Homegoing Celebration For Douglas Bynum Rocky Mount NC

My condolences goes out to the entire family of the late Douglas Bynum Rocky Mount, NC formerly of Pinetops, NC. Doug and my dad is 1st cousins. Doug is the son of my great-aunt the late Rosa Dickens Bynum and the late Fred Bynum Sr. We grew up in the same neighborhood Bynum Farm Road and Dodge City in Pinetops NC.

Song: Brian Courtney Wilson – Worth Fighting For

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Viewing: Friday from 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at Hunter-Odom Funeral Service.

Funeral Service: 1:00 p.m. Saturday, June 25, 2016 at Light of Peace Baptist Church with his brother Reverend E. Ray Bynum, officiating.

Body Entrusted to: Hunter Odom Funeral Home Inc.

Van Holland Tell Us About Community Policing The Way It Was Done When The Previous Chief Was Here

This guy is a mess! Goes to show that he has some good friends on the inside that is giving him some information about what is going on but hold up wait a minute, nope, he is just smart as hell. He can figure stuff out! He ain’t just making this stuff up, he and his good ole boys wants to run things.

Dude I want to learn the day! Tell me! So that I can run and tell that! Come on tell it Mr.!


In Response To The Children Killed By The Gorilla And The Alligator

True race had nothing to do with it.

However, “The parents in Florida were from the Midwest and unless you live in the south, you’re kinda not expecting an alligator to come out of the water. No alligator signs” What the h? I read the following, “Lane Graves was doing what any 2-year-old boy would be doing on a hot Florida evening — splashing around in the shallow waters of a lagoon. His parents and sister, Nebraskans all, were nearby on the beach at a Disney resort here, relaxing, carefree.

Suddenly, an alligator sprang from the water and clamped its jaws around the boy. Lane’s father, Matt Graves, bounded into the lagoon to wrestle his son from the animal’s steel-trap grasp, but lost the battle, according to an account by the Orange County sheriff, Jerry L. Demings.”

Ed Frank, visiting from Charlotte, N.C., with his wife and two sons, said Wednesday that he was sure the Graveses had been careful. “But we’re in Florida, and there are alligators in bodies of water,” he said. “Alligators in their natural environment are good at camouflage. It’s what they do.”

D! then you say, “But the kid in the zoo? His parents saw the gorilla. What they didn’t see was their own kid. Totally different circumstances and race has nothing to do with it. Parenting. Not race.” Really? So to say the black parents thought their child would find a way to get in their with the gorilla is just too ignant! SMDH!

Both were tragedies and both were accidents. Neither parent went to the d locations thinking that they would lose their children there.

The issues now are what can be done to prevent these 2 types of accidents from possibly happening again. As I have stated before, if there is a law that can prove these accidents were child abuse then let the law take it course but if not, then folk need to be concerned about the parents losing a child and what will be done to keep these accidents from happening again.

Just my ignant opinion!

Two similar tragedies, two DISTURBINGLY different responses from the public but Race has NOTHING to do with it though!

The Watch Dog response: I find the following on Facebook by The Love Life Of An Asian Guy to be Fabuloustastic! It is a d shame that white folk are ignant to the point that when a black person say Black Lives Matter they get offensive. But I have no problem when they say White Lives Matter. But look at the following and see how if you let them tell it, Black Lives Don’t Matter. It is amazing how time will show how hypocritical some folk are because they don’t want to deal with the trues. Well you can deal with it or not but it will not change the fact that it is true. You don’t have to say anything because I know silence in most cases promotes the silent majority but the silent majority don’t make the trues false. Now these trues are in Black & White!

This week, at the Disney World Resort in Florida, a 2-year-old white boy was killed by an alligator. Last month, a 3-year-old Black child fell into a Gorilla exhibit.

Two similar tragedies, two DISTURBINGLY different responses from the public.

But this isn’t about gorillas and alligators. Nor is it about news media describing Matt Graves, the father of the white child, as an employee of a “tech company and a board member of the Chamber of Commerce” while depicting Deonne Dickerson, the father of the Black child, as an absent father with a lengthy criminal record.

This is about our country’s OBSESSION with invalidating, patronizing, and racializing Black parents. ALL BLACK PARENTS.

Take a good look at how we talk about Black parents in the news and across social media:

– White America invented the “welfare queen” caricature to depict Black mothers as lazy and opportunistic, while slut-shaming them with myths of “multiple fathers.”
– We constantly joke in our movies, TV shows and Youtube videos about absent Black fathers.
– Just a few months ago, we shamed Will and Jada Pinkett Smith because their son, Jaden Smith, was seen wearing a skirt. People questioned their parenting and placed blame on their association with Scientology.
– When Mike Brown was murdered by Darren Wilson in 2014, people shamed Mike’s mother for raising “a thug” and never gave her the opportunity to mourn the loss of her son.

