In Response To Lindell John Kay “Commission hears from Latinos” And My Speaking Out On Issues Part 3

It is sad that Lindell Kay and some other feel that they can call myself and some other black folk out of their names and when we respond they attempt to make it appear that we are the bad guys because we call them out and fact check them.

Two Sundays ago I responded to Lindell Kay article he had in the paper and so he and some others thought that I was at work when I published it. See link to article at the end of this page.

After the following article, Lindell John Kay said his boss said he let me agitate him and told him that he better not let it happen again that this was his 1st and final warning.

In Response To Lindell Kay Rocky Mount Telegram Or Adams Publishing Group Reporter Open Letter To Me On The Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Page My Guy, I Just Love This Guy!


The following letter shows that I am good at what I do. Lindell Kay and some other Special Cs think they can talk about me and some other black folk but we ain’t suppose to respond. But when we respond they try to flip the script as if we started their drama.

This is an open letter to Curmilus Dancy.

I know this is highly irregular, however since you don’t allow comments on your Facebook page unless you’re friends – and we are certainly not friends – I’m posting this here. You will find it during your hourly troll.

My guy came out of the gate with some ignance. He said he can not comment on my Facebook page because we are not Friends. Well if it was that important to him why didn’t he send me a Friend Request? But he could have sent me an Inbox on my Facebook page like he did twice recently and then back in 2017. However he could have posted a comment on my Blog. I would welcome your Friend Request and even will honor it right now. You posted it where you wanted to post it because you know I am blocked from the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Page. It is evident you are their spokesperson and y’all feeding each other information.

I’m also stepping outside my role as a reporter, something I rarely do. I’m posting this open letter as a concerned citizen of Nash County, not a newspaper reporter.

(Employer required disclaimer: This post is my personal opinion and not reflective of the Rocky Mount Telegram or Adams Publishing Group. Furthermore, I composed this statement at home, off the clock and using my personal cellphone.)

This is a statement, not an invitation to an ongoing argument. Back in my preaching days, one of my favorite verses was about not casting pearls before swine, or in other words, not wasting good time and effort on people who won’t appreciate it. In this scenario the words of wisdom I’m providing are the pearls. The swine is, of course, is you.

I have two main points to make: You’re the two things you accuse everyone else of being. You’re a proven liar. And you’re a bigot.

First, you love to call a Special C a liar real quick. One of your favorite taglines is “lies, lies, lies.” But more often than not, what you call a lie is just an opinion or a fact you don’t agree with or like.

I just love your Employer required disclaimer.

I just love, “This is a statement, not an invitation to an ongoing argument.” I read codes and sir you don’t tell me what I can respond to. I have never and will never argue with you because I say what I mean and mean what I say. I love your favorite verse about not casting pearls before swine, or in other words, not wasting good time and effort on people who won’t appreciate it. Not that is about as ignant as it gets because if it is a waste of time why did you see the need to write this long ignant letter? Don’t answer, I already know. You say the swine is me. I know who I am and whose I am and that ain’t up for debate. FACT!

You just recently questioned a candidate’s residency while in the midst of your own residency controversy. That doesn’t make you a liar. That makes you a hypocrite.

A flat out lie I did not question Tarrick Pittman’s residency. I didn’t question if he lived in Ward 1, I said I heard he moved from Ward 3 to Ward 1. I don’t give a damn where anyone live. I said his voter’s registration has not changed. I am on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee so I hold all elected officials and want a be elected officials accountable for their actions. I didn’t just start yesterday, but I repeat I have been on the county executive committee since the late 80’s and I also serve as a Precinct Chair. Now if I wanted to question Tarrick’s residency I could because he said, “I have thought about the idea of running for a few years now,” Pittman said. “I have lived on Woodland Avenue over the last year and have experienced first-hand the hardships that plaque Ward 1.” But on the Board of Elections Website it says Tarrick voted in Nash County in November 2018. Y’all should have left that part out during the interview because that don’t sound good. You should have caught that since you are a professional jackleg. FACT!

Here’s the liar part. You have long claimed online to live in Pinetops. Your public Facebook page states you live in Pinetops. All your possibly ghostwritten letters to the editor list Pinetops as your address. However, you are registered to vote in Tarboro.

How ignant because you have been to many Edgecombe County Commissioner’s meetings and I do what they ask each time when others do not and that is to give my address. I always give my physical address which is Tarboro and then I say my mailing address is Pinetops. I always say Pinetops and I say I live 7 miles out of Tarboro and 3 miles out of Pinetops. FACT!

