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DON’T FORGET TO VOTE and make sure that you remind others about the importance of everyone voting!

Anyone interested in working at the polls on Tuesday while receiving compensation?

We need to make sure that convicted felons who have served their time, have the right to VOTE!!

We have been told that some are being turned away for this very reason. Please  let me know if you are interested in making 10.00 per hour working at the polls on Tuesday.

Remember,  Your voice, Your VOTE!!

Historical perspective on Gurley, bonds and school construction

This April 2006 article from The Independent offers some historical perspective about how WCPSS got to this point regarding year-round schools and insufficient funding via the Wake County Commissioners. It is also a good reminder how the County Commissioners are intricately involved with school funding in Wake County. Tony Gurley, who is again seeking re-election on Tuesday, supported year-round schools as a cost-saving measure, and a means to float a smaller bond issue that didn’t exceed the billlion-dollar mark, even though that amount was truly needed to adequately fund WCPSS school construction four years ago. Now, Gurley says he does not support "mandatory year-round schools" — a term that came into play several years ago when WCPSS determined a need (to address unprecedented growth and limited financial resources) to open all new schools on a year-round calendar to maximize capacity and be more cost-efficient. Btw, Great Schools in Wake is an off-shoot of WakeUp Wake County.

WEP roundtable summary

If you were unable to attend last week’s roundtable discussion (sponsored by Wake Education Partnership) about the ‘controlled choice’ assignment plan being formulated by education consultant Michael Alves, you’ll find a detailed summary on Neil Reimann’s site.

2010 NC School Report Cards

The 2010 North Carolina School Report Cards are now online and feature the state’s largest collection of information about student performance and attendance, class size, school safety, teacher quality and classroom technology at the state, district and school levels. On the WakeEd blog, WCPSS test scores are compared to Charlotte Mecklenberg’s schools.

Boycott Variety Wholesalers

The Democratic Party is encouraging people to boycott Variety Wholesalers (Roses, Maxway, Super Dollar, Value Mart and Super 10 Stores). The company’s owner, Art Pope, contributed significantly to the campaigns of BOE members Debra Goldman, John Tedesco, Chris Malone and Deborah Prickett last year. Read more here. In addition, there were two LTEs about Pope’s political donations: In hock to Pope and Ill-conceived boycott. As one commenter noted, "…when the wealthy and powerful can legally purchase elections: our democracy suffers."

BOE meetings w/o Nov. 1

Attached is a list of BOE meetings scheduled for Nov. 1 through Nov. 5, fyi.

In the News

Former educators announce support of Wake candidate (Jack Nichols)

Plans to shut Harding sparks new uproar (Charlotte-Mecklenberg)


Life via schools

Thanks for staying engaged with WCPSS.

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Calvin Woodard For Sheriff Campaign Has Been Good For Wilson NC

Wilson NC – I want to commend the citizens of Wilson who are supporting the Woodard for Sheriff Campaign. I attended a fundraiser recently and I was just amazed at how the people poured in to support Woodard. Since the chicken plates were sold out people bought T-shirts and/or just left a huge donation. I see a lot of unity between black, white and others centered around this campaign and I just love it. This is what the county needs someone to bring about unity and therefore the county can potentially grow to become a better place to live for all people.

It is sad the people of Wilson chose who they wanted to become the new Sheriff when Woodard defeated longtime Sheriff Wayne Gay during the May Primary. Woodard’s opponent switched parties and petitioned and received enough signatures to have his name on the ballot.

Citizens of Wilson go out and cast your vote on Tuesday November 2nd for Woodard who will bring about change and unity while taking the office to a new level. Woodard will have to give 150% because he must work hard to show those who oppose him that he is the man, although they already now it.

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Voters warned about bogus online ballots–Source: nashuatelegraph (Attempt To Trick Voters That They Have Already Voted)

CONCORD – Someone seems to be trying to trick voters into casting bogus ballots online, the attorney general’s office warns.

New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney announced Wednesday that his office has received complaints of phone calls, encouraging voters to cast their ballots early online. (Read more)

Woolard Supporter Brings Handgun to Democratic Headquarters in Beaufort County just before Butterfield arrived! Police Called and Take Control–Source: Behind The Scenes of A TV Talk Show

A few weeks ago, I was co-hosting Jammin 99.3 with David Perkins and I mentioned the emotional environment with some tea party members and their use of handguns at rallies.  This is a prime example of emotional rhetoric gone astray.  In the Daily News article, Woolard supported his supporter with “his 2nd Amendment Right to carry”.   Woolard also stated that politics, in this time of year, gets heated.  Woolard said he wants people to be emotional about this election. (Read more)

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Nash County Law Enforcement Officers Association announce endorsements–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

The executive board of the Nash County Law Enforcement Officers Association this week issued the following candidate endorsements: (Read more)

Note: I find some of the endorsements to be quite interesting:

Jeff Collins (R) for N.C. House District 25

Buck Newton (R) for N.C. Senate District 11

Renee Ellmers (R) for U.S. House District 2

Richard Burr (R) for U.S. Senate

Unaffiliated voter weighs in–Source: Wilson Times

I’m compelled to respond to Mr. John Bruner’s letter in The Wilson Times on Oct. 25.

