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It takes funds to travel places and then it takes funds for equipment.

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St. Stephens MBC Goldsboro NC – 5th Sunday 11 AM Service Join Pastor Malcom E. Lewis

Pastor Malcom E. Lewis invite you to St. Stephens MBC 5th Sunday Service November 29, 2020 11:00 AM.

Option-1) Free Conference Call 701-801-6982 audio only

Option-2) Zoom meeting Click to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Option-3) Zoom audio only 301-715-8592 Meeting id: 863 9562 3347 Passcode: 637042

Option-4) In person; 206 Pearson St Goldsboro, NC 27530. CDC guidelines followed.

Pastor Malcom E. Lewis
St. Stephens MBC Goldsoboro NC
Anderson Chapel MBC Macclesfield NC

COVID-19 Ain’t No Joke But I Am Still Grateful


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Today I know some folk are mad because of the COVID-19 is in the midst.

Some folk are mad because they got to wear a mask.

Some folk are mad because they are being asked not to gather in crowds even with family.

Some folk are mad because they have loved ones in the hospital, healthcare facilities and other and they can’t go see them.

Some folk are mad because the Governor is trying to keep us safe in spite of the circumstances of the Pandemic that we are facing.

God is trying to tell us something are you listening?

Thanksgiving Day Is Just Another Day For Me

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Everyday is a day of Thanksgiving for me.

I woke up with my right mind.

My family circle has not been broken.

I got a job to go to.

I got food on my table.

I got love in my heart.

I am grateful for the meal I am going to receive on today. However the only thing that changed today is the menu because I eat everyday. I ain’t excited about eating. I am excited because I have an appetite.

Most of all I am excited about what the songwriter said.

Now a day of rest which I get 2 days Holiday Day Pay but I am going back to work on Friday although I will get paid for this day anyway. I am going to work Saturday and Sunday also. See if you get out and work you can not only eat but provide for you and your family.

So because he has been good to me, I am glad about it because he let me live to see another Thanksgiving Day.


You Are Invited To A Thanksgiving Day Service November 26, 2020 With Pastor Malcom E. Lewis Anderson Chapel/St. Stephens MBC

Thanksgiving Day Service

Time: Nov 26, 2020 09:30 AM

Free Conference call 701-801-6948

Join Zoom Meeting click on link
Meeting ID: 885 1922 0660 Passcode: 227524

Dial by your location audio only 301 715 8592 US (Washington D.C)
Meeting ID: 885 1922 0660 Passcode: 227524

Any Questions call or text me at 910-233-3737

Edgecombe County – Community Prayer/COVID-19 Update From Ben Money Deputy Secretary DHHS & Thomas Holland Principal G.W. Carver Elementary School Pinetops NC

Please join us on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 @ 5 p.m. for our next Community Prayer Call (701-801-6982). Mr. Ben Money, Deputy Secretary for Health Services, NCDHHS will join us along with Mr. Thomas Holland, Principal of Carver Elementary School for a Q&A session. 

Mr. Money and Mr. Holland were with us for our November 17, 2020 call, you may listen to the information that was shared by clicking on this link.

‘We are in danger.’ NC governor issues dire COVID-19 warning, adds more mask rules

The Political Agitator’s response: Thank you Governor for the update. I am waiting on you to take us back to Phrase 1 because Trump and his supporters have gotten us in the situation we are in.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper announced a new set of mask requirements Monday, calling them the state’s “best weapon” against a “dire” spread of COVID-19.

He said the state now has 20 counties considered “red” under the state’s new coronavirus alert system — double what it was when the color-coded alerts were introduced last week. Counties can also be ranked orange or yellow.

The new executive order implements the new mask rules Nov. 25 at 5 p.m. and also extends North Carolina’s Phase 3 executive order to Dec. 11, one week after it was set to expire.

“We are in danger,” Cooper said at a press conference Monday.

Cooper’s briefing came shortly after the state Department of Health and Human Services reported 1,601 people hospitalized with COVID-19 in North Carolina, a new record, and before the Thanksgiving holiday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has strongly advised that people do not travel for the holiday. (Read more)

Trump administration officially authorizes Biden transition

After weeks of delay, the head of the General Services Administration informed President-elect Joe Biden on Monday that the official governmental transition process has been approved.

GSA Administrator Emily Murphy said in a letter that Biden, whom she referred to as “the apparent president-elect,” is now able to access millions of dollars in federal funds and other resources to begin his transition to power. In her letter, Murphy also denied that she had been under pressure from the White House to delay the process.

