Homegoing Celebration For Michael Anthony Reid Fountain NC

My condolences goes out to the entire family of the late Michael Anthony Reid Fountain NC.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: Praying For You – William Murphy

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In Response To Carl Benson And Ward 8 Election Tarboro Town Council

I was sent the following article by Carl Benson posted on his Facebook page from someone since they had seen how he responded to my post that I had commented about Garland on the Rocky Mount Telegram. I visited his page and I found it to be legit. I responded since he responded to my post on Tarboro, 27886 Facebook page.

The Town of Tarboro Police Chief does not deserve the treatment that he receive from Garland and his supporters.

See my response to Carl in ().


Carl Benson
20 hrs · Edited ·

What has Garland Shepheard done for Ward 8? That question keeps coming up, although we never hear anyone asking what the other incumbent candidates have done for their wards or for the town.

(Really? So what has that got to do with them questioning Garland distractions during the meetings? Justify his mess as it relates to him going after the Tarboro Police Chief who just happens to be black.

Why don’t you ask the question about the other council members or is that too hard for you. But what ain’t hard is you trying to defend Garland. SMH!)

For one thing, when some of his constituents in Forest Acres had a problem with the canal that runs along the railroad tracks they were told by the town that it was railroad property and there was nothing the town could do. Even though the town drains storm water into that canal further upstream, there was nothing they could do. Garland was contacted and he managed to contact someone with the railroad who took care of the problem. The town couldn’t manage to do that but Garland could. Something is just not right there.

Garland has also made it a point to try to get the town to maintain our parks, recreation areas and other facilities. If he hadn’t complained about the front steps of the town hall someone could have been hurt by now tripping on the crumbling steps. And, if not for his questioning of staff and other council members, we’d never read about the few things that do get covered by the local media.

(Really? The meetings are public so why do folk rely on the media, why not go to the meetings? With the bias reporting of some of the media especially in The Edgecombe Tribune, because he support Garland as well, folk ain’t getting it all. One thing about it when I report I video so folk can get my spin and I make it available on video so they can see it for themselves. That is how I roll!)

Garland Shepheard questions the actions and motives of staff and council and some don’t like it.

(Really? I have been to the meetings and he has gone on and on about nothing and the vote has been taken and he be outnumbered but he keep going and on as if the vote is going to change. Not just that night but he continues to bring up mess that is a done deal. Why? Because he is speaking for folk like you and his other supporters that he is faithfully representing.

But anyone in their right mind ought to have a problem with him not questioning Nobles and the previous staff. So what folk are suppose to forget that? Oh heck no! Who have got away with the mess that they did?)

Now some are claiming that he has tried to block an investigation into the retired town manager. Yes, he’s not just a former town manager he’s the retired town manager and the only retired manager in 50 years or more. We’ve had quite a few “former” managers.

(What? Oh but only if the investigation had gone back to some of the other managers and that may would shock some folk as well.)

But let’s get back on point. Garland Shepheard never voted to block anything. He voted not to send an incomplete report by a private investigator, who hadn’t even interviewed the department heads to determine if they ever received any of the items listed as “questionable” expenditures and never talked with the subject of the investigation, to the state auditor. Garland was asking for at least some semblance of a competent investigation before taking that action. Had such evidence been found that may have affected his vote. After two years of dragging Tarboro and a respected manager through the mud, apparently there was no such evidence to be found. At least he didn’t release a confidential report from a closed council session about a personnel matter to the local media!

( Wow! The audit speaks for itself so you can attempt to twist it, roll up, chew it and whatever.)

Now let’s address this horse manure being spewed about our retired manager. Everything in the state auditor’s report has been investigated and reviewed by those competent to prosecute such cases. There was NO evidence of criminal activity found.

(Okay they say it was not criminal and we have to accept that but it does not look good, however it does not change the fact that it was found to be unethical http://icma.org/en/icma/newsroom/highlights/Article/105933/Executive_Board_Issues_Sanctions_for_Ethics_Violations so we are past the point of the criminal activity but the unethical piece will never go away as long as Garland continues to disrupt the meetings with mess. Now if he brings up legitimate stuff and it goes through motion and it moves on, then fine but I have seen him go on and on and on about nothing and like I said he didn’t have the numbers so he lost his fight. Anyone who supports one who does unethical mess obviously feel it is okay to act in such a way in which that is what I am saying along with some others.)

