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Rocky Mount NC – Royal Hanneford Circus Response To City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney Cancelling Circus Coming To Town

Wow the Special Cs of Rocky Mount have now contacted the circus still playing their games trying to come after the Black Leadership.

I hope the Circus don’t get too deep into the WSBS going on in Rocky Mount.

Hell with all of the money that Sandy Roberson has spent on the Rocky Mount Mayor’s Election why didn’t he, LoveRocky Mount and the others didn’t purchase some tickets and the ticket sells would not have been so low from what I read.

These Special Cs are something else.

Royal Hanneford Circus

12 hrs ·


To the fine citizens of Rocky Mount, NC:
It is with great regret that we tell you that our scheduled performances at the Event Center have been cancelled by your City Manager.
We have made every appeal humanly possible and have been turned away at every corner.

The citizens of Rocky Mount are being blocked from experiencing one of America’s most time-honored tradition: attending a real 3-ring circus with animals, acrobats, jugglers, aerialists and even Elephants! The Circus is still one of our greatest Family traditions.

We thank the many citizens who have come to our side and offered help. Please, make no mistake and listen to no other version of these events: The Royal Hanneford Circus contracted with the Event Center (contract legally signed). We have been in discussion with the event center on cooperative advertising. Art Work has been created, paid for and printed (at great expense) for this event. Performers have been contracted and scheduled to appear at these performances.

ONE PERSON – your city manager – stepped in and cancelled the shows.

Rocky Mount NC – Tarrick Pittman Has Filed An Election Protest Against Andre Knight With The Edgecombe County Board Of Elections To Be Heard On Monday October 21, 2019

Funny this guy has has not posted about he has filed an Election Protest against Andre Knight with the Edgecombe County Board of Elections. There will be a preliminary hearing held in the Board of Elections Office on Monday at 4 PM.

Tarrick Pittman lost to Andre Knight in the Ward 1 Rocky Mount City Council Election.

Damn this guy just don’t want to give up.

But the thing about all of this is hell Andre Knight and any citizen could have and still can file a residency challenge against Tarrick Pittman because the evidence is there that his residency could be challenged. This ignant ought to be on the edge that someone do not challenge him.

I received a phone call a couple of days before the election and I said no need to worry about doing it now you need to just wait til after the election and do it if Tarrick should win.

Well maybe those folk need to go ahead and file a residency challenge against him since he want to keep the election going.

Johnny Cunningham had talked to me about filing a residency challenge against him some time ago and I told him to hold off and let someone else do it.

Hell if we had an effective Edgecombe County Democratic Party where Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is the chair, he should have filed a challenge however he can’t do it because he lives in Nash County and has not had a Democratic Party meeting since he was voted in as chair in April.

Hell I may even file a residency challenge against this ignant because I am sick and tired of reading on Social Media where Special Cs are supporting a known criminal over someone they have been trying to paint as a criminal when they have not provided any facts.

The facts are out on Tarrick’s residency changes because in March 2019 in the newspaper he talked about moving to Edgecombe County over a year ago but his voter’s registration shows he voted in Nash County in November 2018. He said he lived on Woodland Ave.

Then he went down to the Edgecombe County Board of Elections and changed his address to Rosewood Ave. Sources say he never lived there.

If proven that Tarrick has lied about his residency this is a Felony Violation.

Well I am going to sit back and see when Tarrick residency will be challenged. I know if I lived in Rocky Mount hell I would have been filed it.

Fact Check That!

Report Back! I’ll Wait!

Now Run & Tell That!

Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission Appointments Curmilus Dancy II & Attorney Steve Stevenson Questioned

The Rocky Mount Telegram reporter Bill West will be doing a story on the Special Cs questioning why I am still serving on the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission because I do not live in Rocky Mount. I was appointed by the Rocky Mount NAACP and when the Special Cs came for me as they have Black Leadership Rocky Mount City Manager and Black Department Heads, the Council agreed that I would serve until a replacement is named.

When Bill West The Rocky Mount Telegram reporter contacted me I was at the SouthWest Edgecombe High School homecoming game vs Nash Central. I told West I was going to leave the game and call him because I am quite sure he was trying get the story done tonight.

On last week Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson was not reappointed to the HRC and I am quite sure he and some more Special Cs have contacted The Rocky Mount Telegram because they are mad that I am still serving on the Commission and he is not. The reason he is not is because I was told his term expired in June and last week Councilwoman Lois Watkins did not reappoint him. I had nothing to do with that and she and I have not discussed Steve appointment.

Bill questioned me about my still serving and I told him the Rocky Mount City Council said I continue to serve until a replacement is made.

Bill said I call myself The Political Agitator and I said let’s set the record straight I didn’t call myself anything that my Congressman G.K. Butterfield gave me that name years ago because I hold politicians accountable for their actions. I said Attorney/Rep. Larry Hall gave me the name The Watch Dog of The East that I use from time to time as well. I said we can stop that negative today.

I said it is the other folk on Social Media that call Black Folk Monkeys and etc. so I know how to agitate them so I react to them. I said if you look at my videos and my writings you will see how I respond to them I don’t go around calling them out until they say and do mess. I said I came up with Special Cs because I knew it would agitate them. I said Special C stand for Caucasian but they said it stood for Crackers. I said I don’t roll like that.

