Board of Elections Website Edgecombe County Has One Of The Worst Damn Websites I Have Seen

The Edgecombe County Board of Elections website is one of the worst I have seen in a long time. Damn with all of the issues surrounding new changes to the election process atleast the website ought to be user friendly. Not! Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think and you don’t have to live in Edgecombe County. Click here to view website.

Now click here to check out the Nash County Website. Nash County site is very user friendly and looks damn good!

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Edgecombe County Board of Elections Need To Step It Up, Check Out Nash County

Obama crafting plan for ISIS threat in Syria – msnbc

The Political Agitator response: This is why I love my President because he is a strong intelligent black man who is a Professional and Kind to the people. You see he does not get caught up in the political bullsh+t that Ignant A+s Racist White Folks and Ignant A+s Safe Negroes throw at him. I strive to be just like him and I think I am on my way. Hell no I am not ashamed of my President because he is the man, one of the best President’s we have ever had or if not the best. Damn I can’t wait for responses from the Ignants!

For good or ill, President Obama sometimes offers candid, shorthand assessments without much regard for how they’ll be perceived by the political world – or how easily the comments might be taken out of context. From a distance, I get the sense he just doesn’t care what offhand phrase might send the Beltway into a tizzy and generate a half-dozen Politico items. After nearly six years on the job, Obama just seems to have bigger things on his mind.

But those of us who regularly swim in these waters – and who’ve internalized Republican talking points to the point at which we can visualize Fox News segments before they even air – tend to see the pointless uproars coming.

Take yesterday, for example. (Source: Read more)

It Ain’t Over!

A special message to my Honeywell family. I love you but I have got to do what a brother got to do because I am a Professional and Kind to you inspite of. I guess I should be happy about being moved to another program but I am not because of the circumstances surrounding the move. My God has not failed me yet and I know he will do just what he said he would do. I have nothing but joy inspite of the situation.

Now Run and Tell That!

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I Debate Folks On Facts And Not Emotions Alone Because That Is A No-Win Situation

I debate facts ie: what you said, your policies and procedures and all documented items that I can use. I don’t debate folks on their opinion based on emotions only because I learned years ago that that is a battle that can’t be won with them. You see you can’t change folks who are stuck on opinions not facts.

When you understand that you must debate the facts only and not just acting on your emotions, you will find out that at the end of the day no matter what the truth will stand. When you know the truth you can live with knowing the truth even when it seems as if those you are debating think they have the upper hand.

Time will take care of all things so just be patient. I know being patient is tough but it works for me. I don’t remember the last time I lost a debate! But if you let them tell it they will say they won but that does not matter to me because I know that my God will reveal the truth.

Now Run and Tell That!