Bronson Williams Requested City Of Rocky Mount NC Bad Debt Write-off History But Mayor Sandy Roberson & Councilman Lige Daughtridge Care To Talk About That Part

The Political Agitator’s response: Thank you Bronson Williams for requesting and sharing this information. I am going to see how the Ignant Racist Special Cs and the Ignant Safe Negro Black Folk twist this. Now Run & Tell That! I’ll Wait! Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020 
Bronson Williams

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The City of Rocky Mount has written off $24 million since 1999. Most of which was centered around residential, but we do see business owners benefited from write-offs as well. While attempts to divide and conquer are present we must focus on growing Rocky Mount.

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Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson Is Calling For A Special Meeting Before The Meeting Just To Make It Appear He Has The Power To Remove Councilman Andre Knight

Last week Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson tried to call a meeting talking about he would be asking Rocky Mount Councilman/Mayor Pro-tem/President Rocky Mount NAACP Rev. Andre Knight to resign his post on the Rocky Mount City Council because of being accused of not paying nearly $50,000 in utilities. Sandy Claus had the audacity to take a photo with a Rocky Mount Police Sgt. trying to make it appear he was sending summons to the entire council to attend the meeting. He could not get a quorum but then said he cancelled the meeting due to he wanted to be about unity. Get the hell out of here!

Beth Woods NC State Auditor was petitioned by some  Ignant Racist Rocky Mount Special Cs because they are mad about Rocky Mount has a Black Majority Council, Black City Manager, Black Police Chief, Black Fire Chief and Black Department Heads and has growth on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount.

The Auditor released her draft findings to the council for them to respond to her recommendations and they did. The whole entire council met during their regular meeting and discussed the audit and then prepared a response. Now this was the time for Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson and Rocky Mount Councilman Lige Daughtridge Community Council and any and all councilmembers who felt like Andre Knight should have resigned should have said it then and also whatever concerns they had about the audit.

Because the Rocky Mount City Council released the draft findings of the audit and their response on a Thursday before Beth Woods released the full audit on the following Friday, it appears she was mad because she didn’t like their response and because she says no one has released the draft findings and response before she released the full report. But just because that has not happened before do not make it illegal to do so in my opinion. I have not seen or heard it is illegal so I am past that for now. Beth Woods said she turned over her findings to some agencies so the audit is completed.

I am waiting to see how the agencies respond to her findings and then we can move forward. But in the mean time what the fuss? Let the damn process work itself out and let the chips fall where they lay.

So what in the hell are Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson and Rocky Mount Lige Daughtridge Community Council trying to do? They are trying to push the White Supremacy Movement of the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, Community Council, Fighting Crime, WHIG-TV, 252 HoodNews, J. Keith Harris former Rocky Mount Fire Chief, Clint Williams formerly of WHIG-TV and Nash County Commissioner Robbie Davis to name a few.

It is sad that the above are using scare tactics trying to force folk to go to a special called meeting of no significant substance that can’t be dealt with during the regularly scheduled meetings. I am for justice no matter who it is for or against but I be damn if I am for White Supremacy and will continue to challenge them.

I am requesting that Rocky Mount Council Members Richard Joyner, TJ Walker, Reuben Blackwell, Chris Miller, WB Bullock and Andre Knight to not attend the Special Call meeting on Tuesday May 26 at 2:00 that Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson and Rocky Mount Councilman Lige Daughtridge Community Council are trying to have because you have a regularly scheduled monthly meeting that begin at 3:00 Committee of the Whole Meeting and then the meeting for the Public participation at 4:00 PM.

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Rocky Mount NC – Councilman Lige Daughtridge Really! Did Not You Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson & The Other Councilmembers Take An Oath?

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Councilman Lige Daughtridge Community Council Really! Ain’t the only requirement is to be sworn in and what does sworn in mean? Does not being sworn in carry some weight as it relates to ethics and other?

