Voters In North Carolina See If You Are Eligible To Vote On May 8, 2018 I Can Not Because I Have No Candidates On The Ballot During The Primary

I have been receiving calls, emails and messages about who one can vote for and has the Early Voting ended. Early Voting Ends either the Saturday or the Sunday before the Tuesdays Election Day.

Go to Board Of Elections link below and

1. Type In Your Name In ALL CAPS,

2. Click on Sound Like,

3. Click on County You Live In

4. Click On Search

5. Double Click On Your Name

6. You Will See All of Your Elections Information

7. Go To Sample Ballot and If You Have A Ballot For The Primary And It Will Say

11/06/2018 GENERAL
Ballots not assigned yet.

05/08/2018 PRIMARY
No eligible ballots.



11/06/2018 GENERAL
Ballots not assigned yet.

05/08/2018 PRIMARY

Click on link below:

Note: If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me (252) 314-5484 or contact your local Board of Elections Office.

I Should Stay Busy, Oh I Could!

You know with the work I do in the community actively engaged in educating folk about what is going on, all of these leaders, churches and others who say they are about making a difference and like what I do, I ought to stay busy. Well I could as long as I do it for free promoting them. But they talk about they are about supporting folk in the community. Really?

Just said that to make a point because I ain’t the only one that is doing something but I don’t know anyone else that do what I do.

Oh just having an ignant moment because I am good.

Who Needs Diversity/Sensitivity Training?

I have been there done that training here training there since the late 80’s.

I have lived and experienced diversity the lack of and the ignance of.

I am very damn sensitive to Ignant Racist White Folk actions and Ignant Safe Black Folk actions.

I can read the codes that Ignant Racist White Folk uses and I know when Black Folk are playing it Safe.

Know that I am not going to entertain yo b.s. when I am in the room and especially when I am actively engaged and a participant in the discussion.

While Ignant Racist White Folk Are Trying To Disrespect Me And Threatening Me

While I am speaking up and speaking out some Ignant Racist White folk be trying to discredit and threatened me some black folk sit back and say nothing. But that is okay. I can handle my own.

My point is that while I am being disrespected and most important threatened by these Ignant Ass Racist White Folk there is silence.

I am good ya’ll just saying! I been doing this since the late 80’s.

I ain’t scared in my Bernie Mac voice!

If I Was The Chair of Edgecombe County Democratic Party & Why I Would Not Seek That Office

If I was the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party I would be promoting Democratic Candidates. I would be sponsoring functions and going to functions where they are especially when they receive appointments.

If I was the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party I would educate the executive committee and all Edgecombe County Democrats that I could reach via Social Media, Newspapers and Radio/TV.

I would not seek to be the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party because I would not be able to support a specific candidate in the primary election. I will not be silenced by not being able to openly support a candidate.

I would not seek to be the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party because I can’t stand to see grown ass folk not reading the Plan of Organization so they could be able to make an informed decision but no they rely on the chair and other ignants within the party office structure or just go along to get along. Them kind of folk are dangerous.

Yep I said it!


Because I Show Up, I Speak Up I Ain’t Gonna Shut The Hell Up!

Because I Show Up, I Speak Up I ain’t gonna Shut the Hell Up!

You see I am Proactive and not just Reactive.

Folk already know where I stand so Ignant Racist Ass White Folk and Ignant Safe Black Folk already know who I am and know when they do something or something happens, they just waiting on me.

HOld on I am coming!

How Would You Have Known And Would You Have Seen?

So if I had not taken 3 hours vacation and used my resources do you think you would been able to see the historical moment when Lamont Wiggins was sworn in as Superior Court Judge?

Do you want to see the video?

Where was WHIG-TV or were they there? I didn’t see them.

But uf it had been a black man in the negative they would have been there.

I haven’t seen anyone forward anything from Fighting Crime what did they report?

Kathy Barnette: Kanye gets it. Just because I’m black don’t assume I’m a Democrat

Cash Michaels

GOD Bless!

I have to take time out from my peaceful Saturday evening, to respond to this NONSENSE!

And I’m responding because I’m TRULY sick and tired of watching right-wing evangelicals, warped thinking conservative negroes, and Trump-loving racists TRY to redefine reality for the rest of us!

Let me focus on the warped-thinking right-wing negroes for a moment, for they are almost the saddest (to see so-called “men of God” kiss the rear-end of the Porn-again president – a man they KNOW IS evil, with NO morals, or human concern, and with a profound hatred of the poor and people of color – is BEYOND sad).