No ghostwritten letters to the editor. I have been living at my current physical address since around 2001 after the 99 flood. If you were a real reporter you would have looked at my voter’s registration. You are a jackleg sir also you said I was an amateur agitator and you were a professional jackleg. Okay this amateur have been fact checking that ass for quite some time. Don’t blame me for you ignance. FACT!

Now at first I thought that meant you physically live in Pinetops, but have a Tarboro address.

Damn all you had to do was ask me and/or check my voter’s registration. FACT!

I once lived in the small Chatham County community of Asbury that had a Sanford address, which is in Lee County. So mailing addresses can be complicated.

Don’t try to compare me with where you lived. I have been transparent about where I live on all of my social media pages and when I have to give my address publicly. I repeat you have been in the Edgecombe County Commissioner’s meeting and heard me say it. If you missed it, hell I provide the video of the meetings on YouTube so you and others can watch it anytime 24 hours a day so it ain’t no excuse for you to be confused about where I live.FACT!

But when I wrote a news article about your illegal appointment to a city commission, you disected it on your website as you are wont to do.

I dissected the hell out of that mess. Since you wanted to get technical about my address, hell I broke it down for you and now you BIG MAD! FACT!

(I wonder what it feels like to never create anything of your own, but always feed off other people’s work like a festering tick.)

Never created anything on my own? What the hell? I attend meetings and then do my spin on the meetings and back it up with my videos. Hell others have used my videos to do their newspaper articles because they were not present during the meetings. You say I feed off other people’s work like a festering tick, really? I FACT CHECKED THAT ASS! And you are BIG MAD!

In the article, I reported that you live in Pinetops. On your blog you corrected me, saying you live in Tarboro, get your mail in Pinetops and own property in both places.…So you’ve been lying about where you live all these years? Certainly as long as I’ve been here. Again, if you live in Tarboro why do you claim to live in Pinetops all the time?
A lie.

You have been trying to catch me in a lie but you can’t. I have answered where I live so I hope you got it but if I need to break it down even further just let me know.

I’m only providing one example, because how many proven lies does it take to make a liar?

I have no control over what you call me and that ain’t debatable. What I do know is I know who I am and whose I am. FACT!

On to my second point, which has so many examples there’s not enough space on the internet to post them.

You, Mr. Dancy, are a bigot. The is how Merriam Webster defines a bigot: A person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one who regards or treats the members of a group, such as a racial or ethnic group, with hatred and intolerance. In other words, look up bigot in the dictionary and you’ll see your Facebook profile photo staring back at you.

What you think of me is not debatable so that is one thing I don’t challenge folk on is how and what they think about me. I bet you can’t find the definition of this black man Mr. Curmilus Dancy II in Webster because the Good Master defined who I was 56 years ago. Nope don’t need to look up anything in the dictionary. However I bet you my Facebook Profile ain’t in there either because I defined it. FACT!

Who appointed you to decide who is good black folk and who is ignant safe negros?

Damn I can’t believe my Guy a white man gonna ask me a black question. Really?

To any third party: Is such language offensive? You’re goddamn right it is.

So you are speaking for other folk now? Now that is something I don’t do. However I do say I speak for those who allow me to speak for them but I will never name folk who have told me that I can speak for them anytime. FACT!

Wow! I know you are BIG MAD and AGITATED because you said, “You’re goddamn right!” FACT!

From a Mr. Dancy post nine months ago:

“If you are a Safe Negro just don’t show up at places where the conversation take place! If you are a scared Negro stay home! But don’t play it safe around me when I am speaking Truth to Power because I ain’t scared. Don’t make me have to call you out.”

So according to your spew, Mr. Dancy, you think you’re the decider when it comes to determining such matters. Hogwash. What you are really saying is if a black person disagrees with you then you will attack them with names and accusations. BIGOT!

Wow! I don’t even know how to respond to that coming from a white guy talking about black folk talk. What I can say is I challenge black folk in meetings to their face, Open Letters and however but I put my name on it if my face ain’t present. FACT!

You had this to say about an upstanding black man who has decided to run for local office, a nobel endeavor:

Oh so you get to decide who is an upstanding black man but I can’t say what I want to say. How ignant! One thing you ain’t fitting ready to do is tell me what I can do and say. FACT!

