Black Males And Hope!

Folk you got to be careful who you are connected to. Some folk may mean well but you need to make sure they don’t have a hidden agenda.

Some folk have a problem with me because I talk to Rocky Mount City Councilmen Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell and some other Black folk. Folk they are elected officials and as long as they do what they are suppose to do as elected officials per the description per the LGC, I will support them. You see what the haters description of what they think they ought to be doing is the haters problem not mines.

What these guys do outside of their role as Rocky Mount City Councilmen is their personal business. I don’t give a damn if they bought every piece of property in Rocky Mount. Hell anyone got a problem with that, then why in the hell don’t you buy some property? Hell the only reason I have not bought any is because I don’t have the funds to do so. But some of these haters got the funds. They got the funds but ain’t trying to buy a damn thing on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount and don’t want to see anything good happen on that side. But haters want to control what others do. GTHOH!

The haters got a problem because Reuben has a real job CEO Oic Rocky Mount (Opportunities Industrial Center Inc.) Damn the O stands for what they do, give folk opportunities and those who need training they offer that and those who are ready for work they provide jobs for them. Andre is on the board.

The haters got a problem that Andre is his own boss. He runs a couple of group homes giving his family and some others some employment.

The haters got a problem with him being the President of the Rocky Mount NAACP talking about a conflict of interest! The NAACP is Oldest, Boldest and the Baddest Civil Rights Organization in America. Anyone that have a problem with an organization that fight for folk who civil rights have been violated be they Black, Brown, Caucasian and other they are ignant as all hell. GTHOH

The sad part is the haters that look like me these Ignant Safe Black folk team up with the Caucasian haters and work with them to help them to attempt to accomplish their mission. Now don’t get it twisted because some Caucasians work with us so I ain’t talking about all Caucasians, just the Special Cs. There has been a hater campaign that began back around December of last year that has been faithfully attending the Rocky Mount City Council meetings all of this year attacking Black leadership. While the council meetings are not in session, the haters have been on Social Media 24 hours a day since December faithfully talking about Black Leadership. Oh this was leading up to the Elections of 2019.

Folk it is about POWER! It began with Lige Daughtridge Community Council and candidate for Rocky Mount City Council who attend the meetings challenging the council and on his Community Council Social Media page.

Most recent Warren Daughtridge began attending the Council meetings this year attacking them as well. He started a Social Media Page LoveRockyMount because his thing is folk like myself is negative but he and Special Cs but not limited to can negatively attack Black Leadership and that is ok. GTHOH!

However WHIG-TV, Fighting Crime, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, Hood Newz 252 and some individual haters have been around on Social Media attacking the Council for quite some time.

The Rocky Mount Mayoral Race is the one I am watching very, very close. I am tickled to death how these Black folk who are supporting Sandy Roberson are working hard trying to get him elected. Damn shame!

I don’t know Sandy Roberson but I do know Bronson Williams. I heard some folk say they went to school with Sandy and that is fine. But tell me about his concerns about the Rocky Mount City Government meetings before this year’s election because I have not seen him attend the meetings over the years. Oh but just maybe my video camera and photo camera didn’t pick him up. I have no problem with who folk support I am just telling you who I would support if I could vote for them.

I have been attending the meetings long before any of the current members have been on the council. So for the record I was concerned who got elected back then and damn sure concerned now when I see the progress that has been made and some folk are mad because the council is a 4-3 Black majority.

Bronson Williams has been coming to the meetings for years. He has ran for mayor before. He is a young Black Male. He is a smart young business man and actively engaged in Rocky Mount City Government. I know him and I didn’t go to school with him. I am old enough to be his daddy.

And that brings me to an interesting point. Folk talk about supporting the youth, young folk Black Males but you are lying and the truth ain’t in you especially school teachers, pastors, church folk and other because look at what you are doing. Here we go got a chance to get a young Black Male elected as the next Mayor of Rocky Mount and look at the movement. Black folk have teamed up trying to get the Caucasian elected.

But damn these are the same folk that witness how Black Males are acting as if they have no hope and we hear about how they are shooting each other nearly every week. What in the hell do they have to look forward to when I have said over and over again that hell we don’t support Black Males who are doing positive things.

But folk talking about crime in Rocky Mount. Well all of you who are supporting the Caucasian Male over the Black Male, then know that you are supporting the negative vibes of the young Black Males who feel like they can not be leaders. So damn when they choose to become leaders of gangs and other, then don’t act like you don’t know that you are not a part of the solution but you are a part of the problem.

Talking about Black Males need a job, well Bronson is a business man so what other half-trues you going to come up with?

I am The Watch Dog of The East and I am damn good at it. I am watching what is goings on.

I am The Political Agitator! Professional

I am Unbought and Unbossed! I refuse to be silent on issues that matter and Black Males but not limited to is my Main Issue because I am Black Male.

Now Run & Tell That!


So Just What In The Hell Is Tarrick Pittman So Damn Mad About? What About These Numbers?