I’ve attached an essay from a negro conservative Fox “News” commentator about why she is insulted that just because she shares the same skin color as black people, that people automatically assume she is a Democrat.

And then she rails against the Democratic Party about attributing the black ills of society to Democratic policies.

Conclusion – that Democrats are responsible for virtually everything bad that’s happened to black people, since black people got the right to vote.

I mean, read this nonsense…please point out for me where she takes the time and trouble to point to JUST ONE THING….ONE THING that Republicans have done to DELIBERATELY HURT the black community!


Now let me be crystal clear…the Democratic Party IS A MESS! The people who run it know it, and certainly the people who are rank-n-file KNOW IT! There is a LOT that needs to be fixed, by way of policies, practices, and how the African-American community is treated by it.


Here’s my problem with folks who criticize it…THEY AREN’T DOING A BLESSED THING TO CHANGE OR IMPROVE ANYTHING!

I’ve made this point before, but it bares repeating, ESPECIALLY with the May 8th primary coming up….

If you vote for a candidate just because you “like” him or her, or just because they “promised” to do this or that, and YOU don’t follow-up with who you voted for after the election to MAKE SURE that they hold to their promises, THEN THAT’S YOUR FAULT!

You hire someone to work for you and your interests for two or four years, and DO NOTHING TO MAKE SURE THEY”RE DOING THE JOB YOU HIRED THEM FOR THAT WHOLE TIME….THAT’S ON YOU, NOT THE PARTY!


But hey, let me give you SOME CREDIT here…AT LEAST you Black Democrats are NOT like warped -thinking right-wing Republican negroes…WHO ALMOST NEVER flex ANY political muscle AT ALL, bow down and NEVER complain when top Republicans make their racist intentions towards their people CLEARLY known NEVER say a word when it is even PROVEN in the US Supreme Court that their white supremacist Republican masters have illegally and unconstitutionally put diabolical schemes in possiblplace to disenfranchise the rest of their community – schemes like voter ID (“let’s stop voter fraud that doesn’t exist”); or stacking and packing black voters into a handful of voting districts so that they can’t possibly influence elections in the rest of the state (“We’re just making sure we comply with the 1965 Voting Rights Act”).

Republican negroes are COWARDS! They SEE how the Porn-again president THEY HELPED TO ELECT is DESTROYING THE COUNTRY. They see how RACIST he is! They SEE how immoral he is! They SEE what kind of LIAR he is! They SEE how DELUSIONAL he is!

They SEE these things! They KNOW these things! And yet, they parrot their white supremacist masters in the republican Party by acting DEAF, DUMB and BLIND!


YES…HECK YES…THE DEMOCRATS HAVE SERIOUS PROBLEMS.And guess what, Black Democrats, white Democrats…ALL DEMOCRATS…have to get SMART, stop buying JIVE, and not only DEMAND the changes they seek, BUT THEN DO THE FOLLOWUP NECESSARY to make those changes stick!



Democratic rule is really few and far between. Why is it, since Trump is taking “credit” for the lowering of the Black unemployment rate after JUST A YEAR, that the Republican Party is NOT taking credit for the overall condition of Black people in this nation.

Think about THAT! Trump says HIS policies alone are responsible for a slash in the Black unemployment rate (actually Pres. Obama’s eight-year policies are responsible, and THAT has been documented), but apparently the Republican Party hasn’t done much of anything!

Those “fake news” tax cuts! Those have been proven to be a total BUST for everyone but corporations and the rich. Average folks were lucky to see $1.50 in savings per pay check.

And what is Trump’s warp-minded negro, Ben Carson of HUD up too, besides tripling the rent in federally subsidized housing for the poor?

Decent, clear-minded people AROUND THE WORLD see this country coming apart at the seams thanks to Trump and the Republicans. They see Republican members of Congress literally LIE and COVER for a president they KNOW is CORRUPT, and they KNOW colluded with our enemies, just to win an election, and yet they love the power and control so much, they are willing to sacrifice this nation just to maintian that “control.”



I wouldn’t be so intense about this IF I saw some BACKBONE and DECENCY in the Republican Party….but I see FAR FROM IT!



Yelling about it, and then walking away NEVER HAS GOTTEN THE JOB DONE!



All you want are THE CRUMBS OFF THE TABLE, and think no one notices! That’s why you’re AFRAID to come to your own community to campaign, or speak in churches, or do ANYTHING that would expose you for who and WHAT you ARE!

