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Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Breaking News! I Have Received Concerns About Both Meetings In Rocky Mount NC To Be Held At The Confederate Monument And Battle Park

I am requesting the meetings at the Confederate Monument and Battle Park both be cancelled.

Some folk are saying they just heard about the meetings and are they true.

I keep telling folk I know more than what a lot of folk think I know.

Stay home!

This is where I stand!


Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Damn! My Resources Keep Me Busy And I Can’t Even Do My Blog Without Distractions Because Folk Be Sending Me Stuff Via Text, Inbox, Email, Calling Me

imageI have been trying to write a response to Gwen Wilkins’ letter to editor in the Rocky Mount Telegeam for 3 days starting and stopping because I work a real job. When I am on Social Media folk be calling me (some I ignore and call them back later), inboxing me, texting me sharing information with me. I be sharing what they send me but folk think I see all of this stuff and I come up with these things. I be trying to do posts on my blog and responding to folk. I just finished the letter and posted it. Now I am getting overwhelming messages about the flyers about the meetings scheduled today at the Confederate Monument and Battle Park along with this flyer right here. Now this one right here is an insult to all Black Men who have been speaking out in Rocky Mount Johnny Cunningham, Bronson Williams, Nehemiah Smith, Troy Davis, Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell, Cooper Blackwell, Kyle Durrell-Johnson, HD Pope and some others. As I stated last week some of these ministers need to go somewhere and sit down and shut the hell up.


Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

In Response To Gwen Wilkins “Racism not to blame for state auditor’s report”

From this piece of work to a piece of ….. First of all I have not defended Councilman Andre Knight so I guess you ain’t talking about me but just in case you are, yes the audit was pushed by some Rocky Mount Special Cs and their lovers some Ignant Safe Negro Black Folk. However Councilmembers Chris Miller and Tj Walker said they received calls from around 200 folk. TJ said he received calls from someone as far as Florida and he felt threatened for him and his family because of Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson telling lies that they refused to attend his Special Called Meeting. They told him to call all the media outlets and get it corrected.

Damn you want to bring up the election last October because he was a candidate but damn you fail to forget that Beth Wood NC State Auditor had an election coming up in March of this year so could it not have been said the same thing that she wanted to wait until after the primary this year? Some of us felt that was what she was waiting on.

Detailed audit? Hell with all them hours it should be detailed but as detailed as you say it was, well we will see how the agencies respond.

Oh so Rep. Shell Willingham and former Rep. Angela Bryant can’t have an opinion about the audit but you can? Damn ain’t your ass special!

Anyone that do not think there is no conversation between Beth and some of these Rocky Mount Special Cs are unconscious. Hell J. Keith Harris posted him taking a photo on Jones Street saying he is at Beth’s office.

Ignant ass save Rocky Mount from what humiliation? What has been proven is how Councilmembers Chris Miller and TJ Walker showed how Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson lied on the council and especially them saying they refused to attend a meeting. Sandy Claus even did a photo with a Police Sgt. trying to intimidate councilmembers to attend his special called meeting. They showed that ass that he has no power.

They showed that ass they won’t signing that b.s. that Councilman Lige Daughtridge Community Council because they recognize and understand they took and oath of office when they were sworn in.

Just had a flashback. I remember when you were mad with Lige and when we were calling each other I recall you telling me that you looked up Lige and his real name was Elijah Lige Daughtridge. Then I started calling him by that name for a short time.

Andre showed Mayor Sandy Claus and Lige he was not going to resign. Who in the hell does that especially before the agencies respond? Damn the last time I checked a person has their rights until they are taking away from them for a cause so why would someone give up their rights until proven guilty and reprimanded. You are really pa the hell thetic!

How damn ignant to say businesses ain’t coming to Rocky Mount. We shall see!

I am tickled to death because you know how politics work after serving in the local Democratic Party, after serving as the 1st Congressional District Democratic Party Chair and serving as 1st Vice Chair on the NC State Democratic Party until they kicked your ass out. You have been mad as hell every since I witnessed and videoed it. You even asked me to write a letter to editor about how they treated you at the last meeting you served. I did not because you had played games within the party however I didn’t like they way they mistreated you on that day by not allowing you to carry out the meeting as your position called you to do.

Gwen tell us about the $47,704 that was written off. matter of fact show it to us.

As far as having double utility bills soon, if folk didn’t use their $1200 and some even got more to pay their bills and/or saved to pay future bills, then that is a “they” problem.

Damn you don’t get to choose if the City Manager has to pay the money back you wanted to be appointed to the council and because Andre and Reuben didn’t support your ass you are still mad. You ran during election time and your ass lost so get the hell over it. Richard Joyner was the winner!

Someone even mentioned that Andre Knight was “voted in” by the voters of Ward 1 and to “get over it.” Well, truth be told, they voted him in not knowing he had not paid over $47,000 in utility bills in years. This was hidden from the good people of Ward 1, hidden from his supporters who stood at the polls for him, hidden from those who contributed money to his campaign … and it was hidden from the citizens of Rocky Mount.

Damn you say,Someone even mentioned that Andre Knight was “voted in” by the voters of Ward 1 and to “get over it.” Well, truth be told, they voted him in not knowing he had not paid over $47,000 in utility bills in years. This was hidden from the good people of Ward 1, hidden from his supporters who stood at the polls for him, hidden from those who contributed money to his campaign … and it was hidden from the citizens of Rocky Mount.” SMDH!

He does need to resign and spare Ward 1 and the city further embarrassment and humiliation. Council members who sit by and do not stand up to this flagrant disregard of misuse of public funds for fear of losing a political seat or their job should seriously rethink their purpose. “No man can serve two masters”… Matthew 6:24.

Wow! You say,He does need to resign and spare Ward 1 and the city further embarrassment and humiliation. Council members who sit by and do not stand up to this flagrant disregard of misuse of public funds for fear of losing a political seat or their job should seriously rethink their purpose. “No man can serve two masters”… Matthew 6:24.”

Damn you are big mad!

