Reminder! I Ain’t Holding Back! I Have Come Too Far, Worked Too Hard To Turn Around!

I told folk I was not holding back this year allowing folk to mislead folk and just say mess. If you have a problem with being challenged then ya need to delete me.

I ain’t into feel good words that has no value.

Folk ain’t gonna respond to what I say because they are scared of how folk gonna feel about them if they agree with me. But when I know that I know that I know that you know that I know I am about them trues then nothing else matters.

You see if you know me, you know who I am. But some know but are in denial. But that is alright I ain’t mad with nobody. I know who got my back. Yep the Good Master but I got some folk who are close to me also.

I don’t post for Amens nor Pats on the back. I validate me so when I say something I want it to be something that someone can use.

Now Dream about that part!


You see what makes me different from ordinary folk is . . .

You see what makes me different from ordinary folk is I will try to educate you whether you like it or not. I will tell you what I want you to know in your face or in writing. I prefer writing when I don’t have my video camera or voice recording rolling. Folk get the I CRS and therefore I can play it back for them or produce the wtitten hard copy.

I know many folk don’t want to hear them trues coming from me but I try to keep you from making a fool of yourself. If that mean you get mad with me in the process, that’s alright.

Everybody that says they love the Lord don’t really mean it, but the good thing about it is he loves us in spite of our mess.

So I am gonna put the trues out there and it is up to you how you receive it. I recognize and understand I have no control over how folk receive things.

But at the end of the day them trues gonna stand.

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

Now Dream about that part!

This has been a long week have not had a day off in 13 days and working tomorrow

This has been a long week have not had a day off in 13 days and working tomorrow. But I had options to be off.

I videoed Edgecombe County Commissioner’s meeting on Monday night.

I videoed basketball games on Tuesday and Friday nights. I attended bible study on Thursday night first time going in several months.

I didn’t get paid for videoing so I put in my time and resources.

I volunteered to be on a committee at the County Commissioners meeting and I have had to respond to some ignant conversations about Animal Control complaints during the Public Comments. I posted the video without any comments stating this is what was said at the meeting. I posted my video in the comments after the article about the meeting. Some folk are very passionate about dogs and that is good. But I have a damn problem when folk want me to compare dogs to my family members or human beings. Oh hell no!

Maybe they don’t know the story but it was dogs that were used to terrorize black folk and ain’t nobody talking about that part but they gonna learn the day.

I respect the life of dogs and I will look at the local ordinance and state policies to hold folk accountable as the laws are now and to seek any necessary changes. So folk let me do my job by serving on the committee that I volunteered so if you want to come after me you better come correct. You see I ain’t on a chain. So when you recognize and understand that part the better off you will be.

Now Dream about that part!

I Am A Die Hard Democrat, Community Activist, Life Fully Paid Member NAACP And I Am Serious About It

Over the years I have held back on some things because I didn’t want folk to look at folk that I support in a different way. Just because I support them do not mean they support me or even know me personally.

I refuse to allow folk to mislead folk about what our leaders are doing. I refuse to allow folk to pick and choose my leaders for me when they do not have my community best interest at heart. I do my homework for me and then share my findings with others so they can make an informed decision based on the facts as I present them. If my leaders are wrong I will call them out but if they are right, I am not going to allow folk to attempt to discredit them and I know they are lying.

Some folk I support you even though we may not agree on everything because we agree on more than we disagree on. You better know I got your back when you right. But when you are wrong we gonna have a coming to Jesus meeting and deal with the wrong.

I am going to be educating folk on what is going on around them so if you are an elected official, community leader, pastor or whoever you better know that I am going to hold you accountable and I expect you to hold me accountable as well. If we hold each other accountable oh how Edgecombe County will become a better place to live, work and play.

Rev. William M. Parker I Understand You Have Been Asking About When Our Precinct Gonna Meet And What Are We Doing?

First of all don’t get caught up in some b.s. with Rev. Roosevelt Higgs former County Chair, Lawrence Taylor Current Chair and some other Edgecombe County Democratic Party County Officers because I don’t think you gonna be ready for how I respond.

I am the chair of our precinct and has been for several years only because the former chair stepped down. I used to call you and some others in the precinct and also posted on Social Media about Precinct meetings and other political meetings but I don’t recall you ever coming to a precinct or a county meeting.

If you have any questions you would like to know about the precinct you know how to get in contact with me.  You just seen me on Saturday and Monday during the Dr. MLK events. However we are friends here on facebook so if you do not have my phone number, which is listed on Social Media, you could easily get in touch with me.

I was told you said what was the precinct doing because other precincts were meeting. Really? If they are that is good however the County Executive Committee ain’t even meeting so I wonder what the precincts are meeting about not that I care.

I do not have a precinct meeting scheduled and will not until the annual Precinct meeting will be held in February or March. The meeting date is set by the NC State Democratic Party and packages are forwarded to us from the county chair. As always I have posted the Precinct meetings on Social Media and in the newspaper some time. Not only have I posted our Precinct meetings but other meetings as well as the County Executive Committee, Democratic Women and other political meetings and events as well.

In the future if you should have any questions to save you some time I can be reached 24 hours a day via my phone number (252) 314-5484, email and can be contacted via Social Media. This goes for anyone and not just the Reverend.

My phone number is also in the phone book and in the white pages online.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations Are Good But My Question Is What Have You Done And What Are You Going To Do?

I have been celebrating the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday for around 20 years having to take a vacation day from work.

