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Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission Vote To Remove Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson

The Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission is recommending the City Council remove a voting commissioner, citing the commissioner having gone on social media supporting a local businessman’s posting another commissioner considers insensitive to African-Americans.

Funny that the reporter didn’t say what kind of business it is. I understand that the business is a computer repair business.

The commission, in a meeting on Wednesday, took the action against Commissioner Steve Stevenson, an attorney in Rocky Mount and who once chaired the state Human Relations Commission.

Local Human Relations Commissioner Curmilus Dancy, who is a blogger and a videographer, recorded the meeting, which showed Commissioner Nehemiah Smith taking issue with a comment on Facebook by Rocky Mount native Randy Adcox.

Funny how this reporter West didn’t share the link to my video.

The posting by Adcox attached remarks from Booker T. Washington to support Adcox’s argument that Washington, in his time more than a century ago, called out African-Americans who would stoop to use their peers as pawns in a power struggle.

Adcox wrote he believes with all that has transpired in 100 years, one would think it would be impossible for certain African-American leaders to exploit their fellow African-American citizens for political gain.

“And yet, it continues,” Adcox wrote.

Washington was a prominent spokesman for African-Americans from the late 1890s to the early 1900s.

On Facebook, Stevenson responded to Adcox’s posting by writing he believes the situation is one of power and control delegated by those who keep them in poverty, servitude and victimization.

“Those leaders have constantly been exposed for subjugating their followers to victimhood for over 100 years and yet history continues to repeat itself,” Stevenson wrote. “The amazing part is the relative success leaders have in projecting the consequences of their action onto others.”

Stevenson wrote he believed an entire race and a political party have been demonized in the process.

During the Human Relations Commission meeting, Smith told his fellow commissioners, “First of all, it’s good to know that I’ve been in this black skin almost 50 years and Mr. Adcox is more of an expert on black folks than I am.”

And Smith said of Adcox’s and Stevenson’s comments on Facebook, “This runs adverse to what we’re trying to do.”

Smith also said he believes Washington’s statement was taken out of context by Adcox and had to do with to an ongoing argument with early 20th Century African-American activist W.E.B. DuBois.

“And that’s extremely opinionated, too,” Commission Co-Chairman Linwood Williams said in supporting Smith.

Smith particularly took issue with Adcox also commenting on Facebook he believes no ethnic group on the planet has been as cruel and heartless to its own people as some in the African-American community.

“Black folk didn’t create abject slavery nor any other things that came after it, the poverty that came along with it, the miseducation that came along with it,” Smith said. “We didn’t do any of that. We were subjugated to it.”

The Human Relations Commission’s purpose is to promote harmony, respect and understanding among all people.

During Wednesday’s meeting, Smith tried to lead a vote to have the commission prohibit Stevenson from continuing to serve as a commissioner.

City Human Relations Director Archie Jones, representing the municipal government at the meeting, advised commissioners they could make a recommendation to the council in the matter of Stevenson.

Jones also suggested concerned commissioners and the parties involved could meet and get a chance to hear both sides.

After much discussion, Williams made clear he was not going to carry Smith’s motion, based on his interpretation of rules of order.

However, Williams said of Adcox’s and Stevenson’s Facebook postings, “All those comments and the response are very egregious.” Egregious is defined as shocking.

“I tend to agree with you also to think that a person of that mindset on this commission is very counterproductive,” Williams told Smith.

Smith made a second motion. That was followed by a vote, without dissent, for recommending the council remove Stevenson.

Adcox, 60, who lives in the Dortches community in Nash County, told the Telegram he was astounded after watching the video of the commission meeting.

“There was, to me, a glaring lack of any kind of formality,” Adcox said. “It seemed to be almost a free for all. There was a glaring lack of civility.

“At times, it got just downright ugly. It certainly did not reflect on the Human Relations Commission in a good light,” Adcox said, noting he believes the commission has done good work in the past.

Funny how the reporter West didn’t state facts to support what Adcox meant by it got just downright ugly. 

Adcox said that, “This action now to exclude someone with a differing opinion is just unconscionable, in my opinion.”

