Like many Black Americans, the Project 21 Black Conservative Leadership Network called the US Senate’s “apology for slavery” resolution "useless".  But, Project 21 seems to singing somebody else’s agenda when they say: “apologizing for slavery and segregation will be used as a lobbying tool to acquire reparations payments”.   Is the concept of reparations for Blacks a dead issue and is Project 21 contributor Jimmie L. Hollis right in urging the Senate to "move on"? Hollis says: "As an American of African ancestry, I think this apology is ridiculous and useless.  It is just another ‘feel good’ action.  If we are to start apologizing for every injustice and wrong done in the past, we will spend the next few decades just apologizing."

Most American descendants from slaves would agree “an apology is not enough”.  In 2010, a disproportionate number of African Americans are in jails and ensconced in judicial systems. Unemployment among Blacks remains, as it has for decades, twice that of Whites.   Black institutions, social agencies, education and communities are typically funded below rates for Whites.  Yet, in the face of America’s institutionalized pattern of discrimination, this cadre of young Blacks steadfastly stands for the status quo. 

Can any deny the “rightness” of reparations?  Its human and legal rights advocates say African American Reparations is based on a legal precedence: that when a society or group willingly and knowingly commits a crime or “moral wrongs”, a form of compensation is due.  The movement has been led, before his death, by Johnnie L. Cochran, Randall Robinson and a venerable constitutional attorney Dr. Robert L. Brock.  Cochran was heading Reparations for Slavery lawsuit against the United States of America.  Dr. Brock says “a debt is owed Blacks for the centuries of unpaid slave labor that built America’s early economy and money owed from discriminatory wage and employment patterns Blacks have been subjected to since emancipation”.  A legend in Black Reparations circles, Brock gets little mainstream media with statements like: "The wealth of America is our legal property.  But we must make our legal claims to get money as others have".

Before some Project 21 contributors were out of high school, Brock was holding meetings across America, supporting Congressman John Conyers’ H.R. 40 Bill “to form a Commission to Study Reparations Proposal for African-Americans”.  In the years before he became House Judiciary Committee Chair, Conyers made a ritual submitting H.R. 40 in Congress each year since 1989.  Basically H.R. 40 Bill: 1) acknowledges the fundamental injustice and inhumanity of slavery; 2) establishes a commission to study slavery and its subsequent racial and economic discrimination against freed slaves; 3) studies the impact of those forces on today’s living African Americans; and 4) commission would then make recommendations to Congress on appropriate remedies to redress the harm inflicted on living African Americans.  But the imperative of correcting and repairing the legacy of slavery and its continuing effects on African-Americans is on the skids.  Congressman Conyers has now given up on what now appears to have been a 20-year facade of legislating for slave reparations in America.  Conyers was recently quoted saying “the reparations issue is ‘too controversial’ to pursue at this time’.

For the few that think things have “changed”, for most Black Americans, situations have remained the same.  For the majority of African Americans the vestiges of slavery and de jure segregation continue.  Yet, the House Judiciary Committee’s first Black head now says reparations are “too controversial to pursue”.   At a time America has its first self-proclaimed “Black President” and first Judiciary Chair; it is more than ironic that the level of discussion about absence of wealth, work, educational, and economic capacity among Blacks is more muted than under previous people in those positions.

Its odd Blacks would damper down discussions about reparations during the Presidency of a Black man?  Are the voices of Project 21’s protégées the political reality?  Have conversations regarding rectifying economic injustices done Blacks completely died; or will African Americans give attention to, and make the passage of, H.R. 40 a priority despite Conyers and Obama?

(William Reed – )

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William Reed

Students And Parents Being Used For A Good Cause At G.W. Carver Elementary School

In response to a comment on the Rocky Mount Telegram addressed to me. See the original post here.

An Eastern Carolina principal received a purple & pink makeover, all for a good cause. Carver Elementary students got a chance to paint Principal William Ellis on Friday to benefit Relay for Life. As part of the Edgecombe County school’s "Quarters for a Cure" campaign, for every $10 collected, students and teachers got the chance to put one brush stroke of paint on the principal. They could choose purple or pink paint. The principal is no stranger to crazy fund raising stunts for the American Cancer Society. In the past he’s climbed on the roof and even taped to a wall. The monies will be totaled May 14th at the annual Relay for Life walk at Tarboro High School’s track field, all to benefit cancer. HEY DANCY, YOU NEED TO HAVE THE PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATED. where did he get the purple and pink paint? looks like you can try again to get this TOP-NOTCH principal fired. how many times have you tried and failed? you are probably mad because they didn’t use any "BLACK" OR "BROWN" paint. LMAO!!!!!

Although the Relay For Life is a very worthy cause, I have a problem with the school using the same children to make themselves look good but many of the children are not receiving a quality education.

First of all this is a public private school where there is only one black certified teacher in the classroom. There is one black certified special teacher. Why has Ellis not hired any black teachers at this school? Maybe if they join his church they may get hired.

I am very much familiar with what goes on at the school and long Ellis became the principal there. You are damn right some crazy things have gone on and continue to go on at the school.

I am not impressed with none of the crazy mess you mention when the children who are mistreated on a daily basis. Over the years black students are sent to ISS (In School Suspension) while white students time is reduced or they don’t go at all. TOP-NOTCH?

Just today I was told that 11 teachers were allowed to stay home because they didn’t want to work because it was field day. TOP-NOTCH?