Mr. Bruner, with all due respect sir, you don’t know what you’re are talking about. Do you have receipts showing Mr. Woodard’s campaign received money from SEIU, NAACP and ACORN? I recall after Calvin won the primary and after the chair finally resigned, the Democratic Party gave Calvin a check. I want to reiterate the word "after." They gave him nothing during the primary. (Read more)

Note: You must subscribe to the Wilson Times Online to read more. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Reader responds to letter – This letter mentions that the Vice President of the NAACP supports Woodard’s opponent.

Calvin Woodard Sheriff Elect

Health care, taxes at center of District 1 U.S. House race–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

A Beaufort County businessman believes his doctrine of limited government, small business investment and lower taxes is enough to trump a six-year incumbent’s re-election efforts.

Republican Ashley Woolard, who hails from Washington, N.C., has stepped forward to challenge three-term U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield, D-1st District, in this year’s midterm election. Butterfield, a former N.C. Superior Court judge from Wilson, has been targeted by Republicans — like many U.S. House Democrats — this election season for what the GOP call liberal stances and controversial votes on health care. (Read more)

Note: First of all this Republican don’t live in the 1st Congressional District so why in the hell he don’t run in his district? He can’t vote for himself. Just because he is a businessman he has the answers? This Republican is tea party driven. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Campaigns don’t waste last weekend–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram (So Did You Know About These Events)

Saturday was the last chance for early voting, and several local candidates in this year’s midterm elections continued their late politicking.

Candidates fighting for clout in several races across the state and local region used Saturday to try and corral last-minute support from voters. (Read more)

Candidates, outside groups tailor message to zip codes–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram (See What The Nash County Chair Marvin Arrington Had To Say)

Residents in the Twin Counties are being inundated with direct mailings this political season.

Some are being funded by political parties or the candidates themselves.

Others are coming from outside organizations with political agendas. Their spending is not limited as the result of a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in January that government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections. (Read more)

Judge rules in favor of GOP over touchscreen voting–Source:

RALEIGH—Saturday afternoon a federal judge ruled in favor of the state Republican party over the lawsuit filed in complaint of touchscreen voting machines.

The GOP complained touchscreen voting systems were not working properly during early voting. Thirty-five counties across North Carolina use touchscreen voting. Attorneys for the the state argued there aren’t problems with the machines and multiple precautions are in place to prevent errors within the voting system.

On Election day, all precincts that use touchscreen voting machines will be required to post a “Voter Alert” notice that notifies voters: of the following: (Read more)

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Too Much. Too little. Too late–Source: Wilsonian Voices


See flier:

Wilsonian Voices

Wilson County Sheriff’s Race Gets Heated–Source: WUNC 91.5

Eric Hodge: Election Day is less than a week away. Early voting has been heavy throughout the state this month. In Wilson County, early voting has been especially popular. But it’s not the U.S. senate or House that has voters there energized; it’s the race for sheriff between Calvin Woodard and John Farmer.  As Dave DeWitt reports, the election of Wilson County’s top lawman has brought cries of racism and shaken up decades of Democratic party dominance. (Read more)

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Why Is NPR Getting Our Money?– Source:

One of the big reasons the Democrats may get hammered next Tuesday is that under that party’s congressional leadership, the nation has run up an astounding $5 trillion in new debt over the past three years. . . .

As part of the federal gravy train, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is set to receive $420 million this year alone. No wonder Elmo is smiling. . . .

And what are the taxpayers getting for their money? Well, this much is beyond dispute: The news-based programming on PBS and NPR is heavily tilted to the left. In fact, as far as their news analysts are concerned, there are 17 liberal-leaning individuals on the air and one moderate, David Brooks. There are no conservative voices heard in the national public broadcasting precincts. (Read more)

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Beware: Elections Ahead! — Who Is Counting Your Vote? (A Must Watch Video)

This is a really great video. It has some older interviews with White Hat Hacker Chuck Herrin (from NC) to newer interviews with Prof Halderman, who with his students hacked (with permission) the DC internet vote pilot. (Video)

Obama too smart, too black for declining America–Source:

Barack Obama has to be one of the smartest, eloquent, calm and cool and psychologically well-balanced (think of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush or Richard Nixon) American presidents of modern times.

He’s also one of the toughest, although he neither sounds it nor looks it. Shrewdly, and surprisingly candidly, an aide has recently described him as “the most unsentimental man I’ve ever met.” Ruthlessness comes easily to Obama, that’s to say, which is what it took for him to beat a presidential nomination rival as tough as Hillary Clinton. (Read more)


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