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I have been trying to find a post from a couple of days ago when someone talked about the 2 guys who caused the accident with the Rocky Mount Police. They said why were folk not protesting about them being charged and mentioned Black Lives Matter.

Well I am not a member of Black Lives Matter Organization but my black a.. matter and I am going to speak for me when no one else does. I have found myself doing that all the days of my life but I have been speaking up for others also.

It was a freak accident. When I got the call on Sunday morning about an officer had gotten killed in Rocky Mount I had not heard. I began to try to find out the details. It was about 2 hours later before I found out it was an automobile accident and the name had not been released. One of my contacts sent me a video of the officer dancing at a community event. Then another resource gave me a name. I looked up the name on Facebook and found someone had said rest in peace so I knew it was him. But I didn’t post it and waited til another source posted it. Folk go to my site to find out information but I try to be professional about posting things. I am very cautious about posting things when I don’t know the folk involved because a death of a love one is painful and personal.

Someone said how did they charge the guys when they were not at the scene. That was the problem they left the scene. I had seen one of the guy’s name on Mobile Patrol and the arrest details coincided with the incident so I told one of my contacts what I found and they knew the guy.

Well I hated it but when we take chances and the outcome is what it is we have to deal with the outcome.

I had been telling folk the charges would probably be reduced until I found out some more details and I then said more charges may be added. But that is just my opinion.

Folk questioned me with their opinion of the accident and I had to explain to them that it didn’t matter what the police was doing if he was speeding, texting and/or whatever that if they vehicles had not been in the road the accident would never had occurred. Now that is not my opinion but the facts.

Wow! I am still in shock. I can’t imagine what the family on both sides are going through. However I can imagine the pain of losing a love one.

CSX renews plans for new terminal – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: Some folk b. & complain because they don’t want to see Rocky Mount grow simply because of the current council.

The tracks have been switched to on again for the on-again, off-again CSX terminal in Edgecombe County.

A new intermodal transportation facility will be built to help industry get products to customers and spur growth in the region, officials with the state Department of Transportation announced Thursday.

“We are very excited to hear of CSX’s announcement today,” said Edgecombe County Manager Eric Evans. “The project itself will be a tremendous boost to our economy, and it will also be a major attraction for other businesses to locate here in our region.”

Evans said the new facility will be built across from N.C. Wesleyan College on land already purchased by CSX.

“It is the same property, just a smaller footprint for the facility,” Evans said.

The newly envisioned 330-acre site will be a traditional intermodal site allowing trucks to bring cargo containers to a rail yard where the containers will be transferred to trains for transport. The facility will serve many industries with efficient access to rail, said Carolinas Gateway Partnership CEO and President Norris Tolson. (Read more)

From The Office Of Rep. Shelly Willingham



N.C. House of Representatives

300 N Salisbury Street, #513

Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

(919) 715-3024

(919) 754-3224 (fax)


The Honorable Shelly Willingham

Edgecombe & Martin- District 23

June 29, 2018


  • Alcoholic Beverage Control;
  • Appropriations;
  • Appropriations –   Justice/Public Safety;
  • Elections & Ethics Law;
  • Rules, Calendar & Operations of the House;
  • State Personnel
  • Transportation
  • Redistricting
  • Disaster Relief

The audio legislative session is available at Select “Audio and then House or Senate Chamber, Appropriations Committee Room or Press Conference Room







RALEIGH: On Monday, Governor Cooper took action on 39 bills that were passed by the General Assembly and brought to his desk for approval.

Governor Cooper vetoed the following bills:

Gov. Cooper shared the following statement on his veto of House Bill 131: Adding another excuse to set aside a bond forfeiture when a criminal defendant fails to appear in court hurts school funding and reduces incentives to ensure justice is served.

Gov. Cooper shared the following statement on his veto of House Bill 374: Ending protections from pollution on the coast hurts the effort to make sure our water is clean. Other revisions to environmental protections are unnecessary, especially at a time when confidence in public water supplies needs to be stronger, not weaker.