A child ate some chemicals that was put on some regurgitation and Ellis never made the parents aware of the incident. He has not had a conversation with the parents about this incident as of today and it happened in February. TOP-NOTCH?

A male student along with 3 other male students had a knife and threatened some little girls and Ellis didn’t contact the girl’s parents. When these parents met with him he acted as if he didn’t give a damn. He lied to them that he was going to handle the situation and he didn’t. The parents had to go to the police station to take the necessary actions that he said he was going to do. TOP-NOTCH?

Some parents told Ellis their child needed speech therapy at the beginning of the 2009 – 2010 school year and he didn’t respond until after the incident in February. The parents took it upon themselves to go to Heritage Hospital and their child began receiving speech therapy. Because these parents had gotten frustrated with Ellis they had mentioned they wanted to move the child out of a teacher’s room or out of the school altogether. He was willing to allow them to move the child out of the school after the February incident that happened in this teacher’s class. Simple solution would have been to move the child out of the teacher’s classroom last year. I told the parents in March they didn’t need to move the child with only a couple of months to go and the child was moved to another classroom and the child is doing great. TOP-NOTCH?

There was a meeting in March with Ellis to talk about issues surrounding the child that was moved to another classroom and Ellis wouldn’t allow the meeting to take place because I was there. The child was moved shortly after we left on this very day. We asked that he reschedule the meeting per Roland Whitted Associate Superintendent who was present for the meeting and Ellis has not given us a time for that meeting as of today. TOP-NOTCH?

You say, “how many times have you tried and failed?” Well our concerns are not dead yet because we are still following the proper chain of command and we will continue until we get some justice.

To allow a child to eat some chemicals that the staff put out and not report it to the school nurse nor to the family is just sorry as hell. And then Ellis has not shown any sympathy towards the child and the parents makes me mad as hell. TOP-NOTCH? This should be grounds for a lawsuit.

This school like many others do not follow their own policies and procedures. TOP-NOTCH?

I had much respect for Ellis until I got involved with the child eating the chemicals and the knife incidents. I have always had a problem with the make-up of the staff which do not include diversity.

I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.


Political Candidates The DCN Has On Video

Ken Lewis Interview Simulcast On DCNTV

1st Congressional District Banquet Featuring David Young NC Party Chair, G.K. Butterfield, Cal Cunnigham, Eva Clayton and other Candidates Hertford County In Winton NC Saturday March 27, 2010

Butterfield Supports Lewis – Posted April 10, 2010 New

Democratic Party District Convention Edgecombe Community College Saturday April 10, 2010

Congressman G.K. Butterfield and Chad Larkins During North Hampton County Democratic Candidates Forum Saturday April 17, 2010

PROMM Parents & Relatives of Missing & Murdered Recognition Tribute To Our Daughters & Sons Church of God Of Deliverance Rocky Mount NC Sunday April 25, 2010

Pitt County Candidates Forum Featuring Bordeaux, Armstrong and Other Candidates New Covenant Church Greenville NC Tuesday April 27, 2010

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SPINCycle for April 29, 2010

If you are having trouble reading this email, you may view the online version

Welcome to this week`s edition of SPINCycle.

Welcome to this week’s edition of SPINCycle.  This week on NC SPIN we are going to give you the most complete analysis of Tuesday’s primary elections, talk about the state’s efforts to collect sales taxes from Amazon and about the need for better teacher training.  In the meantime, participate in the discussion on these issues on the NC SPIN facebook page.

Tom Campbell`s Spin
A new book tells us a lot about the early history of our state. Check out this week’s column, “
Lessons from our founders”.

Heard on the Street
Politics, pork and prancing ponies
It’s not to late to double down and get in your registration for the 3rd Annual Derby Day. Colonel Rufus Edmisten will be passin’ ‘round the juleps and Miss Linda aka Scarlett O’Edmisten will provide the Southern Charm that accompanies parties surrounding the Kentucky Derby. You can be sure there will be food a’plenty, lots of wonderful company (including some of your favorites from SPIN), a silent auction and a big Derby Hat contest. Admission is $40 per person or $70 per couple. Proceeds go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Get out the hoop skirts, dust off the bonnets and wear your best derby attire. We’re pulling out the white linen suit (if it still fits) and plan to cheer on our favorites from 3 to 7 p.m. this Saturday. Can’t attend? No problem. Just send your $70 donation to Cheryl and feel good about it. Register by calling 919-829-1988 or mail checks to Foundation for Good Business, Edmisten and Webb, 132 S. Salisbury St., Raleigh, NC 27601. 

Election Central
Tuesday is the day we learn who wins the primary races throughout North Carolina. We’re gonna focus much of our NC SPIN show this week on all the facets of this very strange election, so be sure to catch it.

Political insiders are predicting a 30 percent turnout for the elections. Our experts are saying 20 percent is more like it, highly favoring incumbents in primary contests.

The only real statewide contest drawing any interest is the Democratic US Senate primary. We’ve been saying for months this is headed to a runoff and we still think it the case, but we are wondering if Elaine Marshall might have played it a bit too conservatively. Cal Cunningham’s TV ads have definitely cut into Marshall’s lead with both a WRAL and PPP poll showing outcomes within the statistical margin for error. Cunningham is has been on TV for several weeks. We’ve seen Marshall’s ad online and it doesn’t sizzle. She is supposedly placing a TV buy but has waited so late it is unlikely to have much impact on the primary election.

Marshall has worked hard to get the endorsement of minority groups. Ballots from black caucuses, especially in the East, all have Marshall as the pick. But few pundits predict that the black vote will amount to a significant percentage of the turnout so there is real question as to the value of these endorsements.