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Councilman Lige Daughtridge Community Council Really! Did not you and the other councilmembers take an oath to uphold the Constitution so what part do you and Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson do not understand?

Mayor-elect wants council meetings broadcast – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Sandy Roberson in response to your following comment, “I mean, we are allowing a local blogger to film it and put it out there online at some point,” Roberson said, a reference to activist and videographer Curmilus Dancy II. “I mean, that happens on a fairly regular basis. Oh hell no 2 things wrong with this picture. The first is where in the hell did the we come from? The second thing is nobody is allowing me to video because videoing the meeting is governed by a NC State Statue. Please make factual comments.

Mayor-elect Sandy Roberson said one of his top priorities as Rocky Mount’s chief executive is going to be to have the municipal government broadcast live the meetings of the City Council as well as meetings of the city boards and commissions.

So when this become a top priority because I don’t recall this being in your platform? But maybe I missed it. But anyway this is something that Bronson Williams has approached the city council about over the years.

“I do think it’s important,” Roberson told the Telegram. “I would like to move forward on that as quickly as possible.”

Roberson is not the only voice calling for the meetings at City Hall to be aired in real time.

Ward 5 Councilman-elect Lige Daughtridge told the Telegram he also wants to move on it as soon as possible.

I expect no other response from Lige but he has been attending the meetings and know that they have been recorded by WHIG-TV and myself along with Theresa Alston Stokes recording live regularly. Also Clint Williams has been recording live. But although Bronson and now you 2 are talking about broadcasting the meetings live, what good will that do? Hell those watching can’t interact with the council live so what’s the fuss? And then the racist comments from folk when they watch the videos and then act as if the videos are a lie by attempting to create their own narrative. For me it is embarrassing and ignant as hell to see the comments from Ignant Racist Special Cs and Ignant Safe Black Folk.

The transparency b.s. Lige talks about get the hell out of here. The official documentation of the meetings are going to be the actual minutes that are recorded by the Clerk if I am correct and I stand to be corrected.

Roberson said he would like to first familiarize himself a bit about the details of policies in existence relative to the subject matter to see what the municipal government would have to do.

Damn one would think before one speak to such an issue they would have familiarize themselves with such before speaking to it in the media. But goes to show that it does not matter because some feel it is okay to just throw out stuff.

What I am waiting on is for the new council members to get sworn in so I can see how they operate as a council member. To operate on the council on their personal agendas only not keeping in line with the actual agenda items will make no sense. So folk for right now let the new members be great with their so-called agenda but time will tell if they will be about the business of the council or their business.

Read the entire article, Mayor-elect wants council meetings broadcast.

Rocky Mount NC – The More Johnny Cunningham Share Them Messages From Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson The More I Love Me Some Ralph

The Political Agitator’s response: Damn these messages by Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson gets gooder an gooder! Wow! I believe Steve was saying, Why….cant believe white folk cant have a plan….lololol. I believe (Why….) could be Why Niggers oh just my ignant opinion. Confirmation about Lige Daughtridge saying that Douglas Block took all of the downtown money. Wow said that Sandy Roberson has had family in RMT before it was founded. Damn it now! So I guess Sandy Claus has really come to town to claim the city. I am just talking about what he said. Don’t Blame Me! Wow! Steve ended this segment talking about time is ripe before next generation expands like Cooper and others. Cooper is Cooper Blackwell and others are young Black Folk who are waking up. Folk I done told y’all that Steve is a RACIST! He is confirming who some others are as well. But this is just my ignant opinion. Hell I am just going by what he said! Don’t Blame Me!