You need to keep that scripture on your forehead because you use your nationality to be Caucasian, Black and other depending on who you are around.

You say, “Your silence is acceptance. Fix it!”

You are LOUD but you started out saying it was about racism before you got mad with “us” because we didn’t support you for the seat that Councilman Richard Joyner was appointed to and recently was voted in.

So you are the PERFECT one but obviously you got a wake up call.

Ignorance is bliss!

Now Run & Tell That! Gwen Wilkins


Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Rioting And Looting So What Makes You Think That It Was Not Coming?

Asking for me!

Anybody that didn’t know that the rioting and the looting was not going to come must not have been paying attention. What do hurting and angry folk do?

So what was so different about this moment in time that you thought that the hurting and angry folk were going to deal with the hurt and anger when they have not been given anything to help soothe the hurt and anger? I didn’t say make it go away.

So why did you think that rioting and looting would not be a part of the movement?

While folk are hurting from the COVID-19 directly and indirectly, you have Democrats who want to do something for (all) people knowing the majority of Black Folk ain’t lazy but we are all lumped into the same category. But the mentality by the good ole boys make it appear that only Black folk will benefited and not folk who look like them.

Hell I been working all of my life and been on my current job for the past 33 years and then treat me like someone that has never worked anywhere saying nope they don’t deserve any Stimulus because they will not want to go back to work. Well I have not been out of work. I am considered an Essential Worker.

Well just maybe the package that the Democrats passed around 2 – 3 weeks ago that the Republicans are holding up had been voted on and passed, the hurt and the anger may not be as bad.

Black folk are sick and tired of being treated like we are nobody but it is okay for some folk to live a good life while we have to accept being humiliated but expected to go to work and forget. It takes strong Black Folk to endure what other races can’t.

Don’t Blame Me!


Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

George Floyd Protests Across America Is Going Down!

Plot, Plan, Strategize, Organize & Mobilize
Take Your Ass Home & Think About It!

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Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

A prescription for curing the chronic disease of racism in America

The symptoms of the disease


The rioting we are witnessing, throughout cities in the United States, in the aftermath of the  horrific murder or George Floyd in Minneapolis, are all too familiar images of understandable reactions to the pain of racist attacks on black citizens. From the murder of George Floyd this week; to the slaying of Atatiana Jefferson, last year; to the beating of Rodney King in 1991; to the killing of 11 members of MOVE in 1985; to the deaths of 648 African-Americans in the mass murder/suicide of the People’s Temple in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978; to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in1968; to the murders, by firebomb, of Harry and Harriette Moore in 1955; to the countless other black martyrs whose bodies swung, as strange fruit, from the limbs of lynching trees and whose blood stains the pages of American history, the riots you are seeing are reactions to the chronic pain of an ongoing onslaught on our right to exist, as fellow human beings, in this country that our ancestors, through slave labor, built.

The diagnosis of the disease

It is the slave labor of our black ancestors that jumpstarted an American economy that grew to dominate global economics. The fact that we have given so much to the establishment of this nation makes the pain of ongoing attempts to exterminate us that much more searing.  And the reaction to that pain, like the cries of agony and thrashing about if one were stabbed with a white-hot, iron poker is what we are seeing in the riots taking place today. Sadly, the riots, like the cries of agony and thrashing about in reaction to the stabbing of the white-hot, iron poker, do nothing to heal the wound or reduce the heat in the iron poker, or force the hand wielding the poker to drop it.  That requires more than a reaction.  It requires a response.

In psychology, a reaction is defined as an immediate or short-term, survival-oriented, defense mechanism that often is something you regret later. Whereas a  response, on the other hand, is defined as more of a long-term, flourish and thrive rather than survive oriented mechanism that goes beyond considering the preservation of one’s existence to the furthering of one’s well-being as well as the well-being of those around you.

The prescription for treating the disease

So, while understanding the RIOTS as REACTIONS, in the short-term, to the immediate pain and agony of racist attacks against us, it is incumbent upon us to go beyond this reaction to POLITICAL ENGAGEMENT, in the long-term, as the RESPONSE prescribed to eliminate the chronic disease of racism in America.  It is political engagement that will force the hand wielding the hot poker of racism to drop it and stop stabbing us with it!

As with any prescription, we must understand what political engagement is; how it differs from political action, political participation, and political involvement; how to use it; and when we can expect to see it have its palliative effects.

What is political engagement?

Political engagement is responding to external events, like the murder of George Floyd, by assessing the political power structures and processes that directly gave rise to those events; accessing those political power structures and processes; and personally committing to working to change them.

Other political activities, like  political action, political participation, and political involvement might result from political engagement but these activities, in the absence of political engagement, will prove fruitless.  The past almost 60 years since the peak of the American Civil Rights Movement offer clear evidence of this.

Protest is a form of political action and we have done it before, during, and after the height of the Civil Rights Movement and it has done little good.

Voting is form of political participation but voting alone has resulted in little change. If it had, George Floyd and many others would still be alive.

Being a member of various social and political movements and organizations is a form of political involvement, but that political involvement has not yielded the desired outcomes.  If it had, then we repeatedly would not be witnessing reactions to racist murders.

The failure of these political mechanisms, in the absence of direct political engagement clearly makes the case for the need to root all our other political mechanisms in political engagement.

Perhaps there is such a paucity of political engagement – which necessitates assessing the political power structures and processes that directly gave rise to atrocities, like the murder of George Floyd,  accessing those political power structures and processes; and personally committing to working to change them – because political engagement, in action, appears to be boring.  Posting about it on social media is not likely to yield a lot of views or likes and discussing it with friends and families might result in a lot of eye-rolling.

Despite how boring direct political engagement might appear to be it is what we must do to eliminate racism in America and doing it begins at the local level and is not exceedingly difficult.  These are the steps:

1. Contact your local government and ask for the list of local boards and committees that have citizens serve on them.  If there are none in key areas, like police advisory, human relations, public safety, community development, juvenile justice, planning, etcetera, on which citizens can serve then ask how local ordinances can be changed to make it so and work on making it so.

