Updated: Pinetops NC – “Alert!” King Chef Chinese Restaurant Double Billed My Debit Card And Don’t Want To Refund My Money

Lesson learned: I received a response back from my bank. If you should have this experience I suggest that you contact your bank or credit card institution to file a dispute and therefore the matter will be cleared up. As I stated in a comment below when this happened to me before the merchant refunded the money back to my card or gave me the money. I believe the difference here lies with the incident was in the authorization stage and had not been actually billed when the others must have been actually billed. See the response from my institution as follows. I hope this will help others in the future.

Thank you for your message. We do see that the merchant processed two requests for authorization. An authorization will hold the funds from your account for 3 business days or until the merchant posts the charge to your account whichever comes first. We see that the merchant has posted one transaction and the other authorization has released the funds back to your account as of 2/28/13. Please note that since the transactions were only authorizations, that you will not see a credit from the merchant since only one charge was posted to the account. Thank you for using Member Access.


On Sunday, February 24, 2013 King Chef Chinese Restaurant double billed my card.

This is what happened. The female owner swiped my card at  6:32 PM for $23.44 and she showed me her machine and it read “Host Response.” I said that has nothing to do with my card. She swiped my card again at 6:33 PM for $23.44.

On Monday, February 25 I noticed that my card had been billed twice. I didn’t have time to go to the place of business.

On Tuesday, February 26 I stopped by the place of business and the female owner was not there. An employee told me to come back the following day.

On Wednesday, February 27 I stopped by the place of business and the female told me to come back the following day she was going to check her total at home. I told her I have nothing to do with her total at home that my card had been debited twice. I said I will be back tomorrow and I want my money.

On Thursday, February 28 I stopped by the place of business and the female told me she forgot the total to let her go home give her 10 minutes. I said I have to go but I will be back later. I stopped back by later and she waited on a female and then a male came in and she waited on him after telling me to wait. She then went back preparing food however 2 other employees were working. I said I got to go I want my money. This is when she going to show me something talking about her total was right and she didn’t bill me twice. I said here it is on paper and yes you did.

I walked down to the Police Department and asked the dispatcher to call the police to the place of business. He told her the same thing I did that my card had been billed twice and that she needed to pay me or unless she chooses not to. She chose not to.  

I have contacted the State Employees Credit Union and I was told how to dispute this transaction.

Folks you need to check your Debit/Credit card online often to make sure you are not being billed twice.

Note: Updated: 3/2/2013 13:34

Snow Hill NC: Utilities Commission to hold hearing on controversial rate increase – Kinston.com

Soon, Progress Energy Carolinas customers will be paying more for their electricity.

The electricity provider made the application to the N.C. Utilities Commission in late 2012, and the commission is in Snow Hill tonight to hear from the public on the matter.

But there’s an agreement on the major points of the decision. (More)

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After 50 Years, the Voting Rights Act’s Biggest Threat: The Supreme Court

Response: Today! February 27, 2013.

At 10 a.m. next Wednesday, the justices of the United States Supreme Court will hear oral argument in a case styled Shelby County v. Holder, one of the most anticipated of the current Term. Agreeing to review an argument made by an Alabama county that it ought finally to be free from one of the key requirements of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the justices will have an opportunity both to lead and to follow the nation as it roils anew in political and legal battle over the rights of the poor, the ill, the young, the car-less, the black, the Hispanic, and the Native American to vote.

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Edgecombe County – As We Remember Robert “Bob” Whitehead The College Round Up Will Be Held Next Weekend Friday March 8th & 9th, 2013.


Click on picture for more pictures. In this picture Robert “Bob” Whitehead.

Tarboro NC – College Round-Up 2013 

Tarboro NC – College Round-Up 2013 Press Release 

Tarboro NC: College Round-Up 2012 Edgecombe Community College 

Homegoing Celebration For Robert (Bob) Whitehead Tarboro NC.

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Candidate backed by Bloomberg wins Democratic primary in Chicago

(CNN) – Illinois state Rep. Robin Kelly, who was boosted by support from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, won a primary election in Chicago Tuesday, putting her closer to filling the vacant seat previously held by disgraced former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

Her chief rival, Democratic State lawmaker Debbie Halvorson, conceded the race shortly after 8 p.m. local time. (More)

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Princeville NC – NC State Treasurer’s Office Coming To Town To Give Princeville Community An Update On The Status Of The Town

Princeville citizens the time is coming again for you to come out to hear what LGC has to say and to ask any questions you may have. This meeting held in November was a very productive and formative meeting.

Notice of Princeville Community Update Meeting

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Princeville NC

Note: Originally posted February 7, 2012.