Gov. Cooper shared the following statement on his veto of House Bill 382: Adding another excuse to set aside a bond forfeiture when a criminal defendant fails to appear in court hurts school funding and reduces incentives to ensure justice is served.

Gov. Cooper shared the following statement on his veto of House Bill 717: Legislative attempts to rig the courts by reducing the people’s vote hurts justice. Piecemeal attempts to target judges create unnecessary confusion and show contempt for North Carolina’s judiciary.

Gov. Cooper shared the following statement on his veto of House Bill 1055: Some past attempts to alter the retirement system have been ruled unconstitutional for taking away vested rights from teachers and state employees. Although this legislation was designed to save the state money, I believe taking away these retirement options from our teachers and state employees could end up losing the system more money than this legislation seeks to save.

Gov. Cooper shared the following statement on his veto of Senate Bill 325: Previous attempts like this by the legislature to discriminate and manipulate the voting process have been struck down by the courts. True democracy should make it easier for people to vote, not harder.  

Gov. Cooper shared the following statement on his veto of Senate Bill 717: While agriculture is vital to North Carolina’s economy, so property rights are vital to people’s homes and other businesses.

North Carolina’s nuisance laws can help allow generations of families to enjoy their homes and land without fear for their health and safety.  Those same laws stopped the Tennessee Valley Authority from pumping air pollution into our mountains.

Our laws must balance the needs of businesses versus property rights. Giving one industry special treatment at the expense of its neighbors is unfair.

Governor Cooper signed the following bills into law:




clip_image011Wick Baker, Vidant Edgecombe hospital president, has announced his intention to retire later this year after more than 40 years in the health care industry.
Since 2003, Wick has served as Vidant Edgecombe’s president. Under his leadership, the hospital established an inpatient hospitalist program; expanded its Emergency Department; began construction on a new Cancer Center; and created new patient care services and programs, including inpatient dialysis, the Medical Intermediate Unit, a Behavioral Health Outpatient program and the Cardiovascular Pulmonary Rehab program.
Wick focused his tenure on serving and caring for the Tarboro community and ensuring patients received great care from a compassionate and unified team.
As Wick begins his transition later in the year, Patrick Heins, president of Vidant Roanoke-Chowan hospital, will assume the role of Vidant Edgecombe hospital president.  
Patrick has been part of the Vidant Health family for more than 21 years, starting as a nurse at Vidant Medical Center’s Surgical Intensive Care Unit. He has held various leadership roles throughout the system, including Vidant Edgecombe’s vice president of Patient Care Services for 10 years. During his time at Vidant Edgecombe, he also served as the hospital’s interim president in 2012 and 2013.
As Vidant Roanoke-Chowan’s president since 2016, Patrick has built trust and engagement with team members, providers and community members, while improving quality metrics and operational efficiencies to create better experiences and outcomes. 

clip_image013A search process will begin in the coming weeks for Patrick’s replacement.  Other transitions include Jeff Sackrison, who retired on June 22 as the president of Vidant Chowan and Vidant Bertie hospitals. Jeff has served as Vidant Chowan and Vidant Bertie’s leader and voice since 2003 and has played an instrumental role in helping Vidant fulfill its Mission to improve the health and well-being of eastern North Carolina.
Brian Harvill, vice president of Finance at Vidant Chowan and Bertie hospitals, will assume the role of president effective June 23. Brian has been a leader at Chowan and Bertie for seven years, overseeing accounting, purchasing and budget review, while providing leadership support to various departments. 