“It is a damn shame when Ignant Safe Black Folk forget who helped them along the way.” So because this person is running for office (against you marionettist), he’s labeled “ignant” and “safe black folk,” and that’s before one public statement as a candidate had been made by this man. BIGOT!

I stand behind what I said then and I stand behind it now! I assume you are talking about Tarrick Pittman. FACT!

You did the exact same thing a few weeks ago when a black real estate developer questioned actions at City Hall. You posted a vailed warning to him. BIGOT!

I assume you are talking about Troy Davis because you sent me an inbox mentioning that was the name. I will not go there with you. However I will say when I called him and asked him about it, he was unaware of such. FACT!

You also attack any white person who disagrees with you by calling them “Special C,” “Ignant Ass Racist White Folk” and other names. I don’t even need to cite a case, it happens several times a day. BIGOT!

I don’t attack folk. That is something animals do but then again we have been called dogs, bamboos, monkeys and other so I guess for you, that is a good word. Copy and paste one post that I have asked anyone to agree with me on anything. I respond to you and other Special Cs calling me and other black folk out of our names and when we respond then y’all try to flip the script. Oh hell no, I will continue to call y’all out. I stand by what I say because I say what I mean and mean what I say. FACT!

You love to brag that you’ve been actively engaged in area politics since the late 1980s. It’s like a compulsion. You state it in almost every post. It’s a little weird.
Hey, Mr. Dancy, have you been active in politics around here since the 1980s? I’m not sure, please remind me again.

I don’t brag, I speak truth to power! FACT!

Bragging about being “active in activism” like you once said is nothing more than cover for you in which you’re really saying, ‘I’ve been bullying black folks around here since I figured out how to scare them or shame them into agreeing with me.’

Wow! Name one black person that I have bullied, scared and/or shamed them into agreeing with me. Damn I didn’t know I had that kind of power.

Shame on you, Mr. Dancy. You talk and talk about black power, but the only power you’re interested in is yours and your puppetmaster.

Wow! What in the hell are you talking about? But what does Andre Knight have to do with this? Talk to me you are my Guy A Super Special Kind of C.

My turn to say I’ve been a reporter in Eastern North Carolina for nearly two decades. I’ve done more to help people of all colors than you ever have with your piggyback blog and shoddy camera work.

So you know what I have done since the late 80’s? Really? What you have done is not up for debate because I don’t know you and you don’t know me so what I have done over the years is not up for debate either. However it is documented in the minutes of all of the meetings I have attended and also on my videos. FACT!

My blog ain’t nothing but the truth! Not up for debate with you because that is your opinion. FACT!

Shoddy camera work? Really? Not up for debate with you because that is your opinion.FACT!

I’m not intimidated by you calling me jackleg, punk ass or saying I should be fired. You also made light of my moonlighting as a security guard.

I am not in the intimidation business, I am a Professional Agitator not Intimidator. Don’t get it twisted!. FACT!

While I can’t ever remember using the word moonlighting in all of my writings, so don’t know what you talking about. I did mention you need to just stick with being a security guard. FACT!

Why? You spend time at Honeywell posting racist, rude and rudimentary rubbish.

Come to think of it, do the executives at Honeywell know you brag about working there while calling people Special C and ignant black negros all day long?

I will not discuss where I work with you. FACT!

To my knowledge I’ve reported on you four times. Each time I used statements you made public on your web rag or on Facebook page so I didn’t need to contact you.

How ignant! Ignant you apologized to me at a meeting at O.I.C. last year when I had mentioned to you about not contacting me when doing articles on me. You told me that you did the front page story on me and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs because you said he kept calling you, 12 times to be exact you said. You said you really didn’t want to do it. FACT!

Goes to show how ignant you are because you said, (I wonder what it feels like to never create anything of your own, but always feed off other people’s work like a festering tick.)”Damn so there goes that white privilege using my social media pages and my YouTube.FACT! SMDH!

You put it out there so stop wining about it, especially since you refused to comment when a story was actually about you.

Ignant how many times do I have to repeat that I didn’t appoint myself to the Rocky Mount Human Relation Commission so all questions should have been directed to Andre Knight the NAACP President. And then since you say you sent something to the City, then again all questions should have been directed to the council and Andre Knight the Rocky Mount Councilman. You see you were not going to get me to respond to you so you could do your story based on my response to you. But you are the professional jackleg and I am the amateur agitator. Well again this amateur agitator is wearing your ignant professional jackleg ass out. FACT!

