Request Linwood Williams Co-Chair & Archie Jones Director Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission

Good morning,

I am still waiting on a response from my email on Friday March 15, 2019 in response to your email on Thursday March 14, 2019.

You see because of the actions taken by you and Linwood on Wednesday March 13, 2019 Lindell John Kay was able to write the following article, “Commission hears from Latinos”.

The following mess gave Lindell John Kay the opportunity to continue to attempt to discredit my integrity and you contributed to his mess.

Lindell Kay said, “At the tailend of the hour-long meeting, Dancy set up his camera to record his comments.”

First of all I didn’t set up to record my comments; I set up to record the remainder of the meeting because we agreed that we would not record the part of the meeting with the Hispanics present.

We were at Commissioner’s comments and I should have been allowed to give my concerns and more rightfully so I had all rights to address this commission in response to my appointment on the commission in response to Mary P. Wells speaking to the media in which she was out of order. She had no role in me being appointed to the HRC.

Lindell Kay said, “He began to read a statement concerning Co-Chairwoman Mary Wells’ recent comments to the Telegram about Dancy being appointed to the commission while not meeting the city residency requirements.” I had every right to address this issue.

Lindell Kay said, “Stevenson made a point of order, saying any such discussion should take place in closed session. I am not going to let you take bits and pieces of your camerawork and turn it into an attack on your website against anyone in this room including myself,” Stevenson said. You’re a member of this commission until the council decides to remove you.”

Steve Stevenson was out of order and Linwood accepted his point of order. Hell he was attacking me something I was accused of as I began reading my concerns and I had said nothing that was in the attacking mode. I don’t attack folk. I fact check folk.

Now back to Stevenson, now I was being attacked and Linwood allowed it. Stevenson accused me of something before I got into the meat of my concern so therefore again that makes me believe that Linwood was chose to carry out the meeting to perform the task that he did. He said that he felt something was going to be on the next month’s agenda in which I am still trying to figure out what that would be because anything dealing with my appointment on the council is not a HRC decision.

Lindell Kay said, “Co-Chairman Linwood Williams told Dancy to settle any personal issues he has with fellow commissioners outside of commission meetings. Williams then closed the meeting.”

Linwood was out of order when he made the comments above. Hell yeah this was a personal issue but an issue pertaining to another HRC member addressing the media about my role on the HRC when they should have referred them to the NAACP President and the Rocky Mount City Council.

I find the language that Linwood used, “settle any personal issues he has with fellow commissioners outside of commission meetings” to be very unprofessional and why in the hell should the Hispanics and anyone who comes to address the HRC should feel comfortable with addressing the HRC when he has that type of attitude. I got a serious issue with his actions not because it is me because I can handle my own, but for someone who can’t, I feel this is a serious problem. The same goes for Steve Stevenson who is an attorney.

I referred Lindell Kay to them and he got mad as hell because I would not respond to him as he stated on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Facebook page in the following, In Response To Lindell Kay Rocky Mount Telegram Or Adams Publishing Group Reporter Open Letter To Me On The Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Page My Guy, I Just Love This Guy!

Lindell Kay said, “Dancy has a long history on his Facebook page of using racially-charged rhetoric and derogatory language including slurs such as “Special C” for white people and “Safe Negro” for black people with whom he disagrees. He sometimes mentions that he works for Honeywell on his Facebook page.”

It is a damn shame that you all gave Lindell Kay some ammunition to attempt to discredit my character by being able to use the HRC meeting to do so. I am a grown 56 year old man and this guy act as if I am a child talking about what I write on my Facebook page that he and his friends considers to be, “using racially-charged rhetoric and derogatory language including slurs such as “Special C” for white people and “Safe Negro” for black people with whom he disagrees.” Who is he to get to decide what is racially-charged rhetoric because I am speaking out fact checking he and some others on social media because I am in support of the Rocky Mount City Manager and staff and the Rocky Mount City Council along with some others that he and they are attacking in the Rocky Mount Telegram and on several social media sites, Community Council, Fighting Crime, Keith Harris page, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens whereby I have been blocked, WHIG-TV and some others. Lindell is the spokesperson and the information piece to these groups.

Lindell Kay said, “Dancy has a long history on his Facebook page using derogatory language including slurs such as “Special C” for white people and “Safe Negro” for black people with whom he disagrees.” Again I am a grown 56 years old man I can say and do grown folk stuff. I have not seen anything illegal about using some choice words such as damn, hell and ass but I stand to be corrected. As it relates to “Special C” it is a shame how this guy and others can continue to say that “Special C” is a slur and some even said a racial slur but I have not stated what I mean when I use it. I actually came up with it because I knew it would agitate them in my response to them calling the Rocky Mount City Manager, Rocky Mount City Council, myself and some others names and accusing some of us of being racist. I could have addressed the HRC on definition of what “Special C” is. I will continue to hold off until the right time to do so.