Bill questioned me about what did I think about Councilwoman Lois Watkins not reappointing Steve Stevenson and I said I hadn’t thought anything about it because I have challenged him while on the commission and will continue the challenge the council when I am no longer a voting member because I will continue to attend the meetings and video them. I said I will also speak during the Public Comments and that way the NAACP will be represented by 2 folk at the meetings.

I told Bill that I didn’t challenge the thing about my residency in order to serve on the HRC but I plan to challenge the council not for me but for others in the future because the NAACP should not be held to a residency requirement. I said the criteria for being a member of the Rocky Mount NAACP is that I have to live in the city or work in the city. I said therefore a NAACP member should be eligible to serve on the HRC. I am the 2nd Vice President of the NAACP and I should be able to serve. However I don’t like titles and recognize and understand there need to be folk like me who can be at the table and challenge organizations without being a member.

Knight critic offers congratulations – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Again Mayor Combs has allowed Sam Battle to directly attack 2 councilmen. No he didn’t call their names but hell unless one has no damn brains they didn’t know who Sam was addressing. Reading this article it was clear that the reporter knew who Sam was talking about so why in the hell would anyone else not know? Andre could have addressed him but he did not, hell I would have since the mayor continues to allow Sam to go there. The mayor said he didn’t know who Sam was addressing. Really? But Sam didn’t stop there and then after being called out by the mayor after Lois Watkins brought the rules to the mayor attention, Sam then attacked OIC and again hell everyone knew who he was talking about. Reuben Blackwell checked him again like he did the last meeting. It is just obvious that Mayor Combs is not going to hold to the rules he read when time for public comment. Yes it is time for him to go home and since he will do in November maybe that is why he allow Sam to do what he does. Video coming soon and you can see it for yourself. Oh Sam did speak to me tonight and so did Randy Adcox who did not speak during the public comments.

The public speaking phase of Monday evening’s Rocky Mount City Council meeting became a bit bizarre, with a critic of Ward 1 Councilman Andre Knight offering his congratulations to the 16-year incumbent having won re-election to another term in the Oct. 8 municipal election.

Samuel Battle, who is a regular at the speaker’s podium at council meetings, noted he had congratulated Knight the night the election results came in.

At the same time, Battle said his understanding was Knight said “that God said he wouldn’t make your enemy your footstool.”

Battle told Knight, “First of all, I’m not your enemy and I am surely not under your foot” and added he is a long way from being under anybody’s foot.

He said his belief is that no matter who wins or loses, he still will want the best for the community, but he noted he has the right to support any candidate he wants.

“So if you feel that I’m under your feet, rest assured that it’s not the case,” he said.

As Battle was speaking, Councilwoman Lois Watkins pointed out . . . (Read More)

City’s spokeswoman turns in resignation – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: It is sad the Special Cs on Keith Harris Facebook page made negative comments about leaving said it was because she was not happy with the job and etc. It is sad they these guys just continue to lie, lie, lie. I knew about 2 months ago she was leaving. Whig-TV Sandra Smith was talking that crazy mess on Monday morning show as well. Video coming soon and you will be able to see what Tameka Kenan-Norman had to say in real-time.

The spokeswoman for Rocky Mount’s municipal government has given her notice of resignation, saying she is leaving the Twin Counties to take a position as a spokeswoman in the Delmarva region.

Tameka Kenan-Norman told the Telegram in an email earlier on Monday that Oct. 23 will be her last day at City Hall.

“I have enjoyed my time at the city of Rocky Mount,” Kenan-Norman said.

Kenan-Norman said no decision has yet been made about who will serve as interim spokesperson for the municipal government.

Kenan-Norman said her husband, Raheen Norman, recently moved to the Salisbury, Md., area for a better career opportunity.

Kenan-Norman said she accepted a position as a chief development and communications officer at an agency in Salisbury.

She said because she has not . . . (Read more)

Principals oppose moving graduations – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: For me the following is a bunch of b.s. Speaking only for me I would not have cared if I just received my diploma in the mail. I never liked graduations however I have seen how others enjoy that moment. Now from my perspective every year I see students trying to get tickets to accommodate more members of their family at the graduation. If a student has a moma and a dad be it by birth or by whatever that they want to attend that is 2 tickets. If the student has 2 sets of living grandparents that is 4 more tickets. If the student has a couple of brothers and sisters that they want to attend say 2 more tickets and then if they have that favorite aunt or uncle they want to attend that is 2 more tickets. If that student has a boyfriend or girlfriend that they want to attend that is 1 more ticket. Wow do the math. But I don’t think this is not reasonable since if a student is excited about his or her graduation then hell I would think they would want all of the above present. But then again this is just my ignant opinion and nobody else. I have been volunteering my services videoing and taking photos at my high school graduations over the years and posting them on YouTube. However every year I have family and friends that graduate. Last year had a niece that I had forgot all about attended the school.

The Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education heard this week from high school principals about the question of whether graduation ceremonies should be moved to the Rocky Mount Event Center to allow more people to attend — and the answer was a resounding “no.”

Dr. Mark Cockrell, chief academic officer for Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools, presented the information to school board members to consider during a work session before the regular school board meeting on Monday.

“At various times, discussion has been held about the issue of graduation venues and the board has asked for additional information and high school principal feedback so I am bringing that to you for your ongoing consideration of whether to continue to have graduations held in the traditional settings or to move them to one site,” Cockrell said.

Each of the school board members were presented with a letter from the high school principals in the district.

The letter said: (Read more)