“I have dedicated much of my adult life to public service, and I have always strived to do what is right,” she said. “Please know that I came to my decision independently, based on the law and available facts. I was never directly or indirectly pressured by any Executive Branch official—including those who work at the White House or GSA—with regard to the substance or timing of my decision.”

Trump in a pair of tweets vowed to continue his legal fight to contest the election results but said, “I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same.” (Read more)

What Trump faces on Jan. 20, 2021

The Political Agitator’s response: Now do you see why he do not want to leave office? Dude has some serious issues. I am just going to wait to see what the outcome will be after January 20, 2021.

It looks increasingly certain that on Jan. 20, 2021, around noon, Joe Biden will take the oath of office as president, and Donald Trump will lose both his job and one of its most important perks.

Trump has faced investigations involving his campaign, his business, and his personal behavior since he took the oath of office himself four years ago. As soon as he becomes a private citizen, however, he will be stripped of the legal armor that has protected him from a host of pending court cases both civil and criminal.

He will no longer be able to argue in court that his position as the nation’s chief executive makes him immune to prosecution or protects him from turning over documents and other evidence. He will also lose the help of the Department of Justice in making those arguments.

While it is possible he could go to jail as a result of some of the probes of his business affairs, the soon-to-be-former president is more likely to face financial punishment in the form of civil fines, law enforcement observers believe. He may also be embarrassed by financial and other secrets that will be exposed in court. Nearly all his legal troubles are in his hometown of New York, where he once basked in the tabloid limelight as a young mogul and where he rode a golden escalator into an unlikely political career.—

Here are some of the most perilous cases that await President Trump when he’s no longer president — and here’s how he could yet use the powers of the nation’s highest office to escape punishment: (Read more)

Rocky Mount NC – Minor assaulted by teacher at Rocky Mount Middle School!

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Minor assaulted by teacher at Rocky Mount Middle School!

PLEASE SHARE!!!Rocky Mount/Nash County!!! If you have any information regarding teacher Jamie Dunn’s assault of Minor Charity Cutler on April 30, 2018 at Rocky Mount middle school please contact The Freedmen Law Group! — with Kisha Cutler

We will not allow children to be abused by those charged with protecting them without justice being served on all legal fronts! This will not be swept under a rug! Please spread the word that the abuse of our kids is a no go!⚖️ #FREEDMENLAW #OfYouForYouWithYou

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COVID-19 Your Thoughts?

Do you feel that we need to go back to Phrase 1 to try to get the Pandemic under control?

Do you feel comfortable going to work?

Do you feel comfortable sending your children to school?

Do you feel comfortable going to shop for products that you really need?

Do you feel comfortable with having family or friends to come to your house to visit you inside your home?

Do you feel we need more or less restrictions dealing with COVID-19?

Do you support your Governor recommendations for dealing with COVID-19?

Do you know anyone personally that has died from COVID-19?

Do you feel that if the President of these United States had pushed the mask mandate that we would be better off?

Old Quotes – The World Is Coming To An End


I have been hearing the world is coming to an end all of my life. That used to bother me. But after I came to a conclusion it no longer bothers me. I ain’t going to share my ignant opinion just yet. You know I am ignant so it is just my ignant opinion.

So what comes to mind when you hear someone say the world is coming to an end but you been hearing it all of your life?

Ben Money Deputy Secretary DHHS NC & Thomas Holland Principal G.W. Carver Elementary School Pinetops Presented COVID-19 Information

Ben Money Deputy Secretary NC Department Health & Human Services and Thomas Holland Principal G.W. Carver Elementary School gave presentations about COVID-19 during the Community Prayer and Community Update held by-weekly hosted by Malcom E. Lewis Pastor Anderson Chapel MBC Macclesfield NC and St. Stephens MBC Goldsboro NC.

You can listen to Mr. Money and Mr.  Holland updates by clicking on the following link or by calling the following number. November 18, 2020 Or call 978-990-5091 Access code 569856 Ref # 130

Here is the resources that Mr. Money from NCDHHS mentioned on the call:

County COVID Alert System

Find a Testing Site

Faith Leader Resources

Holiday and Social Gathering Guidance

The next Community Prayer & Community Update will be on December 1, 2020.

Edgecombe County & Surrounding Areas Tune In To Receive COVID-19 Update & More Special Guest Ben Money Deputy Secretary DHHS NC

Please join us today (701-8016982) for our community prayer call hi to update the community about COVID-19 and some other important issues on 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM. The call is held every 2 weeks on Tuesday to give a community update and to offer prayers.

Today’s guests are Mr. Ben Money of the NCDHHS and Mr. Thomas Holland, Carver Elementary School.

Pastor Malcom E. Lewis