CSX Intermodal Facility Coming to Edgecombe County

Project will give industry efficient access to rail in Eastern NC

RALEIGH – A new intermodal transportation facility will be built in Edgecombe County to help industry get products to customers and spur growth in the region, officials with the N.C. Department of Transportation announced today. NCDOT has reached an agreement with CSX Corporation regarding the building and operation of the Edgecombe County facility.
“This facility will make Eastern North Carolina even more attractive to businesses looking to grow by offering a logistical solution to industry shipping challenges,” said NCDOT Secretary Jim Trogdon. “We are pleased to help bring this intermodal facility to Eastern North Carolina.”

The facility, known as the Carolina Connector (CCX), will be built on the CSX mainline and CSX will run it. NCDOT will invest up to $118.1 million for site development and roadway construction. NCDOT conducted an economic impact evaluation in early June and determined the facility will have an indirect job impact of up to 1,300 jobs.
Once the contract is executed, site development work will begin with an anticipated completion date of 2020.

Getting products to the customer is paramount to any business’s success,” said Carolinas Gateway Partnership CEO and President Norris Tolson. “We at the Carolina Gateway Partnership are pleased that the CCX intermodal site will provide another vital link in the logistics solutions offered for our customer base in the Twin Counties and all of Eastern North Carolina. Edgecombe and Nash counties will now truly be a gateway to markets throughout the eastern part of the U.S.”
The project was scored and evaluated per North Carolina’s data-driven process that allows NCDOT to invest available funds more efficiently and effectively to enhance the state’s infrastructure, while supporting economic growth, job creation and a higher quality of life.
Originally, CSX intended to build what is called a “hub and spoke” intermodal facility in Edgecombe County. In November 2017, CSX put those plans on hold as the company reassessed its long-term business model. Since then, North Carolina officials have remained in contact with CSX to ensure the North Carolina site remained in consideration.
The newly envisioned site will be a traditional intermodal site. The 330-acre site will allow trucks to bring cargo containers to a rail yard where they will be transferred to trains for transport. This facility will serve many industries with efficient access to rail.


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Harrold & Associates

Gus H. Tulloss Insurance

Wholesale Paint Center Inc.


clip_image017Martin County Receives $1 Million Grant from NC Department of Commerce for Industrial

WILLIAMSTON, NC – Martin County recently received notice of a $1,013,940 grant award from the NC Department of Commerce’s Rural ReadySites program for infrastructure improvements in the Martin County Regional Industrial Park in Everetts.

“This is great news for Martin County,” stated Jason Semple, President of Martin County Economic Development Corporation.  “Infrastructure capacity is critical for the recruitment of new companies, but even more importantly, for the support of our existing industries.”

The Rural ReadySites program, administered by the North Carolina Department of Commerce’s Rural Division, helps rural communities prepare prospective sites for industrial development. The program will invest more than $14 million in public infrastructure construction and improvements for sites that have a strong potential to attract fry. The North Carolina General Assembly appropriated $2 million for this purpose, and the Department of Commerce added the additional $12 million to fund these projects.

The scope of the Martin County project will include expansion of the gravity sewer system and the rehabilitation of the existing elevated storage tank at the Martin County Regional Industrial Park in Everetts. The work on the water storage tank will benefit of all tenants in the park, including future ones, while the additional sewer infrastructure is necessary to serve the western parcels in the industrial park. The estimated cost for the work is $1,126,600.  Martin County is providing a 10 percent match for the grant.

“We are thankful to the NC Department of Commerce and the State of North Carolina for their investment in Martin County.  We have been successful in the last few years expanding the industrial park and helping businesses grow in Martin County.  This investment will help us continue to expand our industrial base and job opportunities for Martin County and our region,” said County Manager David Bone.

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Videos/Photos: Celebration of Life Charles Stanley June 22 – 23

When we celebrate the life of our love ones this is one way they can live on as we can cherish their memories and the memories of family and friends whom were present.  Actually while mourning on the day of the celebration one do not remember a lot such as the eulogy, family and friends whom were present. When one goes back and look at the memories it helps bring some closure. These memories can be passed on from generation to generation. Please contact me to inquire about capturing memories of your love one.