Rocky Mount NC – Community Council Founder & Candidate For City Council Lige Daughtridge & Others Are Trying Everything They Can To Shut Down The Current Council

The Political Agitator’s response: I have had a hard time trying to understand how Lige can go to council meetings and say things attempting discredit the work of the council, created a page to have a platform to do so. Look at the name of Lige page Community Council. I have followed the page for quite sometime and the problem I have is that all of the issues he has brought forth has not had no bearing on the facts as it relates to the work of the council. He goes to the meetings and speak during he public comments but what he has brought forth, he has not had any facts to prove that the council has not been united. Lige is on the Rocky Mount City Council and the Economic Development Board. I have had a problem with Lige saying and posting things and when folk come on his page, he allows them to say things that are not true and he does not correct them. I used to have some respect for him because it is healthy to challenge elected officials but the way he has gone about it, I questioned his motive. But when he made it clear he was going to seek election, it became clear to me the motive. But what I am trying to figure out is how do Lige try to block and stop what the majority of the council has worked together on but just because the council is a black majority, Lige and his supporters have a problem with Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell because they have been targeted as some bad guys. So the goal of Lige and his supporters the focus is to undo what the current council has done. Too damn bad they can’t pick up the Event Center and move it since they are so damn mad it is downtown.

Community Council

NC Local Government Commission to meet Tuesday, October 1st and the City of Rocky Mount parking garage project does not appear on the agenda. We were told it would be on the August or September agenda. –…/LGC%20October%201%20Agenda.pdf


Rocky Mount NC – I Have Been Engaged In Rocky Mount Politics Long Before The Majority Of The Council Members Have Been There

The following is in response to Lige Daughtridge candidate for Rocky Mount City Council on his page The Community Council.

Lige Daughtridge It is and has been my pleasure to provide a free service to those who have talked about me out to make a name for myself. What a hell of a price to pay. Thank you!

But Lige finally a truth that many need to recognize and understand that I am a resident of Edgecombe County. I have worked in Rocky Mount for the past 32 years and nearly 6 months. I have been a Edgecombe County Community/Political Activist, Life Member Rocky Mount NAACP since 1992 current 2nd Vice President, Executive Committee Member Edgecombe County Democratic Party since the late 80’s currently Precinct Chair. I have lots of family and friends who live in Rocky Mount. I committed myself to being a voice for the voiceless especially the young and the elderly back in the late 80’s. I get credit for saying things that I hear folk say that are scared to say publicly. I have never wanted for anything.

But Lige when it comes to politics, policies and decision making, I trust and believe in the elected officials until they do things that show they have not done what is in the best interest of the people.

But Lige it is one thing to question and for whoever want to debate what the City Council is doing however it is another to provide half trues, not simplifying the issue one have so that the folk that get scared will know exactly what one mean when they throw out the tax scare tactic. I say scare tactic simply because that is what folk are quick to throw out when trying to get their message across. Some have no clue and some make it appear as if black folk don’t pay taxes.

I respect your concerns and don’t question them, however sometimes I get lost in them. But Lige what I would love to see is you simplify more into depth when you bring up the tax thingy for folk who don’t know the full perspective. The haters they don’t care and don’t even know the full perspective they just be hating.

But Lige over the years can you tell me what the council has done pre the Event Center that has set Rocky Mount back?

But Lige you say, “Thank you for asking and hopefully we can discuss at the next City Council meeting or feel free to contact me so we can discuss this or other topics.” My friend what I want you to do is to simplify it here because this is you page, your platform and etc. Educate!

But Lige what I do is when you and others say things I question those whom you are questioning their motives to get their side and I compare theirs to yours.

I feel you, Bronson Williams, Max Avent, Lindell John Kay my guy, David Farris and a couple of others we had some good conversations while we stood in the hallway as the council were in closed session during the Monday meeting.

Since it has been said that the council was paying me to video, I am still waiting on my check from them but didn’t know they had hired me. I have been attending the meetings longer than anyone on the council and only remember Reuben Blackwell being their and the Attorney. I remember when Andre Knight and Chris Miller came on board at the same time.

My point is folk need to recognize and understand that I have been there and didn’t just get involved over night and damn sure didn’t just because Knight brought me on. Hell I played a part in recruiting him to the NAACP and the council.

