How much will money matter in the Rocky Mount Mayoral runoff?


Glenn Silver

How much will money matter in the Rocky Mount Mayoral runoff?

The most recent North Carolina State Board of Elections reports show Rocky Mount Mayoral candidate, Sandy Roberson spend $244,088.84 in his bid for mayor and received 4,718 votes that means he spent $51.74 per vote. The most recent financial report for his opponent in the upcoming runoff, Bronson Williams, was not posted on the North Carolina State Board of Elections website. However, given the campaign Mr. Williams ran, I doubt if his expenditures per vote are at that level. The challenge, in the runoff is for Rocky Mount voters to send the message as to whether or not elections can be bought.


Rocky Mount NC – Response to Mayoral Race Featuring Kevin Jones

There has been a WSBS Movement that has been going on since 2003 but it has been sho nuff moving since December 2018. I found the following to be quite interesting.
Kevin Jones

“Although he declined to state who he is voting for to be the city’s next chief executive, he said Williams phoned him on Tuesday night, inquiring about an endorsement.

“I hadn’t even eaten dinner yet after getting home,” Jones said of the call.

Jones said after he told Williams he would not be giving an endorsement, Williams expressed hope in getting a vote from him.

Jones said he told Williams, “Well, I will be voting — and it’s up to you to try and earn my vote like you would have to do with thousands of other people.”

Jones said he had not received emails, cell phone voicemails or text messages from Roberson inquiring about an endorsement.

“I worked hard on the campaign trail, met some amazing people and had plenty of opportunities to compromise my integrity for a competitive advantage but chose not to.”

Had not even eaten yet, Really!

Jones said it’s up to you to try and earn my vote well damn he called you and asked you for your vote. Damn sound like you are mad.

Damn so this means he seen some things that he felt was just dirty and to not share that to me makes no sense unless one want to leave the door open for such an opportunity.

“My thinking was I would either win on election night or go to a runoff — and so the decision that I had made was that I would publicly refuse anybody’s endorsement that did not endorse me publicly before Oct. 8,” Jones said. “And the reason being is because I know how racially divided our city is and I know that after Oct. 8, should I have been in the runoff, I knew I would have been in there with Sandy.”

I knew it would be Sandy Claus and Bronson Williams in the Run-off without a doubt if Sandy couldn’t buy the election.

Jones made clear he believes there needs to be an end to divisions among racial, socio-economic and gender lines.

And he said, “God yes, there is a huge divide” between Edgecombe and Nash counties as shown in the results of Tuesday’s contest for mayor.

“And wait until you see what happens over the next 30 days,” he said. “It’s going to be so divided — and it’s sickening, it’s embarrassing to see the level of division that exists in our city along racial lines.”

And he said, “The county divide is a result from the racial divide.”

So Jones how do you end the racial and socio-economic and gender lines you speak of now?

What did the election results show as that you say is a huge divide between the counties?

So why would the next 30 days not continue to show the division when the damn Special Cs started their WSBS in December and has been in the papers attacking Black Leadership daily since that time. So I guess you feel you will be exempt if you won simply because you have tried to distance yourself from the current Black Leadership and has not addressed the issue.

But I am so glad that the division is not from within the Rocky Mount City Council. This council has worked together and been more transparent than any council before them. The Racial Divide is being driven by the Special Cs who are on Social Media daily and TV via: Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Barry Rehm, Community Council Elijah Lige Daughtridge, Tales of An Educated Debutante Adrian Harrold Wood, WHIG-TV Sandra Smith & Owner Robbie Davis, Keith Harris former Fire Chief, Clint Coleman Williams, Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson, Randy Adcox and the list goes on.

I don’t know Kevin Jones however I will continue to follow him to see how he move forward.

Overall Kevin ran a good clean race however I still say his campaigning best fit him running for school board especially since his passion is about Educational Scholarships.

But just my ignant opinion and as always I approve this message



Rocky Mount NC – Sandy Roberson Financial Report For Rocky Mount Mayoral Election

Sources forwarded the following to The DCN News Blog Online TV. The following is Public Information so click on the links below and see it for yourself. I don’t make this stuff up, I just forward it and get blamed for creating it.

I just checked the NC State Board of Elections record and Sandy Roberson has spent running for Mayor of Rocky Mount!

Click on the links

Here is the report in Excel


Here is the report in PDF


Here is the link to the NC State Board of Elections Website from which I downloaded the Excel and PDF files. The Excel and PDF files are the same data just in different formats.

Campaign Document Search By Entity

Rocky Mount NC: Letter to the Editor: Candidate’s race should not be a factor in voting (Hell Yeah Race Matters)

There are a lot of important issues for all of us to think about and talk about during municipal elections.

The Political Agitator’s response: What are those important issues Mr. Attorney. I hate when folk throw out b.s. without providing what the facts.

Two things that are not important are the color of a voter’s skin and the color of the candidate’s skin.

