A pupil points a finger. A teacher is fired, his life rerouted. Now can they be buddies? – Washington Post

The Political Agitator response: This is an awesome story!

The friend request popped onto Josh Kaplowitz’s Facebook page one afternoon. He was at his office at a top-shelf D.C. law firm, but the name on the screen transported him to a very different place, a decade earlier, to a time of humiliation and failure.

Just seeing Raynard Ware’s name that January day in 2012 spiked the young lawyer’s heart rate. His first thought: “You ruined my life.” It had been only in the past few years that Kaplowitz had been able to live without The Incident looming over him — the assault allegation, the arrest, 33 hours in a detention cell, trial, acquittal, a $20 million lawsuit against him, the impossibility of knowing if he would ever really recover. (Source: Read more)

Texas Bill Would Let Teachers Shoot And Kill Kids To Protect School Property – PoliticusUsa

The Political Agitator response: Do they really want to go there?

A bill introduced into the Texas House this week would permit teachers to use deadly force against students to protect themselves or others. The law would also allow teachers to use deadly force to defend school property. The measure, euphemistically called “The Teacher’s Protection Act,” was introduced by Republican Representative Dan Flynn. Flynn represents a mostly rural East Texas District that includes Hunt, Hopkins and Van Zandt counties. On his home page, he boasts about the conservative nature of his District as follows: (Source: Read more)

Joe Frazier, Ex-Heavyweight Champ, Dies at 67 – New York Times

Joe Frazier, the former heavyweight champion whose furious and intensely personal fights with a taunting Muhammad Ali endure as an epic rivalry in boxing history, died Monday night at his home in Philadelphia. He was 67.

His business representative, Leslie Wolff, said the cause was liver cancer. An announcement over the weekend that Frazier had received the diagnosis in late September and had been moved to hospice care early this month prompted an outpouring of tributes and messages of support.

Known as Smokin’ Joe, Frazier stalked his opponents around the ring with a crouching, relentless attack — his head low and bobbing, his broad, powerful shoulders hunched — as he bore down on them with an onslaught of withering jabs and crushing body blows, setting them up for his devastating left hook. (Source: Read more)

Wendell Scott: Legend, trailblazer, NASCAR Hall of Famer

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (January 19, 2015) — During a 13-year premier series career, Wendell Scott likely never considered he was making NASCAR history. The Virginian’s sole concern was getting to the next race on a miniscule budget.

Scott wasn’t the only driver to struggle financially. The odds of making a good living racing stock cars were long in the 1960s and early 1970s when purses were small, large sponsors unheard of and manufacturer support came and went with the turning of the calendar’s pages.

But Scott faced a challenge not shared by his fellow competitors: that of an African-American battling to succeed in a still-segregated society.

Measured against that backdrop, Scott succeeded admirably. He became the first — and to date, only — black driver to win a premier series race, at Jacksonville, Florida, in 1963. He made 495 starts to rank 37th on the series’ all-time list, posting 147 top-10 finishes, more than 25 percent of the races he entered. Scott finished four times among the top 10 in driver championship standings including a sixth in 1966.

While most of Scott’s success came on shorter tracks, he logged superspeedway top 10s at Atlanta, Charlotte, Daytona Beach, Dover and Darlington. He twice finished seventh in Atlanta Motor Speedway’s Dixie 400 — in 1966 finishing ahead of NASCAR Hall of Famers Buck Baker, Bobby Allison and fellow 2015 inductee Rex White. Scott also finished seventh in a Daytona 500 qualifying race — which at the time carried premier series championship points. (Source: Read more)


The Political Agitator response: I am still trying to figure out why everyone in the school didn’t know about the academic woes because how can you work towards improvement if you don’t know about the problem? So did the outgoing Executive Director want the school to fail or should you say that was out he showed how much he loved the school? So why did they need to hire Diane LeFiles since Taro Knight was already there?

TARBORO – North East Carolina Preparatory School is making changes in the wake of a state warning that the school is in danger of receiving a “designation of inadequate performance” for not meeting mandated state standards for student proficiency or academic growth.

A vast majority of North East Prep personnel – from the board of directors to teachers – were unaware of the academic woes until new Executive Director Miles Brite brought them to the board’s attention in December.