It is doubtful that a runoff between Marshall and Cunningham will be avoided. Marshall has been counting on this. Cunningham needed TV to ensure he was in second place. The question mark is the percentage of votes Ken Lewis draws. But momentum in politics is important and Cunningham has it going his way right now. We are told contributions are coming in strong and confidence is building in the Cunningham camp.

There are other races worth noting. The Sheriff’s race in Pitt County is uglier than homemade lye soap. Incumbent Mac Manning is facing a stiff challenge from Neil Elks, a former Captain in the Sheriff’s Department. A controversy worthy of a 60 Minutes investigation surrounds the death of the husband of a deputy in the department and a suggested cover-up by Sheriff Manning. Add to the mix charges of marital infidelity among members of the department and this race has truly captured the attention of folks in Pitt County. “Talk of the Town” conducted a debate between the two candidates, which sparked even more talk, according to host Henry Hinton, also a guest on this week’s NC SPIN. Read the Daily Reflector story on this race.

The region also has one of the more interesting legislative contests. In the 3rd district incumbent Clark Jenkins is running against Frankie Bordeaux, a successful African American businessman, as well as Florence Armstrong, a former African American Edgecombe County Commissioner. Many suspect Jenkins encouraged Armstrong to run so as to split up the black vote, a fact that has kept Jenkins elected in this majority African American district. Bordeaux is spending beau coups of bucks to win this nomination. Claims and counter claims surround this race, especially the overpayment of $4.2 million in mental health services from a corporation Bordeaux and his wife own. But this contest may come to the wire and depend on who shows up to vote. Bordeaux is staging a massive campaign to get black voters to the polls in early voting. Insiders tell us to look for a 400-500 margin either way. Whoever wins the Democratic nomination will win the seat. Jenkins is one of the more powerful Senators in Marc Basnight’s Senate.

Another heated Senate race is in Moore County where former House Co-Speaker Richard Morgan is running against incumbent Harris Blake. This race is divisive among this largely Republican district. Blake’s health is a whispered issue. Morgan’s dealings while Speaker is another. Morgan has Carter Wrenn, one of the state’s most seasoned political strategists behind him.

Morgan has always been a controversial figure in politics and this campaign is exhibit A. While we haven’t seen it on TV, Morgan posted an ad on You Tube blasting Governor Perdue’s Health and Human Services Secretary Lanier Cansler regarding the no-bid contracts HHS entered into with clients of his former firm. The ad stated  that no Republicans or Democrats had stood up to the pay-to-play scheme but Morgan would. Republicans came to the defense of the Governor and Perdue, which created even more surprise…especially from Perdue.

Speaking of Sheriff’s races there are six contests where convicted felons are on the ballot to become Sheriff, the most notable of which is former Davidson Sheriff Gerald Hege. WRAL ran a great story about the contests, citing the fact that convicted felons could not legally possess firearms and that they cannot be hired as deputies. If a convicted felon was elected Sheriff he could not carry a gun. See the WRAL storyIn addition to Hege, Robert “Nub” Taylor in Avery County was convicted of obstruction of justice, Mark Stewart in McDowell County has felony drug convictions, as does Cleveland County’s David Morrow, Willie Tharpe from Wilkes County was convicted of receiving stolen goods, former Washington County Sheriff Stanley James was convicted of embezzling and Ryan White, from Dare County has pending drug charges. There is legislation proposed to prohibit felons from being elected Sheriff, but they won’t apply to this election.

Again, tune in the interesting discussion on the primary elections on this week’s NC SPIN.

Beason fined $111,000
It’s been many months since this publication talked about Don Beason, the former fast and loose lobbyist and friend of former House Speaker Jim Black. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall accused Beason and his son of accepting money from clients while failing to properly disclose who the clients were. She slapped a huge fine of $111,000 on Beason, who promptly appealed the levy saying Marshall had her facts wrong and that the fine was arbitrary and capricious.

We don’t really know much more about this story because of a codicil placed in the law which prohibits the release of information surrounding fines levied. Responding to the secrecy, Senate leader David Hoyle said, "We missed that.” Republican House Minority Leader Skip Stam added, “That certainly wasn’t the intent of the sponsors. We need to fix that."

Makes you wonder if anyone actually reads these bills that our legislature passes? Assuming they did read the bill you have to question whether the secrecy was indeed an oversight or the intent?

Basnight down by 32 percent
Want to know what impact of the departure of Tony Rand, David Hoyle, R.C. Soles and Charlie Albertson will have on the Senate next year. We got an inkling, as WRAL reported the receipts for the first three months of this year. Senator Marc Basnight’s Senate leadership campaign had collected $508,000 for this election cycle and has $725,000 in the bank. In 2008 he had close to $1 million on hand at this time according to political analyst John Davis. This means that Basnight won’t have as much money to spread around in close races with Republicans this fall and could bode ill for Democrats. Basnight blames the bad economy. Perhaps so, but the poor results also reflect a loss of support for a Senate that has been very business-friendly in the past.

The WRAL story has spawned more conversation about Basnight’s health. Listen to Basnight on this video and reach your own conclusion. Conversations around the Capitol are focused on whether Basnight will be able to serve two more years, much less as Pro Tem. Some are speculating that he ran again in order to be able to raise money to help fellow Democrats and, upon election, will resign. Others believe that he doesn’t have the votes to be elected Senate President Pro Tem in 2011. There are a growing number who believe the issue is moot because they believe Republicans will capture control over the Senate in November (26-24 is what we are hearing) ensuring a Republican as Pro Tem. All this makes for interesting discussion.