The Political Agitator’s response: Speak for your damn self because color is the most important thing in the mayoral race where Special Cs began a movement to unseat the Andre Knight and Reuben Black well for years and now Richard Joyner. Your ass just mad because you ran against Andre Knight and lost and he is supporting Bronson Williams. If you were a real friend of Kevin Jones just maybe you should have convinced him to run for school board because in my opinion that is what he should have chosen to pursue. But that is just my ignant opinion.

It is perfectly acceptable for a white voter to vote for a white candidate or for a white voter to vote for a black candidate. It is perfectly acceptable for a black voter to vote for a black candidate or for a black voter to vote for a white candidate.

The Political Agitator’s response: Really! All that to say nothing.

To suggest that a black voter would vote for a white candidate for any other reason than the voter’s thoughtful evaluation of the positions and ideas of the candidate is an insult to the intelligence of that black voter.

The Political Agitator’s response: What is an insult is this ignant b.s. mess you have written.

I plan to vote for my good friend Kevin Jones for mayor and I’d invite people to join me in doing so.

The Political Agitator’s response: Wow! What color is Kevin Jones. I wonder are you voting for him just because he is Black. But you will never tell. Damn you didn’t say why you were voting for him. Ain’t that something. I guess because I ain’t a lawyer that I ain’t spose to have sense enough to not fall for your ignant mess here.

However, whoever you vote for I would ask you to do so based on ideas and with absolutely no consideration for the color of your skin or the color of the candidate’s skin.

The Political Agitator’s response: Oh but you can tell folk who to vote and not to base their ideas and consideration for the color of one’s skin or the color of the candidate’s skin. Really! Now that is too ignant! Hell just go vote for your man because those of us who are not ignant to the WSBS that is going on know that if the Special Cs are successful in getting the 2 Caucasians in office and then to unseat Andre Knight.

William R. Solomon Jr.

Rocky Mount

Curmilus Dancy II, The Political Agitator
Pinetops NC

See original article in The Rocky Mount Telegram: Letter to the Editor: Candidate’s race should not be a factor in voting

John Check Interview TJ Walker Candidate For City Council

I had endorsed Andre Knight, Bronson Williams, Robert Cordell and T.J. Walker.

I support Andre Knight because I know what he has done for the city of Rocky Mount and it is documented. And that is why the Special C s have been mad.

I support Bronson Williams because he has been actively engaged in politics and has been a voice for the citizens of Rocky Mount via Rocky Mount City Council, Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools and other.

I support Robert Cordell because I know he has been actively engaged in politics having run for school board over the years.

I was supporting T.J. Walker because 1st of all he is family. I support young folk. Although I chose T.J. over his opponent, I struggled with losing a Black female perspective on the council but I was willing to give T.J. my support.

I am having a hard time with what I have seen during this campaign season. I had said that that the Ward 4 seat would be okay no matter which candidate won but now I am having a hard time with what the outcome will be if T.J. was to win.

I received several phone calls about a ballot was coming out from the Republican Party with Sandy Roberson, Lige Daughtridge, Gwen Wilkins (who is just mad with the Democratic Party being a former 1st Vice Chair of the State Party and 1st Congressional District Chair) and T.J. This is 2 Republicans and 2 Democrats. I told them callers that I felt that several folk were behind it but it was linked to the Republican Party with certain Democrats pushing the Republican candidates agenda. When the ballot finally hit the ground after the Early Voting began I told them that I told you so. But the most recent articles in the newspaper talking about the ballot, Nash County Commissioner Republican Robbie Davis confirmed for me what I felt.

I was in the presence of T.J. and 2 other candidates along with another person and I didn’t like how the discussion went. I made a suggestion that if there were going to be a ballot for the Democrats that they do a commercial with all of the Democrats that was to include Andre, Richard Joyner, Robert Cordell and T.J. Walker that they did it a certain way since I knew that T.J. was suppose to be on the Republican ballot that I had received calls about.

So as it stands T.J. is the only candidate that is on both ballots the The Street Team and The Edgecombe Nash Political Caucus. Although it is unclear who Street Team is, it is clear who the suspects are and they are tied to the Republican Candidates. So folk can be in denial if they want to but it is clear who the suspects are.

Last week The United Rocky Mount Group kicked off and it was a Press Release sent out and I know because I received it. So anybody that seen it had the opportunity to attend and also while it was being broadcasted live on Community Connections with Theresa.

On yesterday there was another event and a press release went out again. Now United Rocky Mount can put it out there but I be damn if they have control over who come out and attend.

On last week no candidates spoke other than the city council members Andre Knight and Richard Joyner. Bronson Williams was present but didn’t speak.

I watched most of the event on yesterday while I left Rocky Mount and went home and came back to the event but it was over when I arrived. When the live recording ended, I heard Andre Knight say they were going to acknowledge the candidates by letting them wave their hands and they could do like a meet and greet.

I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest! However I can’t say that about family because no matter what family is always permanent whether they acknowledge each other or not.

I received a call tonight asking me could I get channel l7 and I said I can but it is channel 31.1 on my tv which is regular tv.

The more I watched the more I could hardly stomach.