The result has been a scramble to implement programs and put mechanisms in place to ensure the school shows academic growth for this school year to meet state mandates and avoid potential sanctions. (Source: Read more)

This Map Reveals Just How Unequal The So-Called Recovery Is – The HuffPost

In his State of the Union address last week, President Barack Obama cheered rising wages. What he didn’t mention is that much of the income gained since the recession has gone into the pockets of the richest Americans.

In 39 U.S. states, the top 1 percent of earners gobbled up at least half of all of the income gains between 2009 and 2012. And in 17 of those states, the top earners got every bit of the income growth in those years. That’s according to a new paper released Monday by the Economic Policy Institute, a think tank focused on labor issues.

In all states, the rebound in income in the three years after the recession pretty much all went to the richest of the rich, the EPI found.

“Over this period, the average income of the bottom 99 percent in the United States actually fell (by 0.4 percent),” the paper states. “In contrast, the average income of the top 1 percent climbed 36.8 percent.” (Source: Read more)

Why The Test Debate Is About Politics, Not Education – Education Opportunity Network

Here’s how ridiculous the nation’s obsession with standardized testing has gotten: Last week Education Week reporter Catherine Gewertz came across a news item about a school in Florida that “forbid the flushing of toilets during testing … to cut down on the distraction.” (emphasis original)

As she quoted from her news source, the school administrators feared, “The whooshing water sounds from classroom bathrooms … might disturb test-taking classmates and send their focus, and their scores, spiraling down the drain.”

Before you dismiss that as just one “over the top” anecdote, consider that the big new assessment fad sweeping the nation is to demand testing of our youngest students, the earlier the better. In Maryland, for instance, as a different article in Education Week reported, a “kindergarten readiness assessment” to see if little kids are “ready” for kindergarten has teachers worried. The exam on “language, literacy, math, science, social studies, and physical well-being” took the students “at least one hour, and sometimes more than double that.” This is not unusual, as the reporter explained, because “at least 25 states mandate a kindergarten readiness assessment and this is likely to rise.” (Source: Read more)

“Let’s Make Princeville Great Again!” 130th Year of Incorporation Oldest Town Incorporated By Blacks In America





The town of Princeville, North Carolina will celebrate its 130th year of incorporation the week of February 2- 8, 2015.  Princeville is the oldest town incorporated by blacks in America. Our rich history has brought us to a week of festivities. Our Mayor, Bobbie Jones and the Commissioners are all excited and anxiously await the celebration.   

Our desire is to bring back former citizens and honor the current.  We are planning to have activities from the youngest to the oldest citizen.  Attached for your review is a listing of our scheduled activities for the week.  


Your support in our endeavor is greatly needed.  Your kind donation(s) will initiate the beginning to a great week of historical renewal.  Please make checks payable to:  The Town of Princeville, 201 S. Main St., Princeville, NC 27886 C/O 130th Birthday Town Committee.  If you have any clarifying questions, please feel free to contact our Chair of this event:  Dr. Glenda Lawrence-Knight at 252-538-1384.



MONETARY CONTRIBUTION ___________ (amount)

Will be accepted up until the week of the event and this contribution will provide assistance with the weeks’ expense including but not limited to:  food, decorations, equipment, advertising, accolades, transportation, facilities, etc.



________$75.00 Full Page    __________$50.00 ½ Page    _______ $25.00 ¼ Page

___________$10.00 Patron names ______________Business Cards $15.00

Please be sure to attach with your check how you would like to see your ad in the Souvenir Booklet from your selection above or send to: TIPSINC6774@aol.com. 



_______ $250 to sponsor a table for the 2/7/15 Saturday banquet is available as long as they last.  Please ensure that there are tables remaining by calling the Princeville Town Hall at (252) 823-1057 or the Chair at the number above before sending money. 




