Councilmen spar over shut-off moratorium – By William F. West Staff Rocky Mount Telegram


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Damn Bill West makes it about Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight and Lige Daughtridge trying to paint a picture of Knight. Knight who called Sprecial Committee of the Whole Meeting as the out the damn meeting like a meeting suppose to be ran, he was in control.

Lige Daughtridge questions every damn thing as if somebody is always getting over on the city or things that I believe he feels he can go after other Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell​ because don’t forget he is speaking for the Special Cs whom created a Racist WSBS Movement.

This is why I attend and video the meetings to folk can see what took place for themselves and make their own decision on what actually happened versus the spin Bill West and others including myself put on the the meeting.

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Rocky Mount NC – Rocky Mount Special C’s Ignant Racist Asses Stir Up B.S. Then Play Victim Confederate Monument/NAACP Appointment

Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, WHIG-TV, Fighting Crime, Loverockymount, Randy Adcox, J. Keith Harris, Albert Ignant Preston Holmes, Clint Williams, Wayne Holloman and some other Special Cs continue to go to the Rocky Mount City Council Meetings/or don’t go but look at the videos and then create their own narrative not based on the facts. Hell my videos don’t lie unlike these folk just lie, lie, lie.

Although most of the above have me blocked from going on their pages, it does not matter because I can’t fix ignant!

So will someone tell me where in the video and in writing where Andre Knight and myself said the Confederate Statue need to come down. It is clear in the video what he and I said.
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Monument At Beginning/Appointment Towards End


Rocky Mount City Council Meeting NAACP Appoint Cooper Blackwell To The Human Relations Commission

Also see Andre Knights Comments about The Confederate Monument. The damn Special Cs are still mad and is on Randy Adcox, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, Fighting Crime, WHIG-TV and other. Damn they think they are so special that they can pick and choose what Black Folk can say and do. They are bullys promoting WSBS. Bernie Mac said it best! If you don’t know what he said, ask somebody!

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Rocky Mount NC: It Appears Beth A. Woods NC State Auditor Is Doing An Audit On Councilmen Andre Knight And Reuben Blackwell

It appears that Democrat Beth A. Wood North Carolina Office Of The State Auditor is doing an audit on Councilmen Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell because of J. Keith Harris Former Rocky Mount Fire Chief, Community Council under the leadership of Elijah “Lige” Daughtridge, LoveRockyMount Warren Daughtridge, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Barry Rhems, WHIG-TV Nash Commissioner Robbie Davis Owner &  General Manager Sandra Smith, Fighting Crime Owner Katherine Zugsby, Rocky Mount Telegram & some other Special Cs.

I have had much respect for Beth A. Wood North Carolina Office Of The State Auditor over the years. I was in Raleigh videoing the meeting when former Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates acted a fool during the meeting and they ended up taking the Princeville Charter but I don’t think that they were going to take the charter but when she did what she did, I supported it.

If you follow the Timeline: Rocky Mount City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney Under Fire Via Rocky Mount Telegram posted on my blog and you do not come to that conclusion that White Supremacy is alive and well in Rocky Mount, then obviously you are ignorant to the facts and/or you are supporting the Special Cs. But keep in mind that it didn’t just begin during this timeline here but you can go back right before the council became a Black Majority. In a Common Ground meeting back around 2002, a Caucasian male in our group said that the Caucasians said they were going to move out of Rocky Mount if the council became a Black Majority.

Because Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell are vocal and speak truth to power, Special Cs have disrespected them over the years and then they took it to another level when the hiring of Black City Manager Rochelle Smalls-Toney. The Special Cs tried their best to keep her from being hired by trying to discredit her after researching her previous employment.

But in spite of all of this I have a problem with Black Leadership ie: Community leaders, sororities, fraternities and especially retired folk who do not have to worry about retaliation whom have been silent on these issues. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday just passed and it sickens me how folk dress up to go to events and the marches and don’t stand for nothing. I understand a newly formed Religious Group consisting of Pastors and Ministers are meeting so when will they speak up on issues?

While Gwen Wilkins a Democrat serving on the local Nash County Democratic Party and was appointed by the local to serve on the State Democratic Party Executive Committee is focusing on me serving on the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission appointed by the NAACP, she and others ought to be questioning the damn audit going on in Rocky Mount and other issues. But her problem is she is playing both sides. She openly supported Republicans now Mayor Sandy “Claus” Roberson and Elijah “Lige” Daughtridge so how in the hell did the Democratic Party appoint her to anything? I would bet that she has also been talking to Beth A. Wood North Carolina Office Of The State Auditor.