SO YES, BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD BE SIGNIFICANTLY BE REPRESENTED IN BOTH PARTIES, PLUS INDEPENDENTS. And ALL parties should equally compete for the black vote, amnd we should hold ALL parties accountable for what they promise.

But let’s be clear…when black people saw Democrats were siding with the white supremacists who were trying to destroy them, THEY STAYED IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

And when black people SEE that Republicans are siding WITH WHITE SUPREMACISTS TRYING TO DESTROY THEM NOW, they stay away from The Republican Party!

And given ALL that we’ve seen from the GOP of late, why, oh why should ANYONE Black, with good, HONEST, common sense, and DECENCY, want to identify with a political party that has MADE IT CLEAR that it is willing to DESTROY BLACK PEOPLE before doing ANYTHING TO HELP their quality of life?!!!


So NO, all black people should NOT be Democrats. They should be FULLY participatory in the two-party system, plus independent parties. But MOST of us were raised to KNOW when someone is trying to DESTROY us for their own ends.

As BAD as the Democratic Party has been of late, black people still have leverage…they just don’t use it!

You want better from the DEMOCRATIC PARTY? MAKE IT HAPPEN! No one is going to give you ANYTHING! YOU have too FIGHT for it, or you’ll keep getting what you’ve gotten!

And the NEXT time some warp-minded, right-wing negro (by the way, a person with absolutely NO pride in themselves to the point where they see injustice in their group, and sit there and DO NOTHING…is a ‘negro’ – a derogatory term given to people with enslaved minds, NOT someone who is willing or able to STANDUP DO THEIR OWN PRIDE AND COMMUNITY)
tells you to be ashamed that you’re a Democrat…either YOU DEAL with them yourself (using some of the ammunition I’ve given you) or better yet, SEND THEM TO ME WITH THEIR NONSENSE!!!

MY LORD COMMANDS ME TO TELL THE TRUTH! And that’s just what I’ve done!


Kathy Barnette: Kanye gets it. Just because I’m black don’t assume I’m a Democrat

I’m a mother, a veteran, a black American and a Christian. People who don’t know me often make a lot of assumptions about who I am. For example, many assume…


Setting The Record Straight About My Oldest Daughter And Where We Stand

I need to get this out there because my children at home is dealing with my oldest child mess.

It is a damn shame that my daughter Nashonda Lavette Dancy who changed her name to Sherrod to take on her mother Joyce Ann Thigpen Sherrod husband name Clinton Sherrod has all of these degrees and preaching but walking around as if I have done something to her and her mother to have them pissed with me. I done nothing but tried to take care of my child and every damn body that knows me and know her mother know the damn truth.

My children talk about the mess Shonda posts on Instagram about she has one sister I think it is a child that her stepdad raised. I heard about that from the child’s aunt and how all that went down but I ain’t gonna talk about that.

But I am going to keep it short because again everyone that know me and know Joyce Ann Thigpen Sherrod know how I did what I could and going all out of the way. Hell it is documented in the Clerk of Superior Court Office in Tarboro and I need to go get me copies because I lost mines in the flood. Hell yeah I documented everything and filed it in the courthouse when I had to take my daughter’s mother to court to be able to see my child because she was trying to keep me from her. She and her then husband moved to Maryland because they were trying to keep me from her but I went up there every holiday, every 2 weeks out of the summer driving to Maryland 4 damn hours one way even when only keeping my daughter over a 3 day weekend.

My son Curmilus Dancy III and Nashonda Lavette Dancy could go for twins. When one of her moma’s used to be best friends seen my son a couple of years she said wow he just like Shonda.

I am going to end here because I could go on and on and on. But what tickles me is my daughter, her mother and her stepdad are all preaching. One would think that they would be trying to get it right because I have never done anything to them but tell my story. My daughter had an issue with me telling my story on my blog and asked me to remove it and I said oh no. It is all trues.

The last time I went to Maryland to pick up my daughter was in December 2000 after the 1999 flood and my family and I was staying in a camper trailer behind my aunt’s house. I was already having a problem with when I get to Maryland sometimes they would not be home and the last time I got her I called and around and they were in Newport News which was only around 2.5 hours away verses I had driven all the damn way to Maryland 4 hours one way. They would later get in their vehicle and come to Tarboro later in the day and instead of just telling me they were coming oh no. And then sometimes when I would take my daughter back home her moma and stepdad would be in Tarboro and would not even let me know so they would let me drive all the damn way to Maryland and they would leave a couple of hours before me. A couple of times they would not even be home and then came down here one time and went to the Sheriff Office. I said my daughter is at the house with moma they know where I live all their ass got to do is to go get her they don’t need to see me.