ALL OF THIS BULLSHIT is a way to disprove the humanity of Black parents — to prove that Black people aren’t responsible for themselves or their children. By doing this, we validate our legacy of oppression towards Black people.

In the eyes of white supremacy, who cares if we gentrify Black neighborhoods and push out Black families? Who cares if we zone Black children into schools that are horribly underfunded? Who cares if we provide inferior healthcare to Black children? Who cares if police officers murder Black kids?

In the eyes of white supremacy, because Black parents are bad parents, they don’t deserve those civil rights. They don’t deserve to eat, to be taken care of by a physician, to study at a decent public school, nor do they deserve to live.


White people are mortified about this 2-year-old being eaten alive by an alligator yet, during slavery, white people fed the local alligators Black babies.

I guess the outrage over Black lives has a statute of limitations…

The Love Life Of An Asian Guy's photo.

Local officials applaud school bill – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: So is it really about the following COMPROMISE? “Edgecombe County is to pay a prorated share of all capital spending based on student population and will pick up the payment from Rocky Mount in four years for all operating expenses.” So they want Rocky Mount City Council out of the equation? What will the next Compromise be?

A new state law preventing a split of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools is being met with varying degrees of acceptance by local leaders who worked on the issue for years.

Nash County officials are happy with the legislation passed unanimously Wednesday by the N.C. General Assembly, while Edgecombe County officials like the big picture, but are cold on some of the details.

The law closely resembles the final deal offered by Nash County officials to the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners. Nash Commissioner Robbie Davis, who helped introduce the school funding discussion, said he is pleased with the bill. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Our View: School split stalemate goes to Raleigh – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: What I see here is just a COMPROMISE but for what? Will someone tell me why the need to do anything because the folk on Edgecombe County shops on the Nash side and they are reaping the economic benefits. But what tickles the hell out of me is the argument was that Robbie and Fred wanted Rocky Mount City to stop paying into the school system. I heard that the only reason the mess went to Raleigh was because Edgecombe agreed to 5 of the 7 items in the COMPROMISE. Again everybody I talk to says it was about COMPROMISE. Damn compromising children of Rocky Mount? So what will the next COMPROMISE be? Hell I ain’t mad just want to know the real significance of all this.

The failure of locally elected officials to negotiate a reasonable compromise over the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools district lines comes as a disappointment to all of us who had hoped for a settlement to emerge from the Twin Counties. But we’re heartened, at least, to see legislators from both sides of the county line working on a bill to be submitted to the N.C. General Assembly.

Prior to this week, it seemed that any legislation would be drafted by N.C. Rep. Jeff Collins, R-Nash, at the request of Nash County commissioners. The Nash County board has been the instigator in the plan to split the school system if Edgecombe County did not pay more for. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Press Release: Democratic Legislators Statement on School System Compromise





North Carolina General Assembly

State Legislative Building

Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

For Immediate Release – June 15, 2016

Rep. Shelly Willingham-D-Edgecombe; Rep. Bobbie Richardson, D-Franklin; Sen. Angela Bryant, D-Nash; Sen. Erica Smith-Ingram, D-Northampton.

For more information:  Contact Rep. Shelly Willingham – 252-813-0381 or Rep. Bobbie Richardson – 919-971-0571

Nash-Edgecombe Democratic Legislators Statement on School System Compromise

On June 15, Rep. Collins in the House Rules Committee replaced Senate Bill 382, formerly a transportation bill on the ferry system, with a compromise to prevent a split of the Nash-Rocky Mount school system. After a week of deliberations, the bill will address the financial concerns of the Nash County commissioners along with a name change in 2020 and a moratorium on lawsuits by the NRMS Board.  The bill also directs the city of Rocky Mount to pay the operations gap to Nash per Edgecombe County pupil for the next four years. Edgecombe County will handle the capital gap beginning in 2016-17, and in 2020, Edgecombe County will be responsible for all costs.  In a surprise move by Collins, the bill includes a trigger provision, that would set up a process for and de-merge the NRMS if the payments are not made as scheduled. In addition, the Local Government Commission will review and certify any issues regarding failure to make payments under this new legislation.

“While we do not support the name change, lawsuit or de-merger trigger provisions, we are relieved that this compromise arrangement will preserve the Nash-Rocky Mount school system, which was our number one priority,” said N.C. Rep Bobbi Richardson, D-Franklin. “It is estimated that name change will cost over $500,000, and those funds could definitely be better used for direct educational purposes.”

