Open Letter To Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission

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I find it very interesting how you Madame Chair Mary P. Wells responded to Lindell John Kay Rocky Mount Telegram Reporter about my appointment to this HRC, especially when I addressed this HRC and asked did you have a problem with me serving via the NAACP. I was appointed by the NAACP and I thought that everything was okay. I have served as the Vice Chair of N.E.E.D. Inc. via the NAACP. I was also served as the designee for the Edgecombe County Commissioners.

I didn’t respond to Lindell Kay because I didn’t appoint myself and all of his questions should have been directed to the Rocky Mount City Council. Madame Chair you should have directed Lindell Kay to the Council as well since you had nor have any input on who are appointed to the HRC if I am correct. Yes you can question anything but to question who the council appoints is not your place but that is just my opinion.

Madame Chair you have been knowing me for many, many years. I used to pay for your dry cleaning services. I used to video your Democratic Party Annual Gathering driving from my home to Nashville at no charge. I used to attend many of your other Democratic Party meetings. I was the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party during some of that time, however I was the 3rd, 2nd or 1st Vice Chair during some of that time.

Madame Chair during a recent meeting you brought up about you seen on Facebook where a friend of yours needed a ride from Greenville Vidant Hospital to Tarboro to pick up her vehicle so she could eat, change clothes and then go back to Greenville to be with her husband. You commended me and said that is what we should be doing as people. I said I know folk were saying this black guy going to Greenville to pick up a white female he got to be crazy. I picked her up and stopped her in Greenville to a hot dog place, took her to Tarboro and then I went back home.

I intentionally did not participate in the table discussions during the Confederate Monument meetings, but just sit at a table and listened to the conversation. I think I took notes once or twice for the table, I know I did 1 time. I didn’t participate, but observed. When I did say something I did it after the table was done and we had some extra time. I seen some of the HRC members get all up in the conversations and to me their opinions played a major role of how the folk responded to the prepared questions by the HRC.

I know that when I speak, many times folk respond to my opinion on something versus thinking for themselves so I try to let others voice their opinions before I voice mines.

I have responded to some things that Steve Stevenson said in atleast 2 HRC meetings and I feel he has a problem with me challenging him especially during the last meeting when the conversation about the Hispanics attending todays meeting. I felt he was getting to something of a legality issue that we would not be dealing with when we listen to them.

I have responded to Steve on social media when he made a comment about me. I have been blocked from Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens pages where he has constantly posted things about me knowing I couldn’t see it. He was right though someone will make sure I see it. But then when I respond to him and others, I become that bad guy for standing up for myself and when I respond to lies they tell on others.

Well I stopped by to tell this group that I will not allow anyone to disrespect me and try to paint a negative picture of me. I will respond. I am not the average black male that allow white, black, brown and other folk to disrespect them in any kind of way and I not address them.

Lastly, I will continue to serve on the HRC in a professional manner as I have done up until today because when I am in meetings, I don’t play and be about the business that I am here to do. It does not matter how the Rocky Mount City Council address the issue of my appointment. I have been the talk of the town about my appointment serving on the HRC. I will continue to attend these meetings and video them if I am on the HRC or if I come as The DCN News Blog Online TV. I will make comments during Public Comments which I am going to make a motion to be added to the agenda.

I am Curmilus Dancy II and I approve this message Wednesday March 13, 2019.

Breaking News: Former Rocky Mount Middle School Teacher Pleads Guilty

Do you remember The DCN News Blog Online TV brought this exclusive to you? Have you seen them talk about this in the Rocky Mount Telegram, on WHIG-TV, Community Council, Fighting Crime, 252 Hoodnewz, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens and other pages? I was blocked from Fighting Crime around 2 years ago but they got smart and unblocked me. 252 Hoodnewz and Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens still have me blocked because I Speak Truth To Power! Last year this Minister called me about an issue with a teacher and her daughter. I had never met this lady but after speaking and meeting with her, I told her what I had to offer from The DCN News Blog Online TV. I said I am 2nd Vice President of the Rocky Mount NAACP and I am on the Legal Redress Committee but I have no control over how the NAACP will assist you so you have to fill out the proper paperwork with them if you want to file a complaint. However I told her my services is powerful. Today I received a call that the white teacher plead guilty and she has to complete community service hours, pay fines and I believe it was one other thing plus or minus. Folk just don’t know all of the things I have been involved in since the late 80’s because it is like My Guy Lindell John Kay said that about me he could tell about all of my lies because there ain’t enough internet space. Well I could use that line My Guy used because I got lots of stuff I could tell, that ain’t on my social media pages. Folk don’t need to know everything about what I have done and continue to do. Folk the HRC is a smoke screen, they knew my role in the Rocky Mount Middle School Teacher Bullying Issue. Oh but they don’t want to talk about that part. Now I am going to see if they are going to Run & Tell That!