Princeville 130th Birthday Committee:

Dr. Glenda Lawrence-Knight, Chair

Mr. Bobbie Jones, Mayor

Dr. Delores Porter

Commissioner JoeRoam Myrick

Ms. Yolanda Thigpen

Ms. Denese Tyson

Ms. Tyronda Whitaker






Let’s Make Princeville Great Again

February 2-8 2015

Monday, Feb 2

6PM                       Formal Opening:  Charge for Peace & Proclamation

                               Princeville Town Hall


Tuesday, Feb 3

10AM – 12PM      Senior Citizens Day

                               Princeville Senior Citizens Building


Wednesday, Feb 4

6pm-8pm             Night for Prayer

                               Princeville Town Hall


Thursday, Feb 5

6PM                      Historical Tales, Poetry & Play

                              Princeville Town Hall


Friday, Feb 6**      

6PM                      Talent/Fashion Show

                              Princeville Elementary School

                               ** Admission Fee $5.00

                                         Food items will be available for purchase…


Saturday, Feb7**
6PM                       Banquet

                               St. Luke Church

                               **$25 per Ticket or $250 per Table

Tickets can be purchased from any Birthday Committee Member or at

The Princeville Town Hall                           


Sunday, Feb 8

9AM-10AM          Praise & Prayer:  Mount Zion Church

11AM                     Church Service:   Macedonia Baptist Church





Audit: Failed charter school mismanaged taxpayer funds – AP

The Political Agitator response: All I can say is DAMN! Unbelievable!

RALEIGH — A failed Kinston charter school that mismanaged money for years got $667,000 in taxpayer funds months before it shut down, then paid the couple who headed the school $11,000 while other employees were owed $370,000, state auditors said Wednesday.

The Office of State Auditors looked into the finances of Kinston Charter Academy after it closed in September 2013. The State Board of Education is considering suing to recover state funds the school got for the 2013-14 academic year before it was shuttered and to ask lawmakers for increased financial oversight, Chairman Bill Cobey said.

“We plan to seek legislation this year to strengthen our authority in situations where a charter school is on probation for financial difficulties,” Cobey said in a prepared statement. “This would allow us to quickly cease expenditures if necessary.” (Source: Read more)

Congressman buys out showing of ‘Selma,’ invites residents – Wilson Times

Congressman G.K. Butterfield has purchased tickets for 400 people to see a free screening of the movie “Selma” on Saturday morning at Carmike Cinemas at 1501 Ward Blvd.

Residents must register online at www.gkbutterfield.com/selma. The screen “Special Sreening” should come up. Scroll to the bottom to fill in the registration.

If you are one of the 400, you will receive an email on Friday letting you know you have gotten a free ticket. If more than one family member would like to attend, each person must register separately. (Source: Read more)

5 Special Things Black People Lost When Schools Were Integrated After Brown v. Board of Education Decision – Atlantablackstar

The Political Agitator response: But the sad part folks black and white are walking around as if they don’t understand what the problem is. I have said it time and time again about how the all black schools played a major role in education, how many blacks went on to the city to get great paying jobs in the Federal Government and the White House. When I served on the Closing The Achievement Gap Committee and other committees, attended different meetings and etc. I would always say that we need to look at what worked when we had all black schools and black teachers would be one of the main things that are missing.

Effective Black Teachers Were Fired

In Black communities, desegregation lost support when thousands of teachers and principals lost jobs when their schools were closed. Jerome Morris of the University of Georgia spoke to Tilove about the impact these teachers had on their students at a huge number of these Black schools. Morris said one of the teachers was a godmother to certain students; other teachers lived in the Black community and knew the “parents and grandparents on a personal basis,” thus making them “comfortable calling or visiting the families” if a student acted up at school. (Source: Read more)

NECP receives unfavorable report – The Edgecombe Tribune

The Political Agitator response: Dang when he left South West it was around Test Scores if I remember correctly. But I think he sued and supposedly won and then started this school and now where is he? Oh well! When we understand we must follow policies and procedures then we will be better off. Although we may not like the rules, we must abide by them until they change.