House Speaker Joe Hackney’s Democratic campaign fund raised $174,000 during the first three months. Another indicator worth noting: Democrats raised $327,000 while Republicans raised $241,000. GOP Chair Tom Fetzer has been beating the bushes and it shows. This is the closest to fund raising parity Republicans have seen and could be more proof that 2010 will be a good year.

Independent voters will have their choice in selecting either a Republican or Democratic ballot on Tuesday. We hear many observers speculate the independents will select GOP ballots by at least a 4 to 1 margin and polls indicate they plan to vote Republican in the November general elections.

Budget talk
Things have been quiet regarding the results of the April 15th personal income tax returns for our state. We should be hearing those results any time as we approach the beginning of the short session May 12th. Last week we raised the question of how the Senate expects to pass a budget eight days after convening. We got answers.

Much of what we hear is that the Senate will once again punt the ball over to the House and that neither body will do serious line item examinations. The General Assembly intends to pass the budget quickly, get out of town to conduct re-election campaigns and, if the numbers don’t work out with what actual revenues are received, lawmakers will leave it to Governor Perdue to deal with the problems as the budget year unfolds.

Aside from the budget, what issues will the legislature undertake? There are several thorny issues that need attention but few believe they will be tackled. There is some expectation they might take another look at property insurance rates for those in the eastern half of the state. Some are speculating a bill backed by business to clarify cases of contributory negligence versus comparative fault in workman’s comp cases.

The latest Elon University poll indicated voters supported legalizing video poker and offshore drilling. That sentiment might have changed following the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Senator David Hoyle is seeking support to legalize video poker and sweepstakes games, taxing proceeds heavily. There is also speculation that the games will be run by the state lottery. Other states have done this and revenues have been substantial, we are told.

Perdue’s education cuts come under fire
As more details of Governor Perdue’s budget proposals are made clear, the opposition is mounting. The Governor’s budget calls for cuts in public education of some $135 million at the same time she is recommending a 1.5 percent step increase in pay for teachers and repayment to state employees for the furlough they were forced to take last year. Added together these two would almost equal the amount Perdue plans to cut and a growing number are urging the legislature not to make the cuts, saying they could result in the loss of as many of 2,000 teaching positions. Read the
Charlotte Observer story.

Pay-to-play TV
There are rumors circulating about problems within the state’s public television network. Legislators are asking questions, as are newspaper reporters. Today’s News and Observer reports that the statewide TV network is airing programs complimentary of The Golden Leaf Foundation that were funded by, take a guess, The Golden Leaf Foundation. More than $300,000 was directed to UNC-TV over the past several years. If this sounds like buying favored coverage you are not alone in those thoughts.

The fact that The Golden Leaf Foundation is involved makes the story even more intriguing. We have often written about the problems with this foundation. While the public needs to know what is being done with the huge dollars funded from the tobacco settlement, there is significant reason to question whether this expenditure is justified. Even more questionable is whether UNC-TV should accept funding to praise Golden Leaf for this purpose. The N&O article indicates this doesn’t pass the smell test.

It has been known for years that anyone proposing a new program idea for UNC-TV must also have funding in place before the concept will be accepted by UNC-TV, supposedly because funding is unavailable. This fact angered Senate budget leader Linda Garrou to the point where she tried to get the network moved from the University System to the School of the Arts, a move that never gained support. (Read our column on this from last April.) Now that this Golden Leaf story has broken, questions about the network, especially about state funding money raised on increasingly lengthy telethons and underwriting are being spent.

It is expensive to operate a group of high-power transmitter sites across the state and PBS programming must be purchased, on top of staffing costs that make this network a costly proposition. But UNC-TV has never achieved the lofty dreams its founders, including the late Billy Carmichael, Kay Kyzer and UNC President Emeritus Bill Friday thought possible.

There are highly creative people at UNC-TV who could produce insightful public affairs, news and cultural programs if given the opportunity. Since Bill Friday’s departure, the network has not been a high priority of the University and funding has been problematic. It is time for a top to bottom evaluation of our state-owned TV network, beginning with governance and ownership and including management, staffing and operations. UNC-TV is too valuable not to be a better resource for our people. We can do better.

Roanoke Rapids theatre in default
The bad deal Roanoke Rapids made building a fancy theatre just keeps getting worse. Following the bill of goods sold the community at the onset to the bad contract the town arranged with Dolly Parton’s brother, the marquee went dark before a lease-purchase was arranged, for a pittance of the $21.5 million construction cost, with Lafayette Gatling. Now the deal is in default and the community once again has this white elephant on its hands. It is too big and costly to be a church, unprofitable to run as a theatre and too valuable to give away. What a conundrum!

Top 10 Natural Wonders in NC
Charlotte Observer columnist and NC SPIN panelist Jack Betts always writes interesting blogs and columns. Yesterday’s featured a Land for Tomorrow contest to determine the top 10 natural wonders in our state. Betts lists some of his nominees. What are yours?
Enter your suggestions today. Then be prepared to vote after the nominations are closed.

RC Soles back in the news
Senator RC Soles continues to be the topic of news stories. WRAL reports that Kyle Blackburn, who was shot by Soles, has been paid more than $100,000 in the past seven years and that the Senator regularly pays people he wants to keep silent. Joe Cheshire, Soles’ attorney, says it isn’t true and that Blackburn and others just want to destroy the reputation of the good Senator.
Read the WRAL story.

