Breaking News: Princeville Town Manager Back On The Job After Home Visit By Mayor Everett-Oates And Commissioner Purvis-Andrews (Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What?)

Sources say the Princeville Town Manager Victor Marrow has decided to stay on his post after a home visit from Mayor Priscilla Everett-Oates and Commissioner Isabelle Purvis-Andrews.

So what in the world happened?

Like I stated earlier nothing is going to change until the citizens of Princeville demand justice. But will they hold their town commissioners accountable for their actions. Time will tell.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

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Breaking News: Princeville NC – Town Manager Victor Marrow Has Resigned Effective Today (Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What?)

Magistrate rules in favor of Knight–Source: Daily Southerner

Princeville NC – Now This Is A Prime Example Of Black Folks Not Holding Each Other Accountable

Princeville NC

Congress takes a stand and honors Tarboro – Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

Just to show we’re not afraid of controversy, the Telegram today would like to congratulate the town of Tarboro for marking its 250th anniversary.

That might not sound like a stretch, but believe it or not, a simple bill acknowledging the milestone raised some eyebrows in Congress this month.

The U.S. House has nothing against the town itself, so far as we know, but Republicans poised to take a majority of seats in January have called into question Congress’ age-old practice of honoring, recognizing, congratulating and applauding various towns, civic clubs, tasty vegetables and other nominees of distinction. (Read more)

Hope LoanPort in North Carolina




                                                                                                                  October, 2010

                                            HOPE LoanPort™ in North Carolina


HOPE LoanPort™ Mission Statement


HOPE LoanPort™ is an independent non profit which serves as a neutral, web based industry utility to improve residential mortgage loss mitigation execution. web-based tool that streamlines loan modification applications on behalf of homeowners at-risk of foreclosure, allowing housing counselors to efficiently transmit completed applications to mortgage companies. HOPE LoanPort™ is designed to improve the quality of both the application itself and the ability of servicers to make decisions on that application.


The Value:

• Secure electronic submission of completed modification applications.

• Standardization of required application data elements and supporting documents.

• Electronic verification that the servicer has received the fully completed modification package.

• Messaging of application statuses between counselor and servicer.

• Migration away from faxes, redundant telephone calls, and lost documents.


The Process:

• A homeowner contacts a participating US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) approved non-profit counselor in the HOPE LoanPort™ network.

• Counselor gathers all information and documentation from homeowner and completes application through HOPE LoanPort™.

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As of October 31, 2010

Over 330 counseling agencies are using HOPE LoanPort™ to submit borrower modification applications.

Over 1,700 counselors currently have the ability to submit applications today.

4 State housing finance agencies are signed on to HOPE LoanPort™, with others in the process of joining.

14 Mortgage Servicing Companies are participating in HOPE LoanPort™.

Over 6,600 modification applications have been initiated for mortgage servicers on behalf of distressed borrowers, of which, over 3,800 full applications have been submitted to participating servicers.


North Carolina: Please help take action by giving your constituency the contact information for the counselor nearest to them. A list of counselors that are currently operating with HOPE LoanPort™ in North Carolina include:



Contact Name



Alliance Credit Counseling

Brian Levy


AMEZ Housing Community Development Corporation

Toronya Ezell


Cape Fear Regional CDC

Maria Age


CCCS of Fayetteville

Tabaitha Stanley


CCCS of Forsyth County

Kathy Banks


CCCS of Gaston County, a division of Family Service, Inc.

C J Lowman

CCCS of Greater Greensboro

Sarah Hutchinson


CCCS of WNC dba OnTrack Financial Education Counseling

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership, Inc.

William Carter

Choanoke Area Development Association of NC, Inc. (CADA)

Brenda S Greene

Durham Affordable Housing Coalition

Lorisa Seible

Durham Regional Financial Center

Glyndola Beasley

Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity, Inc.

Cathia Pope

Guilford County Homeownership Center 

Marche L Clarke

Housing Authority of City of High Point 

Kristen Short

Kingdom Community Development Corp.

