Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What? Princeville NC – Gary Foxx Fired So When Are The Citizens Of Princeville Going To Question The Motives Of Their Mayor?

I posted the following post on yesterday titled, “Breaking News: Princeville NC – Gary Foxx Has Been Fired From The Princeville PD.” Sources say Foxx didn’t really do anything to get fired and that the matter could have been resolved more professionally. But you see this is what happens when you are on the Mayor’s hit list.

Again I question when in the hell are the citizens of Princeville going to demand the Mayor and her puppets respond to the real issues. You see Commissioners Gwendolyn Knight and Ann Howell can’t get questions answered and they are on the town council so therefore it is obvious Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and puppets have something to hide. But then again the puppets may just be afraid to take the heat from the Mayor so they just go along to get along. Sad!!

The citizens of Princeville I dare you to do your homework by looking at the history of the Mayor, the present Town Manager and the present Chief of Police to see what you find. I think you will find this history to be quite interesting and it just may lead you to the question of why Gary Foxx was demoted from Chief to Lieutenant to Sargent and now to fired.

I could say more but damn it is past time the citizens of Princeville do their homework like I do and then to take action. It is a damn shame that the good people of Princeville are not saying anything and while they are silent they continue to allow certain folks to send Princeville to hell.

Well citizens of Princeville you get what you ask for and then you also get what you don’t ask for. Start asking questions today so pick up your phones and contact Gary Foxx and Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates.

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Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What? I Am Totally Embarrassed They Are Trying To Discredit Dr. Wayne Talley Superintendent Edgecombe County Public Schools

It is a damn shame a dozen or so of professional, business and church folks are trying to discredit our new Edgecombe County Public Schools Superintendent who has been on the job nearly one year. I get so sick and tired of folk misleading folks with lies. Dr. Wayne Talley was hired to do a job and these folks have an issue with him because he has eliminated their friends position.

I am trying to figure out why in the hell do they think Dr. Talley needed more time. The man has been here nearly one year. The board members already knew they are top heavy at the Central Office when they hired him and this was why they told him to do something about it.

So who in the hell do these protesters think they are that Dr. Wayne Talley Superintendent and the Edgecombe County Public Schools Board of Education must allow them to be the total deciding factor when it comes to school business? If the community has the final say so then why in the hell do we need a Superintendent and a school board?

I just love the way the letter writer feel that everyone in Edgecombe County agrees with her and her group. Not!! I understand the mindset of folks in Edgecombe County due to the fear of retaliation why they do not attend meetings. You see they feel uncomfortable having to go to work with certain folks and/or having to do business with certain folks.

I just love the way the letter writer broke down the board districts on how they voted. After Dr. Talley presented his proposal and the discussion, I don’t see how any board member could vote against the plan.

I just love the way the letter writer states Dr. Talley and the board did not consider other options for cut-backs other than teachers’ positions. So in other words it is okay to eliminate other jobs but not their friends. How selfish. I love this one more, “They didn’t even wait for the state legislators’ decision on cutting the education budget.” Well damn obviously you left before Dr. Talley did his presentation because he stated that the word came down from Raleigh that he need to do a cut for 5% and/or 10% because it would be one or the other. So I guess you are saying he made that up. Oh I know your friend board member Ann Kent said Rep. Joe Pat Tolson said it was immature to act now. I say it was immature for Tolson to make such a damn statement.

I just love it the letter writer has the audacity to have a problem with the 2 people whose jobs were eliminated being able to apply for other jobs within the system. But because it will be a lower pay level they are quick to make that an issue. Well hell they don’t have to apply they have options and I am going to let ya’ll figure them out.

I just love it the letter writer is trying to compare their friends positions with the new position Director of Grades 6-8. How in the hell do you compare a Director of Communications and Associate Superintendent of Operations and Management positions to Director Grades 6-8?