What is the Super doing getting involved in OLF?
Heads are shaking over news coming from the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s office. June Atkinson is going on record as being opposed to the proposal for an Outlying Landing Field in Northeastern Carolina on grounds that insulating schools for noise would be prohibitive and there would be safety issues. Did we miss the press release where the Superintendent had similar concerns over flights at the Marine Corps Air Station at Cherry Point, Seymour Johnson Air base at Goldsboro or Pope Air Base in Fayetteville?

Drunk trooper’s poor judgment isn’t the only bad judgment
The State Highway Patrol employs people and people make mistakes, but this organization appears to have made one bad hiring decision after another for far too many years. There have been 27 charges of sexual misconduct reported. The latest involves a Captain in the Patrol who was stopped and reported to be “extremely drunk.” So what did the local police do? They took him to a hotel, not a jail cell and no charges were filed.

Doesn’t this fall under Governor Perdue’s zero tolerance policy? The trooper, the supervisor and perhaps even the Commander should be fired, not disciplined, over the handling of this case. It is time to set an example within the patrol that a trooper’s conduct is not just expected, but required to be exemplary. They are not above the law. There are plenty who would love jobs with sweet retirement benefits like troopers have. There is no excuse to continue to tolerate misconduct among those sworn to enforce laws of good conduct. We agree with today’s Charlotte Observer editorial.

Look for more discussion on this on next week’s NC SPIN.

Friday Interview DVD
We continue to receive requests for the complete interview we did with Bill Friday in celebration of our 600th show.  If you would like to have your own copy of this hour-long interview, please call NC SPIN at (919) 832-1416 or e-mail us at These DVD’s are $20 each. $5 of each purchase will be donated to the Ida Friday Faculty Development Fund at Meredith College.

Until next week, watch out for the SPIN!

Claire Cox-Woodlief, Editor
Tom Campbell, Publisher

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Candidates Forum Tonight In Pitt County

Join the Campaign Team and show your support at the Candidates Forum, Tuesday night – April 27, 6:30 PM, New Covenant Community Church, 1212 North Greene Street, (corner of Greene Street and Mumford Road), Greenville.

Forum participants will include candidates for NC Congressional Senate and House seats and Sheriff.  Please joins us. 

Thank you for your support last weekend.  We had a great turnout in Williamston and Farmville. 

We have one week left, let’s keep on making steps toward Leadership with a New Direction!

We need volunteers to assist in door to door canvassing for early voting from now until May 1 — call 252-757-1037 or 252-917-1431 and let us know when you are available.

Can you work the polls for at least one hour — we need poll workers to volunteer in one hour increments ask for support of voters.  Just give us a call.

Campaign meetings will resume on Tuesdays @ Thursdays at 6:45 pm unless noted differently.



Campaign meetings are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45 PM at the Campaign Headquarters.

If you can volunteer or assist in any capacity please call 252-757-1037 or 252-917-1431

Please share this information with anyone you know.

Thank you for helping to Elect M. A. Council to the NC House.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect M. A. Council for N. C. House
P0 Box 402, Greenville, NC  27835

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PROMM Parents & Relatives of Missing & Murdered Recognition Tribute To Our Daughters & Sons Church of God of Deliverance Rocky Mount NC – Video by The DCN

Click on Picture to Watch The Video


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Memorial service staged to unite community – The Rocky Mount Telegram

Murdered and Missing Women

Elaine Marshall’s Office, Forwarded From A DCN Reader

I’ve attached a sample of what’s happening in the Secretary of States (Elaine Marshall’s) office.  It’s unbelievable the money she’s lost our state, and the manner in which she hasn’t done her job since taking office in 1997.  I ran across this while checking out a business, and was shocked at what I found.  I have saved this info on disc I can send you, or can forward it by e-mail if you’re interested.  After learning she was running for the Senate, I just sat and shook my head.  What I’ve attached is a very small example.  My biggest fear is that she has continued to shown many that were years behind as "Current & Active".  To me she has placed us in a liablous position with her incorrect reporting.  Example is AM2PAT who operated in our state for years without filing and was shown as Current & Active…if you’re not familiar with this case, please google it and become aware.  Many died as a result of their contaminated syringes, and it’s possible that the hospitals and suppliers checked them out to determine if they were a good business prior to ordering or buying from them.  There is a class action suit in relation to some of the deceased.  Their product was used by cancer patients, kidney patients, etc., to flush their lines.
They started sending notices the last week in Feb. after I stayed on them.  They were still showing those in default as C&A, and again I got on their backs and now they usually show it as "On Notice".

Am2pat, Inc.  For almost five (5) years you did nothing while they were selling contaminated syringes and killing
people, showing them current & active the whole time.  This is a Cert. of Auth. from Illinois that has been dissolved,
yet you send a notice for the past due reports when you should have ADM. DISSOLVED THEM YEARS AGO.
The owner is on the run and suppossedly has fled the country as a result of the FBI looking for him.
Image Date Document Id Event Document
8/28/2003 C200323700062 Creation Filing AUTH – Application for Certificate of Authority
4/10/2008 2008 101 01583 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report                03
4/10/2008 2008 101 01588 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report                04
4/10/2008 2008 101 01590 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report                05
4/10/2008 2008 101 01596 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report                06
3/10/2010 C201006926545 Notice Annual Report Other – Notice Annual Report