Rocky Mount City Council Public Comments About Curmilus Dancy II Appointment On The Human Relations Commission

Some of the following comments just tickles the hell out of me. I been me and they been mad. These Special Cs don’t know me but read the newspaper and form a picture of me. This is what white privilege does. This is what Racism is. But I am not a scared black man like some of my Ignant Safe Black Folk who are Silent on Issues that should matter. They allow Special C folk to come after me and some other black folk but then blame us for Speaking Truth To Power. But when their Black Ass need someone, who do they call? You got it The Professional Agitator. I ain’t mad with nobody but just know that I know you and you know me so you better think long and hard before you come my way. Oh I am going to help you but it will come with a price and not talking about money either because I do what I do and get my reward from the Good Master. He woke me up this morning, started me on my way, in my right mind. In my right mind so ain’t no amount of money can match that. But even when I get down to my last dime, he makes away out of no way and me and my family don’t miss a meal. We don’t ask for nothing else but just to see another day. For Special Cs and Safe Black Folk, I am 56 year old grown ass black man. I say and do grown folk stuff. I will not allow anyone, any organization or other to silence me for saying and doing what is right. I hate to use choice words because I go to church, I try to treat folk right but I be damn if folk gonna disrespect me and others. What I have learned is that some folk don’t get it when I try to be nice to them but when they disrespect me, lie on me, call me out of my name and then my I respond, I am the problem. Well I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare so that is left up to you. I am for justice no matter who it is for or against. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest. The sooner others recognize and understand who I am and whose I am, the better off they will be. Now Run & Tell That!

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Nehemiah Smith

Samuel Battle

Lige Daughtridge Community Council Candidate For City Council
Lige didn’t talk about me but he spoke on something that took place
in the Committee of the Whole Meeting in which he didn’t attend so
therefore he should have been there because they discussed his issue
in depth.


Dr. Kim Koo

Not clear on the name he should have been at the Committee of the
Whole Meeting


Something Minges didn’t get 1st name

Stacy Graham

Bronson Williams

Randy Adcox

Warren Daughtridge

Lewis Turner

Tarboro requires agency heads to live in town – Tarboro Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: When I began reading the article and because I know who the councilmembers are and something told me it was going to be about Rocky Mount. That goes to show that white privilege. I sure hate that Othar and Sabrina fell in the trap. Sabrina but there is a difference in a councilman and a department head so that was a poor example, “District 7’s Sabrina Bynum said, “I agree that if a department head lives in town, they’re more interested in the town. If I was a council member in Rocky Mount and lived in Tarboro, I wouldn’t care (as much) about Rocky Mount.” I would love to hear examples of what would make a person living in the city limits care more about the city than a person that do not. When did jobs begin to grade employees on how they love their job due to where they live? I have been working in Rocky Mount for the past 32 years and not only do I love my job, I love Rocky Mount. I know of many folk plant managers, department heads and other who do not live in the city where they work so what I see is some very good qualified folk not applying for a job in the city of Tarboro simply because they don’t live there. I remember when they got mad with the previous Police Chief because he didn’t buy a house in Tarboro but lived in an Apartment. To me requiring a person to move in the city limits is discriminatory. I may could understand it better if the requirement stated lived in the county. But again, I would have a problem with that. Thank you Deborah Jordan for looking at the broader scope and taking in consideration the whole family.

TARBORO — An easy moving, almost sedate meeting of the Tarboro Town Council became lively following a 37-minute closed session when, during council comments, Ward 8 Councilman Garland Shepheard made a motion that would require any future department heads to live within the town limit.

The proposal sparked a half-hour discussion before passing 6-1 with one abstention. Only Ward 6 Councilwoman Deborah Jordan opposed the ordinance while Ward 1 Councilman Othar Woodard abstained.

The ordinance is effective immediately and does not affect any current department heads — a point Shepheard reiterated several times.

Jordan said she had a problem with the ordinance because it would require a family to move when a member took a department head’s job.

“It’s not our business, because the whole family doesn’t work for the town. (It’s) too much in someone’s personal business.” (Read more)