I found the letter writer taking the time to analyze some facts about Dr. Talley and Dr. Evelyn Johnson receiving degrees from NOVA Southeastern University saying it can be done completely online too damn funny. To question whether they attended their Florida campus for the degree is just too funny. So what are you saying? Your facts are not totally correct because Dr. Johnson did not vote for Dr. Talley as she voted along with Ann Kent and Faye Talyor when he was hired as Superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools. And then the funniest of all this is to think that just because Dr. Talley and Dr. Johnson received their Doctoral Degrees from the same entity makes them one. Now this is total ignorance.

Can’t answer the question about the superintendent getting his Ph.D online however I don’t know if the mentor was actually teaching him how to use a computer or how the computers work throughout the system.

So just because the letter writer says Dr. VanderLinden is totally competent in the use of computers, it is obvious that she was not the one because she was not hired even before we had the laptop program within our school system. It is clear that this thing is personal with the letter writer and Dr. VanderLinden.

Damn I just love it how the letter writer stated “consider the source” and went on to give us a little history about the board members persona. Well I just love ignorance because here we go again “they” these white folks wants to change the rules. Where in the hell is it stated that a board member has to have a degree in education? The qualifications are as follows: a citizen of age who resides in Edgecombe County, live in the district that one wants to seek office and can not be a convicted felon. So therefore it is up to the voters who we elect.

I just love how the letter writer plays upon my intelligence to want me to believe that board members Ann Kent and Faye Taylor or the only ones qualified to serve on this board. Oh hell no.

It is funny as hell that you left out that Attorney Teresa D. Bryant has worked for a law firm who has represented school boards across North Carolina just like our very own Edgecombe County Board Attorney Jonathan Bloomberg law firm out of Raleigh NC. This is one of the reasons why I supported attorney Bryant during the appointment when she replaced Dr. Florence A. Armstrong.

I just love how the letter writer started out saying she and a dozen of other taxpaying citizens spoke at the board meeting and then at the end of this letter of b.s. she concluded that she hope that you folks out there with children in our public schools have a say in what decisions are being made by our board. Now this is too damn funny because even folks who do not own their own houses if they own a vehicle they pay school taxes.

So I wonder do the letter writer have a child in the school system? Well I have a child in the system however I have been an advocate for the children, parents and staff of Edgecombe County dating back to 1993. It is good to see these folks come out after all of these years, however I wish they would have come out for what is best for the children of Edgecombe County and not what they feel is best for Diane LeFiles and Dr. Lana VanderLinden.

Oh and by the way I know it is 3 positions that were eliminated but I chose to not talk about the 3rd position a black female because the letter writer and the group do not give a damn about her. If I am correct only this letter writer mentioned the 3rd position at the board meeting but that was to be politically correct.

I am totally pissed that I am responding to Edgecombe County ignorance. Dr. Craig Witherspoon former Edgecombe County Superintendent got the money straight and then moved on to Birmingham to become Superintendent. Now Dr. Witherspoon successor has gone another step further and cut out more waste.

How in the hell can we have a successful school system if we are going to continue the good ole boy mentality whereby when things were supposedly good, jobs were created but now it is time to say enough is enough.

Get the hell over it and move on in the name of the children. Damn I am asking too much!!

This is my response to the letter on the opinion page of the Daily Southerner TARBORO — SIGN THE PETITION AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.”

When I involved myself in the hasty decision on the part of our school board to sanction Dr. Talley’s reorganization plan, I spoke out at the regular meeting on March 14, along with a dozen or so other concerned taxpayers, that this plan of action required time and careful scrutiny before voting. (Read more)

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If You Ready For Change in Your City, Please Come Out And Be A Voice For Change! Questions?

by Curmilus Butch Dancy II on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 12:50am

Some Of The Topics will Be, Utility Bills, Building Up Edgecombe County, Crime, Education and Form a Positive Youth Movement. So my questions are:

So what about Utility Bills? Whoever is sponsoring this are they going to have all persons who are associated with the utility bills that can answers real questions or will the group just talk about high utilities?