He also said he was surprised by Williams’ labeling of his Facebook posting.

“There was no intent on my part to offend anybody,” he said. “I was merely just stating a parallel that I saw in history.”

Stevenson told the Telegram he has made initial contact with the office of an attorney specializing in suing municipalities, seeking counsel from that attorney, and is awaiting a return phone call.

This is what Steve does he throw out mess then when he is challenged he play victim.

Of what happened at the commission meeting, Stevenson said, “The biggest thing that upsets me is I had an inkling that something was up.

No he Steve looked at Clint Williams live video of the Rocky Mount City Council meeting on Monday night he seen where Johnny Cunningham he addressed the council about him but didn’t call his name. I was close by Clint Williams and when Cunningham was speaking he told Sandra Smith WHIG-TV that he was talking about Steve.

“And I called and spoke with Archie Jones — and told him that I was not going to be coming to the meeting because I didn’t want to fall into an ambush,” Stevenson said.

Steve said he didn’t want to be ambushed. So since Steve knew that Johnny Cunningham was coming to the HRC meeting on Wednesday how was he going to be ambushed? See how Webster defines ambushed.

Stevenson also said Dancy is ineligible to serve on the commission because he does not live in Rocky Mount.

Funny how Steve shifted to me being ineligible to serve on the commission. So why did he come for me? Well that is because Cunningham and I are friends and Steve have posted on Social Media about Cunningham was listening to me. The Rocky Mount City Council addressed the issue and it was stated that I could serve until a replacement was named.

Stevenson said he believes Dancy’s position should have been declared vacant and Dancy’s vote on Wednesday should be voided.

But Steve I have attended all the meetings up until now and you have not said a word so how damn hypocritical. It was alright as long as I didn’t participate in voting about your racist a…

Dancy not being a resident of the city was reported by the Telegram in early April.

The Telegram reported that, based on discussion at a City Council workshop, Dancy, the local NAACP’s representative to the commission, would continue serving until the civil rights organization could appoint a new representative at its next monthly meeting.

West so where did you get the part from about the next monthly meeting because I don’t recall that part but maybe I missed it.

Dancy is known for boasting online about being an agitator. Dancy also is known for labeling whites he disagrees with as “Special C’s” and labeling African-Americans he disagrees with as “Ignant Safe Black Folk.”

West I don’t boast online or anywhere about being an agitator. I have been doing what I do since the late 80’s so I didn’t just start doing what I do. Obviously you have a problem with who I am. Where in the hell did you get whites that I disagree with that I labeled them Special Cs? I labeled them Special Cs because they started calling Black folk niggers, racist, crooks, Shaved Ms and all kinds of names so when I began to label them in a factual way because the last time I checked white folk are Caucasians. When I posted the definition of Special Cs they say that is not what I meant and they had been saying that I was calling them Crackers. Not so! Goes to show you where these Special Cs minds are.

As for Wednesday’s commission meeting, Stevenson said, “I mean, the whole thing was a setup to provide Mr. Dancy with a video to say, ‘I got me a Special C,’ in my opinion.”

Talking about mindset how ignant of Steve to say this was a setup for a video when Johnny Cunningham have text messages, inboxes and etc. that are documented so why do a video need to be produced?

Stevenson, 57, was chairman of the state Human Relations Commission under previous Gov. Pat McCrory. Stevenson is presently on the commission as state House Speaker Tim Moore’s representative.

What tickles the hell out of me is Archie Jones told me that Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson called and said that he was not coming to the meeting that he would meet with Cunningham, Nehemiah, myself and anyone because this was an election year. But my question is what did I have to do with Cunningham coming to file a complaint on him. I didn’t speak to the Rocky Mount City Council on Monday and nor did Nehemiah Smith call out Steve but since he know we know the deal on Steve and Cunningham having some issues about the beach trip money that the flyer stated that all donations be sent to Steve’s address and Tracy Pridgen . 