Lindell Kay said, “He sometimes mentions that he works for Honeywell on his Facebook page.” This is the 1st time this guy has attended a HRC meeting but he has stated that before that I have been on the council around a year so since Mary P. Wells and Steve Stevenson had an issue with me serving on the HRC back then, it is funny how this came up but since I have been fact checking Lindell Kay and others since he had been attacking the City Manager and staff along with the City Council faithfully since December. Who else from the council has been supporting these folk other than myself? And yep, I don’t live in Rocky Mount but when it keeps coming up that I don’t live in Rocky Mount I say I have worked in Rocky Mount for 32 years and rarely mentioned the name of my workplace but again this guy and some others just lie, lie, lie. He and they have said I have bragged about working at Honeywell. Hell yeah I love my job and will brag about how good they have been to me but I am not getting into that because I could say more.

It is sad that because of the HRC actions on last Wednesday, Lindell Kay felt he had the ammunition he needed to contact my workplace to attempt to get me fired because I am speaking out on issues an the main thing is fact checking him and others as he began a modern day lynching on the Rocky Mount City Manager and staff, Rocky Mount City Council and myself since December. He has written mess in the paper creating all of the social media lies and the council has fact checked everything that he has accused them and the city manager of since December. However the council has initiated an investigation to respond to some of the concerns by Lindell Kay reporting but they refuse to wait and still reporting mess. We continue to fact check mess.

Lindell Kay said, “Honeywell requires all employees to abide by the company’s Code of Conduct and internal policies on the use of social media, said Steve Brecken, director of external communications for Honeywell Aerospace in Phoenix.”

“While we encourage all employees to act responsibly in their social postings, we do not monitor personal social media accounts or interactions,” Brecken said. “Mr. Dancy does not speak for Honeywell nor do his postings reflect the culture we strive to achieve.”

I will not address the above because I have not had a conversation with my workplace about this issue at hand. This is sad and the reason why black folk don’t get involved because they fear retaliation against them because they have to work and if they have children they have to send them to school.

I am still waiting on my response for the information I requested concerning I was not able to voice my concerns during the Commissioner’s Concerns on the printed Agenda. I also want a response to having to vote on to go over 1 hour during our meetings because it was not on the agenda that I had received in the mail nor the Agenda that I was given on the day of the meeting. I left my package home and asked for another one when I arrived at the meeting. I gave my package to Lindell Kay so if it was on the agenda he could have easily referenced it in his article.

I also went back through my recent email that I requested some information about the HRC and in the 3 documents I didn’t see anything about the things that Linwood mentioned about the meeting time and going into Closed Session. The HRC can never go into Closed Session because you have to go into state a NC General Statue before going into Closed Session and there not one Statue that we can use to do such.

It is a damn shame that the HRC is allowing Lindell Kay Reporter Rocky Mount Telegram and to post on the local social media pages especially Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens and WHIG-TV to paint a negative picture of Rocky Mount. I refuse to allow folk to lie on others when I know the truth.

I know how to agitate in response to them when they come for me. I will not allow them to call me and others out of our name, to lie on me and others because I run into folk daily who believe what they read in the papers. This is why we cannot be silent because if folk only hear the lies, then they think the lies are the truth.

I am a blogger and have been a member of the NAACP Rocky Mount Branch since 1992, I have been on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee since the late 80’s and I have been working in Rocky Mount since 1987. I served as N.E.E.D. Inc. Vice Chair in the early 90’s. I began attending the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission and the City Council meetings in the early 90’s. I served on Common Ground group where we met back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. I have attended countless community meetings in Rocky Mount. I have family and friends whom I speak for because they have feared retaliation over the years. I will challenge anyone when it comes to community and political activism as it relates to Rocky Mount which includes Edgecombe County.

I am requesting a response regarding my concerns asap.

Video of last 2 meetings:
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Thanking you in advance.


Curmilus Dancy II (Butch)


Dancy Communications Network

The DCN News Blog/Online TV

(252) 314-5484


“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”
“I am for justice no matter who it is for or against!”

Member: Unless Specified I Am Not Speaking On Behalf Of The Following

Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee
NAACP Life Fully Paid Member 2nd Vice President Rocky Mount NC

Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission

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