you don’t know me.

Well you need to understand I am a Black Grown Ass Man and your White Privilege do not include me. The moment you recognize and understand that the better off you will be.

So carry on but know I will respond to your PUNKASS!

Now Run and Tell That The Political Agitator Mr. Curmilus Dancy II Said That!

From now on call me Mr.