I have seen the growth in Rocky Mount since the 90’s because I have been actively engaged.

The Talk About What Happened At The Rocky Mount City Council Meeting On Monday April 22 Lige Daughtridge and Councilman Andre Knight

Mayor David Combs said that it was the right of the citizens to come down and address the council. Well hell yeah they should be able to come and address the council but to come and tell lies on a council person is a bit much. Watch how these Special Cs and atleast one black female Gwen Wilkins showed their asses. Gwen hollered out point of order as if she was a council member. Look at this mess for yourself. But then these Special Cs go to their social media sites such as Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens who block black folk when they speak out against their lies. They post on Lige Daughtridge’s page Community Council, Fighting Crime, WHIG-TV social media page and on their TV morning and now night shows along with some individual sites like Keith Harris former fire chief. It is a damn shame these Special Cs have been on lynch mode since the council have been a black majority. They are just big mad. Anyone who watch this video and allow the Special Cs to sway your opinion of the council when they come and attack them and then play victim when the council respond to them, you got a serious problem just like the attackers. They come meeting after meeting talking about the same old b.s. so to keep talking about some things will make it true? Yep it will make it appear so if no one is saying anything but the attackers. I am for justice no matter who it is for or against but I don’t if I am for bullying and I don’t give a damn if you are white, black, brown or other.

Click On Photo To Watch Lige Daughtridge

Click On Photo To Watch Andre Knight’s Response

New policy could affect council votes – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: Wow! I was wondering who had put Lindell on this and then the 1st comment was Elijah Daughtridge. One thing I can say The Community Council and Lige are persistent and consistent with their passion to go after the Rocky Mount City Council. What tickles the hell out of me is that I have been actively engaged in activism since the late 80’s and I used to say to black officials what are you doing to promote jobs and other that benefit black folk and other folk like the white officials were doing. The white officials were on the boards and commissions and obtaining land and creating jobs. Well it appears that when white white businessmen and other were doing things it was ok. It appears that any time the  black man begin to rise up, there is a movement to make it appear he is doing something that is not right.

A new conflict of interest policy under consideration by the Rocky Mount City Council may affect whether some council members will have a vote on certain matters — possibly including the Rocky Mount Event Center.

The proposed policy presented to the council during last week’s Committee of the Whole meeting adds federal guidelines to existing local and state rules. The guidelines apply to sub-recipients and includes apparent conflicts as well as actual conflicts.

Councilman Reuben Blackwell asked city staff about making sure the council signs all the required documents. He said he wants to make sure the council understood the policy and all it entails.

Blackwell is the president and chief executive officer of the Opportunities Industrialization Center, a nonprofit organization that helps residents with health care, job training and other programs. He earned a $141,114 salary from OIC in 2015, according to the most recent IRS tax forms made available by GuideStar, a watchdog organization that provides information on nonprofit groups. (Read more)

Rocky Mount NC: Locals voice concerns about potential event center funding – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: Interesting The Community Council held a meeting at the Library on Wednesday. Skip Carney secretary of the group was on FM 99.3 Thursday morning and he said the media was not invited. I called in and said although the media was not invited they could have attended. However anyone, don’t have to be media, can record meetings held in a public facility and they are backed by The Open Meetings Law Statue.

I find it quite interesting this paper and WHIG-TV has not reported on the Wednesday’s meeting. So what is going on? Is the group receiving special privilege? I know they can get it from WHIG-TV, but is it the case with this paper?

Locals voice concerns about potential event center funding

Since The Community Council said they wanted to educate the citizens, why did they not invite the media? Well my ignant opinion is they didn’t want to expose who attended the meeting and didn’t want to share what they talked about. SMDH!

Residents questioning the wisdom of building an event center in Rocky Mount are raising concerns that city officials will have to raise property taxes to cover its costs.

They said they are worried that possible other funding sources identified by a consulting firm would not generate anywhere near enough dollars to cover the annual debt and operating costs of the center.