Meredith McAllister

Northwestern Regional Housing Authority

Wilma McDaniel

Olive Hill Community Economic Development Corporation, Inc.

Jasper W Hemphill Jr

Prosperity Unlimited, Inc

Robert Brown

Raleigh Area Development Authority


River City Community Development Corporation

Julieta  Smith

Rocky Mount Edgecombe Community Development Corporation

Teisha Harrison

Salisbury Community Developement Corporation

Robbie Stevens

Telamon Corporation

Donna Ryder

The Homeownership Center (Consumer Education Services)

Leigh Lester Holmes

Triangle Family Services 

Joseph Paradise

Western Piedmont Council of Governments

Sherry Long

Wilson Community Improvement Association Inc

Deanie Dawson



NAACP Daisy Bates Education Summit 2010






Princeville NC: So What Is It Going To Take To Really Get Princeville Headed In The Right Direction? (Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What?)

It is sad but the only thing that is going to save Princeville is some criminal charges will have to take place. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that there are some criminal activities going on within the town governmental agency.

The citizens need to understand that although some of them may be family, friends and/or whatever to some of the commissioners that as long a they remain silent they are going to continue to suffer and not receive all the real benefits that they should be receiving from their governmental agency.

I challenge the citizens to contact the mayor and request an emergency meeting now to share what business has taken place such as signing of documents and etc. since this board has been in office.

I don’t know what bothers me the most, the criminal activity that is being done or the silence of the citizens. You see it should not be Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight who the mayor is trying to silence but the citizens ought to be outraged. The citizens should be at every meeting raising hell.

Oh well who am I? I am a concerned Edgecombe County Citizen and Princeville NC just happens to be in Edgecombe County.

Hell yeah I said it, now what?

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Breaking News: Princeville NC – Town Manager Victor Marrow Has Resigned Effective Today (Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What?)

Magistrate rules in favor of Knight–Source: Daily Southerner

Princeville NC – Now This Is A Prime Example Of Black Folks Not Holding Each Other Accountable

Princeville NC

Breaking News: Princeville NC – Town Manager Victor Marrow Has Resigned Effective Today (Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What?)

Princeville Town manager Victor Marrow has resigned effective today Monday, November 29, 2010. Sources say he has had enough of the ongoing disputes working with Mayor Priscilla Everett-Oates, Commissioner Calvin Sherrod and Commissioner Isabelle Purvis-Andrews. I understand that a series of incidents happened over the weekend in Princeville related to the mayor.

Sources also question why the mayor requested she and the commissioners met in Greenville with the auditors instead of allowing the auditors to come to Princeville. I understand there is atleast one person on the payroll illegally among other things.

Sources say the town clerk had cut a check to pay Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight for checks that have been withheld after the magistrate ordered that Knight be paid on Wednesday, November 24, 2010.

I commend Commissioner Knight for asking all the right questions at the town meetings about the business of the town. Commissioner Ann Howell has done the same and when she was silenced by the mayor then she attempted to silence Knight by holding her check. Obviously Howell and Knight don’t get it that this is Priscilla-ville and not Princeville so they can’t talk. The mayor removed the commissioner’s comments from the agenda so she is the only one who can run the show. Well damn Mayor Everett-Oates is one of the few mayors who gets to vote nearly every meeting because you can count on Commissioners Sherrod and Purvis-Andrews voting against anything Commissioners Howell and Knight votes for.

Now this is what I am talking about, the manager Victor Marrow has taken a stand and we must take a stand when we see things are not going right. I was beginning to question how can this brother who is a minister continue to go along with the mayor’s mess. But then I also question how does the mayor continue to do her mess and she is a minister? Oh well.

Again I call on the citizens of Princeville to take a stand and demand justice. It is past-time that the citizens need to go to the meetings and ask the mayor and her cronies along with the ignant attorney Chuck Watts to resign also.

Enough is enough.

Hell yeah I said it, now what?