If you’ll bring yourself to review the appropriate NC General Statutes that means there was no malfeasance and no conversion of town funds or property for personnel use.

(I have a copy of the audit report with written documentation and the photos of some of the things in question so until someone can show me that the documentation and the photos are not true, I stand by how I feel about this issue. I don’t support dirty politics and never will.)

All of that is illegal. Now some of us who know what the hell we’re talking about in these matters tried to tell you know-it-alls this to no avail. Council was told by people who are paid to know that there was no actionable conduct prior to the vote to request the state auditor’s involvement. But to some facts just don’t matter. Garland WAS right and now it IS time to move on. I’m sure the same self-claimed experts will just keep right on though.

(Anyone who support anyone who has been sanctioned for unethical violations then they have some serious issues. So folk in Ward 8 if you want to vote for folk who support UNETHICAL ACTIVITY then Garland is the man. I ain’t mad with you, I am just talking about the facts as presented as it relates to the audit report  and the sanctions for ethics violation. This is my opinion based on these 2 factors and not others opinion be they agree or disagree with me.)

If you’ll bring yourself to review the appropriate NC General Statutes that means there was no malfeasance and no conversion of town funds or property for personnel use. All of that is illegal. Now some of us who know what the hell we’re talking about in these matters tried to tell you know-it-alls this to no avail. Council was told by people who are paid to know that there was no actionable conduct prior to the vote to request the state auditor’s involvement. But to some facts just don’t matter. Garland WAS right and now it IS time to move on. I’m sure the same self-claimed experts will just keep right on though.

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Curmilus Butch Dancy II

Yesterday at 8:23am · Pinetops, NC · Edited

“I gain nothing by being a town councilman,” said Shepheard, the sergeant-at-arms for the N.C. House who lives on Hope Lodge Street. “I’m doing this because I care about the town of Tarboro.” The Rocky Mount Telegram

Really? Who else gains anything that are on the council however you support some that I feel have gained much especially the report that I read involving Nobles and the mayor. Obviously you are gaining something because you have stood up for them and see nothing wrong with the report as if that kind of activity involving them should be the norm.

I find it so funny how you continue to question money that is in the budget as it relates to the police chief who just happens to be black but see nothing wrong with the report as it relates to Nobles and the mayor.

No Likes are necessary!

The Rocky Mount Telegram

“I gain nothing by being a town councilman,” said Shepheard, the sergeant-at-arms for the N.C. House who lives on Hope Lodge Street. “I’m doing this because I care about the town of Tarboro.”


Rocky Mount NC: Convention center owners plan redevelopment – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Wow! It appears that they see the need for more hotel space and that will help with the many things that are going on in Rocky Mount and with the Downtown Facility Center coming soon. The need for more hotel space is a demand and excluding the DFC, there is money being lost due to the need for more hotel space. I hate to see the Convention Center go but makes good business sense.

The planned Dec. 31 closure of the Gateway Convention Center sent ripples throughout the community this week as the announcement was made and the ramifications were realized.

“We have a lot of positive things going on and I look forward to the future in Rocky Mount, but I was stunned when I heard the Gateway Center was closing,” said Amanda Bell, who serves as the vice chairwoman of events for the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce. “It was like someone had sucker punched me.”

Rockbridge, an investment company in Ohio, bought the DoubleTree hotel, the Gateway Convention Center and 4.57 acres of vacant land in March 2008. Managing Director John Rosen said in an interview Friday that they are working on plans to redevelop the property the convention center has occupied since 1989. (Source: Read more)


Last year in September I was moved to a new department at work. I love it! Didn’t like the reason I was moved but God.

Well this month October my old boss came to work on one day and told his workers he had another job and he would be leaving around 11 am.

Last week the plant manager announced he was leaving at the end of the week.

Both are no longer employees of Honeywell and has moved on to other companies.