But Tarrick I wonder you even have been at the Douglas Block if it had not been for the current council?

But Tarrick damn if business is so damn good, then why in the hell didn’t you pay the money on July 15, 2019? When will he pay?

But Tarrick it appears your addresses of where you live is questionable since you stated in March 2019 in the Rocky Mount Telegram you have lived on Woodland Ave for over a year. However your voter’s registration shows you voted in Nash County around 5 months prior to the March in November 2018. Damn that could be challenged by any Democrat as to if this is voter fraud. The local Board of Elections would rule on that.

But Tarrick you go down to Edgecombe County Board of Elections around June and change your voters registration but now say you live on Rosewood Ave. And when you file for Ward 1 you say you live on Rosewood Ave.

But Tarrick you say you are a numbers guy so help me with this math.

So from November to March is how many months?

Let’s talk about that part!

But what are you so damn mad about?

It appears to me you need to be focusing on your business and getting some drivers license. I am just saying!

But that ain’t none of my business though, but you running for council is my damn business although I can’t vote for or against you.

Rocky Mount NC – Connect The Dots! Follow The Mayoral Race

It it time to give Bronson Williams a chance to be mayor of Rocky Mount. He has put in the time. He has attended the Rocky Mount City Council meetings over the years. He has a good communication with current council and some of the current staff as he challenge them. In other words he attend the meetings and challenge them constructively without sending a negative message to the community where it appears he has a motive. Can’t say that about Lige Daughtridge who attend the meetings as he is running for a Ward seat.


Tarrick Pittman Thinks He Can Unseat Rocky Mount City Councilman Andre Knight With This Nonsense

The Political Agitator’s response: The following is about as ignant as it gets. See my response in red.
Tarrick Pittman for Ward 1

Numbers don’t lie, people do! Ward 1 are you tired of the same old, same old? Stump speeches blaming it all on others while we control our own communities.

Numbers can lie but who said these numbers lied? What is the same old, same old? What have they blamed on others be specific. How ignant talking about we control our own communities. Control how?

Had the majority on the Council for over 16 years.

So what does having the majority for 16 years mean?

They benefit at the top while the poor suffer and struggle to survive!!!!

Who are they and how are they benefitting?

How long are you going to let the economic disparity continue and be fooled by the race card that tugs at your heart?

Damn ignant you think 16 years can be compared to 150 years of very little progress in the Black Community. Even the Special Cs ain’t that ignant to make that comparison. However they would agree with you on the race card. You need to check your damn self because you are just as Black or Blacker than those you say are fooled by the race card.

All the while progress keeps passing you by.

Please tell us what progress keeps passing by!

I guess you can build a beautiful Event Center that most locals can’t afford and a 18 million dollar parking deck.

Now that is too ignant!

All this and your kids still walk home from school in Meadowbrook without a sidewalk.

Oh so it is others kids not yours? That would have sounded better if you had said our kids? But the busing issue is a whole issue by itself.

Houses lay boarded up in despair.

So Andre own these houses? So what can he do about that?

Gunshots reign nightly threatening your public safety.

So what can be done about the shooting? Tell us the solution please!

I heard the same speeches during the Douglas Block startup.

Give us some wording of some of the speeches. Why in the hell did you move your business to Douglas Block?

10 years later and we are still finding ways to invest with little results for our neighborhoods.


This entire project was intended to stimulate growth in our surrounding neighborhoods.
Where? Blame it on Redlining, or is it really the inability to create and implement change? We don’t even control the commerce in our own communities! Ward 1, a UNC Greensboro Housing study found that your life expectancy is 68.5 years compared to 81.4 years on the other side of town. The economic distress is killing you! Be smart! It’s time for us to eat a healthy meal and not be satisfied with crumbs!!!!!

What in the hell was that?

Dude it appears that you are just mad! Maybe it is because of the lawsuit with the city about the location of your business. I can’t wait to see how that unfolds.

So have you reached out to Andre and/or his campaign manager about doing a debate? You told me you talk to Knight more now than before. Really?

I am The Watch Dog of the East and The Political Agitator.

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Letter to the Editor: Action against Faulcon overdue – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: So who have she attempted to convince that she actually lives in the city? Who knew she spent a great deal of time in Halifax County? Who knew she rented a house in the city but said the lights were seldom on? So her monthly utility bills is the way to justify her residence being Rocky Mount? So what would be the true definition of her residency per Rocky Mount City Government? I hope that the main concern is job performance because I don’t believe that making residency the issue because job performance do not go hand in hand as I have read someone saying she couldn’t do her job and living in Va. The reason I say that is because hell I could live out of state and come in and stay Monday – Friday and do my job. Hell some folk have been working in a place but go back to where they live like down on the coast and spend their weekends at home. Oh but I am more concerned about Dr. Faulcon’s job performance so I will just wait on the findings from the outcome of the suspension.

It now appears that Dr. Landis Faulcon may be on her way out as the non-resident head of the Community and Business Development Authority of the City of Rocky Mount as she has been suspended with pay.