And they said some of the potential funding options outlined in a report to the city by AECOM Technical Services out of Chicago aren’t feasible, or would require approvals from elected officials that aren’t likely. (Source: Read more)


Rocky Mount NC – Spotlight On The Community Dave Perkins Said He May Have To Do Andre Knighter (Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight)

On Tuesday February 4, 2014 around 6:40 am on Dave Perkins morning radio talk show Spotlight on the Community he said that Rep. Buck Newton was going to call in and talk about the Duke Energy possibly buying out the NC Eastern Municipal Power Agency. He said he didn’t know what time he was going to call but he was going to have to try to figure out how to work him in if he called during the time another person was scheduled to call in. He said Buck just goes on and on long winded sometimes. He said he may have to do a Andre Knighter on Buck by saying he couldn’t talk anymore after 3 minutes. Perkins said that he would do like Knight, say what he wanted to say but would tell Buck he couldn’t talk anymore. He referenced a city council meeting when Lige Daughtridge spoke to the council during the public comments and then when Knight responded to him later after others had given their public comments, Knight’s response has been a racial issue. Knight told Lige that he felt that he was against the Event Center because the city council was a black majority and the city manager is black. Damn Knight is black and Lige is white so that was Knight’s black opinion and he was not speaking for the entire board.

I tried to call in to the show at 6:47 am, 6:48 am no answer. I blocked my number and called again at 6:50 am and got through but was told that they were going to play 2 songs did I want to call back. I said yes. I called back again at 6:53 am and I was told they were not on yet could I call back in 5 minutes and I said okay. By this time I was in the parking lot at work.

I called back during my break time at work and I asked Dave had Rep. Buck called in and he said yes. I told him I was calling because I was insulted by his comments earlier about Knight. I said I know you meant it as a joke but I said you need to make sure your jokes are truth when it comes to Knight because he already catches enough hell about what he said or didn’t say. I told him it Knight is the Mayor Pro-tem and he was not in control of the city council meeting he made reference too that he be in control of meetings when Mayor Combs is not at the meetings. I said it was Mayor Combs who shut Lige down at the city council meeting. I said so don’t tell a lie on Knight because some folks would believe it but that lie has already been used by WHIG-TV, Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount, The Observers and some others. I said I am not defending Knight because he can defend himself. I said this could have been me that you lied on.

Dave said he was not going to apologize because he was joking about Rep. Newton being long winded is true. Well that part maybe so, but the part about what happened to at the city council meeting with the campaign to remove Knight is not a joke.

Dave you need to leave Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight out of your jokes if you are not going to tell the truth about what really happened.

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Andre Knight 

Rocky Mount City Council

Rocky Mount NC: In Response to: “Let’s take a long look at civic center proposal before approving it” by Lige Daughtridge

WHIG-TV is at it again pushing their video featuring Lige Daughtridge President The Community Council and Rocky Mount City Councilman Andre Knight of the Rocky Mount City Council meeting on Monday January 14, 2014 7:00 PM whereby Daughtridge was called out by Councilman Knight saying Knight played the RACE CARD after Daughtridge gave his opinion followed by Knight. WHIG-TV has a history of trying to discredit Knight dating back several years. They continue even after Knight won a lawsuit against Edgecombe County when a black man Roosevelt Higgs from Edgecombe County challenged Knight’s residence along with WHIG-TV, Kenneth Pledger and some others in Rocky Mount. Damn when will it end? I know the history of Rocky Mount and Andre Knight and I ain’t afraid to talk about it all including RACE. 

WHIG-TV says they have invited Knight to come on their talk shows but Knight would be just as ignant as they are to go on their show so they can have some leverage to be able to further attempt to discredit him when he leaves the show. Do you think they are going to not continue to talk about him? Hell they do it on a daily basis now and has been doing it for several years.

Who are the council? Funny created to attempt to stop Progress.