I liked both of them however we had some disagreements. I wish both of them the best.

Well it could be me leaving next, but I have enjoyed my 28 years 10 months at Honeywell.

God is good!

Congrats JV Coach Eric McKnight & Varsity Coach Jonathan Cobb SouthWest Edgecombe High School Football 2015 For A Heck Of A Year!

I am so proud of the SouthWest Edgecombe 2015-16 football JV and Varsity Programs.

I have missed 2 JV games and going to miss 1 varsity game on tonight.

I know what Coach Cobb and the varsity program are capable of however I am glad to see where Coach Eric McKnight JV team has had an outstanding year during his first year as head coach. I was shocked to learn that he was the head coach when I attended game one at the start of the season. I knew he was on the varsity coaching staff for a couple of years.

I am looking forward to the jv winning the conference title or possibly tying with another team. I am looking forward to seeing how he will do next year. It appears that whatever Coach McKnight and his coaching staff did this year worked.

I am also looking forward to the varsity winning the conference title or possibly tying with another team.

However no matter what the outcome next week I am proud of my high school as a member of the 1981 Graduation Class.

SouthWest JV 8-1 overall 4-0 conference will play Beddingfield 5-4 overall 3-0 conference for the last game of the season. JV teams do not have playoff games.

SouthWest Varsity 8-1 overall 2-1 conference travel to North Johnston High School 5-4 overall 1-2 conference on tonight. Like I said earlier I am going to miss this one.

Beddingfield varsity 5-4 overall 3-0 conference play host to Farmville Central 4-5 overall 1-2 conference on tonight. Beddingfield beat Washington 5-4 overall 2-1 conference last week and Washington beat us a couple of weeks ago. We beat Farmville last week and they lost to Washington a couple of weeks ago also.

Actually next week will be the deciding factor for the conference standings.

I ask the Class of 1981 to join me in celebrating our SouthWest JV and Varsity Football Programs on a job well done however next week will be the last game of the regular season and the conference titles will be decided at that time. If you are nearby or far, let’s go to Beddingfield on Thursday November 5 and support the JV on their last game and/or come out on Friday November 6 and let’s help celebrate Varsity Senior Night against Beddingfield. Varsity team will get to go to the playoffs anyway.

In Response To Richland County Deputy Fired Over Spring Valley Incident – WLTX 19

The Political Agitator’s response: I understand school administrators have a tough job however what they need to do is follow their rules and guidelines.

When it is identified that a child has a phone unauthorized then it is up to the school to enforce their policy, take it for that day and the parent has to come out before they get it back and this way the parents will know the situation. Let the parents get upset, but they don’t run the school. If any school allow the parents to tell them what to do then they have issues just like the child involved.

I can understand the officer putting his hands on her attempting to restrain her but what little I looked at, he was far from trying to restrain her but looked like a street fight.

l don’t care about how much home training the child has once the child report on school property then they are the property of the school and the parents are another issue.

As far as a racist thing, well that is how individuals receive it because it is clear the child was black and the officer was white so therefore race is a factor and it can be used for good or bad. But for me it would be the same thing if the officer was black and the child black and if the officer was white and the child was white. But because there are 2 races involved in this issue, it is what it is.

The parent was not in the classroom so therefore this issue was a school, officer and child issue.

Since the child didn’t get up and the officers did what he did, this is the outcome. Dealing with anything other that what happened in the classroom as it relates to the school, the officer and the student is irrelevant.

The child obviously was out of order, so enforce the rule that she was breaking but on a professional note:

In the following article: Lott said the deputy had the right to put his hands on the student, but that when he threw the girl across the room, that’s when he violated training. So what is the problem? The student was wrong and need to be dealt with and officer was wrong and he needed to be dealt with. So bringing the parents into it is irrelevant.

See the original article:

Richland County Deputy Fired Over Spring Valley Incident

Martin Co. gunshop shares explicit political message – WNCT

JAMESVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A Martin County business owner’s explicit political message has become a big talker across the state.

The owner of Mackey’s Landing Firearms on U.S. Highway 64 posted on his business’ electronic billboard, “Life’s a b****! Let’s not elect one! Republican, because not everyone can be on welfare.”