On August 30 Cunningham had to attend court because Tracy Pridgen had taken out a warrant on Cunningham for stalking and guess who shows up at court to try to help her silence Cunningham. But since they underestimated Cunningham because they thought he was coming to court without any support. But Cunningham had some supporters and an attorney. The plaintiff asked to have the case continued. But they want ready. Steve tried to manipulate the process trying to discredit Cunningham but it didn’t work.

Last week Pridgen has some more papers served on Cunningham saying that he was still stalking her and that that his friend posted about the document from the clerk office on Social Media. I guess I am that friend because I sure did post it because it is Public Information.

It is funny that on the August 30 court day that I received an inbox from someone that I believe to have been Steve that showed the court document and whited out Pridgen’s name and had the ExParte amendment. However there was an attachment that stated, “Not sure what kind of attorney Johnny Cunningham has – but he might want to consider firing them or reconsider his recent conversations. Because that’s a special kind of stupid right there.”

But my question is what did I have to do with what happened on Wednesday at the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission. Why did Steve try to make it all about me? Oh I know. Because I challenge his ignant mess during the HRC meetings and I have been challenging him on Social Media.

Steve is mad that I talk to certain folk Johnny Cunningham, Andre Knight, Bronson Williams, Reuben Blackwell, Richard Joyner and some other Black Folk. Steve says Cunningham is listening to me now so therefore he wants to control Black Folk.

Steve is advising LoveRockyMount, Sandy Roberson and others. He is all over Social Media making racist comments and when challenged he can’t handle it.

Steve is mad that I am effective in my political activism.

Watch the video for yourself and if you allow the Racist Special Cs to think for you then you are no better than those coming for me.  Rocky Mount HRC Members Vote To Remove Atty. Steve Stevenson

See original newspaper article: City panel aims to oust member



Press Release: RMPD employees to take TRRUTH courses

Rocky Mount, N.C. – More than 20 sworn and non-sworn Rocky Mount Police Department personnel will take part in a conflicts and trust course this month.

Taking Race Relations and Understanding to Heart (TRRUTH) is intended to provide law enforcement officers with the skills needed to effectively mitigate conflicts and build trust with ethnic minorities.

The courses, which will be taught by Carlton R. Joyner of the North Carolina Justice Academy on Sept. 9-10 and Sept. 19-20, will help personnel understand how cultural biases play a role in policing, identify the impact of racial profiling, discuss the barriers to strong police-community relations and more.

Attendees will learn through lecture, class discussion, demonstration and practice.

“The goal of the Rocky Mount Police Department is to create a safe and vibrant community by fostering community partnerships,’ Chief George Robinson said. “As we enhance our community policing efforts, building trust and working collaboratively with the community is essential for us to reach our goal.”

Robinson said some members of the department have attended the training in the past, and the goal is to have every RMPD employee attend a session in the future.

Marilyn Pulley Howard I Hate It Had To End Like This But It Is What It Is!


What a damn lie didn’t tag her twice. I tagged her one time like I did the other 30 plus folk.

When she made a comment I responded to her under her comment so therefore it automatically generates her name. She is calling that tagging her.

I have never had a a program for black males at my church. The donation had nothing to do with the church. If it was for work in the church I would have given it to the church.

Didn’t say you were buying me.

This was for what guys but you got the videoing part right and that was for the community work that I posted my Donation Page.

I have the inboxes from you.

You are correct I said I get all sides. You had posted your side on The Prime Smoke House page recently when he post about another incident with the MAGA mess that someone in the Caucasian community had posted on Facebook.

You posted the same mess on my post. I said everyone post their issue then the owner respond and that is it to take it to their personal page or the owner’s page. You ketp going on and on and asked the owner did he know somebody and then you said the issue had something to do with a contract and catering. I said I was not going to entertain it on my page because again you posted your issues, he responded and that was all both sides. That is your damn problem when you didn’t go into detail on the 1st go round. Post half-trues with nothing to support your claim.

Call me whatever you like but I have the inboxes of how you praised me for my work and also you mentioned about a candidate. Don’t go there with me so leave it alone.