You see the goal was to keep me from my daughter. I am good.

I seen on social media a couple of years ago where my daughter was sick and she said she was closing up her business because she couldn’t work. She had done a GoFundMe page and I sent $100.00 from me and I told my dad I sent $100.00 from him. She responded thank you. I asked the nurse at work what did it sound like was going on with her from the symptoms that she had posted because I never asked my daughter what was going on and even after I sent her the money she didn’t volunteer to tell me.

I acknowledge my daughter all the time letting folk know she has received a good education several degrees and got her own business doing multi things hair, fashion designing, nails and etc. and now running for school board in Maryland. 

I let all of that mess go years ago. I asked my daughter to have a relationship with my daddy and my children she didn’t have to talk to me. I got a relationship with many on her family members on my daughter’s mother side of the family. Hell one of my daughter’s aunt even dates my nephew. One of my daughter’s other aunts we have always been close. I have a relationship with my daughter’s uncles as well. Hell I video for the family sometimes when they have birthday dinners and/or funerals.

Now I don’t have a relationship with my daughter’s mother daddy side of the family like that however I done a hell of a lot for her grandmother on that side because she raised her mother. Hell I cooked or bought food almost every day and when I cooked next door at my cousin’s house I always took food over there. We cooked at my cousin’s house every week. He used to talk about he still had some dishes from their house up until he died recently.

I ain’t mad with nobody. But I be damn if I am going to allow folk to lie on me and attempt to make me a bad guy and I not speak up.

Click on the following link Nashonda Lavette Dancy (Sherrod) and you can see I ain’t just making this mess up goes back 31 years of history.

Click on this link to: A Message To The Brothers (Child Support) – I Did My Part And It Is Well With My Soul. Stay Encouraged!!

Pinetops NC – Tarboro High alumnus Lewis taken in second round by Indianapolis Colts – Rocky Mount Telegram


Sports Writer

Friday, April 27, 2018

PINETOPS — In the formidable words of Tyronda Whitaker, the single mother who taught herself to throw a football so she could teach her son to do the same, who raised an eager five-year-old from Tarboro, North Carolina, to Columbus, Ohio, to his new career in Indianapolis, Indiana: “We’re going to the house that Peyton built.”

With the 64th pick and the last selection of the second round of the 2018 NFL draft on Friday night, the Indianapolis Colts ended the nervous speculation among family and friends in a one-story home on a quiet country road in Pinetops, trading up to select former Viking Tyquan Lewis, the 6-foot-3 defensive end and graduate of Ohio State University, who became with the announcement the next in the Tarboro family to reach the NFL.

A nervous mess in a white T-shirt, a red hat, jeans and Nike sneakers, Lewis was mum from the moment he turned on the T.V. for the 7 p.m. start of the second round. Names were called from the SEC, the BIG 10, the ACC, and elsewhere, all to little reaction from the soon to be professional.

But something was up — and even he couldn’t hide it — when just after 9 p.m. his phone rang.

“As soon as I saw him put his hand on his head and put his head down, I was like — that’s it,” said Delvin Jones, who graduated with Lewis in 2013.

He answered; it was the Colts general manager, Chris Ballard, with a simple statement followed by a release of an emotion few get to feel.

“He goes, ‘Hey Tyquan, we’re excited to have you as a member of the Indianapolis Colts.’ I’ve never had a feeling like that — never in my life. Life changing,” said Lewis, who won state championships in high school and a national championship with Ohio State. (Read more)


Congrats! Tyronda Whitaker and Tyquan Lewis I am so proud of Tyquan but more proud of Tyronda because you were there along with taking your other children. I love your dedication. You sacrificed and put the time in. I go to local high school games and volunteer my time videoing and taking photos of other folk children when the do not even come out and support their own. Every time I seen mom posting she was heading out to support her son I was happy. A real parent support their children. Tyronda I say thank you! Again congrats to the both of you!
Click On Photo to Watch Photo

Had To Block More Folk Tonight, Ignant Racist White Folk and Ignant Safe Black Folk Will Not Disrespect Me On My Page

Had to block more folk tonight. I will make them a believer that they will not disrespect me on my page. All I ask is for you to abide by my rules and that is to stay on topic. We can agree to disagree as long as you stay on topic.