Every year I observe not only the holiday celebrations but I observe closely who are hosting the celebrations and who attend the celebrations. But I don’t stop there I look at the hosts and those who attend what they were doing leading up to and then after the celebrations are over.

On Saturday evening January 13, 2018 6:00 PM I attended and captured on video/photos the Edgecombe County Entrepreneurs 28th Annual Banquet. It is always well attended and even if all of the folk do not show up, the banquet is a sell out.

I was wondering what would the Keynote Speaker for the evening have to say because I knew him but had never heard him speak. For me just anyone should not be able to speak during the Dr. MLK, Jr. Celebrations. I have been knowing the speaker David Joyner Founder of Joyner’s Media & Strategies, Inc. Rocky Mount for several years. He used to manage the Gateway Centre in Rocky Mount until it closed. Joyner also was a co-host on FM 99.3 Morning Talk Show with Dave Perkins until it was stopped by the owners of the station. I used to call in and go on the morning talk show from time to time. I was very pleased with the keynote address that Joyner brought forth.

I enjoyed all of the program especially where the children were recognized except when it got to the Citizenship Award. After listening to Carlton Jones Realtor and a member of the Entrepreneurs begin to talk about the award I was getting excited. When Jones talked about the most recent flood and when he asked for everyone who had participated in helping during the time of the flood to stand, I thought that was going to be a part of a nominee’s profile. But when Jones asked Rev. Wayne Hines to come forward to accept the award on behalf of all of the citizens of Edgecombe County whom helped out during the flood, I was totally shocked. I was what the hell?

As a citizen/flood victim I played a major role in all of the floods dating back to 1999 not just in Pinetops but across the county. I was a resource videoing the flooded areas attending  and videoing numerous meetings posting online so folk could get information especially folk who could not be at the meetings. It was a damn insult to me and others whom gave of themselves for Jones to give the Citizenship Award to the Edgecombe County Commissioners on others and my behalf.

Talking about the flood and resources, because I attended the Edgecombe/Nash/Wilson/Halifax Counties Flood Committee held at the Red Cross in Nash County last year I was excited to bring the resources to Edgecombe County. I suggested that the meetings be moved to Tarboro since Edgecombe County was the hardest hit and had the most citizens affected. I suggested that since the well organized Michael’s Angels Distribution Center was up and rolling serving the citizens of Edgecombe County on Main Street in Tarboro with much space that we move the meetings there. I contacted Shanell Daniels and she was ready to host the meetings. After attending a couple of meetings I decided that I didn’t want to miss time out of work and that Shanell could handle things and I just stay in touch with her and stay on the email list. Michael’s Angels did a hell of a job servicing Edgecombe County flood victims receiving donations and etc. from across the state and nation. These children of Michael’s Angels should be commended for doing what some churches and adults didn’t do as they worked distributing goods to the flood victims and while some of the children were flood victims themselves.

If the Citizenship Award was based on the flood then Michael’s Angels should have received the award. The children deserved to be recognized not only during the Dr. MLK Jr. Banquet but these children should be recognized by all in the county be it churches and other entities. So many times I hear that our young folk are not doing anything positive but when there are some young folk doing good things, they are rarely recognized.

Do anyone realize how the children of Michael’s Angels would have responded if they had received such a prestigious award? Do anyone realize how giving the award to these children would have motivated them to continue to do what they do? Do anyone realize that recognizing these children it would possibly motivate other children to want to join Michael’s Angels or another group?

On Sunday January 14, 2018 5:00 PM I attended and videoed the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Annual Candlelight Service held at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Rocky Mount NC. The Honorable Congressman G.K. Butterfield NC District 1 was the Keynote Speaker. As always my Congressman does a great job as he bring forth a powerful historical message.

On Monday January  15, 2018 8:00 AM I attended and videoed the Edgecombe County Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Annual Unity Breakfast where the Keynote Speaker was former Edgecombe County Commissioner Dr. Thomas L. Walker. The only problem I had with the breakfast was having to hear Rev. Roosevelt Higgs. LOL Higgs didn’t do too bad, just was long winded in his introduction of Dr. Walker. However though the problem I really had was there were no children on the program. I hope next year I hope young folk will be included.

On Monday January 15, 2018 after the Unity Breakfast I didn’t participate in the Annual March but I was at Edgecombe Community College waiting on the children to arrive for the Dr. MLK Jr. Annual Lunch With The King. The Keynote Speaker was The Honorable Edgecombe County Sheriff Clee Atkinson. The children participated all over the program. Sheriff Atkinson even had a young female to read something during his address. As always my Sheriff does a fabuloustastic job.

I ended my day on Monday January 15, 2018 as I traveled to North Pitt at 5 PM to video SouthWest high school basketball games. I normally don’t do anything other than celebrate the day be it going to celebrations or staying home getting on the internet. So I ended the day supporting the players.

Now that all of the celebrations are over, the posts of quotes about Dr. King have ceased, what you gone do now? What are you going to do to continue the legacy of Dr. King?

A Moment In Education: The Only Folk The Rocky Mount City Council Can Actually Hire Are The City Attorney, City Clerk and City Manager

The only folk the Rocky Mount City Council can actually hire are the City Attorney, City Clerk and City Manager.

So when folk be posting ignant mess about who the council hires you are misleading folk. Damn just tell the truth, but when they don’t know how the process works then they can’t tell the truth. Well damn ask somebody before you speak and make an ass out of yourself.

They just mad because black folk are in higher positions in the city but damn there are more whites working there. Oh but they either don’t know that, in denial or just don’t give a damn.