First of all I have a problem with the interview being on the racist John Check show however he tried to make it appear he is not racist throughout all of his shows when a Black candidate is being interviewed.

I just called T.J. a couple of days ago and told him that he need to be careful how he share things on his page. When I seen a post that he shared from Tosha Kelley Aldridge whereby she stated, With everyone up for election, I have spoken with each candidate for mayor and TJ. No offense to Elaine, but with the RMT article stating Lois Watkins was her backing, that immediately lost my vote.” I said do you not understand that she is not supporting you for you but because she is against Elaine. I said she used to come to the council meetings talking junk to the council and then moved her business from downtown to Nash County Sunset Ave. He said thank you. However I am just checking and I see the post is still up.

But you see this is what happens when you don’t go to city council meetings and be on top of what business is taking place and who come to the meeting going after the council. Kevin Jones said going to the council meetings sitting for 2 hours means nothing. SMDH!

I looked at the re-run of the John Check interview from Monday night the same night of the United Rocky Mount 2nd event. I have a problem with T.J. saying he was not allowed to speak. Well why would you think you would be allowed to speak when you have not proven yourself to be a part of United Rocky Mount?

T.J. I was willing to give you my support however some of the things you said on the John Check Show is a blow to the Black Community and me as I have had to call John Check ass out on The Morning Show never called in to his Racist Show.

I was going to dissect what you said that relate to my activism directly and indirectly.

I remember being in a meeting not long ago and a person spoke up in favor of a candidate and the other person said that really took some nerve for her to do that. Well this is how I feel about what took place on The John Check Show. But the sad part John played it off like he is about unity and talked about Black Leadership playing the damn race card to pump folk up when he and other Special Cs have come for Black Leadership and myself.

Although I have a problem with The Racist John Check Show and The Racist WHIG-TV Morning Show, the problem really lies with Black Folk who go on their show and bow down to their narrative.

I am done!

Today I am only supporting Andre Knight, Richard Joyner, Robert Cordell and Bronson Williams.

Like I had said I was not really into the Ward 4 race because I thought either way we would be okay but now I am beginning to wonder that was really a true statement.

Now folk you can twist this however you want but I have been doing what I do since the early 90’s long before the current council members came on board.

I don’t speak for Andre Knight because he does a damn good job of speaking for himself. However just because the things I speak about it includes him and the other council members the work they have done, I can’t help that and I will not apologize for speaking truth to power.

Hell no I don’t live in Rocky Mount but I have worked over there and spent much time fighting for not only the numerous family members but others over the years. Folk will be surprised how much family and who I am related to. Folk you probably have talked to some of my folk over the years and possibly talk to some of them daily.

I ain’t mad with nobody! I am going to continue to be me.

I am The Political Agitator (Professional) The Watch Dog of the East.

Rocky Mount NC – Sample ballot fuels speculation (Damn But Gwen Wilkins Said The Ballot Was Ok)

The Political Agitator’s response: This is about Voter Integrity and a key player Gwen Wilkins now can’t be reached but said it was ok to do a ballot in response to when Bronson Williams posted about the ballot on his Facebook page. But what tickles the hell out of me is that Sandy Roberson says: Roberson said he has stayed within the bounds of the law during the campaign. “I have obeyed all the campaign finance laws,” Roberson said. “We have run a clean campaign.” But over the past several weeks Sandy has had to address things going on with his election. It began with Sandy Roberson for Mayor on Moe Deloach shirts during the camp held Juneteenth weekend. The Baskerville School Back To School mess. The Johnson School Back to School mess. Now the most recent the ballots oh and the emails to teachers using their school email. It is obvious that with all of the things that have been going on, Sandy says he is not aware of it but he keeps happening. So he must have not had a talk with The Street Team who he says are using him. SMDH!

A sample ballot for the Rocky Mount elections is making the rounds and at least one candidate is concerned that the ballot is confusing voters because it does not identify its source as required by law.

The ballots in question list the whole slate of candidates running in Rocky Mount elections, even though real individual ballots list only the post of mayor and the candidates for a voter’s ward, if that seat is up for election.

The sample ballot marks choices for Sandy Roberson as mayor, Tarrick Pittman for Ward 1, Gwen Wilkins for Ward 3, T.J. Walker Jr. for Ward 4 and Lige Daughtridge for Ward 5.

No legend is displayed at the bottom of the sample ballot indicating its source. The top of the sample ballot simply reads: “We, the Street Team, ask that you vote for the candidates below that are marked.”

Councilman Andre Knight, who is being challenged by Pittman for the Ward 1 seat, said he feels the ballots are deliberately deceptive.

“My concern is not with who an individual chooses to vote for, but with an official Board of Elections ballot being misrepresented,” Knight said. “Anyone can give out a ballot if it is clear who is endorsing and who is distributing them.”

According to state campaign finance law, “A legend (the information stating who paid for and authorized the advertisement . . . (Read More)

Rocky Mount NC – United Rocky Mount Press Conference (Sandy Claus Coming To Town) Rocky Mount City Council Election Heats Up!

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