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Magistrate rules in favor of Knight–Source: Daily Southerner

Princeville NC – Now This Is A Prime Example Of Black Folks Not Holding Each Other Accountable

Princeville NC

Football Friday: Tarboro’s D comes up big–Daily Southerner

BEAULAVILLE — With his team facing elimination in the third round of the 2-A North Carolina High School Athletic Association Playoffs Friday night, Tarboro Viking Kendall Jacobs took matters into his own hand and made the biggest play of his senior career with an interception in the fourth quarter that led to the winning touchdown against the No. 1 seed East Duplin Panthers. Tarboro escaped with a 13-10 victory. (Read more)

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Jeanne Massey: Give ranked voting more of a chance–Source: Star Tribune

One dull election proves nothing (though it was procedurally sound).

I’m struggling to discern the point of the Nov. 21 article "New voting is not as simple as 1-2-3."

Was it that ranked-choice voting (RCV) failed to revolutionize electoral politics in one under-the-radar election last year in Minneapolis? That’s not news — especially to those working hard to put Minnesota at the forefront of electoral reform. (Read more)

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Tarboro moves to within a win of third straight state title game–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

BEULAVILLE — East Duplin controlled the clock and the ball, but the scoreboard belonged to Tarboro on Friday night.

The Vikings scored once early and took advantage of a late East Duplin turnover for the go-ahead score in a crazy fourth quarter for a 13-10 win at Charles R. Powers Stadium. (Read more)

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Instant runoff not so quick–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

The Nash County Board of Elections will examine instant runoff voting results for the fifth and final seat on the N.C. Court of Appeals.

The county’s elections board and staff will meet at 10 a.m. Monday inside the auditorium of the Nash County Agriculture Center to count tallies for Court of Appeals Judge candidates Cressie Thigpen and Doug McCullough. They are the two leading vote-getters in this year’s judicial race, which had 11 other candidates. (Read more)

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Congratulations Tarboro Vikings 13 On Your Victory Over East Duplin 10

Congratulations Tarboro Vikings one more game at home on Friday December 3, 2010 and you can go to the state playoffs the following week. Can you say “Repeat?”

Tarboro will host East Bladen on Friday December 3rd.

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Obama Needs 12 Stitches After Getting Whacked in the Lip – Citizens For Legitimate Government

President Obama needed 12 stitches on his upper lip after he was inadvertently hit this morning while playing basketball with friends and family at Fort McNair in Washington, D.C. The president was playing defense when Rey Decerega, an opposing player, turned into him to take a shot and his elbow hit Obama in the mouth. The president was given a local anesthetic for the procedure. (Read more)

BP oil spill incident commander dies in small plane crash–Source: Citizens For Legitimate Government

Jim Black, a BP incident commander for the company’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill response team, died in a small plane crash near Destin, Fla., on Tuesday night, the company confirmed. The Coast Guard said the small plane crashed Tuesday about 7:30 p.m. in Choctawhatchee Bay. Black, whose job at the oil giant was director of operations for the Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, spent a lot of his time during the past several months in and around New Orleans. (Read more)

Hard work must be backbone of 2010-2011 SouthWest Edgecombe basketball teams–Source: Wilson Times

PINETOPS — Sandra Langley is neither retired nor deceased, but, already, a gymnasium is named in her honor.

"It’s nice to get your flowers before you die," she remarked with a smile.

SouthWest Edgecombe High’s Sandra Shelton Langley Gymnasium has been the home for four state championship basketball teams and four others that finished as state runners-up. (Read more)

Note: Must subscribe to Wilson Times to read more. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Rocky Mount NC–Rocky Mount Senior High Gryphons Ball

Well today is the day

Let’s get this party started Gryphons!! Tickets will be available at the Gateway between noon – 2pm if you would like to stop by. After 2pm you can get them at the door while they last.

Also don’t forget: "This is a dress to impress affair" ladies are going all out so fellas bring your "A Game"

Let’s go, Vikings. make us proud–Source: Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Our Vikings played one tough game this past Friday, and they are only going to get tougher in the playoffs. You, the fans, really got into this game like never before. The defense came up big several times, but I noticed that whenever the crowd got up and got loud to support the defense, they came through with a big play. (Read more)

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