What a powerful Celebration. I have been knowing Bro. Charles for over 30 years and used to travel with him when he played for The Traveling Gospelaires. He was alright with me. Pastor Cornel Joyner preached that! Thank you! Now that is what you call a Eulogy!

Click on Photos To View Photos and Watch Videos
Photos – Musical Friday June 22

Video – Musical Friday June 22


Photos: Celebration of Life Funeral Saturday June 23
Video: Celebration of Life Funeral Saturday June 23

Congrats! Bryan Wooten Proud of You!

Yvette Wooten


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Curmilus Butch Dancy II

That ain’t bragging! That is just telling your story and other folk can’ tell it like you can. I can share it but I can’t tell it. Some folk don’t want folk story told. Black folk old mentality has been if you talk about the good you do you are bragging, boasting and other. You better tell your story because lots of times folk story don’t get told until they are gone.


Fellow-citizens, I will not enlarge further on your national inconsistencies. The existence of slavery in this country brands your republicanism as a sham, your humanity as a base pretense, and your Christianity as a lie. It destroys your moral power abroad: it corrupts your politicians at home. It saps the foundation of religion; it makes your name a hissing and a bye-word to a mocking earth. It is the antagonistic force in your government, the only thing that seriously disturbs and endangers your Union. it fetters your progress; it is the enemy of improvement; the deadly foe of education; it fosters pride; it breeds insolence; it promotes vice; it shelters crime; it is a curse to the earth that supports it; and yet you cling to it as if it were the sheet anchor of all your hopes. Frederick Douglass, July 5, 1852 And we’re still living it.

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Sharpsburg police chief fired; mayor’s powers clarified – Wilson Times

SHARPSBURG — Town commissioners fired the police chief following a lengthy closed session held during a special meeting Monday.

Commissioner Randall Collie made the motion to fire Chief John Hunt, who has been police chief since Feb. 10, 2016.

Hunt’s conduct surrounding a traffic stop occurring on May 21 “demonstrated a lack of professionalism, integrity, poor judgment and involved an improper directive to his officers,” Collie said.

“Subsequently, disciplinary actions taken, equipment decisions made by Chief Hunt against the officers involved in the traffic stop were viewed by the Board of Commissioners as retaliatory in direct violation of the board’s prior warning against retaliation,” Collie said.

Collie said the board had “a lack of confidence in Chief Hunt’s abilities to carry out his professional duties as chief and to effectively lead his department.”

Collie also said Hunt potentially subjected the town to “monetary liability through these intentional, wrongful acts.” (Read more)

Pinetops customers will be losing Greenlight – Wilson Times

Greenlight Community Broadband is slated to discontinue service to Pinetops by July 12, but the sale of infrastructure in the town will mean residents won’t miss out on high-speed broadband.

“Everyone I know who has Greenlight is very sad that this is happening,” said former Pinetops commissioner Suzanne Coker Craig. “Everyone has been extremely satisfied with not only the speed of the connection, but the customer service. The city of Wilson has served us extremely well, and we have no need to change.”

However, the change in providers was necessitated by the addition of Suddenlink service in Pinetops and a 2017 law stipulating the public provider has 30 days to stop service after a competitive provider connects to Greenlight’s customers in rural Nash and Edgecombe counties. On June 13, the notification was sent by Suddenlink, and Greenlight sought a buyer for the fiber optic infrastructure. (Read more)

Rocky Mount NC Police Officer Christopher “Chris” James Driver End of Watch Celebration


Condolences goes out to Officer Chris Driver’s family.
Services entrusted to Wheeler & Woodlief Funeral Home & Cremation Services Rocky Mount NC.

Sharpsburg board fires police chief – WRAL

SHARPSBURG, N.C. — The Board of Commissioners fired Sharpsburg’s chief of police on Monday following two traffic stops involving the mayor in recent weeks.

