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I do what I do out of pocket attending meetings videoing and taking photos making them public for folk who do not attend for whatever reason. It takes funds to do what I do.

I video a variety of things from meetings, banquets, sporting events, funerals and other. I post my videos on YouTube where you can access them at anytime that is convenient for you.

I also take photos and post them on my Facebook page and make them available for others to see. If someone do not have a Facebook page they can still view the photos.

It takes funds to to travel places and then it takes funds for equipment.

You have 3 options that you can send donations, Cash App, PayPal or send via USPS.

I have a Cash App  and a PayPal account that you can send money from your phone.

Also you can send donations to: Curmilus Dancy II P.O. Box 1391 Pinetops, NC 27864.

Thanking you in advance.


Obituary: Sarah (Moten) Lawrence Tarboro NC

Condolences goes out to Ola Pittman and the entire Pittman, (Moten) Lawrence family during the time of transition of Sarah (Moten) Lawrence.

Viewing was held on yesterday.

Homegoing Celebration today 2:00 PM.

Services entrusted to Dickens Funeral Home Inc. Tarboro NC.

Obituary: Douglas Ray Barnes Atlanta Georgia Formerly Of Macclesfield NC

Condolences goes out to Mother Nora Lee Barnes (Anderson Chapel MBC) and the entire Barnes family of the late Douglas Ray Barnes. Doug was in the SouthWest Edgecombe Class of 1981.

Services entrusted to Willoughby Funeral Homes Inc.

Obituary – Homegoing For Anthony Pitt Sr. Silver Spring Maryland Formerly Of Tarboro NC

Condolences goes out to cousins Sharon and Tony Pitt as they prepare for the Homegoing Service for their dad. They are also the children of my aunt the late Annie Mae Dancy Pitt.

Anthony Pitt Sr. Viewing & Homegoing Service

Friday, June 28, 2019
10:00 AM
First Baptist Church of Highland Park, 6801 Sheriff Rd, Landover, MD 20785

Homegoing: 11:00 AM First Baptist Church of Highland Park, 6801 Sheriff Rd, Landover, MD 20785
Burial: Cheltenham Veteran’s Cemetery, in Cheltenham, MD

Arrangements entrusted to Hodges-Edwards Funeral Home 3910 Silver Hill Road, Suitland, Md 20746

Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson What An Interesting Conversation And He Thinks I Am Going To Send Him A Friend Request, The Devil Is A Liar!

This Special C right here has been trolling my page and reporting me. Ain’t that something! I just can’t!
6:01 PM

Steve Stevenson

You sir, must have blocked or unfriended me in the past. FB says you have to send me a friend request and will not send one from me to you.

10:58 PM

You are not on my Blocked List. I can see your page and you should be able to see mines. I don’t know why you can’t send me a request.

Steve Stevenson

I see yours but cant comment….send me a friend request or change your settings

You can now call each other and see information like Active Status and when you’ve read messages.


No you can’t comment because we are not Friends. I don’t understand why you can’t send me a request. Trying to figure out what is going on.

Steve Stevenson

Steve Stevenson

I figured it out…. I reported a post you made a while back…. FB blocked me as part of the block.


I knew it was nothing that I had done!

Steve Stevenson

So send me a friend request and let’s see if it goes thru….


So what was the post about that you reported me?

Steve Stevenson

A NOI post you shared that was antisemitic. It was removed.



Seen by Steve Stevenson at 11:36 PM

Letter to the Editor: Facts really do matter by Gardenia Hobbs – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: They don’t want to hear these trues! I am familiar with all of these facts.

E. B. White said “Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get the facts.”

There are people who live their whole life believing over-generalized stereotypes that supposedly set them apart from a particular group of people. The belief that people of color are not intellectually equipped to assume leadership roles is a longstanding stereotype. The election of a people of color council majority in 2003 and the chatter and expressed perils that followed gives credence to this misconception.