So what do you mean by Building Up Edgecombe County? It appears the process is already in place so are those who are already building up Edgecombe County going to be present?

So what about crime? It appears that Rocky Mount Chief of Police has put more officers on the streets and done several things over the years to enhance the department so will he and his office be present?

So what about Education? Maybe the sponsors attend the Nash-Rocky Mount School Board meetings because I haven’t seen but a few folks at their meetings over the years. I have not seen anyone at the Edgecombe County School Board meetings.

So what about forming a Positive Youth Movement? I don’t even know where to begin with this one to ask a question. Will there be anyone at the table who can provide dollars to make this happen?

Please Join Us This Saturday, Remem……ber YOU CAN’T STOP SOMETHING UNTIL YOU START SOMETHING!!!!!!!

Since I have been actively engaged in politics over the years I would like to know where are these folks coming from. Are they going to invite folks to be on the program that are already working on the topics above?

Well since this was posted on my Facebook wall I assume this was an informal invite. Thank you but no thanks because I will not take time out of my busy schedule to help someone come out talking about starting something in order to stop something. It appears that some folks are years late and a dollar short. I have no problem with seeking change but I need to know what change I am seeking.

Now all of the above may sound good to folks who have not been actively engaged in issues but I don’t fit that description. I know the issues and I know the players who should be at the table.

I get so sick and tired of hearing folks mislead folks about issues. I have no problem with working with folks to create change but I will not work with folks who may just have a personal agenda and may be seeking to run for a political office.

I do not attend events that I am not clear on and this is one. Since I am actively engaged if folks want to invite me to their events they need to get with me however that is their option. However they need to be aware that The DCN News Blog can work with, for and or against because I will deal with truth and not perception.

If you don’t know you better ask somebody or better yet visit http://www.thepoliticalagitator.com/ to learn more. You can do a search on my blog on Electricities, Utilities and other to go to various links.

Curmilus Dancy II
The Political Agitator

Breaking News: Princeville NC – Gary Foxx Has Been Fired From The Princeville PD

Sources say Gary Foxx has been fired from the Princeville Police Department. There has been an ongoing saga between Foxx and Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates for quite some time now. The Mayor demoted Foxx from Chief to Sargent and to fired.

So how many more people affiliated with Princeville Town Government are on the Mayor’s hit list?

Note: New sources say Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates had no choice but to fire Foxx so that is good to know. I am glad it is not a personal vendetta. Sources say this thing with Foxx is really ugly. Sources say atleast one former Princeville officer may be involved also. Stay tuned as information is being gathered. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Breakfast for Miranda at Andy’s on Saturday

TARBORO — There will a breakfast fund-raiser next month for Miranda Hale at Andy’s restaurant on Western Boulevard.

Hale is the 13-year-old daughter of Tarboro Police Lt.  Keith "Moose" and Vickie Hale who is in the intensive care unit of Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville. (Read more)

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The Most Dangerous Place For An African-AmeriAcan To Be Is In The Womb of Their African-American Mother

Nationwide (March 28, 2011) — Once again the ideologues of the of the Left are confronted with the reality of Truth and due to their frustrations with the logic of this Truth, resort to defaming the source of their discomfort by using their now infamous strategy of crying, Racism. (Read more)

Death prompts look at state warrant system – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

A few years ago in North Carolina, if a criminal committed a crime in one county and hid across the county line, he likely could avoid being served with warrants for the crime because there was no universal system supplying that information to law enforcement in other jurisdictions. (Paid Content)

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Many hail North Carolina annexation law – Source: News & Observer

RALEIGH — Driving along the Interstate 85-40 corridor from Raleigh to Charlotte, a motorist will find – in the judgment of Wall Street – the greatest concentration of fiscally healthy cities in America.