2. After discovering the roles citizens can play on these local boards and committees, assess those roles to determine if they are most effective. Do citizens have a real say or are they just for window dressing? Research best practices for citizen involvement and see how those in your local area measure up and let your local elected officials know the change, for the better, that you want to see. This is a link to a manual that lists best practices local governments can adopt to improve political engagement: .

3.  After discovering the roles citizens can play on these local boards and committees, even if it is not yet the role you want to see, commit to serving on them, as they are, and work to change them, from the inside, to what you want them to be.

4. Encourage your friends and family to join you in your political engagement.

Remember – political engagement is not always visible, and you might not get much notoriety but, it is the way power relations, in American democracy, are changed.  It might not be highly visible, but it is effective.  The change likely will be incremental, but it will neither be imperceptible nor ineffective.  Consider this encouraging example:

I helped organize the first planning board for a small town in North Carolina and served as the first chairperson of that board.  I received no notoriety and most people do not even know about it but a lasting outcome was the construction of a park that includes a paved basketball court and covered picnic area with access to electricity for family and community events.

So, when the smoke clears and the dust settles from the cathartic reaction of rioting let us roll up our sleeves, walk into the city halls across America and take our rightful places as citizens engaged in changing, for the better, the political institutions and power structures of America.  Having some of us serve on police oversight committees and boards, hopefully, will provide a level of accountability to prevent future tragedies like the murder of George Floyd.

See original post and other posts on Glenn Silver’s Blog.

Although I Have Been Engaged In Activism, It Ain’t About Fighting To Die To Go To A Better Place

What is there to talk about? It was Murder!

The Police have committed murder in 3 different cities recently that has gone viral, plain and simple.

I have been engaged in community and political activism over since the 80’s and I have seen some things locally and across the nation.

I strongly believe that some White kids travel from city to city causing issues during civil unrest.

I strongly believe that many white kids are rebellious to their parents help tear up the area and then go back to their hometowns and chill.

Some of these kids are reaping the benefits of White Privilege by default.

I strongly feel that sometimes it is not Black protesters that create the violent situation but it is perpetrated by intruders but because we have some hurting and angry Black folk, the situation becomes out of control.

I always try to look at the whole situation and when you are actively engaged you can understand what is going on.

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against!

They say that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had his eyes on the Prize that he knew if he was killed he would go to a better place. Well I don’t believe that is whole trues. I believe he had the mentality that I have today. I have been fighting since the late 80’s for ungrateful Safe Negro Black Folk just like Dr. King knowing I have put my life and my family lives in danger. I have not done it because I know if they kill me I am going to a better place, I have done it because I want this world to be a better place all the days of my life.

What we are facing today is hurt and angry Black folk who are sick and tired of being sick tired!

Pastors, ministers and church folk need to understand that while there are some who are so holy bound that they are living to get to heaven that some of us want to live a good life on this side. It is time that pastors, ministers and church folk to recognize and understand that some folk don’t want to just hear about when we get to heaven.

Now let’s talk about what is going on the good, the bad and the ugly. If we ain’t going to address issues within our communities be it Black on Black Crime, White on Black Crime and Police brutality/murder, hell those who only got heaven on their minds pray and ask the Good Master to come down and get you.

Those of you who are focused on heaven, I’ll see you in the morning because I am going to continue to fight without focusing on the end when I get to heaven, I am focused on the movement not the moment.


Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Excited About What Is Going On!

Nope been fighting this same fight since the late 80’s.

So now you excited but been silent on issues that matter all of these years.

I am watching everybody’s actions not just those who are in the streets the Non-violent Protesters and Violent Protesters but what those on the sidelines are saying in the moment. This is not a moment but an movement. Have you been a part of the movement?


Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

For Those Who Do Not Know Me So When You Come For Me, Come Correct

This is old and has not been updated on my site for several years to reflect recent things I have done. I think after reading this you will see what where I stand.

Curmilus Dancy II A lifelong North Carolinian

Curmilus Dancy, II was born in Edgecombe County to Curmilus Dancy, Sr. and the late Dorothy Gray Horne Dancy on December 25, 1962. He began to work at age 5 on the farm and he continued to work on the farm while working other jobs up until 1996. His mother and father’s love for helping people has rubbed off on him as he reaches out to lend a helping hand to the grassroots people on a daily basis.

Curmilus graduated in 1981 from SouthWest Edgecombe High School in Pinetops, North Carolina. He has been employed at Honeywell Aerospace Company (formerly Allied Signal and Bendix) of Rocky Mount North Carolina since 1987. He assembles and test fuel controls for the military that are installed on the F-14, F-15 and F-16 fighter jets.

Curmilus is the founder and President of Dancy’s Professional Services where he specializes in barbecuing and video taping. He makes his own special barbecue sauce that his mother taught him how to make and his father taught him how to cook pigs, chickens and other meats on the grill. His best friend Otis Cornel Barnes sold him a video camera back in the early 90’s and Curmilus videoed everything he attended. People liked his tapes and they told him he should start selling copies of his work. Curmilus only cook for family now because of his busy schedule. Curmilus only video on a personal note capturing history in Edgecombe County and surrounding areas to add to his archives.

Curmilus is a strong advocate for justice in the workplace. On one occasion he stood up by himself after seeing a picture in a company newsletter showing the human relation manager presenting a rebel flag to his retiring manager saying a gift from Rocky Mount. After arriving to work on the evening shift, he left work early that evening after another technician showed him the newsletter. He met with some Reverends and Black Workers For Justice to discuss this issue. They held a news conference on the following day. The manager was dismissed shortly after because of the pressure and publicity in the newspapers and on the tv stations.

