I can relate to the following. Been dealing with this for many, many years as I speak truth to power. I been lied on, talked about and misunderstood but Grace has kept me.

The following words ain’t nothing but the truth.

When a well-intended exposition that is biblically based and scriptural sound or is just plain ole common sense based upon the facts is misinterpreted and taken as a personal attack or throwing shade (whatever that means), it can produce anger, division, strife, and an unwarranted attack on another person’s character particularly by means of subliminal messages.

Get this! Although truth doesn’t change based upon another person’s misinterpretation of what is said or written, yet their misconception of truth greatly affects their attitude and behavior towards others needlessly.

Here it is! When another person’s FEELINGS doesn’t align with TRUTH, chances are their actions in response to the TRUTH will be erroneous, imprudent, and unwise which is indicative of CONVICTION. The good news is TRUTH doesn’t change based upon one’s interpretation of it or their reaction/response to it. It never has and it never will. Therefore, never water down what you share to appease other but proclaim it, promote it and publish it without compromise and unapologetically.


Minister Alvin Jones

Open Letter To Rocky Mount City Council

First of all you know me and I know you so let us do not get caught up in the ignorant mess that is going on around us.

It is sad that since December but not limited to, we have had to deal with lies and confusion surrounding the Rocky Mount City Council. I commend all of you on how you have handled this almost daily mess that is in the Rocky Mount Telegram and on other social media pages that are constantly talking about this council negatively.

The Telegram has now created a discussion about my role on the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission appointment by the Rocky Mount NAACP where I serve as 2nd Vice President and a Life Fully Paid member. I accepted the position one because it is no secret that I am outspoken. I am for justice no matter who it is for or against.

I trust that you will discuss the issue of the NAACP appointment and make the best decision not based on outside rhetoric, but keeping in mind of what the goal is as it relates to the people and the organizations that have appointments.

Do not base your decision on me but the NAACP appointment. I will be good with whatever your decision will be. I am going to continue to attend the meetings monthly and video them so the only difference will be, I will not be able to participate in the discussion and vote. However I will be able to blog and share my video so I will be participating indirectly.

I want to close by saying, it is fact that I have attended the Rocky Mount City Council meetings dating back to the late 80’s and I spoke out against some actions of the council and I have spoken in favor of some actions. I find myself daily speaking up for the council when I speak to folk in person or via social media. I refuse to allow white folk, black folk and/or other to attempt to discredit this council. This council has been the most transparent council since the late 80’s when I began attending the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission and the Rocky Mount City Council meetings.

I ask each council member to just do what is right when you discuss and vote on the issue as we will move forward.

Curmilus Dancy II
Tarboro NC Physical Address
Pinetops NC Mailing Address
Rocky Mount NC NAACP 2nd Vice President Life Fully Paid Member

Some Folk Sent Me A Friend Request So they Can Follow Me But I Be Damn If You Are Going To Use Me To Push Your Agenda

Ok folk some of you have sent me Friend Request so you can follow me. I have been watching you what you are doing and saying and who you are friends with.

I am going to give you this 1 warning. I am going to be doing some posts about you in the near future because I am not your damn foot stool. You will not use me to push your agenda because I don’t think you are ready for me. I am going to call your asses out so get ready. Don’t Blame Me! You sent the request and you do what you do but what you didn’t think about is I don’t do you.

Get ready! Get ready! It is coming, not a threat but a promise!

Now Run & Tell That!

Knight shrugs off recent criticism – Rocky Mount Telegram

For the Special Kind of C’s who have a problem with me and Rev. Andre Knight, I was actively engaged in Rocky Mount Politics, NAACP, Democratic Party and other long before I met Knight. I welcomed him into all of the above because when folk older than me said they wanted young folk to get involved, they didn’t mean it but when young folk came on board, I welcomed them and encouraged and supported them.

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Rocky Mount Politics Let’s Talk About It! Rocky Mount Truth Matters! Wow Now That Is 2 Names That Could Be A Facebook Page

All I want to talk about right now is Rocky Mount Politics but the Special Kind of C’s don’t want me to talk, they want to do all the talking and shut Black Folk out. So white folk and Black folk don’t talk to me if you don’t want to talk about Rocky Mount City Government.

The Special Kind of C’s want to be able to do all the talking and when other folk voice their opinion, they try to make Black folk racist. First of all we can’t be racist but they twist stuff however they want because they are addicted to hate. The hate they got is worse than the opiate addiction.

Folk you better be mindful of what is going on around you and get all sides of the issues being talked about whether it be online or in personal conversations.

You better recognize who are working on your behalf and who are trying to use you to get what they want at your expense while they don’t give  damn about you.

Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Facebook Page Is Set Up For Open Season On Black Folk And This Is Why Black Folk Don’t Respond To Them

Letricia Myrick-Sheppard to Curmilus Butch Dancy II

Lol! When I stated my opinion!! I all of a sudden can’t coment on Rocky Mount Concerned Citizen page.

Curmilus Butch Dancy II That is what I told black folk, you are okay until you speak out against them then they will block you like they did me.
But they say they ain’t racist though. Yep them Special Kind of C’s over there made up of what supposed to be intelligent, business folk down to just plain ignant folk uses that page for open season on Black Folk. The majority of the Special Kind of C’s hide behind code names and use code words because they say what they want hoping no one will find out who they are because they could be called out. These folk may work right beside you on your job, teach your children and work in other capacities that you need to be aware of. You may be promoting their businesses while they are working against you.

Because of them trues that is why Black folk do not respond because the Special Kind of C’s will retaliate against them and block them. But them ignant always posting that the following:

cecilray Mar 2, 2019 at 8:37 PM

It is pretty distressing that someone was placed on the commission after it was pointed out that he was not a resident of Rocky Mount and therefore was unqualified. What is more distressing is knowing that the individual in question is the same individual who uses such divisive language in his comments to articles written by the Rocky Mount Telegram. His reference to white people as “Special C’s” and to black people he disagrees with as “Safe N’s” is pretty distressing as well. If the goal of the Human Relations Commission is to promote understanding between all people then most certainly this individual should be removed for that reason alone, in that he only promotes hate and discontent. If the City Council changes the rules to accommodate this individual then gasoline will be poured on the fire of dissatisfaction that is raging in the City of Rocky Mount.

I am qualified to call these ignants out and I do a damn good job. I make them bring out the best in them so that folk can see who they really are. What is distressing is they can’t handle a black man speaking truth to power by responding to their mess. The ignants call me a racist, which I could never be but in the same sentence they say I call out Black folk too. So damn if that ain’t proving that I hold all folk accountable for their actions, then I don’t know what is.

What these ignants need to understand is the Human Relations Commission has a role to play however Curmilus (Butch) Dancy II has a role to play as well and when I am not in a HRC meeting I am who I am and nothing will stop me from doing such. When these Special Kind of C’s recognize and understand that I am a professional community and political activist the better off they will be.

What folk don’t understand is that I have no problem with the Special Kind of C’s coming after me because I can handle their b.s. ie: lies and personal attack on my character. You see I know who I am and whose I am so all of the mess they be saying don’t bother me one bit. I respond to some to their b.s. just to make sure folk hear the real trues coming from me.

The Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Facebook page is nothing but a bullying site made up of Special Kinds of C’s who are just mad because the Rocky Mount City Council is a majority Back, the City Manager is Black and Black folk are being hired in department head positions.

All folk of good will you better be mindful of what is going on around you.