The cities are fast-growing economic engines filled with new shopping centers and residential subdivisions, not the depressed urban areas of so much of the rest of the country. (Read more)

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Saying that "It’s time for Gadhafi to go," President Barack Obama joined a coalition of colonialist countries to invade Africa.  Ignoring protests from leaders of the African Union, Obama partnered with NATO’s (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) league of neo-colonialists to “get Gadhafi”.

Black Americans would do well not to drink from the same cup of Kool Aid as has Obama.  We should be aware that Western media’s characterizations of Gadhafi as “crazy” and “a brutal dictator” deserve due scrutiny.   Mainstream media in NATO countries have played a major role in demonization of Gadhafi to get the acceptance across the world these imperialists’ intervention in a civil matter.

Black Americans would do well to not to drink from the same cup of Kool Aid as Obama; who ignoring the call of the African Union, joined with old colonialist powers to "get Gadhafi”.  The West’s mainstream media is enjoined in telling the same ole story: that Gadhafi “is crazy”, “a brutal dictator”, that “this is not about oil” and that “we will be in and out quickly”.  The corporate media has played a superb role piling on in the demonization of Gadhafi toward getting the world’s outright acceptance of the imperialists’ intervention in an internal and civil matter.

Cleveland Congressman Dennis Kucinich said Obama has committed “an impeachable offense”.  Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said Obama should have a meeting with Gadhafi and that “you can’t order him to step down and get out, who the hell you think you are?”  

Obama failed to notice the African Union’s caution that “Libya’s territorial integrity should be respected” and that “outsiders have armed Libya’s rebels to get access to the country’s oil”.  Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe called Libya “an African issue that should get its solutions from Africans and not from Europe and America”  Mugabe was joined by South African President Jacob Zuma in saying that  “the arming of the rebels in Libya by the Americans and other foreign western powers is a direct attack on African sovereignty and a clear demonstration of foreign interference”.

Where Libya’s revolts fuelled by economic issues as the media would have us believe?  Black Americans are as foolish as Obama if they try to perceive what is happening in Libya within a Eurocentric perspective.   Libya’s system and the battle now taking place are outside of Westerners’ imagination.  Libya’s young people are well dressed, fed and educated.  Libyans earn more per capita than the British.  Libya’s wealth has been fairly spread throughout society. Every Libyan gets free, and often excellent, education, medical and health services.  New colleges and hospitals are impressive by any international standard. All Libyans have a house or a flat, a car and most have televisions, video recorders and telephones.

Gadhafi has been target of aggression from the West since the 1980s.  News coverage by Western media is oversimplified, misleading and stacked toward getting rid of Gadhafi.  An array of anti-Gadhafi spokespersons, most living outside Libya, has been paraded in front of us.  The media and their selected commentators have done their best to manufacture an opinion that Gadhafi is just another tyrant amassing large sums of money in Swiss bank accounts.  In contrast to Western depictions, Libya utilized revenue from its oil to develop the country and its people.  Instead of letting people know that Libya has one of the world’s highest standards of living, Western media and Obama will lead you to believe “we need to go save them”.

Before they endorse  this move by Obama “to save the world” through military might, Blacks should ask themselves:  “Which country has the bloodiest history of genocide, slavery, invasions, coups, installing and backing brutal regimes, bombings, massacres and mass destruction, including the use of nuclear weapons? Which government imprisons its own people, in particular its minorities, at the highest rate in the world?  Do we want to continue these practices?  America’s first Black President is proving himself “one of the boys” when it comes to participating in, and being a part of, imperialists’ interventions.

(William Reed is available for speaking/seminar projects via BaileyGroup.org)

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Tata to chat online each month – Source: News & Observer

RALEIGH — Parents and citizens will be able to ask questions of Wake County Schools Superintendent Tony Tata during monthly "Virtual Town Hall" online chat sessions starting Friday.

The live, interactive one-hour chat session will start at 10 a.m. on the school system’s website, www .wcpss .net . (Read more)

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