Curmilus is also a strong advocate for justice as he is vocal in the community and in the school system. In 1993 he was involved in helping the students at SouthWest Edgecombe High School resolve a walkout that they performed. During this time some parents and Curmilus started Partners in Education (P.I.E.) to try to get black males to volunteer some time in the school system to be a role model to the students. Shortly after Curmilus was invited to the CORNFIELD by the principal of the school because he didn’t want Curmilus volunteering in the school. The principal said Curmilus was a racist. The local NAACP where Curmilus was the 1st Vice President had called for the principal’s resignation but to later meet behind Curmilus back and sided with the principal.

After (P.I.E.) was kicked out of the school, Curmilus and his wife co-founded (P.I.E.C.E.) People Interested in Enhancing Our Children’s Education in January 1999. P.I.E.C.E. hosted several meetings in the past and most recently held political meetings (meet the candidates) in 2002 trying to educate the people on politics because very little was being done to reach the people.

Curmilus played a major role in the appointment of the first black Sheriff of Edgecombe County in 1996, the Honorable James Knight. He was also instrumental in helping Senator John Edwards (wm) and Governor Mike Easley (wm) to get elected in 1998 and 2000. In 1998 Curmilus played a role in the Daily Southerner firing Frank Taylor, editor as he responded back and forth to his articles concerning the Democratic Party and a lot of folks stopped buying their newspapers.

Curmilus is a former member of the Bynum Farm Road Community Club and he was very instrumental in the flood recovery process after the 1999 flood of the century that devastated the Bynum Farm Road Community with major losses and 6 deaths. He rode around the county and sometimes out of the county attending meetings gathering information dealing with the flood recovery. A TV station out of Durham NC followed him home to do an interview for the 11:00 PM news after a flood meeting that was held at G.W. Carver School in Pinetops. Curmilus fought against a white group which included Piggly Wiggly owner who started a housing development on the same road out of the flood zone. The group had some crazy restrictions and he made sure that the group changed the restrictions before the people agreed to purchase the land.

Curmilus served as former vice chair of Rocky Mount Nash Edgecombe Economic Development Corporation (NEED Inc.) board of directors until he was kicked off by an Edgecombe County Commissioner that he represented. The treasurer William Hobbs a retired IRS Agent was also kicked off the board by the Nash County Commissioner that he represented because Dancy and Hobbs were trying to run the program as a business and cut out the unprofessional activities that were taking place. The chair and 2 other board members quit when they left also.

Curmilus is the former vice president of the Edgecombe County Branch NAACP #5390 (Adult Life Subscribing Member) where he was also the acting education chair and a member of the legal redress committee. He received the District 11 NC NAACP Humanitarian Award on February 22, 2002 for his commitment, dedication and not being afraid to speak out on issues. He chose not to hold a position in the November 2002 elections because he would be focusing on politics and he does not want anything or anyone holding him down.

Curmilus has been very active in the school PTO over the years serving as assistant secretary and vice president at G.W. Carver Elementary School. In 2001 he was instrumental in making sure that G.W. Carver replaced the retiring principal with a certified person and not the non-certified white female that they were going to put in place. He is a former member of the School Improvement Team at South Edgecombe Middle School where his daughter India is a 7th grade honor student. Some of the staff at the school felt intimidated by Curmilus because he challenged them during the meetings and always holding them accountable for their actions. Curmilus has requested that 2 schools staff receive diversity training because of some issues. The Central Office agreed and the training was held in 2003.’ Because of Curmilus’ knowledge of the education system, a former principal of South Edgecombe called the local Sheriff Department to have him removed from the campus at a School PTO Report Card Pick Up night because he asked questions during the election of the PTO officers and during a visit to one of his daughter’s classrooms where he questioned the teacher about a math question. The principal was later removed from this school.

Curmilus has received certificates of graduation for participating in the yearly (PESP) Parent Education Studies Program through the NC Justice and Community Development Center Education Leadership Institute at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill NC on June 14, 2002 and again on May 30, 2003 at the Holiday Inn Gateway Center in Rocky Mount NC.

Curmilus is the former vice chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. He resigned his post in August 2002 after many years of trying to educate the people of Edgecombe County about politics. The black community always talked about electing good qualified people to represent them and then came Patricia Ferguson of Bertie County who was a candidate for Senate District 3. The Edgecombe Nash Political Caucus (formerly the Edgecombe Nash Black Political Caucus), some of the local Democratic Party players and some of the black ministers supported the white candidate. Ferguson was not only qualified but a very knowledgeable and powerful black female. Curmilus played a major role in the 2002 election of Jean Farmer-Butterfield who was elected to serve as the NC House 24 District Representative for some of Edgecombe and some of Wilson Counties.

In July 2003 Curmilus played a major role in the dispute of the Dr. MLK Statue controversy in Rocky Mount NC where a statue was placed in the King Park and the people were outraged that the statue did not resemble Dr. King.

Curmilus helped Rev. Andre Knight President of the Rocky Mount Branch of the NAACP to put together a meeting to have some dialogue about the image of Dr. King that was placed in the park. Out of this meeting and a visit to the Rocky Mount City Council meeting, a committee was formed to try to have the statue facial appearance redone to meet the consensus of all those who was in the majority for change. Because of Curmilus’ role in the statue controversy, Erik Blome of Figurative Art Studio in Chicago Illinois, the creator of the statue felt compelled to call him to discuss the issue on a personal note.

In October and November 2003 Curmilus played a major role in the election of Rev. Andre Knight as he was elected to serve as the Ward 1 Representative for the Rocky Mount City Council.

Curmilus worked hard trying to get Reuben Blackwell current Rocky Mount City Council Representative elected as the 1st black mayor of Rocky Mount but Blackwell was defeated by the 30 year incumbent. Out of these 2 campaigns the formation of organizing a grassroots organization that will kick off it’s presence in February 2004. This group is ready to stand up and make a difference in the Rocky Mount City, Edgecombe/Nash Counties.

Curmilus is a former member of the Edgecombe County Workfirst Extension Hearings Committee and Common Ground (Race Relations) Study Committee based in Rocky Mount.