Ignant Racist White Folk you ain’t going to Troll my page because you want to talk about the Democratic Party and anything black folk may be affiliated with.

Ignant Safe Black Folk you ain’t going to Troll my page to see what is going on because I know I post some damn good stuff and in real time. But the main thang is you will be blocked because you think you are going to use my page to promote you or your agenda because hell yeah I have a huge following.

So folk stay on topic, don’t disrespect my page and don’t try to use my page to promote your agenda unless I have given you permission. And if you should have any questions about promoting you or your agenda then you need to talk to me.

I have given of myself for years promoting others when many ungrateful black folk have not donated to the cause.

Today I went to work in Rocky Mount and took 3 hours vacation time to go to Wilson to witness and to support the swearing in of Attorney Lamont Wiggins as Resident Superior Court Judge. I drove my vehicle which take gas, used my equipment to video and to take photos which is an expense. And then went and ate because I didn’t eat lunch, left work went and got vehicle cleaned up another expense.

Folk I sacrifice my time and resources to capture history and do it at my expense. So folk you will not disrespect me on my page.

Joint effort to target violent crime – Rocky Mount Telegram

Staff Writer

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Repeat violent offenders and large drug traffickers across Eastern North Carolina were put on notice Monday during a joint press conference by law enforcement agencies in the Twin Counties, surrounding area and federal law enforcement at the Helen P. Gay Rocky Mount Historic Train Station.

U.S. Attorney Robert J. Higdon Jr. announced a new initiative through the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina called “Take Back North Carolina” to combat violent and drug crime in the Eastern District of North Carolina.

The initiative will bring the full weight and resources of the federal court system to the fight against crime in those counties in partnership with district attorney’s offices and federal, state and local law enforcement.

The news conference in Rocky Mount focused on Nash, Edgecombe, Wilson and Pitt counties. There was a second news conference Monday as the “Take Back North Carolina” initiative also concentrated on Lenoir, Wayne and Greene counties.

Participating agencies that are partnering with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina include the Nash County Sheriff’s Office, Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office, Rocky Mount Police Department, Nashville Police Department, Tarboro Police Department, Spring Hope Police Department, Sharpsburg Police Department and a host of other surrounding and federal agencies.

“What I want to put out here is these crimes of repeat offenders from guns, gangs and drugs affects our schools and our communities,” Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone said. “The people that are doing these crimes are put on notice that we don’t want to surprise you and get you. We’re telling you that we’re coming after you.”

Higdon said his office has met with local law enforcement officials in the past couple months to target people who are the “real” people driving the crime, leading the drug organizations and who are the main violent criminals in a particular neighborhood or area.

“We want people to know that federal court adds a different layer of tools for law enforcement,” Higdon said. “The worst of the worst offenders oftentimes can be and need to be brought to federal courts so we can close the revolving door of criminal activity. We can really clamp down on those criminal organizations that they’re part of and we really have to do that in federal court. You have long sentences that you can turn into leverage to get people to cooperate and eliminate those organizations.”

Hidgon said FBI uniform crime statistics show Rocky Mount’s number of violent crimes committed per 100,000 people far exceeds the national rate at 435. Hidgon added that number places Rocky Mount very high on the national list of some of the most dangerous cities in the United States.

“As I sit with local law enforcement, they tell me this hasn’t gone down and the numbers are always lagging,” Hidgon said. “They say it’s going up and that’s why we’re tackling it right now. We will not stand back and let crime rates continue to rise in this district.”

Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone said Rocky Mount’s interim police chief has extended resources to Nash and Edgecombe counties, while he and Edgecombe County Sheriff Clee Atkinson are 100 percent committed to helping reduce violent crime in Rocky Mount and throughout the Twin Counties.

“I understand there is a lot of talk about our city being one of the most dangerous cities in North Carolina,” Stone said. “I have been in other cities the same size and there, a lot of that goes on, too. But we’ve gotten a bad rap for that. But I will tell you the commitment with the chief, Nash County Sheriff’s Office, Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office and the committment from the federal government are that we’re working to reduce it even more.”

The initiative also will focus on the alarming level of opioid use and the deaths associated with it.

Higdon said the State Bureau of Investigation reported in 2017 that three people died of drug overdoses each day in North Carolina, which is also the leading cause of death for many Americans under 50.

“Many Americans are living with this daily struggle of addiction, and sadly the Eastern North Carolina District isn’t immune from this problem,” he said. “Opioid-related death rates are higher in Eastern North Carolina than the rest of the state.”