It is time out for Democrats playing both sides. It appears that Gwen Wilkins who some folk think she is a Caucasian Female so she get to play the race card as well. You see my Black ass can’t play the Race Card. It is of my opinion that Gwen Wilkins and Beth A. Wood North Carolina Office Of The State Auditor are following the lead of the Republican Special Cs in Rocky Mount NC.

Black Folk and Caucasians who are treated just like Black Folk in Rocky Mount you better wake the hell up and don’t be mislead by ignant ass folk such as the Gwen Wilkins, Kevin Jones former candidate for Mayor and appointed to lead Roberson Transition Team, Moe Deloach, Pastor Ray Green Pittman Grove, James Silver, Samuel Battle, Tarrick Pittman to name a few who supported now Mayor Sandy “Claus” Roberson campaign that mislead the folk of Rocky Mount and held the city hostage during the election. Now the folk are seeing that the transition team is a fake team with no connection to the Rocky Mount City Council.

Don’t get it twisted I don’t give a damn who folk support but I have a problem when the folk that you support it is clear they do not have the everyone best interest at heart.

Folk while I am being painted as the bad guy, I dare you to check the minutes of the meetings and look at the videos of the meetings that I have been a part of to see how I speak truth to power.

Anyone that read this and do not attend the next Rocky Mount City Council meeting to support the current council, not just Andre and Reuben but all of the council to continue the progress of what they have done and is doing do what is best for all of Rocky Mount and shut down the Special Cs along with the Safe Negro Black Folk who are really holding the city hostage.

It is of my opinion that it was assumed that Gwen Wilkins would beat Richard Joyner, Tarrick Pittman would beat Andre Knight but since that didn’t happen they now have to take another route. It is of my opinion that Beth A. Wood North Carolina Office Of The State Auditor is up for re-election this year.

Folk it is time for you to contact Beth A. Wood North Carolina Office Of The State Auditor and to tell her to bring to put on the table the findings of the audit so Rocky Mount can begin the work on the 1st Black Owned Hotel downtown Rocky Mount Edgecombe County side. At the present time there is no hotel downtown nor on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount. If she has something on Beth A. Wood North Carolina Office Of The State Auditor then complete the auditor.

I am for Justice no matter who it is for or against!

I am Unbought and Unbossed!

I have no permanent Friends no permanent Enemies only permanent Interest!

My videos don’t lie!

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Council to review termination appeal process – Rocky Mount Telegram

I understand it better now after reading this. I didn’t quite get it at the meeting and when I asked after the meeting I knew it had something to do with termination. But my question is I know Lige and Tj were the new to the council but did they not get the agenda packet before the January 13 meeting. Could they not asked questions before the meeting and/or at that meeting? Curmilus Butch Dancy II 

The City Council on Monday is going to take up a proposal to amend the personnel ordinance to state that the city manager will have the final say in the case of an employee who contests a supervisor’s recommendation for termination.

During a council work session on Dec. 9 — and shortly before the new council was to be seated at the regular council meeting — the previous council unanimously voted that the change be recommended for approval.

Shortly after the start of the Jan. 13 regular council meeting, as the council was about to approve the minutes of Dec. 9 council business, new Councilman Lige Daughtridge brought up the personnel matter.

Daughtridge said his reason was that the new council members had not had the opportunity to hear or weigh in on the proposed change to the ordinance.

Daughtridge made a motion, seconded by new Councilman T.J. Walker, to table consideration of the recommendation from the Dec. 9 work session of the previous council. (Read more)

Social media’s impact on local politics increases – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens and Fighting Crime played a hell of a role in the election. They put mess out there and then when you respond to their ignant mess they block folk from posting trues. But since they have promoted the mess it will be up to the new Mayor Sandy Roberson and new councilman Lige Daughtridge.

A new Rocky Mount mayor was installed last week and some members of the Rocky Mount City Council changed after a heated election where positions often were debated on local social media sites.

Social media is affecting the way elections are run now more than ever, said Jason W. Buel, assistant professor and program coordinator of communication at N.C. Wesleyan College.

“Social media is affecting the way we choose leaders in a major way,” Buel said in a recent email interview. “That influence is growing at a startling rate that makes it impossible for public policy to keep up — and quite frankly, difficult even for scholars to keep up.”

I found the following to be very, very interesting.

These videos, and many other pictures, comments, jibes and barbs, were shared on pages such as the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Facebook page, Fighting Crime and many other personal pages as local residents engaged in lively — and often bitter — debates about the positions and characters of local candidates. (Read more)