The day these council members were sworn in the crusade began to recapture control. They have been criticized at every turn, for every initiative taken to improve economic opportunities and quality of life. This council majority has been criticized for a lack of transparency, yet more issues have been discussed in an open setting than ever before and citizens have been encouraged to attend Committee of the Whole meetings to get direct information.

It was this council majority that brought to light the fact that the city owed hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of a failed utility venture. It was Councilman Andre Knight who was at the forefront of this fight. It was this council majority that heeded the call of citizens and established new guidelines to accommodate those having problems paying utility charges.

At the seating of this council majority, longstanding inequities existed. Only one person of color was serving on the Planning Board and one on the Board of Adjustments. All other boards and commissions dealing with growth and development had none. Goods and services on the east side were almost none existent and plans were on the drawing board to bulldoze the Douglass Block and Booker T. Washington High School. Preservation of African-American history was not a consideration.

Is this the kind of governing that critics are clamoring to reinstate?

The critics leading the charge spent every waking hour trying to prevent the construction of the Event Center so it is surprising that they would be so aggressively interested in the center’s medical contract. It is also surprising that they are so accusatory of downtown real-estate purchases considering they abandoned the area. It is unlikely such untruths would be on display if these critics had been successful in preventing construction of the Event Center.

Al Kersha said, “No matter what you believe, it doesn’t change the facts.” So true.

Gardenia B. Hobbs

Rocky Mount

Lottery Folk Talk To Your Children About Cashing In Lottery Tickets For Others It Comes With A Price

Last week when my son’s car transmission went out I found a lottery shirt that was too big for him the paperwork with the amount of money won and how much taxes were taken out.

The amount was $2500 dollars and $125.00 deducted in taxes.

I asked my son so you won the lottery? He said know he went with Larry Newkirk the barber to Greenville to cash it in for him. I said really? I said you have to file it on your taxes. I said I know you didn’t know but don’t you eve do that again.

I called Newkirk and asked him about it and he had a damn attitude as if I should not have had one. My son is 20 years old and live in my house. I said man what you doing don’t you know that ain’t right and then on top of that you didn’t give him but $200.00. I said you could have given him atleast $500.00. He said he didn’t get the whole thing that he got around $2200. I said so what. Hell I was thinking he out to have given him atleast a $1000.

Newkirk said let him talk. He said my son called him after he had sent a call out to his boys. He acted like I should not be mad and tried to put it on my son. After hearing enough of his b.s. I hung up.

I asked my son how did it go down and he said his friend Josh Speight called him and asked him did he want to make $200. Well it was legal money so who would not think that was a good thing especially at age 20 and not working.

I told Newkirk in the text that either he could not cash the lottery ticket in himself due to he owing the state money ie: hospital bills, child support and/or etc. or he just didn’t want to pay the taxes. Hell he may have won more and got someone else to cash in another ticket. But later it came to me maybe tried to hide it from his wife if he is married.

Well what happened was legal but it is a damn shame this dude took advantage of my son and possibly some others. Dude would have been mad as hell too if someone did his son like that I would think.

Folk you better talk to your children that goes to barbershops and other places where some men, not all will take advantage of your sons.

Larry Newkirk was attending Edgecombe Community College and my son Pitt Community College at the time.

There Is A Racial Divide Between Black People And White People

by Kyle-Durrell Johnson

There is a racial divide between Black people and White people. It makes no sense to try and gather the two populations together to bridge the divide and then get offended when people start talking about WHY the divide exist. I am consistently perplexed by White people who actively try to silence Black voices in spaces meant to BRIDGE the divide and create reconciliation.

Their actions consistently remind me that many people don’t want to heal wounds. they don’t want to be educated about a world perspective of which they have never experienced or understood. They want people to “get over it” so that they can be comfortable while Black people sit with festering wounds of injustice, oppression, and social marginalization.

I’m not here for that. I won’t settle for that. You can miss me with that.

Folks, if you don’t want to BE ABOUT THE WORK, don’t show up to the job site. If you want to be comfortable in a lie, stop asking for truth.

But, the LEAST you can do is stop expecting me to smile while you ignore my reality and act like everything is okay.