Lillington Convenience Stores, Inc.  You did absolutely nothing for five (5) years, look what you’ve
cost us.
Image Date Document Id Event Document
7/22/2002 221645125 Creation Filing INC – Articles of Incorporation
3/29/2004 2004 089 06177 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report        02
4/5/2004 2004 096 08942 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report        03
3/7/2005 2005 066 07809 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report        04
3/10/2010 C201006903079 Notice Annual Report Other – Notice Annual Report

Mack`s Convenience Store, Inc.  Again you did nothing for many years, then you notice them for thirteen (13)
past due reports, seven (7) years after they were REVENUE SUSPENDED…WHAT PART OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE?
Image Date Document Id Event Document
11/10/1988 000441275 Creation Filing INC – Articles of Incorporation
11/1/1990 000490000 Suspension SUSP – Revenue Suspension
2/19/1991 000490000 Reinstatment RNST – Reinstatement Following Revenue Suspension
4/20/1993 931100271 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
7/26/1993 932070208 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
3/3/1994 940620157 Amendment CROA – Change of Address of Registered Office/Agent
3/3/1994 940620157 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
4/24/1995 961150684 Destruction Filing ADIS – ADM Dissolution
6/4/1998 981550092 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
6/4/1998 981550093 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
6/4/1998 981550091 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
6/5/1998 981569516 Reinstatment AREI – ADM Reinstatement
12/23/2003 2003 367 07171 Suspension SUSP – Revenue Suspension
2/11/2004   Returned Mail Other – Returned Mail
3/9/2010 C201006800125 Notice Annual Report Other – Notice Annual Report   NOTICED FOR 13

M & H Convenience Stores, Inc.   Seven (7) years you did nothing.  Then you send a notice for
five (5) past due reports when they owe seven (7) for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009.
Image Date Document Id Event Document
2/4/2003 230289051 Creation Filing INC – Articles of Incorporation
3/11/2010 C201007001343 Notice Annual Report Other – Notice Annual Report
Mona’s Convenience Store, Inc.  Nothing done again for over seven (7) years.  They owe for
2002, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 & 08 which is seven (7) reports, with another one coming due 10-2-10,
yet you only noticed them for six (6).  Wonder if they’ll file any reports, or if you’ve lost all this
money for us too?
Image Date Document Id Event Document
10/2/2002 222735108 Creation Filing INC – Articles of Incorporation
3/10/2010 C201006926885 Notice Annual Report Other – Notice Annual Report

QUALITY CONVENIENCE CONSTRUCTION, INC.  Initial filing is no good 2 mo’s after creation.
You noticed them for five (5) reports, when they in fact owe for 2003, 04, 05, 06, 07 & 08 which is
six (6), with another coming due after 7-24-10.  Another one you did nothing on for seven (7) years.
Image Date Document Id Event Document
7/24/1997 972035044 Creation Filing INC – Articles of Incorporation
9/22/1997 972650200 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report   NOT GOOD    
4/17/1998 981071752 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    97
2/26/1999 990571154 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    98
6/20/2000 2000 172 29177 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    99
8/6/2001 2001 218 29080 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    2000
8/12/2002 2002 224 01523 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    2001
7/7/2003 2003 188 01363 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    2002
3/1/2010 C201006004494 Notice Annual Report Other – Notice Annual Report  FOR 5

B & B Subway, Inc.  You noticed for seven (7) when they owe eight (8).  Another one you did
absolutely nothing on for seven years.  Must have been a long vacation at our expense.
Image Date Document Id Event Document
12/13/1989 000468495 Creation Filing INC – Articles of Incorporation
2/10/1992 920410242 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report       
2/15/1993 930460362 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report       
2/28/1994 940590077 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report       
3/7/1995 950660326 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
3/4/1996 960641647 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
2/17/1997 970480373 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
3/4/1998 980630226 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
3/19/1999 9907851450 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
3/20/2000 2000 080 24854 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
3/19/2001 2001 078 13803 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
3/31/2003 2003 090 00954 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
3/4/2010 C201006301974 Notice Annual Report Other – Notice Annual Report   FOR 7

BROADWAY SUBWAY INCAlmost eight (8) yrs of your doing nothing once again.  Take another look
at what you’ve cost us.  The report you accepted three (3) months after creation, isn’t any good.
 Nelson, Robert E
Image Date Document Id Event Document
8/22/1997 972255067 Creation Filing INC – Articles of Incorporation
11/19/1997 973230255 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
10/2/1998 982751029 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
9/30/1999 1999 273 21797 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
9/19/2000 2000 263 22664 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
10/1/2001 2001 274 01840 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
9/30/2002 2002 273 02803 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
3/5/2010 C201006400889 Notice Annual Report Other – Notice Annual Report

J.P.J. Subway, LLC  They owe for 2006, 07, 08 & 09, which is four (4), not three (3) as you noticed
them for.
 Jackson, Jennifer Patterson
Image Date Document Id Event Document
2/20/2006 C200604700284 Creation Filing LLCD – Articles of Organization Limited Liability
3/10/2010 C201006939423 Notice Annual Report Other – Notice Annual Report