Curmilus launched his own talk show “You Can Make A Difference If You Get Involved” (UCANMAKADIF) on April 2, 2003 that was every Wednesday evening from 4:00 ““ 5:00 PM where he was taking the “tough love” approach. He had fresh new approach because he was not afraid of breaking the rules. When he say breaking the rules, he does not mean breaking the law. The rules that he is talking about are certain individuals or a group of people who want to be in control and don’t want others to get involved.

Some people do not want us to deal with the local war. The local war is about economics, race, education, discrimination, liberation, reparation and all those dirty words to some folks. Due to financial reasons Curmilus had to stop the show but he looks forward to going back on the air.

In January 2004 Curmilus was the recipient of the 2003 Entrepreneur of the Year Award during the 14th Annual Commemorative Banquet honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sponsored by the Edgecombe County Entrepreneurs Organization. In April 2004 Curmilus was the recipient of the President’s Award at the 31st Annual NAACP Rocky Mount, NC Branch Freedom Fund Banquet.

In October 2005 Curmilus was appointed as the NC State NAACP Press and Publicity Chairman.

Curmilus consolidated P.I.E.C.E. and UCANMAKADIF under one umbrella. He is now founder and president of Dancy Communications Network (The DCN Newsletter) where he is “making an impact in the thinking of the people throughout eastern North Carolina via the internet, newsletter, public forums, radio and video.” He now has a blog that anyone can read and post comments to the information posted.

Curmilus tells people all the time that he has been kicked off or resigned from more boards than some have been a part of. When Curmilus feels he has spent enough time trying to suggest change and comes to a dead end, then he feels it is time to move on.

Curmilus has written many editorials to the Rocky Mount Telegram, Tarboro Daily Southerner, Greenville Reflector, Wilson Daily Times and several (Black Owned) newspapers the Raleigh Carolinian, Wilmington Journal and had my own column in the Community Journal Newspaper Pitt County. Curmilus also call in to other talk shows in Edgecombe County, Nash County and Wake County weekly to voice his concerns. You can count on

Curmilus speak out on issues while others are afraid to do so publicly. Curmilus has a daily e-newsletter through his weblog sending information across the nation via internet. He also managed the NC State NAACP weblog for 2 years along with serving as the Press and Publicity Chair. The 2 blogs kept Curmilus very, very busy as he continuously tries to get information to the people as soon as possible while working a full-time job.

Recently Curmilus played a role in getting Democrat Clee Atkinson appointed to Sheriff of Edgecombe County in March 2017 when Sheriff James Knight retired.

Curmilus has been videoing and taking photos on a voluntarily basis for the church since 2009 using his own equipment.

Curmilus has sacrificed much in order to try to educate the community by spending his own money and donating countless hours over the years. He recognizes and understand that the system works when you work the system, so therefore he is a resource not only to the black community but to other communities as well. He makes himself available 24 hours a day.

Curmilus writes letters to the editor to local newspapers and also call in to local talk shows voicing his opinion on issues.

Curmilus Dancy II resides in Pinetops with his wife Brenda Douglas formerly of New Bern NC and they have 3 children Nashonda Lavette Dancy Waldorf Maryland, India Matita Dancy and Curmilus Dancy III (CJ) of Pinetops NC.


“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”


Dancy Communications Network The DCN News Blog Online TV – Founder & Owner
Blogger, Videographer, Photographer
NAACP – Life Fully Paid Member/2nd Vice President Rocky Mount NC Branch
Democratic Party – Precinct Chair/County Executive Committee
Education – SouthWest Edgecombe High School
Community Activist

Floyd was "non-responsive" for nearly 3 minutes before officer took knee off his neck, complaint says

The Political Agitator’s response: I will be damn. Okay underlying health issues. So what in the hell does that have to do with Floyd taking a knee to the neck? Hell that is what we are hearing about the Coronavirus that folk with underlying health conditions are the most vulnerable. So we are told to take precautions by wearing a mask and other in order to attempt to keep from contracting the virus. So what in the hell kind of precautions can we take to keep from getting killed by the police during ignant behavior during a traffic stop, a simple arrest and other? But did Floyd deserve being arrested over $20.00? Hell if I had been an officer I would have taken care of the $20.00 and said don’t do it again. But what happened to Protect and Serve?

The combined effect of George Floyd being restrained by the police, along with his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system, “likely contributed to his death,” according to the criminal complaint for former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin.

Floyd had underlying health conditions, including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease, the complaint said, citing a preliminary autopsy conducted by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner.

Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in total, and 2 minutes and 53 seconds after Floyd was unresponsive, the complaint said.

The complaint noted that police are trained that this type of restraint with a subject in a “prone position is inherently dangerous.”

Floyd’s autopsy also found “no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.” (Read more)

Law Enforcement Agencies Denounce The Behavior Of The Killing Of George Floyd Who Has Ties To North Carolina

Thank you NC LEAs for stepping up and publicly denouncing this nonsense.
But what is your track record have you lived up to what you are denouncing in your towns, cities and counties?

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Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners June 2020 Meeting Agenda




JUNE 1, 2020 AT 7:00 P.M.








May 4, 2020


1. A public hearing is called to order to receive citizen comments and questions

relative to the proposed fiscal year 2020-2021 Edgecombe County budget. (Attachment #1)

a. Public Hearing called to order.

b. Reading of public notice by Mr. Peters.

c. Comments by Mr. Evans.

d. Call for public comment. (Public should state name and address for public


e. Adjourn public hearing.

f. Consideration of meeting date to approve fiscal year 2020-2021 Budget.

(Recommended action: Set date for budget approval.)

2. A public hearing is called to order to received citizen comments and questions

relative to a rezoning request from Brandon Deal. (Attachment #2)

a. Public hearing called to order.

b. Reading of public notice by Mr. Peters.

c. Comments by Mr. Evans.

d. Call for public comments.

f. Consideration of approval of rezoning request.

(Recommended action: The Planning Board forwarded this request with a favorable recommendation.)


A. Carol Allen-White, Clerk of Court, Judge Walter Godwin, and Judge Wayne

Boyette regarding a request for improvements at the courthouse.

