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Democratic Women Of Edgecombe County Invite You To Our Meeting Saturday March 24, 2018



Saturday, March 24, 2018
8:00 to 9:30 am
Prior to Edgecombe County Democratic Convention at 10:00am
Location to be announced

Please bring your own coffee mug/cup.
Invite a friend.

Election 2018 (District Maps Update and Strategies)
“When Women Run, Women Win” (Identifying, Preparing and Supporting Candidates for Elective Office)

For more information, contact

Tire maker hikes investment – Rocky Mount Telegram

The largest manufacturing investment in rural North Carolina coming to the Twin Counties is likely to be even larger than anticipated and will break ground soon, according to local economic development officials.

Norris Tolson, CEO and president of the Carolinas Gateway Partnership, was the guest speaker at the first 2018 Rocky Mount Area Chamber legislative forum series sponsored by Pfizer of Rocky Mount on Friday at the Holiday Inn. Chinese tire manufacturer Triangle Tire plans to build its first manufacturing facilities outside of China in Edgecombe County.

The project was announced as a $582 million investment with the creation of 800 jobs coming to the 1,449-acre Kingsboro megasite in Edgecombe County. However, Tolson said, the full build-out of the project will now be a little more than $1 billion and create between 1,100 and 1,200 jobs. (Read more)


The Edgecombe County Sheriff Office Clee Atkinson And Staff Prepare To Say Good Bye To Deputy David Manning Today While You Have Janice Thompson Tender Mercies Pet Organization On A Mission About Animal Control

Done Told Ya’ll You Need To Remember Names Because Some Folk Are Dangerous And Has No Damn Respect For The Edgecombe County Sheriff Office Clee Atkinson And Staff As They Prepare To Say Good Bye To Deputy David Manning Today.

The following was sent to me because I don’t go to that page and read the mess Janice Thompson post on her Tender Mercies Pet Organization Page. Today as the Edgecombe County Sheriff Office is about to say good bye to one of their fellow Officers Deputy David Manning this what Janice and gang are up to. A damn shame.

I have tried not respond to this ignant ass woman and her gang and I refuse to go over there and respond to this. I can’t wait until the 1st meeting of the Animal Control Committee.

Folk of Edgecombe County who are animal lovers please understand everything has its place animals and humans. When folk don’t use common sense then they are dangerous.

I will say that for the record I will do what is in the best interest of whatever the Edgecombe County Commissioners will request of the Animal Control Committee to do as we will represent them as committee members. What I ain’t fitting ready to allow is that Ignant Ass Janice Thompson and gang to bully me into doing anything other than what is right. Yes Janice Thompson ain’t nothing but a bully and need to get someone sit down and shut the hell up until committee meet.

I have been told by several in the community that Janice is really mad with the Sheriff Office because she has is connected to Sweepstakes in and out of the county but here in the county she has been operating under someone else name.

Folk I am just tired of ignant mess and I refuse to be silent.

Now I am going to go today and support the Manning/Moore/Heath Families, The Edgecombe County Sheriff Office and other Law Enforcement locally, statewide and nationally as we will come together and say good bye to Deputy David Manning.





Obituaries: Michael Brown Rocky Mount NC formerly of Tarboro NC, Deputy David Manning Pinetops NC, Herbert Ricks Tarboro NC

Michael Brown Rocky Mount NC
My condolences goes out to Gloria Sharpe Brown wife of Michael Brown my 2nd cousin. Condolences also go out to Margie Brown Battle mother, Gerald Battle brother, Little Mike and Mike’s other children.
Services Entrusted To: TBA

Deputy David Manning of Pinetops North Carolina
My condolences goes out to Dashina Manning and the entire Manning family along with the Moore family. I didn’t know Deputy Manning but I knew his dad, step-dad, his mother, grandmother on his dad’s side and his grandparents on his mother’s side. Eccles. 3:1-8
Services Entrusted To Willoughby Funeral Homes Inc. Tarboro NC

Herbert Ricks Tarboro NC
My condolences goes out to the Ricks family. I have been knowing the Ricks family nearly all of my life.
Services Entrusted To Willoughby Funeral Homes Inc. Tarboro NC Eccles. 3


NEWS BUSTED! Myron McCutcheon Local Veteran Thrift Store of America doors close following owner’s exposure of multiple SCANDALS – News In Onslow

The Watch Dog response: This was interesting following it on Tarboro 27886 Facebook page where the story actually was reported before it being done in the Tar River Times.