Sara Reza, Inc.  They owe four (4) reports and fees, because you chose to do nothing for five (5) years to
bring them current.  You have cost us a fortune.
Image Date Document Id Event Document
9/23/1998 982665029 Creation Filing INC – Articles of Incorporation
8/17/1999 1999 229 23014 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
2/21/2000 2000 052 29094 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
2/6/2001 210095229 Name Change DNAM – Corporation Name Change (Domestic)
4/30/2001 2001 120 00546 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
3/4/2002 2002 063 09552 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
7/3/2003 2003 090 00627 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
7/12/2004 2004 194 01383 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
5/23/2005 2005 143 06108 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
3/1/2010 C201006000932 Notice Annual Report Other – Notice Annual Report
OAK CREEK SUBWAY INC.  For Seven (7) years you did nothing once again.  Then you noticed them
for six (6) reports when they owe eight (8). 
 Nasserddin, Raed
Image Date Document Id Event Document
6/28/1995 951809002 Creation Filing INC – Articles of Incorporation
10/24/1995 952970196 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    NOT GOOD ONE
9/19/1996 962630601 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    95
2/5/1999 990361350 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    96
2/22/2000 2000 053 20085 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    97
3/19/2001 2001 078 09213 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    98
1/28/2002 2002 028 01126 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    99
2/17/2003 2003 048 00895 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report    2000
3/3/2010 C201006206218 Notice Annual Report Other – Notice Annual Report  FOR 6 NOT 8

Image Date Document Id Event Document
7/21/1998 981915010 Creation Filing INC – Articles of Incorporation
11/19/2001 2000 353 29646 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
1/6/2003 2002 006 00165 Annual Report ANRT – Annual Report
8/24/2005 2005 641 02499 Suspension SUSP – Revenue Suspension
3/1/2010 C201006002407 Notice Annual Report Other – Notice Annual Report



Senator Carol Moseley Braun Endorses “A Different Kind of Senator”

Dear Curmilus –

I don’t usually get involved in Democratic primary contests, but this race was too important to stay on the sidelines.  In North Carolina we have three candidates vying for the Democratic nomination, but one stands out above the rest.  That candidate is Ken Lewis.

I know what it takes to defeat an incumbent. I have seen Ken’s ability to connect with young voters, progressives, and African Americans, the same groups that drove Barack Obama to victory in North Carolina in 2008.  In an off year election where Democrats are not showing high levels of engagement, Ken is the best candidate to inspire and turn out the coalition of voters that will be necessary to defeat Senator Burr in November.

Your help will ensure Democrats put forward the best candidate to defeat Richard Burr.

But this primary election is about more than political calculation.

Ken Lewis represents a significant opportunity for the State of North Carolina and our country: The opportunity to change the U.S. Senate by changing the kind of Senators we send there. 

Ken Lewis’ background is not like that of most U.S. Senators.  He worked as a janitor, bus driver and fast food employee to put himself through Duke University and then Harvard Law School.

In this down economy he would bring a unique set of skills to the Senate, having spent two decades helping businesses create jobs in nearly every industry in North Carolina. 

At a time when Americans feel forgotten by political insiders, Ken would bring a unique set of experiences, deeply rooted in the community organizations and non-profit associations he has served. 

As Senator, Ken will be responsive to the needs of North Carolinians.  He’ll serve the people of North Carolina because that’s what he’s done all his life.

That is why I am supporting Ken’s campaign.

One stop early voting has already begun in North Carolina.  Election Day is May 4. The campaign is nearing the finish.  Ken needs your vote, and he needs your help to get his message out, organize precincts, and turn out voters.

Your donation will ensure that all North Carolina voters hear Ken’s winning message. Your contribution will go toward field organizers, literature, yard-signs, media and other concrete expenses that will make a real difference in this race.

Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines.  We have a chance to make history in North Carolina just as I made history in Illinois two decades ago.  Ken offers an historic opportunity to make our U.S. Senate a more representative, well-informed, and inclusive place.

This is our time. Ken is our candidate.  He’ll be our Senator, if we all do our part.

Thank you for your support!

Former United States Senator Carol Moseley Braun

Vote for Ken today!

Support our Campaign Contribute
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Lend a Hand Volunteer

Ken Lewis for US Senate
Email Us | Tel: (919) 683-818 | Fax: (919) 683-5599 | Mailing Address P.O. Box 17976 • Durham, NC 27715
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1st Congressional District Banquet Featuring David Young NC Party Chair, G.K. Butterfield, Cal Cunningham, Eva Clayton and other Candidates Hertford County In Winton NC

Click On Picture To Watch Video


See what the North Carolina Democratic Party Chair David Young had to say when he addressed Democrats at the 1st Congressional District.

Candidates to name a few that were present Congressman G.K. Butterfield, Cal Cunningham, Elaine Marshall, Ken Lewis wife and others.

A tribute was done in honor of former Congresswoman Eva Clayton.

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300 attend Birmingham Superintendent Craig Witherspoon’s welcome reception

Parents, business leaders and community members showed up in full force tonight to welcome Superintendent Craig Witherspoon to Birmingham City Schools.

At least 300 people turned out for Witherspoon’s reception at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and listened to a multitude of speakers, including Mayor William Bell, board members and even a student. They each welcomed Witherspoon. (Read more @ Birmingham News Today) 

Note: 300 or more attended the reception in Princeville NC when Dr. Witherspoon arrived in Edgecombe County.

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Dr. Craig Witherspoon

What to do When a Politician uses Talking Points and has no idea what the Hell he’s talking about

I’ve been an advocate for lower utility been going on 3 years now. There seems to be a pattern with ratepayers as well as  politicians. Here’s an example of the political pattern: C.B. Daughtridge (R) is running for the Distirct 3 NC Senate race. Here’s a quote from him in a recent newspaper article: (Read more @ Behind The Scenes Of A TV Talk Show)

Note: Daughtridge electricity should come from Edgecombe-Martin so he is not directly affected by ElectriCities. So just because he has a Rocky Mount address he do not need to mislead folks to thinking that he gets his electricity from the City of Rocky Mount.