B. Ginell Rogers, Executive Director/CEO of NEED, Inc. to present application for

CARES Act funding. (Attachment #3)



A. Consideration of approval of budget amendments. (Attachment #4)

(Recommended action: Approve budget amendments as presented.)

B. Consideration of approval of revision to FY-20 JCPC Funding Plan.

(Attachment #5)

(Recommended action: Approve plan as presented.)

C. Consideration of approval of update to ADA Grievance Procedure. (Attachment


(Recommended action: Approve update as presented.)

D. Consideration of approval of application from Edgecombe Schools for Public

Schools Capital Fund. (Attachment #7)

(Recommended action: Approve application as presented.)

E. Consideration of approval of contract to collect taxes for the Town of Pinetops.

(Attachment #8)

(Recommended action: Approve contract as presented.)

F. Consideration of approval contract amendment for H. G. Reynolds. (Attachment


(Recommended action: Approve as presented.)

G. Consideration of approval of a permit for fireworks display in the Town of


(Attachment #10)

(Recommended Action: Approve as presented.)

H. Consideration of approval of an amendment to the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

(Attachment # 11)

(Recommended action: Approve amendment as presented.)

I. Consideration of approval of Utility Payment Plan Terms and Agreement.

(Attachment #12)

(Recommended action: Approve as presented.)




A. Water Services.

B. Financial Summary report.

C. Hurricane recovery update.


A. Update on grant application from CloudWyze for broadband expansion.

B. 2020 Census update.

C. Workforce Development Indicators.

D. COVID-19 update.

E. Letter from NC Conference of the United Methodist Church.




A. Economic Development. [N.C.G.S. 143-318.11 (a)(4)]

B. Personnel. [N.C.G.S. 143-318.11 (a)(6)]

16. RECESS MEETING UNTIL JUNE 22, 2020 AT 10:00 A.M.

Rep. Shelly Willingham Newsletter May 29, 2020


Friday May 29, 2020

The Honorable Shelly Willingham

..At YOUR Service!..

300 N Salisbury Street

Legislative Office Building

Suite 513

Raleigh, NC 27603

(919) 715-3024 (O)

(919) 754-3224 (F)


Edgecombe & Martin


COVID-19 Elections Bill Passes NC House

A compromise elections bill with good and bad provisions (and omissions) passed overwhelmingly in the NC House yesterday. I voted YES. HB 1169 now goes to the State Senate for its consideration.

COVID-19 illustrates the need for voters to have a number of safe options to cast a vote: a voter-friendly vote by mail system, in-person Early Voting with numerous sites and extended hours, and in-person Election Day voting that is not crowded.Here is a breakdown of what is in the bill and what is not.

What HB 1169 Does

·        Allows you to request an absentee ballot with your cell phone through a new online portal;

·        Lowers the witness requirement to cast an absentee ballot from two to one;

·        Invests funds for more and larger early voting sites, more weekend hours, and PPE for voting sites;

·        Makes it easier for counties to recruit poll workers;

·        Improves procedures for election officials and voters to track an absentee ballot;

·        Prevents the 2020 election from being a mail-in ballot ONLY election;

·        Allows the use of a public assistance photo ID (more on this below).

What HB 1169 Does Not Do

·        Make Election Day a holiday to encourage voting and poll worker volunteering;

·        Provide for postage-paid mail-in absentee ballots;

·        Make it harder to vote early or by mail-in ballot.

What’s the Deal with Photo ID?

North Carolina’s constitution requires a photo ID to vote, but the details are left to the legislature. Lame duck Republican legislators who lost in the 2018 election used a Christmas 2018 special session to push through laws that allowed some photo IDs to count, but prevented other photo IDs from being used for voting.

State and federal courts have stepped into say the legislature’s decision to bless some IDs and ban others was unconstitutional. So, right now, there is no requirement to show a photo ID for the 2020 election and that is highly unlikely to change before November.

Whenever the photo ID requirement is implemented, HB 1169 includes a provision to allow public assistance IDs to count for voting purposes. This was one of the issues fought about in court, but many other issues remain for the courts to resolve.

What Else Should We Do to Help Voters?

Protecting the right to vote and promoting voter participation are critical for our democracy. While the bill that passed this week is a good first step, there are other steps we can take such as the ones in HB 1184. HB 1184 was filed this week, but has yet to receive a hearing. It would make it easier to register to vote by extending the deadline by 14 days, expand options to submit absentee ballot request forms, provide pre-paid postage for absentee ballot forms, promote the counting of all absentee ballots, make 2020 Election Day a paid state holiday, and provide for drive-thru voting at early voting sites if necessary because of COVID-19 or another infectious disease outbreak.

Legislature Votes to Reopen Bars on NC’s Highest Day for Hospitalizations and Deaths

Legislative leaders used emergency rules to push through in one day HB 536, a bill that would override Governor Cooper’s Executive Orders and local rules to re-open bars across the state immediately. The bill passed 65 to 53 and I voted NO.

North Carolina recently entered the “Safer at Home” Phase Two of our COVID-19 response. Public health officials did not allow bars to open due to concerns about crowded conditions, alcohol and a lack of social distancing. HB 536 would override the judgment of public health officials, Governor Cooper and limit the ability of towns, cities, and counties to apply local restrictions. The bill now goes to Governor Cooper for a possible veto.

Update on COVID-19 Case Count

According to the Department of Health and Human Service’s official count as of May 29, North Carolina has 26,448 cases. There are 680 people hospitalized with COVID-19 with 859 confirmed deaths.

You can visit the state’s COVID-19 dashboard to see how we are doing on the important benchmarks we need to meet to ease stay-at-home restrictions and see demographic data, zip code counts, and other info:

Where You Can Get Tested for COVID-19

North Carolinians can now go online to find a testing site on the DHHS website. The list will be updated regularly as testing sites may shift in the coming weeks. There are more than 200 sample site locations in 54 North Carolina counties, some at no cost to the test taker. Doctors and clinicians may also do in-office testing.

