Rocky Mount NC – See What Patsy Pridgen And Others Are Saying About Rocky Mount City Council, You Better Follow Social Media

Folk are always sending me information about what is on other social media sites and recently I have been receiving messages telling me to visit this Facebook page. It tickles the hell out of me how these folk make their own story out of the newspaper story.

I find the text in the post, “Questions For Rocky Mount City Council” to be quite interesting. I don’t need to go into detail because you can read it for yourself.

See what they are saying on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page. See who are commenting.

Others sites you better follow are Whig-TV, Fighting Crime, Community Council and 252HoodNewzz (that has me blocked because I said they should not be posting about roadblocks). I normally don’t visit the sites until someone send me a link to go look at what they are saying especially when they or talking about me.

If there are other sites please share them.

Folk you better follow these pages because not only are the racist white folk there but you have some black folk who follow these pages faithfully. Some of these black folk are feeding them information.

Folk ya’ll better wake up because there is a movement to take Rocky Mount back. It is about race and economics. These folk are mad because of the majority black council. They are mad that they don’t control the money and control what goes where and most of all they can’t control these black folk. They only black folk they are controlling are the ones in the street who are feeding them while they are getting nothing out of the deal.

imageWho is this guy?


Terri Joyner Is Disturbed About Meetings Held Concerning Confederate Statue At Battle Park

The following is a comment from Terri Joyner that was posted on my blog:

I am very disturbed that the first time I heard of the two meetings held about our Confederate Statue at Battle Park was posted on Facebook by WITN new today (7-24-18)

I for one am outraged at the very thought of our City’s Leadership and less than knowledgeable residents have taken such a strong stance on the removal of a Statute that memorializes all those that fought for their rights during the Civil War. BOth Blacks and Whites fought shoulder to shoulder to protect our Southern culture. It had absolutely nothing to do with the South wanting to keep slavery alive. Slaves were not all black. There were white slaves as well.

This is part of our Nations history that should be preserved for future generations to learn from. Who are we to erase the History that doesn’t fit the likings of some while other feel strongly that it should be preserved. We have no knowledge how future generations will view the Statues.

I for one would like to see our City have a backbone and stand tall and proud to show the rest of this broken nation that these monuments are our ancestors legacy and an important part of History good or bad that should be preserved.

I also highly suggest a 3rd meeting be scheduled and highly publicized so that ALL CITIZENS of Rocky Mount can have an advance notice of such a crucial meeting as this one is.

My response:

I am disturbed also when folk post half-trues and attempt to insult my intelligence.

First of all I don’t know where you been but the meetings have been publicized in the Rocky Mount Telegram and WHIG-TV was at the 1st meeting. I have recorded all of them and posted them on my YouTube page.

Outraged? Really? I don’t know where ya’ll get that bullshit from about folk being less knowledgeable about the statue, Civil War and other. Who the hell are ya’ll to think that ya’ll are the only ones educated when it comes to ya’ll wanting to preserve ya’ll historical moments in history. I am a 55 year old grown ass black man who ain’t ignant to history and I can speak for numerous others. Not long ago the Rocky Mount Branch of the NAACP held a meeting and had 2 white males an historian and a civil rights laywer/other and a black male historian that did a presentation on the confederacy. That video also is on my YouTube page.

Yeah some folk are stuck on need more education about the confederacy and history. Talk to those whom you need to but myself and some others ain’t the one. I ain’t gonna even get into the damn slave thing about there was black and white slaves. And?

There is a lot of Nations history just like when folk tell black folk to get the hell over it but everyday we are reminded by those who continue who ain’t trying to get over the mess they have done to folk of color that is still going on today such as beatings and calling us Niggers.

I will let the City speak for themselves. However I don’t give a damn about certain legacies just because. Hell you can preserve whatever history you want just like people of color can when folk say they need to get over it.

Obviously you are ignant to the facts about the meetings because today was the 4th and final community meeting. All of the meetings were highly publicized. All citizens of Rocky Mount had an opportunity to attend and had plenty damn notice.

I am a member of the Human Relations Commission and I attended all the meetings and I have advertised and posted the video of all of them except the 4th meeting will be on my YouTube page in a couple of days.

Funny how you found yourself on my page. But keep following me because you will learn the day because that is what my page is about to educate and to be educated. However I pay attention to those who are trying to educate folk with half-trues.

I ain’t the one I have been actively engaged in community activism since the late 80’s so I can recognize and comprehend bullshit when I see it, hear it and/or whatever fashion it is presented.

Now I am open to dialogue but one thing folk ain’t going to do is to attempt to insult my intelligence as to the need for more education on an issue when other folk think they are the only ones that know history.

I am only interested in the whole trues, the facts and not emotions. I base my emotions on the facts.

My blog is full of information however when I post on blog it automatically post to my Facebook, Twitter and Linked In accounts.

I welcome your comments that I have to approve as long as you keep it real.


Rocky Mount NC – Rules For Appointment To Ward 3 & Event Center Parking Presentation During The Committee of the Whole Meeting May 2018

See what the attorney said about the Ward 3 Appointment Process during the Committee of the Whole Meeting. See Event Center Parking Presentation.