In addition to the financial directives, the bill includes a moratorium to prevent a lawsuit from occurring over the next 10 years by the Nash Rocky Mount School Board against Nash County over school funding. Although a split will be averted, a school system name change, to “Nash Administrative Unit” and “Nash School Board”, omitting Rocky Mount, will occur once the city finalizes its participation in the funding.

“I am satisfied that we got the best arrangement we could get to include the financial directives that our constituents support,” acknowledges N.C. Rep. Shelly Willingham, D-Edgecombe. “Although I am not a proponent of the name change, the lawsuit and the de-merger trigger provisions, the preservation of the school system and the financial provisions approved by Edgecombe are the most significant aspects of this bill. Keeping the system intact is pivotal for the region, for economic development, and most importantly, for our students and families. We’re glad that we could work together as a local delegation to reach an agreement. Now, we can begin to concentrate on other issues.”

Senators Bryant and Smith-Ingram issued a joint statement:  “We appreciate the heavy lifting done by our house delegation members and all the citizens and civic and business leaders in both counties who worked to save the Nash Rocky Mount Schools and our belief in regional collaboration. Like our Democratic colleagues in the House, we are not supportive of all the provisions, and we worry that the de-merger trigger provisions have not been sufficiently reviewed or vetted by us, the school systems or others potentially affected; however, at least in a worst case scenario, de-merger will be handled by the local school boards. We strongly oppose the heavy-handed process that led to this compromise, and the unnecessary trigger provisions that go beyond any language acted on in any public meetings by the Commissioners.  Moving forward, we will remain vigilant to protect our constituents from “trigger-happy” truce breakers.” 

Nash County commissioners questioned the funding formula over a year ago, challenging the 1992 legislation which created the Nash-Rocky Mount school system, resulting in the dismissal of a desegregation lawsuit. Since 1992, Rocky Mount has provided the gap funding for Edgecombe County students to ensure the same amount of funding per pupil is provided for students in both counties.  Rep. Jeff Collins, D-Nash joined a majority of the Nash Commissioners in threatening to de-merge the system if their ever-changing demands were not met, and Democratic legislators fought along with the City and Edgecombe County and three of the Democratic Nash Commissioners to keep the focus solely on the financial issues and saving the system.


Pam Saulsby on the disturbing job of a substitute teacher – News & Observer

The Watch Dog response: This is a very good article. The comments shows what kind of mentality some folk have when discussing such an issue. But when reading their comments I am lead to believe that they have some mental issues as well. Never seems to amaze me what some ignants have to say.

If I had a magic wand, there would be fewer black and brown faces in classrooms reserved for those with behavioral problems and emotional disorders.

I am a substitute teacher in the Wake County public school system. I’ve been at it only six months or so, but the impression will last a lifetime. It has been, in a word, disturbing.

The work is demanding, with its urgency, frayed nerves and hopscotching from one school to another. But what continues to strike me as I navigate the hallways is the insolent behavior of many students of color. They’re nearly always black or brown young men disrespecting themselves and others with little regard for the consequences. (News & Observer)


When served, NCDP chairperson’s Keever (Aycock) reaction was said to have been surprised “like a deer in the headlights” when she received the Grievance/Petition.

President, Jannet Barnes, of the African American Caucus Auxiliary of the North Carolina Democratic Party and other NC Democratic Party members signed a Grievance and Petition to VOID ABINITIO the May 21, 2016….the 13 NC Congressional District Conventions, because they (Patsy Keever (Aycock) and the 13 District chairpersons) did, wrongfully and deliberately, if not illegally conduct conventions in unconstitutional congressional Districts.

The facts and the Federal Court Judges rulings and decisions say the NC congressional Districts were unconstitutional and violated the 14th amendment equal protection clause and also violated the Voting Rights Act. The facts also reveal the courts decisions are well known to most if not all NC political legislative members in the Democratic and Republican Parties Since February 17, 2016.

Yet, NCDP Chairperson Patsy Keever (Aycock) and her 13 NC Congressional District chairs deliberately disregarded/ignored the Federal courts ruling and decisions; that the 13 NC Congressional Districts had to be redrawn and filed with the court on a date certain; that no elections can be held in those districts until the 13 Congressional districts have been redrawn.

In light of the Federal Court Judges ruling and decisions that the NC congressional Districts were unconstitutional, they violated the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause and violated the Voting Rights Act, no Congressional District Conventions should have been held in those Districts.
The NCDP Chairperson and her County and District Chairs decided, without Authority, to convene 13 NC Congressional District Conventions in the old districts and wrongfully held elections for delegates and NCDP Council of Review Committee members among other business matters in the unconstitutional Districts.