The owner of both the Veteran Thrift Store of America, located at 709 New Bridge Street in Downtown Jacksonville and the Pink Ribbon Caffe, located at 411 N Main Street, in Downtown Tarboro, Myron McCutcheon, is under fire for fraud, embezzlement, drug allegations, unpaid employees, rejected 501(c) 3 and possible tax evasion.

McCutcheon told many in the Onslow and Edgecombe communities that he had been medically discharged from the United States Marine Corps, but citizens later found out that he is dishonest and he was actually dishonorably discharged as a (Private) following drug charges.

After “Veteran Thrift Store of America” closed, McCutcheon took his scam to Tarboro where he launched the “Pink Ribbon Caffe”, for which he says he came up with the idea of opening because he wanted to help cancer victims who were struggling with to pay their bills. Sources tell News In Onslow, that all proceeds are not going to anyone other than McCutcheon to fund his, alleged, drug and alcohol use.

In a recently published article by the Tar River Times, they mention that the employees of the Pink Ribbon Cafe “started catching onto McCutcheon’s antics, and the multiple lies that began to surface that McCutcheon had been caught in.”Supporters of McCutcheon were astonished when they found out that he lied about the Pink Ribbon Cafe being registered as a non-profit 501(C) 3. (Read more)


Congressman G.K. Butterfield Acknowledge Edgecombe County Deputy David Manning Who Died In The Line Of Duty

This is why I love my Congressman because he keeps us informed on what is going on in Washington and in NC.

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Lawrence Taylor Chair Edgecombe County Democratic Party Please Resign Effective Immediately Final Warning


Martha Knight Johnson 1st Vice
Lawrence Taylor Chair

Lawrence Taylor I am requesting that you resign as chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party effective immediately and this is my final warning.

Shortly after you were elected in 2017 you called a meeting with the Edgecombe County Democratic Party County officers which consist of you, Martha Johnson 1st Vice Chair, Dr. Glenda L. Knight 2nd Vice Chair, Jim Marrow 3rd Vice Chair and Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown. Stephanie Hunter Treasurer was absent. You invited Dr. Florence A. Armstrong from the Edgecombe County Board of Elections to give an update on the state of the Board of Elections. I was the only other person present. During the meeting you made a statement and said, “No offense Mr. Marrow but someone told you they were not coming to the Democratic Party meetings because they called them Nigger Meetings.”

Sir you have not communicated with all of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee and chose to deal with certain members. You have not returned calls from some who have tried to reach you. Some have asked for information and has yet to receive a response.

Sir you refused to present the minutes in the January 2018 meeting upon my request. You refused to present a detailed treasurer report showing the monies that were spent.

Sir I understand that you have talked to a couple of folk about Stephanie Hunter treasurer need to go. I also understand that you have talked to several folk about I need to go and that has to be because I have been holding you accountable for your actions asking all the right question. I feel you think you won during the January meeting when I asked for the minutes to be presented and the treasurer’s report receipts and since no one else questioned those things that you felt you had gotten away with stealing money from the party.

Sir during the January meeting you stated that we should have had a balance of around $200.00 plus. I had heard recently that the Post Office Box had not been paid and that the precinct packages that were sent to you were being returned to sender. Really?

Sir I had heard recently there was going to be a meetings with some Rocky Mount Precinct Chairs and you were going to be present. I was told that in the meeting you said that the Post Office Box is closed because the party has no money. I was told that you said you were trying to meet with some Democrats trying to get them to give the party some money. I heard that you said you wanted to have a fundraiser. Really?

Sir what you need to be doing is producing all the minutes of the meetings that you have had with the county officers that I requested of you before the January meeting and then again during the January meeting. I also had asked for the treasurer’s report before and during the January meeting.

Sir he following is my letter to you after the January 2018 meeting in it shows the treasurer’s report beginning and ending balance. Click on the following link for my letter and the video of the meeting Open Letter To Lawrence Taylor Chair Edgecombe County Democratic Party & The Executive Committee. See all the letters I have written addressing you since you have been the chair by visiting the following link Lawrence Taylor.

The Edgecombe County Democratic Party webpage is a joke as well.

Lawrence Taylor you have had a history of messing in money dating back to when you were the treasurer for Andre Knight years ago. When he was trying to put a campaign breakfast in place it was found out that you had spent the money. You never did pay that money back but sir this time is different and you will be held accountable for the monies you have spent in the party.

Sir my request is that you resign effective immediately and that you produce the minutes and treasurer’s report from all activities since you have been elected as Chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. I am asking that if you do not resign effective immediately that you best have all of the documents and readily available before the County Convention begin on Saturday March 24, 2018 and be ready to resign at that time.

Thanking you in advance for acting on my request.

Curmilus Dancy II
Precinct Chair 11-1