I have no problem with the questions but damn to attempt to intimidate and to mislead folks based on not being afraid to speak out publicly just because of WHITE PRIVILEGE do not make it right.

You say, "Most people like the idea of an Event Center BUT is it realistic at this time?" Who are you speaking for? Who determines it is it realistic or not?

Who elected you to speak for them?

You say, "Our group’s quick review of this study evoked many thoughts and concerns that need to be addressed. The proposed location in downtown Rocky Mount on the Edgecombe side, away from I-95, raises many questions." So it could be okay if the Rocky Mount City Council take the downtown on the Edgecombe County side off the table.

So why do you think that you and those you represent get to pick and choose where the elected officials well actually the city manager/staff says it would be good for the city as a whole? Who give you the authority to decide what is good for the city as a whole?

You say, "We all know our town has a very long and deep heritage related to the banking industry. We still have numerous, knowledgeable and experienced bankers in the Rocky Mount area. At the appropriate time, our group would help the city find one of these professionals to review the finance model for the proposed Event Center by doing a Commercial Banking Viability Study at The Community Council’s expense."

What a damn insult to make it appear that the black majority Rocky Mount City Council and the black City Manager are not capable of doing what they need to do on a professional level to go through the procedures. Damn they even have a WHITE City Attorney to help guide them through the legal aspects also. So I wonder how many black bankers would be included in your suggestion?

So who are ya’ll anyway? When I click on the website I don’t see any members names so I would guess it is all white but just my opinion. Call me a RACIST.

What I find very interesting is this is posted on the site, "Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Maybe Wrong all the way Around?"

Wrong time because black majority, wrong place don’t want to see downtown growth and most of all on the Edgecombe County side and just damn wrong all together because as Knight stated a majority black council and a black city manager.

In my opinion the letter is an insult and racist because of the black majority city council and having a black city manager. It appears that Rocky Mount is ate up with WHITE PRIVILEGE because I can’t recall as many white challenges against the previous city council. The Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount growth was stalled because until this council came on board very little was done on the Edgecombe side and downtown.

I have no problem with the group taking a stand but damn the group has not allowed the city council to go through the motions of presenting their case as they would like to present it but a group has been formed to tell the council how they should move forward. Damn what part of this picture do the group not understand? The city council persons were elected by the people and not by this group so the city council should move forward going through the procedures presenting it to the citizens. The black city manager and his staff are more than competent enough to move forward and doing what they need to do keeping in line with policy and procedures in presenting to the citizens how they want to and when they decide they want to. But to form a group with a name very much close to the Rocky Mount City Council called The Community Council to try to get to the citizens saying,  "Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Maybe Wrong all the way Around?" is just RACIST in my opinion. Now Run and Tell That!

Let’s take a long look at civic center proposal before approving it

The proposed Downtown Event Center should be a concern to every citizen in the City of Rocky Mount, Nash and Edgecombe Counties. Now is the time for each citizen to review the study and the proposal delivered by the AECOM consultants. It appears our Rocky Mount Elected Officials have the project loaded on a train that is ready to leave the station. We simply say, WAIT, Do Not Get in a Hurry and do what is right. Educate the citizens of Rocky Mount and the Twin Counties on the project. Do an extensive public hearing process, and allow the public to be fully engaged. In the end, it must be the citizens of Rocky Mount, based upon the financial model, that make this decision, not the wishes of nine people. We all must remember that managers and elected officials come and they go, but it is the citizens that must bear the joys of their good decisions and the curse of their bad decisions.

Most people like the idea of an Event Center BUT is it realistic at this time?

Our group’s quick review of this study evoked many thoughts and concerns that need to be addressed. The proposed location in downtown Rocky Mount on the Edgecombe side, away from I-95, raises many questions.

