Tarboro NC: Knight, Dennie among early qualifiers – Daily Southerner

Response: Damn I just don’t get it, "I feel like I have a new beginning to offer associates of the sheriff department and also the citizens of Edgecombe County," Dennie said. "They deserve better than what they have been getting. "Everybody needs to know and understand it’s time for a change — a new direction. Not that anything has been going on wrong, but it’s time for a new direction. Change is good sometimes, and it’s time for a change." So why run? Sheriff Knight has done an outstanding job serving the people of Edgecombe County and has been a great asset to other Sheriffs across the state.


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TARBORO — Sheriff James Knight and Allen Dennie kicked off Edgecombe County’s May Primary filing period by being the first in line to declare their candidacy.

Coincidentally, they were filing for the same seat — sheriff. (Source: Read More)

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See Response to “So Who Are You Mr. Dennie Jr.?” I find it quite interesting how The Daily Southerner removed the guy’s name that submitted this letter to the editor. His name is Shane Guyant a former Edgecombe County Deputy Sheriff. I talked to the editor of the paper about Guyant’s response because I said I didn’t attack Dennie but asked questions directly from his statements. And guess what the editor of the Daily Southerner said he agree with Guyant. I submitted a rebuttal but he didn’t print it and said that he was going to change the policy about letters to the editor. Oh well that is what happens when “White Privilege!” is allowed. Damn I know how Rocky Mount Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight felt a couple of week ago. Just like Mayor Pro-tem Knight, if I wanted to attack Dennie, I would have because I ain’t afraid to speak truth.

Letter to editor: So Who Are You Mr. Dennie Jr.? by Curmilus Dancy II

NC Democrats roiled by leadership turmoil – WRAL

Response: So there you have it, the answers to my questions. So with that being the answer, it is up to the executive committee how they move forward.

Raleigh, N.C. — Senior North Carolina Democratic Party officials say they were not consulted on the decision to dismiss their executive director or the apparent decision to hire former national NAACP executive director Ben Chavis as the party’s new day-to-day head.

Voller has called a news conference for Wednesday. David Harris, a lawyer working with Voller, said the news conference would concern naming a new executive director of the party, but that he was not at liberty to say who that person would be. (Source: Read more)