Hell yeah I deleted my post because I learned that 252 Hoodnewz had deleted the 2 posts that were sent to me about so I decided to delete mines because you would not follow my instructions and you were trying to prove your point that was making no sense to me because I frankly didn’t need to know anymore.

Too damn ignant to talk about I am trying to keep you from saying anything when you have control over your page and can say whatever the hell you want to on yours but you will not do such on mines.

I have told you on yesterday, today and in the past since you had an issue with me that you could Delete and/or Block Me. But since you didn’t I Blocked you!

If you would like your Donation returned just say it an count her done!

Rocky Mount NC – Tarrick Dinell Pittman Continue To Confirm Just how ignant He Can Be

I have been knowing Gene Metrick for many, many years dating back to my becoming actively engaged in politics. I have not had a bad experience with him as far as I know and we have been in meetings all of these years.

This ignant start off talking about the paper and then went on to Andre Knight’s response. Really!

The following by Tarrick is too damn ignant!


What is this? Gene Metrick, Editor of the local Fake News Rocky Mount Telegram has done it again. As you know I posted the questions from this article last month. I didn’t feel confident, based on past experiences with this editor, and the fact Gene’s partner currently occupies a seat on a board at OIC, that I would be treated fairly in this process. Someone’s pillow talk seems very influential. It’s obvious the Editor of the Telegram is an ally of the incumbent and his agenda. He took my previous responses posted on FB and changed them. Furthermore, he chose not to post the answer I did submit to the infrastructure question. Don’t worry. The antidote always comes from the virus.

My response:

If the Rocky Mount Telegram is fake news why in the hell have you spoke to the them all of these times?

You didn’t feel confident with the editor. Really? Were not the same questions asked of you and Andre so obviously the questions were documented. How ignant!

What in the hell has Gene Metrick’s partner got to do with the Telegram? I would bet that Gene does not discuss the paper business with his partner and the same for his partner when it comes to OIC. How ignant!


Now, let’s break this down. Shall we? In the article, the incumbent stated he would continue the progress he states he has made in strengthening the neighborhoods and communities in Rocky Mount. First off, this individual has caused more division in our City than any other person over the last 16 years. His divisive rhetoric alone has stunted private investment in some of our underserved communities.

My response:

Funny as hell you and the Special Cs you represent always speaking to false trues. Tell us how Andre has cause division in the city? Give one example. Oh you call division because the Special Cs are mad because they don’t have the power?

Give one example of a private investment that was stunted by Andre?


Numerous studies since the 2014 Crossroads to Prosperity report, including the 2017 Ratio Implementation Strategy, which I helped shape, as well as the original 2018 Ratio Atlantic Arlington corridor study, the 2019 UNC Greensboro Housing Study, along with the last US Census report, have all but pleaded with this Council to place a stronger emphasis on the neighborhoods in our City.

My response:

What did you do to help shape this?


The majority members of the Council have all but ignored these concerns.

My response:

This is too damn ignant to make it appear that the majority of the council should think like your ignant a . . .

Little to nothing has been done to improve the quality of life of for the citizens in Wards 1-4.

However, we all know who’s quality of life has improved on the backs of the citizens they are sworn to serve. The personal property acquisitions of the incumbent reeks of greed. He has never had a real job since he began serving. Just sitting at the table eating a hearty meal. He is seen downtown daily working on those acquisitions. Building up sweat equity, avoiding code enforcement, all the while people complain constantly in the Ward the fact he is nowhere to be found. This individual has acquired 11 buildings downtown, some under questionable means. One is leased to his favorite Mayoral candidate. Most of them acquired during this last term. So all the while studies, some paid for by taxpayers, were pleading to the Council to focus on neighborhoods, he was taking advantage of your struggles by building his own personal wealth with the use of inside information. Dilapidated, and abandoned properties continue to lay dormant throughout the city. Ladies and gentlemen just open your eyes as you ride through the neighborhoods of Wards 1-4. We all know the phrase, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”, this guy cares so little about Ward 1 he isn’t even applying lipstick. Ward 1 has experienced an increase in poverty of 55% since 2003, the incumbent still has the audacity to claim he is the man of the people.