The projected annual deficit of $3.3 million dollars should readily open our eyes when added to the other venues already a burden on the city’s budget. Over the last six years, the city has experienced other losses. Examples of these other losses are the Children’s Museum $2.26 million; Imperial Center/Booker T. Theater $8.3 million; Art Center $2.17 million; and the Sports Complex $7.25 million. Based on this trend and the study projections, should this project come to fruition, the city would be responsible for covering $40 million in losses over the next 6 years.

The number of events proposed in the study seems unattainable. The study’s projection of 127 events annually with an average attendance of 2,000 is unrealistic and would far exceed similar centers throughout the country.

The new revenue sources, proposed in the study, that would help alleviate the debt seem to be a stretch at best, and we fear most of them would not be approved.

  • • Revenue from an increase in occupancy tax can only be spent in the county in which it is collected and would need approval from the General Assembly in Raleigh. There are very few hotels currently in Edgecombe County to generate the necessary revenue.
  • • The proposed .25% increase in sales tax, for Edgecombe County, has already been approved and obligated for construction of a building on Edgecombe Community College’s Rocky Mount campus. When Nash County tried to get the voters to approve a .25% increase, currently allowed by our General Assembly, it failed by a very large margin, despite being devoted to school construction and supported by all Nash County Commissioners. Based on this result, we feel there would be no chance for an Event Center to receive this revenue stream even if the commissioners would call for a vote.
  • • The proposed food and beverage tax would need approval from the General Assembly and is rarely supported by the restaurant association and would most likely not be supported by our local restaurant owners or citizens. This one would be a long shot at best.
  • • The proposed change in the way sales tax is distributed would have an adverse effect on 9 out of 10 cities/towns in Nash County and 7 out of 9 cities/towns in Edgecombe County. This would most likely not be approved by either county.
  • • The next revaluation for ad valorem tax (property tax) will begin in three years and based on sales ratios the City of Rocky Mount will most likely see a substantial reduction in its total assessed value leading to a drop in property tax collections. This item should be a real concern for all citizens of Rocky Mount as this and the utility rates are the only sources of revenue controlled locally. Traditionally, government’s first reaction is to raise tax rates when assessed values decline in an effort to collect the same amount of revenue (money). Many homeowners are barely hanging on to their homes and any property tax increase could push them over the edge. We certainly do not need to discuss raising utility rates in our city.

We all know our town has a very long and deep heritage related to the banking industry. We still have numerous, knowledgeable and experienced bankers in the Rocky Mount area. At the appropriate time, our group would help the city find one of these professionals to review the finance model for the proposed Event Center by doing a Commercial Banking Viability Study at The Community Council’s expense.

We support our forward thinking officials and trust this process will be conducted publically with all the facts on the table. Please slow down, make sure the market/feasibility study is realistic and determine how we pay for it with feasible revenue streams to make it sustainable. Then we can all get onboard when the train leaves the station.

Lige Daughtridge


The Community Council 

Source Rocky Mount Telegram 

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Business owner questions council over diversity plan, events center – Rocky Mount Telegram

BREAKING NEWS: Councilman Andre Knight used the "race card" against a Rocky Mount Citizen tonight – officially – during the Council Meeting. – WHIG TV

Business owner questions council over diversity plan, events center – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: The difference in Black folks speaking out versus White folks the majority of the black folks are afraid to speak out on issues challenging white folks because they fear retaliation against them or their children.

A local businessman used the public comment portion of Monday’s City Council meeting to express concerns about a diversity study and a proposed event center.

Lige Daughtridge said he doesn’t see the need for a study dubbed the Diversity Plan – which is designed to analyze the diversity of the city’s workforce. He also expressed his desire for the council to have a public hearing regarding plans for an event center in downtown Rocky Mount. Daugtridge serves as the president of The Community Council for Nash, Edgecombe & Rocky Mount, a group that members are raising questions about whether the center would be a sound investment of tax dollars. (Source)

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BREAKING NEWS: Councilman Andre Knight used the "race card" against a Rocky Mount Citizen tonight – officially – during the Council Meeting. – WHIG TV