This woman has attempted to convince folks that she actually lives in the city while reportedly residing in Virginia Beach and also spending a great deal of time in Halifax County, all in violation of city regulations. She has apparently rented a house in the city but the lights are seldom on, according to an observer, and so one wonders what her monthly utility bills might actually amount to. In addition, it seems that all of her department’s employees have resigned, with one suing the city successfully, and the permitting process for downtown businesses has declined precipitously. She has also reportedly failed to do other things of an important nature, creating other adverse consequences for the city. (Read more)

Critics pan downtown hotel plans – Rocky Mount Telegram (LJK)

The Political Agitator’s response: Thank you my guy Lindell John Kay for your reporting about the critics concerns. However I strongly believe that your reporting is only half-trues. I don’t understand why all of the emphasis is being put on the parking piece and nothing, absolutely nothing is highlighted about the hotel, the retail stores and condominiums. If I am correct with all of that will come revenue. It is just sad that it appears, I repeat it appears that the critics are just mad because the city is growing in many ways positively under the leadership of Blacks and some Caucasians are just showing how racism is still alive and well. Follow the names of the critics and try to put a name with the mess the unidentified folk have to say then ask yourself what these folk with money have done on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount. But these Caucasians continue to talk about what needs to be done but what have they done? Have they invested in Edgecombe County? “There are alternative uses for $18 million that could benefit downtown and the city far more,” said council candidate Lige Daughtridge, who have been a vocal critic of the hotel and parking deck proposal.” Tickles the hell out of me that he has been the spokesperson for the the critics who have been consistently attending the council meetings bringing up their issues for quite some time telling the council how they should spend money and where. So this shows that they have no problem with the council spending the money as long as Lige and his critics can tell them how and where to spend the money. I would love to hear more about the Jesse Gerstl project why it is on hold. Wow, a local real estate investor who do not want to be identified because has pending contracts has the audacity to speak out because they want to help Lige and critics build their case. Really but they have been and continue to be in the process of receiving monies from the city. Since the Caucasian critics are trying to paint a picture of the city, I sure hope Black folk and Caucasians that want what is best foll the entire Rocky Mount weigh what is going on and not allow certain folk to tell them what is best for Rocky Mount. There are competent, intelligent, capable and willing Black leaders who are making history by doing things to finally give the folk of Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount the HOPE that has been long due. I ask that all folk do their homework and attempt to get all sides of the story. So the critics voice is spelled out here, so where are the voices support the city? Maybe I missed their voices in the series of articles. I want to thank the Caucasians on the council who have been supported of what is good for Rocky Mount as well. I am putting emphasis on the Black Leaders because they are the targets when it comes to the Lige and the critics.

What started out as a simple non-binding letter of intent presented six months ago during a hectic Rocky Mount City Council meeting is poised to become an $18 million downtown parking deck.

Proponents of the hotel — city officials and consultants — have said the project’s economic impact is projected to be around $100 million.

The downtown hotel project will mean 700 local jobs during its construction phase and $1 million in tax revenue, according to information provided by Alan O’Connell of Novogradac Consulting.

If approved, the city will provide $18 million and Hunt Services will put up $30 million for a hotel, parking deck, retail stores and condominiums. (Read more)

Rocky Mount NC – Tired Of The Negative Posts About Rocky Mount City Council

Cooper Blackwell

Sick of seeing negative post about the council so here’s some things that have been done for our great city under the leadership of a majority black city council. (Since some people want to deny the truth and act like nothing positive is happening in Rocky Mount).

Under the current city council, as a DIRECT result of their actions:

1)Fought Duke Power and reduced RM Utilities debt by $500 million.
2)Changed collection policies to make more customer friendly and required staff to create payment arrangements.
3) Encouraged hiring of more people of color and women in key leadership positions. Went from 1 black department head in Human Relations and Assistant City Manager to 3 black police chiefs, black female HR Director, former black Planning Director, more black assistant fire chiefs, black female Assistant City Manager, 3 black Parks and Rec directors and many more positions
4) Retail, banking and services increases in inner city Edgecombe and Nash
5) $50 million Event Center with millions of new private investment downtown
6) 30 black businesses downtown alone
7) Rapidly increasing retail sales throughout RM.
8. Recruited Capitol Broadcasting investment in Rocky Mount Mills. Renovated hundreds of homes and apartments in inner city.
9) $2 million South Rocky Mount gym with new housing development worth $2 million affordable housing
10) Funded and supported Carolina Gateway Partnership in recruiting 3500 new jobs to Rocky Mount in the last 18 months. New housing starts throughout the City
11) Funded scores of non-profits to build youth programming throughout all RM including Buck Buck Leonard league, Carolina Stallions, upgraded parks, youth soccer and softball

So enough of the lies.. our city has been evolving under the current leadership for the last 20 years… now they’re talking hotels and investment downtown and in Edgecombe county! Hallelujah! #supportrockymount#supportequity #communityunity #EDI #fightstigmas