Rocky Mount NC – Lights, Camera and Action

I find it quite interesting that since the death of the 15 year old and this group of folks marched, now that another shooting happened, there are more folks who are seeking the spotlight. I wonder how many of these folks seeking the spotlight contacted this group who had a march and was scheduling another march to see how could they connect?

Lights, camera and action.

I have a basketball game tonight, Wednesday and Friday so maybe I can get to writing my story on Thursday night about what I see is going on since the most recent shootings in Rocky Mount. It is a damn shame that some folks uses others sorrow to gain fame and fortune.

So when the lights and the cameras go away it will be back to business as usual.

Virginia values teachers even if N.C. doesn’t – Rocky Mount NC

Conservative pundits such as John Hood of the John Locke Foundation are fond of criticizing the notion that students in states that spend more money on public schools are smarter and better educated as a result of that investment.

Hood, whose column appears regularly in the Rocky Mount Telegram, points to other countries that spend less on average per student, but whose kids score higher on standardized tests, when compared to the United States.

Hood’s argument does little to boost the morale of North Carolina teachers, most of whom haven’t seen a pay increase in five years. But Virginia educators certainly know how to get the attention of our classroom instructors. (Source: Read more)