My response:

Andre used to be employed by Edgecombe Community College and when he purchased the prestigious house on Falls Road they came for him. I told him they were going to fire him from the college because he was challenging the city about his Adult Care Business that he was doing while working at the college. However when he was fired he has been doing the Adult Care full time. This dude just lie, lie, lie!


Citizens my correct and full responses were posted on my campaign page earlier.

Here is my full unedited response regarding infrastructure:

I can’t speak for Rich, but the analogy he gave is that both jurisdictions have or are currently ignoring fundamental infrastructure related problems that threaten public health and safety. How is this confusing to anyone? Let’s be clear Rich Worsinger was addressing the aging infrastructure NOT the quality of our water. Our infrastructure issues may not be lead poisoning which can permanently stunt a child’s cognitive abilities, but the behavior by the elected officials is all the same. (both in Flint and RM.)

A simple Google search shows it’s widely acknowledged through the American Society of Civil Engineers Report Card the water infrastructure in this country is in horrible shape. For most people, because it’s out of sight, out of mind, no one pays attention to it until a pipe breaks or it hurts us somehow and that’s certainly what happened in Flint.

What I do find confusing is this leadership’s response to a pertinent issue to the quality of life for the citizens of Rocky Mount. We all should be disappointed and concerned, this city council and their attack dog(s) chose to attack the messenger instead of addressing the message. Is a parking deck so important to them they are willing to ignore taking care of the infrastructure that serves our industries where we work and that provides for our community’s basic needs, running water, flushing toilets, and addressing flooding (stormwater)?

A report was presented to the council over a year ago in May of 2018 regarding the city’s infrastructure needs to be based on the City’s own assessment and that of their consultant Jacob Engineering Group (an internationally renowned firm with an expertise in water and sewer related infrastructure). This report shows nearly half of the city’s lift stations and booster pump stations are over 20 years old. It further reveals that 37% of our sewer mains and 38% of our water mains are beyond 50 years old. What these numbers mean is that these assets are either approaching or are well beyond their useful life.

Why then hasn’t this Council shared the report? It is a public document after all. Is it because they know the public wouldn’t support the investment in a parking deck over having running water? Why hasn’t council been shown or even asked for the 200-page report from the very consultants they paid $400,000 to prepare? Is it because they know the public will realize they are being bamboozled by this council? That they are doing what is best for them and not for the city and her people they swore an oath to protect?

How will I handle such a problem?

First, let’s all stop and think for a minute and ask ourselves these two questions,

Where will we find the oldest infrastructure? A: In our oldest neighborhoods, of course.

Where will we find our oldest neighborhoods? A: In Wards 1-4 and part of Ward 6

As the water, stormwater, and sewer infrastructure continues to age and ultimately fail, these neighborhoods will suffer greatly and will likely experience a severe disruption in these basic services.

What about our existing businesses and our jobs? What will be the impact to our local economy when services are interrupted to our industries who are dependent on our water and sewer infrastructure to operate and to make products that are distributed to state, national, and international consumers? How will that impact the income of those who work there and that of our community? It will be those of us who can least afford to miss a paycheck who will be the ones most significantly impacted. What impact will it have on our city’s reputation as we are recruiting additional industries here, bringing with them much needed jobs?

Ask yourself which do we want:

Infrastructure investment in our neighborhoods and across the city to assist in recruiting coming industries or a parking deck that only nets 232 spaces. 232 spaces can be achieved across Atlantic Avenue for less than a $1,000,000.00

Why then is our council focusing on an $18 million parking deck for a net 232 spaces and not interested in protecting the most vulnerable of our citizens. The solution is straightforward and has already been provided to the city council. That said, once elected, I will meet with my fellow council members new and old to request the Jacobs team to come in and explain the current situation, help us prioritize our needs, and help ensure that the appropriate budgeting is available for these needs vs. a self serving ego driven project that should be financed by private investors versus tax paying citizens. Let’s not forget a hotel developer was already developing the historic Carleton House which would have 64 rooms and 31 jobs. Had the city not turned their back on them it would have opened June of this year. Municipalities are supposed to spur private development not compete with it.

