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I do what I do out of pocket attending meetings videoing and taking photos making them public for folk who do not attend for whatever reason. It takes funds to do what I do.

I video a variety of things from meetings, banquets, sporting events, funerals and other. I post my videos on YouTube where you can access them at anytime that is convenient for you.

I also take photos and post them on my Facebook page and make them available for others to see. If someone do not have a Facebook page they can still view the photos.

It takes funds to to travel places and then it takes funds for equipment.

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Millennials Please Educate Me On Your Perspective Of What Is Going On Today And How You Should Move Forward And Why

I keep hearing so much talk about the millennials have a different mindset of older folk so therefore you feel you should take a different approach when it comes to politics and other. I am yet to really hear about what your real perspective on what is going on today and why you think you ought to be going in a different direction.

I keep hearing you say certain things but I will not mention that because I want to hear from you and not create the narrative.

I would love to hear your perspective on local, state and national politics and other that you feel you need to take a different approach from the older folk who have been in the struggle for the past 100 years at the minimum. I say 100 years because I know some folk who are around the 100 year old mark and have been in fighting all of my life. I know the past, present and future struggle because at age 57 years old, I have been actively engaged since the late 80s. I have seen and heard some things in my lifetime and I can make an informed decision. I know the players (community leaders, pastors and others) and I know where they stand.

Thanking you in advance.

Council hears input on event center finances -Rocky Mount Telegram

Stay tuned for the delayed video.

The Rocky Mount Event Center came back up briefly at Monday evening’s City Council meeting.

During the public input phase of the meeting, retired banker Tom Harris expressed appreciation to City Finance Officer Amy Staton and her team for being able to see a copy of the municipal government’s 2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

The report is 191 pages long and contains numerous sets of financial statements about the operations of the municipal government, but Harris on Monday had follow-up remarks.

Local television station WHIG and activist and videographer Curmilus Dancy II broadcast delayed video of the council meetings. Resident Theresa Alston Stokes uses a cellphone while seated in the audience to show the meetings in real time on her Facebook page.

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Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Voicemail Monday January 13, 2020

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs left a voicemail that he was watching my Facebook Page and he was aware of my comments about him along with my followers comments about him as well.

He is referring to the following:

So why did Rev. Roosevelt Higgs not mention he was going to be the speaker for the Dr. MLK Breakfast? You couldn’t pay me to go hear him.

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs said Priscilla Everette Oates was the Rosa Parks of Princeville because she was facing 75 years but all the charges were dismissed. Wow!

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair on the radio for 30 minutes and didn’t mention him being the chair or anything relating to the party.

Damn this dude on WCPS is a fool. You can give Rev. Roosevelt Higgs your number if you want to.

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In Response To School Board Votes To Hire Project Manager In The Rocky Mount Telegram

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The Opinion of Curmilus Butch Dancy II

So the following appears that the school board and the commissioners are at odds over hiring a project management services. It appears that the Nash County Commissioners wants to run the school board and if that be the case they may as well dismantle the school board. I like it the school board is taking a stand on the hiring of a project manager services.

“School board member Ann Edge made the motion to “authorize the board chair and the superintendent to execute a contract with Cumming Program Management, using a school system form as may need to be modified by the board attorney and interim superintendent to provide initial project management services through the bidding phase in an amount that shall not exceed $167,000, and for the board to request reimbursement of these funds from the Nash County commissioners.”

That motion was immediately and unanimously approved.”

“We have no intention of paying for the use of a project management firm,” Davis said. “I am concerned about this decision because I fear it will slow the progress toward building the new school.”

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In Response to Commissioner Warns About Social Media Rumors In The Rocky Mount Telegram

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The Opinion Curmilus Butch Dancy II

This tickles the hell out of me because I have seen Robbie Davis comment on Social Media sites. It is tickles the hell out of me because these same folk who want to talk about Social Media is full of lies but they have not said that about the bull… that has been going on with the city of Rocky Mount and Nash/Rocky Mount Edgecombe County School saga as sit relates to their part in the mess.

It is a Nash against Rocky Mount/Edgecombe County mess that has been going on but now all social media is the problem. Really?

What I remember about the situation with the school issue and Robbie Davis is when the 1st Black Superintendent Anthony Jackson and he were going at it about Jackson questioning the school roofing issue.

I am glad to learn after all of this time that now it was a design problem and not a roofing problem but that Robbie did fix it at no charge. Wow! Jackson has been gone how long now. So design or roofing problem it was fixed so therefore it was a problem. Who fix things that ain’t a problem of theirs at a high cost? Oh but it is all good though.

Well as time pass we will continue to find learn about things that was not made known and/or clear when it happened.

Damn Robbie said, “We are looking only at the facts. We are not interested in what social media says,” Davis said. “We rely on our local media quite a bit to share with us what they see because they try to objective and report both sides of the issue — but social media does not.”

Really Robbie? So are you saying we should take what is printed in The Rocky Mount Telegram as fact? Are you saying we should take your TV station WHIG-TV as fact when they are promoting WSBS and other almost daily?

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Recognize Folk For What They Have Done And Not Just Because They Are Your Friends Or Just Because They Hold A Title

Over the years I have seen folk being recognized and honored for what they have supposedly done. But I have questioned why many folk were recognized when I already knew that these folk were recognized just because they were friends and/or just because of the titles they held.

But my problem is many of these folk have stood for nothing.

If you have been recognized for achievements are your name in the minutes speaking out against injustice in local government, school board meetings and other? Are you in the videos?

I have seen many folk who have spoken out who have not been recognized because they don’t hold titles but put their lives on the line fighting injustices.

As we approach the Dr. MLK Holiday I am going to see who are recognized in Edgecombe and surrounding counties because I know folk in these areas.

I am sick and tired of folk who have not and will not speak up but get the recognition while the real fighters are not recognized.

This year I am going to recognize folk who are real fighters in my opinion based on what I know about them. I been around so I know who have done what when it comes to fighting locally however I know many across the state who are fighters as well.