Melanie Harris drives a bus full of Jamesville Elementary School students past the sign and believes it’s inappropriate for young children.

“It was just very shocking to see it,” Harris said. “Love your guns. Love your message. Probably wouldn’t choose that vocabulary.” (Source: Read more)

NAACP Addresses Spring Valley High Video, Student Who Recorded Video Details Incident – NewOne

The Political Agitator’s response: This video shows should be a wake up call for folk. This should make folk think what is going on and has not been reported. I understand the officer using some force but to me this was too much force.

The South Carolina NAACP chapter has spoken out about the troubling video of a teenage girl being thrown to the ground by a resource officer at Spring Valley High School in Columbia.

President Lonnie Randolph spoke to reporters Tuesday afternoon, calling the treatment of the unidentified Black teen “aggressive.” On Monday, Richland County Sheriff Deputy Ben Fields was filmed flipping a student out of her desk after she refused to leave the classroom for using her phone. The teen was then dragged by her clothes.

Soon after the video was uploaded and gained national attention, Fields was placed on administrative leave. On Tuesday afternoon, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced that Fields was suspended without pay. (Source: Read more)

Homegoing Celebration For Jessica Annice Eason Macclesfield NC

My condolences goes out to my cousin Bishop Ardean Eason, Jesse and the entire family of the late Jessica Annice Eason Macclesfield NC.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: Your Grace & Mercy – Mississippi Mass Choir

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Abandon plans to split school system; reopen talks with Edgecombe – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I agree with this letter.

As the Rocky Mount Telegram and many others have said: It is in everyone’s interest to solve our school funding problem before the state legislature intervenes, and no one benefits from dividing Rocky Mount between the two county districts.

It is clear that Edgecombe County’s current contribution to the school budget is correct, according to the 1992 law. It is also probably true that this leaves Nash residents with a disproportionate financial burden, which four Nash commissioners say is unfair.

But what is “fair?” Edgecombe is considerably poorer than Nash. To require it to pay a strictly proportional share of the budget is unfair, because its financial hit would be much more severe than for Nash. Until recently, Edgecombe has been reluctant to increase its financial commitment.

Some in Nash, therefore, want the legislature to repeal the 1992 law and divide the school system by county. (Source: Read more)

Minister Margaret Knight Brings Forth The Message During The 3rd Annual Worship In Pink Service Program At St. Paul MBC Rocky Mount NC Sunday October 25, 2015

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Republicans Wasted $22 Billion & Stole Medicaid From 4 Million Just To Spite Obama – Occupy Democrats

The Political Agitator’s response: When all good folk, white, black, other, Republicans, Democrats and other admit to what we have experienced since electing the first black President Barack Obama that the entirely world has witnessed RACISM and IGNANCE at it’s best coming from the highest office of these United States, the better off the world will be.

One of the most important parts of the Affordable Care Act was the expansion of Medicaid to extend healthcare to low-income Americans. Most Republican governors across the country, determined to sabotage President Obama’s flagship legislation, refused to accept the expansion, preferring to let their people and their budgets suffer just to spite President Obama.

Those decisions by red governors are coming back to bite them where it really hurts- in their budgets. A new report from the Kasier Family Foundation indicates that states that refused to expand Medicaid coverage are now paying more for it than if they had, easily debunking the false narratives and doomsday prophecies that Republicans still treat as gospel, no matter how many reports or studies are released showing that the ACA in fact lowers healthcare costs. (Source: Read more)

Judge refuses to dismiss NC voter ID challenge – The News & Observer

A federal judge on Friday refused a request from state lawmakers to dismiss a challenge to the North Carolina voter ID law.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder set the issue for a trial, tentatively in January.

Attorneys for state lawmakers argued that a change made this year to the ID provision of election law made the 2013 legal challenge moot. Though the law initially restricted voting to people who had one of six specified photo identification cards, the General Assembly added a provision on the eve of the federal trial this summer that made it possible to cast a provisional ballot without an ID.

The law is set to go into effect next year. (Source: Read more)