Mayor Robert Williams summarily removing Commissioner Randall Collie as police commissioner during a June 5 board meeting and appointing Police Chief John Hunt to the position before abruptly adjourning the meeting.

The North Carolina Police Benevolent Association criticized the action, as well as alleging that Williams hurled racially charged insults and made obscene gestures toward officers during two traffic stops.5

Within hours of his May 8 election, Williams was charged with driving while impaired after leaving a local polling site. He also was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, having a concealed gun after consuming alcohol, carrying a concealed handgun in private premises where prohibited and two counts of resisting a public officer. (Read more)

Edgecombe County Democratic Party County Officers (6) That Took Office In 2017 You Need To Resign Effective Immediately

Last Tuesday there was an Edgecombe County Democratic Party meeting held in Rocky Mount at Edgecombe Community College. All of the members that make up the county officers which is a total of 6 need to resign effective immediately so that party can move forward cleaning up mess and also working towards the November General Election.

I did not attend the meeting because I had already had another meeting on my schedule. However I would not have attended anyway because I wanted to see how the meeting goes without me present. I strongly feel the Edgecombe County Democratic Party should not meet about anything other than to remove all the county officers left. Attorney Jim Marrow has not been to a meeting in a little over 1 year. The secretary Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown has resigned. The other officers Chair Lawrence K. Taylor, 1st Vice Martha Knight Johnson, 2nd Vice Dr. Glenda L. Knight, 3rd Vice VACANT, Secretary VACANT and Treasurer Stephanie Hunter all need to resign. I had said a couple of the officers may could stay on but after learning about the conversations in a county officers meeting a couple of weeks ago and the meeting this past week, I have come to the conclusion that all of them need to go. I don’t need to go into any detail why because I have been talking about the problem with the party for over a year.

I commend those who stood up to the chair Lawrence K. Taylor and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs who has been a distraction over the years as ya’ll shut them down during the meeting on Tuesday because there was not a quorum. Hell that has been the case in the majority of the meetings.

Well folk can’t say I was the problem during the meeting on Tuesday since I was not there. If folk had supported me when I questioned the chair Lawrence K. Taylor about the agenda, the minutes and the treasurer’s report we would not be at this point. But you see when you allowed him to carry on the meetings and not demand he provide what I asked, then he was telling everyone that he had the support of the party. He was running around trying to discredit me and Stephanie trying to turn folk against us. Hell he ought to been trying to come up with the money he has spent. Well I hear he did try to come up with it because trying to get folk especially elected officials to just donate money to him to put in the treasurer.

I am so embarrassed because I have never seen the Edgecombe County Democratic Party out of compliance. Yes we have had to fight over the years especially dealing with racial tensions but we got pass that and the party began to reflect the makeup of the county. But then we have had Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and Lawrence K. Taylor to take the party to hell just like that guy and his trummies in the Shit House doing to America.

Well I hope my fellow Democrats will stop wasting time and go ahead and ask the officers to resign and if they do not to file a petition with the State Democratic Party to seek to remove them.

Not only are we suffering as the Edgecombe County Democratic Party but do you not understand the real effect of what this is doing to the county? Do you think elected officials locally and statewide are going to take our party serious? Ain’t nobody going to invest any funds to the party and also they ain’t going to work through the party to get anything done.

I will be waiting for my fellow Democrats that want to get the party back on track so until that time I am going to just ride out the storm.

I do want to remind ya’ll that as long as I continue to be a precinct chair which makes me a part of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee I am going to continue to hold everyone accountable because we all are accountable for the actions of the party. I have spoken out against the mess and will continue to speak out.