The Public Schools of North Carolina, Department of Public Instruction issued a stern warning to North East Carolina Prep concerning the school’s performance test.
“… You are on notice that should North East Carolina Prep School not meet the standards in 2014-2015 as set by legislation, North East Carolina Prep School will receive the designation of inadequate performance. This designation may result in the termination of your charter or initiate the competitive bid process outlined in the law.”
The narrative is a portion of a letter dated Oct. 6, 2014 addressed to former NECP Director John Westburg, one of the founders of the school. NECP Board of Directors dismissed Westburg Nov. 6 without issuing details to the public for his termination. (Read more)

Just Received A Call From The Most Faithful Supporter Mrs. Elizabeth Ohree Rocky Mount NC That Has Encouraged Me Over The Years To Be All That I Can Be

I was glad to hear from my most faithful supporter Mrs. Elizabeth Ohree whom I met years ago in the early 90’s through the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. Because she liked how I presented myself during the meetings, she asked me to come to her house to share my knowledge with her because she was a precinct chair. I used to be a mentor for her by attending her precinct meetings and several others in the area because I appeared to be knowledgeable of the Democratic Party Plan of Organization. They seen that I did my homework and was able and willing to help them understand what was required of them.

Years later when Mrs. Ohree began attending the NAACP it appeared that I was knowledgeable of the By-laws and the Constitution so again I helped her to understand the workings of the NAACP. I encouraged Mrs. Ohree to stop paying a yearly membership fee to the NAACP and to pay towards becoming a life fully paid member as I was doing. Mrs. Ohree ended up receiving her life membership plaque before I did and she was tickled to death.

In 2005 in Greensboro NC during the NAACP State Conference of Branches Convention Mrs. Ohree nominated me to be on the Elections Supervisory Committee. I did not go to the convention with any intentions to do that but she told me that evening that she was going to nominate me and I won. This is the same year that Rev. Al Sharpton was there and also the same year that Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II was elected as our State President. And boy we had to fight the old guards but I will never forget how Valeria Woodard (now deceased) and I put on a fight to make sure the election process was carried out properly because it was so crazy mess going on. Rev. Barber appointed me to serve as the NAACP State Publicity Chair for the following 2 years.

Mrs. Ohree would tell me all the time that her daughter would tell her that my head was going to explode one day because of all the knowledge as it related to activism.

Mrs. Ohree has always called me even since she has gone into the inactive stage due to not getting out at night and etc. She is atleast 90 years old and still looks good and sound good. I miss her not being at the meetings but I just hope I live a long life as her and to be in as good of a shape as she is in. Just having her right mind at that age is something that I would long to live for if I should make it to the 90 mark.

Mrs. Ohree got it, support young folks, encourage them to be all they can be. I have always respected older folks and spent more time with them because I realized where the knowledge and wisdom was. This is why I have encouraged younger folks to be all they can be. You see I recognize and understand that if we support younger folks they can bring in younger folks.

Because of my most faithful supporter Mrs. Elizabeth Ohree along with some others, I am proud to be where I am today as it relates to being a Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP and has served in several capacities in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party.

Mrs. Ohree is always calling me thanking me for assisting her over the years and she is always saying I should be in Raleigh. But I thank her for encouraging a young man motivating me to do more. If we had older folks who especially 40 plus years older and willing to listen to younger folks, oh what a better world this would be.

Thank you Mrs. Elizabeth Ohree for being my most faithful supporter.

Homegoing Celebration For Curtis Lynch Conetoe NC

My condolences goes out to Gerry (Butch) Lynch, Fostina Lynch and the entire family of the late Curtis Lynch Conetoe NC.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Know that I am just a phone call away.

Song: Praying For You – William Murphy

The Obituary

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Audio Only: Moving Forward TV Host Bronson William Interview One Of 6 White Parents Involved In KKK Instagram Photo Tell His Side Of The Story Monday January 26, 2015 9:00 PM

imageClick on photo to listen to audio
I stated from day one when I heard about the incident that I wondered what did the parents have to say without being quick to judge the parents for the girls ignant moment in history. I didn’t think the girls had done anything to be suspended but I felt something should have been done when it became a school issue. Since what the girls had done happened off campus but escalated into unrest at the school, when the school re-opened after the Thanksgiving Holiday the interruptions began so for me that made it a school issue. But that is just my ignant opinion.

It appears to me that the school’s principal, the superintendent and the board have all failed to do what could have really been a teachable moment but since the superintendent seemed to have been in control of the situation it has really been an un-teachable moment.

Listen carefully to the interview by one of the fathers of the 6 girls to see what happened as it pertains to how he wanted to address the issue at hand but was not allowed to do so.

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