What is repeatedly being said from the Various congressional District Conventions however, is that several conventions DID NOT HAVE the required credentials committees, did not have credential committee reports, and did not have occasion for the approval of credential committee reports.

According to John Brooks NCDP chair of the Council of Review Committee (“COR”)….The reason that this is so important for conventions, is that they are electing delegates to a national convention, and because these committees determine the accuracy of the multiplier number used in giving weight to the votes cast.  This multiplier number is the number of delegates to which each county at a convention is entitled.  This number is controlled by the number of valid delegates elected to the convention.  Some lists submitted do not have the maximum number of delegates listed and this reduces the multiplier number.  Some lists include the names of registered Republicans and independents and these names, after verification, are deleted from the lists, further reducing the multiplier number.  This year there was no determination of the legitimacy of the delegates on the lists submitted, and therefore there was no verification of the accuracy of the multiplier numbers used.  A normal credential committee report to a convention for inclusion in the minutes of the convention will list both the number of votes to which each county is originally entitled and the number to which each county is actually entitled after the verification process is completed.  In the absence of valid adopted credential committee reports, there can be no validating of any balloting.  Such balloting is VOID ABINITIO.

The AAC-NCDP Auxiliary (where the majority of African-American democratic voters reside within 52 of the 100 NC Counties) believe they have been stripped of their constitutional equal protection directly and/or indirectly, as well as disenfranchised because of the Voting Rights Act violation.

Note: Just posting this due to last couple of days busy with son graduation. Didn’t even realize the Democratic Party State Convention was on Saturday until yesterday.

“Farewell Champ,…My Greatest Friend Among Many” Muhammad Ali by Milton Russell Bullock Formerly of The Platters

“Farewell Champ,…My Greatest Friend Among Many”


Milton Russell Bullock

Close & Personal Friend


‘Muhammad Ali’

Princeville, NC – Reflecting back on my life’s journey, imageGod has blessed me with the honorable privilege to meet and interact with many special and unique individuals of His Creation.  And sadly (from a personal perspective) one of the most genuine, celebrated prolific and profound was my friend, for life,…Muhammad Ali! Our personal friendship goes back as far as 1975; even though prior as an aspiring pugilist myself I found myself (Golden Glove) era a very staunch fan of his. Through the relationship and the friendship, I performed aimage few successful business ventures (promotional/ad projects) for him of which I’m ultimately grateful.  Via the coveted-award winning youth foundation; ‘Do It For The Kids’ we frequently collaborated with ‘Professional Athletes In Action’ to promote nationwide, nationalimage awareness clinics addressing the perils of ‘Drug Abuse/Gang Violence’ while encouraging youth to place high values in embracing education by ‘Staying in School!’

Nevertheless, it was our connected commonality regarding the general well-being and welfare of underserved children around the world that drew us closer than most.  Which inspired me to founding a youth organization; Do It For the Kids! My only regret is; I didn’t get the opportunity to say; “farewell” to one of God’s most dedicated, modern day providential servants as I knew him and him I.  Ali stayed the course of his religious convictions, a sure rarity in these trying times.  And his love for chiimageldren imageof the world as well, shall live in infinitum.  May God bless his soul, his family and the billions of international friends heimage manifested with his gift of everlasting love for his fellowman.

Submitted June 4th, 2016


Commissioner Milton Bullock/CEO & Founder image

Do It For The Children’s Initiatives

Post Office Box 375 imagePrinceville, NC 27886


PS:  Pictorial Attachments: Public Release Granted by

Milton Bullock Publishing Co. /Sole-Owner of Photosimage

Edgecombe nixes school deal – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: This is good to me because the whole mess makes no sense. They need to leave the whole mess alone and let the system stand as is.

TARBORO — The Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners killed a deal Tuesday to stave off a split of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools.

A joint committee made up of officials from Nash and Edgecombe counties developed a possible solution last week to a school funding dispute that would prevent the dissolution of the county-city school system.

Edgecombe commissioners voted 4-3 along racial lines against a compromise proposed by the Nash County Board of Commissioners. Chairman Leonard Wiggins and Commissioners Greg Hines, Viola Harris and Evelyn Powell voted against the proposal with Edgecombe Vice Chairman Johnathan Felton and Commissioners Billy Wooten and Donald Boswell voting in favor of the compromise. The deal called for Edgecombe to agree to a name change of the school system and a provision prohibiting the Nash-Rocky Mount school board from filing a funding lawsuit. (Rocky Mount Telegram)