STAY Home, Healthy and Hopeful!

PHASE II REMINDER: The virus is still circulating, and there’s no cure or vaccine yet, so people still need to be cautious. People should remember the 3 W’s when they leave home:

1.      Wear a face covering

2.     Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds at a time

3.     Wait 6 feet apart from other people

Source: NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS)

Austin Todd Matthews Named to Spring 2020 Dean’s List at Mars Hill University

Austin Todd Matthews of Rocky Mount is among 382 Mars Hill University students named on the Honor Roll of the Academic Dean at the end of the spring 2020 semester. To qualify for the Dean’s List, students must earn a grade-point average of 3.5 on a minimum of 12 semester hours, and carry no grade below a C.

Luke Eichmann Named to Dean’s List at Bob Jones University

Luke Eichmann, a Freshman Culinary Arts major of Tarboro, was among over 850 Bob Jones University students named to the Spring 2020 Dean’s List. The Dean’s List recognizes students who earn a 3.00-3.74 grade point average during the semester.


Jacqueline Routhier of Rocky Mount made the Slippery Rock University Dean’s List.

Slippery Rock University has announced its dean’s list for the spring 2020 semester. The dean’s list consists of SRU undergraduate students who earned an adjusted semester grade-point average of 3.5 or higher, based on a schedule of at least 12 newly attempted and earned credits.

Co-Sponsored Legislation

· H1178: Brake for Our Future Act of 2020.

· H1180: Sam’s Law.

· H1181: Certain Appropriations For Education/COVID.

· H1182: Funds For Educational Entities/COVID.

· H1184: Ensure Safer Voting for 2020 Elections.

· H1188: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Benefit Increase/COVID-19.

· H1190: UNC-TV/At-Home Learning Initiative.

· H1191: ECU Brody School of Medicine Funds.

· H1192: Student Health Collaborative Pilot.

· H1196: COVID-19 Tests and Personal Protective Equipment for Congregate Living/Funds.

· H1197: Appropriate Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Funds/2020 Elections.

· H1200: Foreclosure Prevention Grants/Rental and Utility Assistance.

· H1201: Local Meat Processors Grant Program.

· H1203: Ensure Healthy Schools/COVID-19.

· H1204: Statewide Telepsychiatry Program/Funds.

· H1205: Expedited State Leasing-Broadband.

· H1206: Student Mental Health Well-Being/COVID-19.

· H1207: Save Our Courts.

· H1208: Workforce Housing Loan Program/Funds.

· H1210: Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Funds for Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers, Inc. (TROSA).

· H1211: Tax Benefits for Paycheck Protection Program Loan – Internal Revenue Code

· H1212: NC Teacher Support Program Funds.

· H1213: DMV/Waive Road Test/Parent/Guardian Liability.

· H1214: Department of Health and Human Services Revisions.

· H1217: Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Historically Minority Serving Institution (HMSI) Funds/Doctoral Program/Teaching Fellows.

· H1218: The Voice Interoperability Plan for Emergency Responders (VIPER) Tower Hardware Upgrades (Fund).

· H1222: Various State Capital Appropriations.

· H1223: Additional Funds for Exceptional Children/COVID-19.

· H1224: Pandemic Emergency Assistance: Restaurants/Lodging.

· H1225: Education and Transportation Bond Act of 2020.

· H1227: Ensure Awareness of Assistance Programs/COVID.

· H1228: Satellite Broadband Grants.

· H1229: Unemployment Insurance Program Integrity/Temp. ABAWD Time Waivers.


2020 House Committee Assignments

· Alcoholic Beverage Control

· Appropriations

· Appropriations-Transportation

· Congressional Redistricting

· Disaster Relief

· Economic Development & Global Engagement

· Elections and Ethics Law

· House Select Committee on COVID-19 (REMOTE ONLY with Public Access via, Click Audio and Committee Room 1228 LB)

· Insurance

· Residential Planning and Permitting

· Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House

· State and Local Government

News From Representative G. K. Butterfield NC

News from Representative Butterfield









It is an honor to serve as your representative for North Carolina’s First Congressional District. I am committed to being a strong advocate for my constituents, working to improve lives by proposing impactful legislative initiatives, prioritizing constituent services and expanding opportunities. This newsletter serves to provide you with up-to-date information on Congressional work in our district and on Capitol Hill.  From the courtroom to Congress, I have always fought for equality and opportunity; and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you in Congress to continue that fight.       
“The measure of a country’s greatness is its ability to retain compassion in times of crisis.”
― Thurgood Marshall

Butterfield Introduces Legislation on Broadband Connectivity & Public Health Privacy

ImageSupporting Broadband Connectivity for College Students in Need

On May 13, 2020, Congressman Butterfield joined Representatives Anna G. Eshoo (CA-18), Doris Matsui (CA-6), Joaquin Castro (TX-20),  Marcia Fudge (OH-11), Lisa Blunt Rochester (DE-At-Large), and Alma S. Adams (NC-12) in introducing legislation to establish a new program to support college students who are unable to participate in distance learning.
The Supporting Connectivity for Higher Education Students in Need Act provides $1 billion to colleges and universities to pay for at-home internet connections for students in need. Higher education institutions can use the funding to pay for routers, modems, wi-fi hotspots, tablets, or laptops, as well as monthly broadband service for students. Funding would be prioritized for historically Black colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, Tribal colleges and universities, and minority-serving institutions, as well as rural-serving institutions. Institutions receiving funding must prioritize students eligible for need-based financial aid such as Pell Grants or means-tested social safety net programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Medicaid.