Obituaries: Charles Ray Stanley Tarboro NC, Dorothy Batts Pope Rocky Mount NC

Charles Ray Stanley

Charles Ray Stanley Tarboro NC
My condolences goes out to Francis Stanley and the entire Stanley family. I have been knowing Bro. Stanley since around the 90’s and he was one of the most sought after musicians and singers around. I used to travel around with him when he was a part of The Traveling Gospelaires. I have recorded him many times over the years and just recorded him last Saturday at a funeral.
Services Entrusted to Willoughby Funeral Homes Inc. Tarboro NC

Mrs.  Dorothy B. Pope

Dorothy Batts Pope Rocky Mount NC
My condolences goes out to Clarence Pope and the entire Pope family. I used to work with Dorothy at Honeywell some years ago. She was a real nice lady.
Services Entrusted to Pope Funeral Homes Inc. Rocky Mount NC

Compare The Handwriting On Both Of These Letters Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Signature

Compare the handwriting letter in brown envelope when Higgs was chair in 2017 with letter white envelope and Lawrence K. Taylor is the chair.

So Higgs is calling women in the party bullying them. Couldn’t be my wife and/or daughter. Not even me because he has one more time to call my number.

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Edgecombe County Democratic Party Meeting Tuesday June 19, 2018 Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Continue To Operate From His Bully Pulpit

I received the following from a female Democrat on Saturday June 16, 2018. This is a conversation with Rev. Roosevelt Higgs

Man your friend just called me asking if I received my notice for the meeting. I said yes and then I asked if he sent them? He said no Lawrence did. Then he proceeded to say WE gonna set some things and people straight. Man I SNAPPED! I said just like I thought you were working behind the seen and made this man look like a fool from poor leadership! Then he went on to attack the DWEC! I told him we women have grown our membership and the chair and officers has done nothing. Then he said make sure me and you are there because he got something to tell you. I said Curmilius don’t have to and don’t want to talk to you so stop calling him. He don’t have to talk to you get it!

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs has been a bully all the years I have been in the party however he don’t scare me. I know how to deal with him and that is to not stoop to his level and deal with him legally.

The problem I have had over the years is how he has called and tried to bully women Democrats and the men say nothing but not I. Linda Tharrington Goins, Viola Harris, Gladys Shelton, Dorothy Joyner and others know I have stood up for them. This is why I don’t play with him because I know how he has called some women Democrats over the years.

What the Democrats at the meeting need to understand that Higgs is on the same level as they are and this is not a Roosevelt Higgs meeting. Actually anytime he get up to speak he has to be recognized like all others and he is not the chair. Hell he ain’t even a precinct chair because he lives in Tarboro in the EL Roberson Center with his mother but uses an address that do not exist in Speed.

Ya’ll can allow this fool to let the meeting be about him if you want but I will not allow mess. We will see how the parliamentary allow mess to go on in this meeting.

As I have stated it is of my opinion that the party is not organized and there need to be an organizational meeting and not a meeting to replace the secretary and other officers.

But all of you who have not questioned the mess that has gone on since Lawrence K. Taylor has been the chair you are partly responsible for his actions. I have questioned his actions every meeting but when ya’ll just voted and moved on, he felt he was justified in doing what he did. Well look at where the county party is now, gone to hell.

Well I can’t wait to learn the outcome of the meeting on Tuesday.


When the good Democrats want to talk about removing the current chair Lawrence K. Taylor and removing Rev. Higgs then and only then will I be ready. Well you already know what Taylor has done. The Chair and the folk that live in precinct that Higgs claim he lives know that he is lying. Those who are close to him know that he don’t live in Speed as well and if you go down to the property you will see that it is no livable housing on the property.

But I have come to the conclusion after trying to educate Democrats on what they needed to do to get the party right, if ya’ll like this mess, I love it and I am going to sit back and see how long you gonna continue to like it.

Oh Higgs sent ya’ll a message in my voicemail and now by calling a female trying bully her and then sending a message.

I am so glad he has not attempted to bully my wife and/or my daughter because he would be dealt with.

So Tuesday night ya’ll better be ready for the bully, I am ready for him at all times. I don’t have to deal with him unless I run into him at a party meeting because when I run into him at the County Commissioners meeting he act like he got some damn sense speak and keep it moving.

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