The four times I typed your name for print: I used a nice comment you posted when Taro Knight died.

But damn you could have contacted me to let me know you were going to mention me.FACT!

I quoted your website about a then future hire of the city getting arrested, most recently I wrote about your illegal appointment and a few years ago I wrote about Rev. Higgs calling you a vagina.

Can’t think of the future hire is at the moment.

Oh the illegal appointment wow!

It was just last year with that Ignant Rev. Roosevelt Higgs which has used you as his puppeteer because you have told me several times how he call you and worry you about doing stories featuring him in the paper. FACT!

What were his exact words again? Oh, yeah.

“Be a man, Dancy, and talk to the doctor. You acting like a vagina. Are you a vagina? Are you a vagina, Dancy? Be a man. Man up and talk to the doctor. Acting like a little, I want to say what it is, but I’m going to say vagina again. You acting like a little vagina, Dancy. What’s wrong with you?”

Wow! I know you are BIG MAD that you got to use an Ignant Black Man of Rev. Roosevelt Higgs status a convicted felon for voter fraud to make a statement about me.

Now I would never talk about you like that. I would’ve called you Mr. Dancy.

Ignant you got this off of my YouTube page because I uploaded that voicemail among others on my YouTube page. You made this a front page story. FACT!

As we come to a close, since you’re so preoccupied about being in my stories, I can assure you, with the exception of the outcome of your illegal appointment entanglement and barring you actually do something newsworthy, I will never, ever type your name again. Remember, pearls and swine.

Wow! Again you are BIG MAD! I call you Special and today even Super Special Kind of C but you ain’t that special that I am preoccupied with being in your stories. I am FACT CHECKING THAT ASS!

Have at it, I’ve dropped the mic. Or is it the cellphone?

Have at it? I don’t know what that mean. You dropped the mic. Really! You say, “Or is it the cellphone? I don’t know because I am on my laptop when I do my pretty work.

Now you run as fast as you can and you go tell that to the man holding your attack dog leash.

I love it when you a Super Special Kind of C and your other Special C friends follow my lead. I have been posting Run & Tell That and wow you have stole that! But hey it’s okay.FACT!

I assume you are talking about Andre Knight holding my attack dog leash. So why you keep talking about Andre Knight? How many times do I have to repeat that I was attending the Rocky Mount City Council meetings, Human Relations Commission meetings and the NAACP meetings long before I knew Andre Knight. Andre joined the NAACP around the early 2000’s. He was elected to the City Council in the early 2000’s also. I began attending the HRC and the council meetings in the late 80’s early 90’s. I joined the NAACP in 1992.FACT!

Wow! Because I work a real job I have to work on giving Special Cs attention when I get home on my laptop.

Lindell Kay I want you to know that I have a whole new outlook on you since this letter. I love you man. You are my Guy. You are above the rest. You are a Super Special Kind of C whereby your friends you are advocating for they are Special Cs and Ignant Safe Black Folk. I am for real I love you man because you have validated all that I have been saying. I have been saying I can say what I want to because I am not speaking for the HRC so trying to interject my character into serving on the HRC is too ignant. I have been above board in the HRC meetings and it is documented in the minutes. You ought to try requesting them and report that part. FACT!

I just can’t get the following off my mind, you said, To any third party: Is such language offensive? You’re goddamn right it is.” You are BIG MAD!

So you do a disclaimer (Employer required disclaimer: This post is my personal opinion and not reflective of the Rocky Mount Telegram or Adams Publishing Group. Furthermore, I composed this statement at home, off the clock and using my personal cellphone.)” but your whole letter is about what you have written in the Rocky Mount Telegram as it relates to me. Wow!

I ain’t mad with nobody. My Guy I look forwarded to seeing you at the meeting on tomorrow.

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”

Lindell Kay
Concerned Citizen

A Concerned Citizen from Spring Hope and spokesperson for the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens and Tarrick Pittman. Just my opinion based on the FACTS as presented. But I repeat just my opinion. I have been wrong one time, but then again I found out I was really right! LOL! A little humor my Guy!

Note: The red is my response to Lindell Kay My Guy the White Man!

See original


The article by Lindell Kay was titled:

Tarrick Dinell Pittman Has Been Chosen By The Special Cs To Attempt To Unseat Andre Knight Because He Is Not A Safe Young Black Man

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