#tarrick4ward1 #letsgrowtogether 

My response:

During the last City Council meeting a presentation was given about the water and infrastructure complaint by Rich Worsinger. Watch video: The Rocky Mount City Council Meeting August 2019.

Watch video: Rocky Mount City Council Approves Hotel Parking Deck Funding

Prime Smoke House Seems To Be A Topic On Social Media Lately And As Usual I Try to Get All Sides Of The Story

The incident that was recently on The Prime Smokehouse about a Facebook page posting about the owner asked some whites to leave because of a MAGA Hat, I reached out to the owner and he responded. I posted it on my blog and other Social Media pages. Around a day or 2 later it was on the TV Stations across the state.

The following 2 incidents were shared with me but I am blocked from this page so I can’t go on the page. I reached out to the owner so I have got both sides of the story from the 2 who had issues with Prime House and NABS Deli & Coffee Shop Restaurants. I don’t know Manni Lyl however I do know Johnny Cunningham. I spoke Johnny. All have told their side and this is all I need to know.

My response:

I believe you because I have followed you, seen you in person and read the good things whites have said about your business over the years. I do my homework and I don’t take folk word for what they say no matter who they are family, friends and whomever. Many times that get me in trouble because they get mad until after I do my homework and come back to them with my findings.

A co-worker sent me the piece about the not being served and I said if you had folk waiting to be seated at a certain time after the current event no they could order their food and eat there if it was going to conflict with the upcoming guest. I said I experience this in Greenville and it makes sense not to allow the late comers to the party to eat in but they could order to go.

Ed Wiley’s response:

My dear brother, the most difficult thing we face as restaurant owners, particularly African-American owners, is trying to explain why it’s important to honor reservations with absolute and unconditional fairness. Oftentimes, fellow Black folks will see us escort white people to their seats while they’re still standing at the door or hear us admonish them (when they don’t have a reservation) that we can seat them if they understand that they must relinquish that seat an hour and a half or two hours later to someone with a reservation. Sadly, and outrageously, some people interpret that to mean we love white folks more than them. Now, what do you think happens when there is a complete reversal of racial roles? Now you have white folks believing we’re giving priority seating to Blacks because we hate white people. Crazy world. We just had CBS News visit our restaurant because some lying soul said that we boot out Republicans because we’re Democrats. (No joke!) We will always honor those with reservations, regardless of race. The Black folks — and White folks — who know us are laughing at this foolishness. One last thing, do you know anybody in Rocky Mount who would open up a jazz-themed restaurant IN THE HEART OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY specializing in who didn’t appreciate his own culture and his own people? I could go on about this silliness, but I’ll stop and keep praying that we use common sense over knee-jerk perceptions that don’t make sense. To paraphrase you, I’ll say that for those who don’t know me, do your homework before you judge me.

My final response:

I was not there so I am not taking sides with anyone but I could if I want to based on the facts as presented to me. I would not think that the owner would promote bad business but I was not there so this is between those involved and they would have to come to a final conclusion. However with what has been stated, I believe it could say that it is final but that is just my ignant opinion.

Some Black Folk Tickles The Hell Out Of Me So Glad I Know Who I Am And Whose I Am!

Because of who I am free in mind and spirit but although enslaved to certain things but I do not accept it, I know that because of who I am and what I stand for I am a NIGGER to some. But they will not come out and say it so they use code words.

The problem with that is I recognize and understand that when good Black Folk fight we win so that is why I team up with folk who fight the good fight.

I refuse to be Silent on Issues That Matter To Me!

A Must Watch All Black Folk Can Relate To This Damn Said They Had A Place For The Dog To Go But Not The Damn Folk, White Supremacy The Real Meaning

The older I get the more I am bothered by what is going on around me while some Safe Black Folk are sold the hell out.
No the problem didn’t say Niggers and Ignant! I love it! This is a powerful message! Fired Up! Ready To Go!
Click on Photo To Watch Video