Wilson NC – North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus Town Meeting Held In Wilson NC On Sunday July 23, 2017

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NC Legislative Black Caucus Issues Affecting The Community Attorney Anita Earls Presenter Hosts: Jean Farmer-Butterfield, Angela Bryant, Don Davis, Shelly Willingham, Erica Smith-Ingram

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Senator Angela Bryant Chair NC Legislative Black Caucus Press Briefing Wilson NC

Senator Angela Bryant Chair North Legislative Black Caucus Brief History Wilson NC 

Attorney Anita Earls Southern Coalition For Justice & NC Legislative Black Caucus Wilson NC 

NC Legislative Black Caucus Members Give A Briefing On State Of NC Wilson NC 

Tyquan Lewis Put NFL on Hold to Give His Mother a Season of ‘One Last Times’– TheOZone

The Watch Dog response: Tarboro NC native  (Tarboro High School stand out) makes a huge decision. I remember him so well playing against SouthWest Edgecombe and other schools. I know his mom Tyronda Whitaker is proud of him and support whatever he chooses to do.

Some version of this tale is told every year.

A talented college football player leaves early for the NFL because he wants to take care of his family. He wants to give the world to his mother and an NFL paycheck is the start of that. He says goodbye to his college life and welcomes in his next step, doing it as much for his family as himself.

It’s a story that actually becomes storybook.

Some stories, however, include a little bit of a twist.

Ohio State defensive end Tyquan Lewis had a decision to make regarding his NFL future following the 2016 season. He had one year of eligibility remaining, but he was coming off of a season where he was named the Big Ten’s Defensive Lineman of the Year. The NFL was certainly interested. (Read more)

Sharpsburg NC – Do You Think This Female Was Done Wrong While Dealing With Sharpsburg Police Department and Taylor Wrecker Service?

The Watch Dog response: The following makes no sense to me. I don’t understand why the car was towed. I have never experienced that one has to use the wrecker service that the police department wanted to call. Folk can request their own wrecker service and also where they want their car towed. I wonder how many women have been through this? Could this be something that is going on in Sharpsburg and other areas? I was told that the Sharpsburg Police Department had the option to just call a wrecker of their choice. I could understand that if the car is needed for evidence but in this situation the car didn’t needed to be towed. Actually since there were not outstanding warrants for the female the officer could have actually just followed the female home and took the tags. Why would anyone want to make someone spend money for no reason because again it is no reason that the car should have been towed. Keep in mind these are the facts as we know them so don’t try to add to or take away from the message below. I need to add that the bill was $75.00 on Saturday and you can add $35.00 per day to it now. Most of the time you have a 30 day time period to pay the bill. The female live 3 to 4 minutes away from the location that she was stopped so why not let her drive car home and then took the tags?

A cry out from a female!

On July 15, 2017 at 9:45 pm I was stopped by the Sharpsburg police. Officer T. Mooring came to my car and told me he pulled me over because my driver side headlight was out. Then he proceeded to ask me for my driver’s licenses, a few minutes later he came and told me my tags were dead and he has to call Taylor Wrecker Service to tow my car. I asked the officer if I could call my own tow and also explained to him that I got insurance on the vehicle. I then showed him my insurance car, he then told me no and that he see where the car was insured but his Chief said they could call the wrecker that they wanted. So about 10 minutes later Taylor Wrecker came talking very rudely telling me to get out my car, so I got out and he tells me that he will tow my car home for $75.00 or its going to his shop and that it will be $35.00 each day it’s there plus the $75.00. I have since then spoken with the Chief with no such help. When I was pulled over I pulled in the parking lot of Speedway gas station on S. Hathaway 301 and asked the employee was it okay to leave my vehicle there for about an hour until someone picked me up but the officer would not stand for it and kept saying that his chief said no they get to call who they wanted. I repeatedly asked the officer and ketting him know that I was a single parent and that I couldn’t afford tow services and all he stated was that he has to eat too.

Obituary – Joseph Edward Williams Tarboro NC

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” 

Song: The Storm Is Over Now – Kirk Franklin

My condolences goes out to Brenda Sue and the entire family of the late Joseph Edward Williams. I met Joe years back in the 80’s while working at Glenoit Mills Inc. Joe went to work at Honeywell Inc. and I went to work there shortly after. Joe was the same from the 1st time I met him until I seen him on this past Sunday at St. James Temple while I was videoing Women’s Day.

Tarboro, North Carolina

Mr. Joseph Edward Williams, 59, died Thursday, July 13, 2017 at Vidant Edgecombe Hospital. Funeral services are incomplete and will be announced later by Dickens Funeral Service, Inc. of Tarboro, North Carolina. (Read more)


Viewing – 2 PM – 6 PM Friday July 21 Dickens Funeral Home

Funeral – 12 AM Saturday July 22 St. James Temple McNair Road Tarboro NC

Breaking News: Sources say the Princeville Town Commissioners fired the Town Manager Daniel Geralds today

Sources say the Princeville Town Commissioners fired the Town Manager Daniel Geralds today during a special called meeting. I received the meeting notice late this evening but I worked on my real job til 5:30 so I didn’t make it.

Stay tuned hopefully will get more information soon.


Incumbents file for re-election – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: Wow interesting who are running for the town of Tarboro mayoral race, the appointee will have a challenger and also the seat that the late Taro Knight held. The appointee will have to run against 2 more candidates. In the town of Princeville the current mayor has opposition. The filing period is still open so therefore there may be more to file.

Several Twin Counties candidates, mostly incumbents, have filed to run for municipal elections this fall.

It’s been a mixed bag so far: Busy in Edgecombe County and slow in Nash County, according to Jerry Spruell and John Kearney, the elections directors for those respective counties.

“I think the filing has been very active so far for the first week,” Spruell said. “I do expect more filings within the last six days.” (Read more)