Click on Photo To Watch Video            

If The Ward 3 Folk Like It Then I Love It However I Will Not Be Silent On The Mess That Took Place On Monday Night With Rev. Richard Joyner

I am going to see how the citizens in Ward 3 respond to the mess that took place during the appointment of Rev. Richard Joyner to replace Judge Lamont Wiggins former councilmember.

Qualifications as it relates to what happen on Monday night has nothing to do with a candidate doing the job.

Qualifications per the Rocky Mount Charter states: No person shall be eligible to file for, or be elected to, the City Council, or to serve thereon, unless such person is a qualified voter, 21 years of age, a resident of the City and of the ward from which he seeks to be elected, and has not been disqualified as provided in the Constitution of North Carolina.

It is funny none of the councilmembers spoke about Rev. Richard Joyner the man other than Rev. Reuben Blackwell Councilman when he made his comment during the appointment process.

I have read and heard some folk say that Rev. Andre Knight and Rev. Reuben Blackwell both councilmen were scared they were going to lose their power. What power?

I have yet to hear them say who they would have voted for out of the 5 candidates before Gwen Wilkins removed herself on the night of the appointment.

So I don’t think they know how Rev. Richard Joyner is going to cast his votes but what is obvious is that the 4 councilpersons who voted for him all live on the Nash County side and Joyner works on the Nash County side at the Hospital.

Some folk think that this appointment is totally limited to Rocky Mount City Council politics but that is because they don’t know how politics work.

But the main thing Joyner was not qualified on Monday May 14 and he is not qualified on today. If he was he would have been seated on the council on the same night he was appointed. Joyner will not be a qualified and validated voter in Ward 3 until May 21 and if that goes without any discrepancies he will be seated during the June meeting.

If I was the Edgecombe County Chair who just happens to be a resident of Rocky Mount and lives on the Edgecombe County side I would have attended the meeting and spoke about the process. I also would have done it if I was the Nash County chair. But where were the other good Democrats of Edgecombe County that should have been concerned about the voter registration process.

I can’t wait to see if the Ward 3 voters will respond by writing letters to the editor and also attending the council meeting in June and speak out for or against the appointment.

Like I said if the Ward 3 folk like it then I love it but I am still going to talk about the process.

See what happened on Monday night for yourself.

Photos/Video: Lois Watkins Rocky Mount Councilwoman Make Motion To Appoint Unqualified Rev. Richard Joyner To Replace Now Judge Lamont Wiggins



Coun­cil to consider Ward 3 candidates – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Rocky Mount City Council is set to consider the appointment of a replacement for the vacant Ward 3 seat among other topics Monday evening.

The council will discuss the five candidates for the seat during its 5 p.m. Committee of the Whole workshop prior to the regular meeting.

Councilman Andre Knight maintains one of the candidates is ineligible for the appointment due to residency and voter registration issues.

The Rev. Richard Joyner moved into Ward 3 in mid-April. He won’t be eligible to vote in the ward for another few weeks. That should disqualify him, Knight said.

During his interview for the seat last week, Joyner said he made sure he was eligible.

The other candidates are (Read more)

Rocky Mount NC – The Rocky Mount Telegram, Fighting Crime, WHIG-TV & The Community Council Do They Really Care About Unifying Rocky Mount Or Do They Just Want Black Folk To Sit Down And Shut Up?

The system is set up so that black folk are scared to speak out even when they are hurting. When you hurt me I am going to let you know. When you hurt other folk and I can see for myself what is going on, I hurt then too. I refuse to be silent on issues that affect folk as a whole.

I look at all of these media outlets and social media sites how they single out certain folk. But most of all I look at the comments and who are not afraid to speak out. Them white folk ain’t scared.

Look at what black folk being speaking out about on social media. Just damn scared until it hit home.

Right now there are 2 things going on on social media that is dear to me, I said to me because I know some of the folk or have been contacted by some of the folk.

In Sharpsburg there is discussion on 252 Hoodnews about black folk (women/young folk) cars being towed that don’t need to be towed when the Sharpsburg Police Department call a local wrecker to get the cars. If the folk don’t pay the money to get cars back they get to sell them. I have been told and it has been stated that when the folk ask to let their cars sit there and they come back to get it or to request to call their own wrecker, they have been denied.

Today in the paper and all those I named above are going after Councilman Andre Knight. Look at the comments who are saying what. Black folk are scared to comment.

Now I understand some black folk are scared to comment because they are scared of retaliation. Well just know that when your time comes, you may need some folk to help you while you were silent while it was happening to others.

This pisses me the hell off because I refuse to be silent. I can’t understand how folk sit back and allow injustice to take place and say nothing.

I will not sit down and shut up even if you come after me. I will stand until the end.

I ain’t mad with nobody, however I will not allow you to promote mess that ain’t right. Tell the whole story!

City Council mulls eminent domain action – Rocky Mount Telegram

While Councilman W.B. Bullock expressed his distaste for the city using eminent domain power, he did support it in the case of three properties associated with the proposed downtown community facility.

“I am not in favor of exercising the power of eminent domain 99 percent of the time, but I understand this situation and it may be a while,” Bullock said before the vote. “I hope we’ll look at every possibility before we do this.”

Officials said an amicable resolution on the purchase of 207 and 209 Goldleaf Street as well as 240 Atlantic Avenue has not been reached and eminent domain is recommended. The properties are among the parcels planned for the proposed downtown community facility, which is being designed but has not been formally approved for construction by the City Council. (Source: Read more)