ImageProtecting Privacy and Data Security Rights for Health Information

As tech companies and public health agencies deploy contact tracing apps and digital monitoring tools to fight the spread of COVID-19, On May 15, 2020, Congressman Butterfield joined U.S. Representatives Anna G. Eshoo (D-CA), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Tony Cardenas (D-CA), and Yvette D. Clarke (D-NY) along with U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Mark Warner (D-VA), in introducing the Public Health Emergency Privacy Act to set strong and enforceable privacy and data security rights for health information.
According to a recent poll, more than half of Americans would not use a contact tracing app and similar tools because of privacy concerns. The bicameral Public Health Emergency Privacy Act would protect Americans who use this kind of technology during the pandemic and safeguard civil liberties. Strengthened public trust will empower health authorities and medical experts to leverage new health data and apps to fight COVID-19.

COVID-19 Resources /IRS Tax Updates/Census 2020


For up-to-date information on frequently asked questions, federal resources and North Carolina specific information, you can visit my website here.
Stay informed, stay engaged and be prepared. We are in this together. 


The IRS is delivering COVID 19 tax tips to help taxpayers understand the relief available under the CARES Act and other recent legislation. You can find these tips at Below are the tips delivered in May.
Economic Impact Payment FAQs updated on

-COVID Tax Tip 2020-62, May 27, 2020
Millions of people will get their Economic Impact Payment by prepaid debit card

-COVID Tax Tip 2020-61, May 26, 2020



Haven’t filled out the 2020 Census yet? Want to help your community access resources for hospitals, schools, and infrastructure?
You can respond to the 2020 Census now at, by phone, or by completing the paper form mailed to your address.

Legislative Updates

  • On May 28, 2020, the House passed. H.R. 7010 – Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020.

          This bill amends the Paycheck Protection Program to modify eligibility requirements for loan           forgiveness and defers payroll taxes. Specifically, it increases the current limitation on funds from           the loan being used on nonpayroll expenses (such as rent, utilities, mortgage interest) from 25 to           40% and increases the loan repayment period from 2 to 5 years. The bill passed the House           417-1.

  • On May 15, 2020, the House adopted H.Res. 965 – Authorizing remote voting by proxy in the House of Representatives and providing for official remote committee proceedings during a public health emergency due to a novel coronavirus, and for other purposes.
    This resolution temporarily implements remote voting by proxy on the floor, authorizes official remote committee proceedings during the pandemic emergency, and tasks the House Administration Committee with studying and then certifying when there is operable and secure technology to facilitate remote voting in the House. The resolution was adopted 217-189. 
  • On May 15, 2020, the House passed H.R. 6800 – The Heroes Act
    The Heroes Act meets the challenge facing our essential workers by providing nearly $1 trillion to state, local, territorial, and tribal governments who employ Americans providing vital services.  The bill establishes a Heroes’ Fund to provide hazard pay to frontline workers who have risked their lives doing their jobs during the pandemic. It also protects workers by requiring OSHA to establish strong workplace safety standards. 
    The Heroes Act meets the public health challenge by providing $75 billion for coronavirus testing, contact tracing, and isolation measures. It ensures coronavirus treatment is free, provides $100 billion for health care providers, and preserving health coverage for the unemployed and uninsured. 
    The Heroes Act meets the economic challenge by providing an additional round of Economic Impact Payments of $1,200 per family member and up to $6,000 per household, protects jobs through an enhanced employee retention tax credit, strengthens the Paycheck Protection Program, and extends robust unemployment benefits. The bill passed the House 208-199.
    *Congressman Butterfield voted in favor of the above legislation.

Constituent Success Stories


Support for our Service Members

A service member suffered an injury during National Guard duty and was dealing with significant hardship due to burdensome medical bills. To avoid the repercussions of having medical bills go into collections, the service member was paying out-of-pocket, but reached out to my office for help with future bills. Through research, outreach and consistent communication, my office was able to connect the service member with support for future medical payments, and now the service member is eligible for reimbursement of what was paid out-of-pocket as well!

Advocating for our Veterans

My staff is working with a homeless veteran who was having issues getting in touch with VA social workers and getting services from them. My staff got the veteran out of his car and into a hotel room. They helped the veteran find and apply for an apartment that accepts VA housing vouchers. They got the veteran’s service records so the veteran could apply for VA benefits, and the veteran recently applied for a job at a local retail store. My staff will continue to work with the veteran until a job and permanent housing is secured.



“To the class of 2020, you’re graduating at a tough time, but I believe in my heart that better days are coming. It may take some time, but I hope you can hang in there and keep believing. I am very proud of you all—and you all should be proud of this momentous achievement in your life. Soar high and follow your dreams. The best is yet to come. Congratulations on your graduation!”

34 Students Named to NC Governor’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities Internship Program.

Thirty-four students, representing six public and private institutions from across North Carolina, have been named to internships through the North Carolina Governor’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities Internship Program. The purpose of the program is to connect students matriculating at North Carolina’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with the state’s Fortune 500 companies. The internships also provide participating institutions with the opportunity to develop long-term partnerships with critical industry allies. The participating institutions are Fayetteville State University, Johnson C. Smith University, North Carolina Central University, N.C. A&T State University, St. Augustine’s University and Winston-Salem State University.

For a full list of internship recipients, as well as the participating schools and corporations click here

Service Academy Appointments

I am proud to announce Service Academy appointees from NC-01!  These two young men will be part of the phenomenal class of 2024.


-James Baker                                                                                                          -Garrett Johnson

JAMES R. BAKER – United States Military Academy, West Point 

Elm City, NC – Wilson County
Parents: Melissa & James Baker
School: Homeschool + Nash Community College 

GARRETT R. JOHNSON – United States Naval Academy 

Wilson, NC – Wilson County
Parents: Wayne & Heather Johnson
School: James Baxter Hunt High School 

2020 Art Competition Winner!

A winner has been selected for the 2020 Art Competition! The winner is Sylvie Kay from the Durham School of the Arts. Her artwork is titled, “She Leaves.”

Each spring, the Congressional Institute sponsors a nationwide high school visual art competition to recognize and encourage artistic talent in the nation and in each congressional district. Since the Artistic Discovery competition began in 1982, more than 650,000 high school students have participated.
Students submit entries to their representative’s office, and panels of district artists select the winning entries. The winning works are displayed for one year at the U.S. Capitol.




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