So Bro. George has anyone considered what could be in the November election? It could be 2 white male candidates  incumbent Senator Clark  Jenkins and Daughtridge 2 multi-millionaires vying for a seat that was created to help get a black person elected.

It appears that Bordeaux is a multi-millonaire also so wonder if it was he and Daughtridge in November? But will Democrats jump ship and support the Republican?

If it is Armstrong vs Daughtridge will the Bordeaux campaign rally along with her to beat out Daughtridge in November? I feel that with Armstrong taking the approach that she felt the need to call a press conference talking about dispelling the myth that Bordeaux said she was running to split the vote may work against her.

My question has always been why in the hell would Bordeaux agree to back out of the race when he began campaigning last year making it clear putting up billboards last year? Maybe I am just ignant. LMBAO C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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So Who Will Get The White Votes In The Senate District 3 Race, Jenkins, Bordeaux or Armstrong?

The following is in response to a person who commented on the article in The Rocky Mount Telegram titled, “Democrats focus on taxes, education and allegations in District 3.”

As a life fully paid member of the NAACP I want to serve notice that The NAACP local and statewide nor the National can not endorse candidates. So when and where did the local NAACP come out in print against Frankie Bordeaux who is challenging incumbent Senator Clark Jenkins and candidate Dr. Florence Arnold Armstrong because obviously I missed that.

I guess one would say Armstrong is splitting the votes since Bordeaux came out last year sending a message especially through billboards that he was going to run against Jenkins long before the filing period began. Yeah it would be interesting if Armstrong was to come out as the winner.

This person said, “Armstrong has walked away from her elected responsibility more than one time, that it doesn’t matter if it was for a job or anything, her history shows she is not likely to stick with the job once elected.” Oh hell no don’t go there. Both of the reasons were legit, the first move for a better job and the second which I strongly feel is the last  because she and her husband built a beautiful home on the family farm.

I totally agree with this person the question should be which one of the black candidates is more electable within the black community? This has been my question and I asked that question to certain folks.

I said to some folks either you want Jenkins out or you want to keep him in. I said it appears that Bordeaux has the funds to run an aggressive campaign and he has a good chance of defeating Jenkins. But this is where black folks continue to be their worst enemies because these same folks are running around saying they don’t like Bordeaux so they will not support him. Well hell they say they don’t like Jenkins either but in my opinion if anyone can defeat him it would be Bordeaux.

The same black folks who do not like Jenkins and Bordeaux are willing to sacrifice removing Jenkins because they don’t like Bordeaux who is running the most aggressive campaign I have seen in Edgecombe County and surrounding counties but not limited to. So since these black folks do not like Jenkins nor Bordeaux, what in the hell are they going to do if Bordeaux wins?

This person says Bordeaux has a stronger looking resume than Armstrong. This is funny because this person has been talking against Bordeaux up until now so does this person realize that all the Cambridge talk they have been posting has basically been a scare tactic to keep folks from voting for Bordeaux.

This person asked the question, "Will Clark Jenkins be able to pull in enough loyal black voters to give him a decisive win? Time will tell."

But the question for me is will the average black voters be persuaded by the loyal Jenkins supporters to continue to vote for him? Jenkins job is fairly easy because his black supporters must work hard to get him re-elected, Bordeaux and Armstrong black supporters must work hard to get them elected. And the funny thing about it all is these black folks are divided on trying to put a black person in a seat that was created to help ensure black representation.

So who will get the white votes? Has anyone figured out that question yet?

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‘Tea party’ founder: Why our movement will succeed — and why it’s good for America – Source: Yahoo News

St. Louis – Imagine that the “tea party” movement continued to expand in size and influence. At some point in the future, tea partyers, regardless of political party affiliation, would dominate the executive and legislative branches of federal government. Our influence on the courts would increase. In this scenario, the tea party would eventually change the face of the federal government.

What would America look like then? (Read more @ Yahoo News)

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"Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black" – Tim Wise

Let’s play a game, shall we? The name of the game is called “Imagine.” The way it’s played is simple: we’ll envision recent happenings in the news, but then change them up a bit. Instead of envisioning white people as the main actors in the scenes we’ll conjure – the ones who are driving the action – we’ll envision black folks or other people of color instead. The object of the game is to imagine the public reaction to the events or incidents, if the main actors were of color, rather than white. Whoever gains the most insight into the workings of race in America, at the end of the game, wins.

So let’s begin. (Read more @ Ephphatha-Poetry)

Note: Damn this is too good!! C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Now This Is Too Funny, Things That Disgust Some Of Us

I read the following quote in the Greenville Reflector, “I am personally disgusted when I see someone wearing his campaign button or one of his signs on the street.”

What tickles the hell out of me is in the black community, we allow certain reverends and so-called political leaders to reap the benefits by pushing the white candidates agenda in the black community. But many hide behind the campaign. Atleast you can see who certain folks are supporting when you see the candidate’s button and signs.

How many whites do you see pushing the black candidates agenda in the white communities?

I understand those who are working the campaigns as their only employment because that is what they choose as their job profession. But I don’t understand the black reverends and other so-call political leaders who do not have to depend on monies from a campaign as a way of survivor.

Well black folks until you hold black folks who say they have your best interest at heart accountable for their actions, you will continue to stay right where you. You see these folks want to hold you right where you are while they continue to reap the benefits.

I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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